Fluxblog’s just totally saved my ass for slacking on Music Week by posting the exact same Alphabeat song I was going to write about tomorrow. His write-up is also better than I was planning to make mine. I was just going to phone it in.

James commenter Dave McLeod – who’s probably done other stuff in his life, but that’s the highest possible accolade here – was sat next to me in the office the other week when Alphabeat came up on a Muxtape I was listening to.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met another male Alphabeat fan.”
“At least not a straight one, I guess?”


Since I realised they were saying “Weltpolizei” and not “The bullets fly” (the next line is “Twenty-four seven”), all I can picture when I listen to it is an episode of Thunderbirds where they all have moustaches and perpetuate German stereotypes.

In other news, I’m bored of Music Week now and I’ve got lots of other stuff I want to talk about, so James will return to normal programming shortly.

7 Replies to “Weltpolizei”

  1. The entire time Dave was there, and the week after, and the three weeks before, I was rocking out to Alphabeat. So there’s been at least three of us in the same room.

    I don’t like Fantastic 6 as much as Fascination or What Is Happening?, though.

  2. Anyway, I was going through some of my music files, cleaning my PC up, and I found some great songs by Boom Boom Satellites, mainly in soundtracks of these really cool anime films I’ve been into recently.

  3. Hey, I just had an idea.

    Fakey McFakeguy: If I write like this, does it look like a new person is commenting below me?

  4. It does. Just so you know, all my future comments here will be followed by a crowd of agreeable sycophants.

    Dr. McRealperson: Coincidentally, that Graham fellow sure is swell! I wish he would take me to a dance, and then dance with me.

    James T. McExistsreally: I too think Graham is great, and am a totally real person who isn’t made up. You can tell because I have a middle initial.

    Graham: Banned?

  5. Yeah, I noticed this pretty early on when I tried using the same formatting to reply to people. I thought about changing it, then remembered I didn’t care.

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