Mrs D Mrs I Mrs F-F-I, Mrs C Mrs U-L-T


If you keep up with these kinds of things – Norwegian electro-pop – you’ve probably already heard Annie’s obnoxiously infectious I Know Your Girlfriend Hates Me. While that was getting its deserved round of blog applause, I was only just discovering her four-year-old first album. It’s almost cockily smart, sharp, sugar-crusted pop, anomalous in a debut. Amusingly, I now discover she’s billed as “The Kylie it’s cool to like”.


With this track, it’s all about the speed-rhyming spellouts, and to a lesser extent the cute anachronisms of the chorus. I think I could like hip-hop more if the lyrics were about people ringing one another’s bells.

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  1. I think the lack of comments is attributed to the fact that this has nothing to do with Spore or TF2. Still, interesting song though, which is odd for me saying that since I mostly just listen to rock. I might even add this to my playlist.

  2. Music week! You missed the memo?

    Freakinswiit: I think it’s that girls make guys shy. Still, let’s get a Team Sporetress 2 reference in here and see what happens.

  3. I think this may have gotten very few comments due to it being about some random Norwegian pop singer…but I could be wrong.

    I’ve downloaded her album and I’ll have a listen. Your music taste is usually spot on I’ve found, so hopefully this won’t be a disappointment.

    One last thing. Don’t pay $10 for that Girl Talk album. You’ll end up wasting your money.

  4. @ Dan

    The newest Girl Talk isn’t as addictive and excellent as the previous but it is still very good. Gregg Gillis (he who is Girl Talk) is on his own label, $10 is a small price to pay and worth it. Also Annie is not just ‘some random Norwegian pop star’, she’s quite a popular and respected artist who happens to be Norwegian. Would you say Royksopp is just some random electro Norwegian band?

    On the subject of Norwegian artists some of you may already know Erlend Øye he of Kings of Convenience and Whitest Boy Alive. Additionally two excellent norse hip hop acts: Apollo and Timbuktu.

  5. Also I like that you include music on this blog, it’s quickly becoming a convenient stop where my interests in gaming and music meet. So please do continue despite what others might say. Perhaps you could edit in a spore creature ogling the fair Annie or a TF 2 turret in the background for the banner pic, that’s sure to satisfy everyone.

  6. Well if the latest Girl Talk album isn’t as addictive and excellent as the previous Girl Talk album then definitely don’t pay $10 for it because my opinion of Girl Talk comes from his first album which I didn’t really enjoy.

    I wouldn’t say Royksopp were a random Norwegian band because I’ve heard of them and I’m pretty sure most people have. I don’t think most people have heard of Annie.

    I don’t know why I’m defending myself though, because when I called her a random Norwegian pop singer I wasn’t saying it in the derogatory sense you obviously thought I was.

    Thus begins a flame war.

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