The Prop Cigarettes You Smoke, They Show Who You Are

Eldridge Rodriguez

Eldridge Rodriguez is a bit of a discovery for me. I half-listen to a lot of net radio when I’ve forgotten to bring my MP3 player cable to work, and every now and then something catches my ear enough for me to extract my absent mind from what I’m writing and e-mail myself the track name. This saves me looking them up, buying anything of theirs or ever thinking about them again: I’ve got them on file now, no further action is required. But during this song:


I found myself performing the whole charade three times in a row.

“Ooh, I like this. Who is it? Eldridge Rodriguez, Get What You Want. Got it.”

“Man, I like this song too, who’s this? Still Eldridge Rodriguez, Get What You Want. Okay, I’ll write it down this time.”

“Oh wow, what’s this one? Still Eldridge Rodriguez, still Get What You Want. Okay, okay, I’m buying it.”

He was apparently in a band some people have heard of, called The Beatings, but what I’ve heard of theirs doesn’t grab me the same way. To me, his value is in answering the burning question: What would it sound like if Jarvis Cocker joined A Silver Mt Zion?”

2 Replies to “The Prop Cigarettes You Smoke, They Show Who You Are”

  1. That’s odd – I tried to play the track here and it didn’t work. Then I upgraded to Firefox 3, and now the play-thinger has disappeared from the post entirely. Did you take it down, or has my update screwed some plugin or other?

  2. Nope, didn’t take it down. I hadn’t set the categories right for the download link to appear, so I’ve fixed that now: just nab the track if the player’s still being a dick.

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