I Propose A Less Serious Vote


When, inevitably, I become a super-villain (I find myself buying a lot of black clothing with high collars lately), this is how it’ll end. When my swarm of Gogglesharks march on Beijing, when my jetpack drops me gently in the thick of the clash of Tian’anman Square, bullets pinging off my power-armour, the sky black with my aerial drones, my image burned in phosphor over that of Chairman Mao, China’s Segway-surfing police force shredded like crispy duck.

Someone – probably called John or Jack – will urgently command their technically minded sidekick to Google me, + “fatal weaknesses”, snapping that “There’s got to be something!” The sidekick, who will have spiky hair, a differently coloured shortsleeve outside his longsleeve and a name like ‘Skeeter’, will find this post.
“I think I’ve got it! Routing it through the local police band… now!” And he’ll hit this play button:


The Gogglesharks will stop, mid-chomp, and point their eyeball arms quizzically to me. It will rain deactivated silver drones. Everything will stop dead for three minutes and twenty-seven seconds, forty hectares of carnage shakily frozen like the closing credits of a macabre sixties sitcom, the only sound the opening track from the latest Mates of State album Re-Arrange Us, the groans of the dying and the slightly squeaky wheel of a broken Segway whirring away. When it finishes, I will hang my head slightly and mutter “Okay, I’ll be good.”

So begins music week on James! I’ve got a ridiculous amount of new stuff I’m listening to at the moment, so I’m picking a track from each a day and posting it here until I get bored or you get bored or I forget or the week ends.

And just so you know, Jack and Skeeter, I foresaw this.

9 Replies to “I Propose A Less Serious Vote”

  1. I thought weeks normally started on Monday (or Sunday if you’re one of those weird types).

  2. Listening to that track and staring that image has just provided me with the most surreal experience of the month so far.

    The line “everything’s gonna get lighter, even if it never gets better” rings so true when confronted with a hypothetical war between an army of goons riding seqways and a land-loving shoal of rampant gogglesharks.

  3. The Segway Mounted Police (which I assumed were a photoshop until you provided that link) remind me of T-Rex from Dinosaur Comics – knock-knees and tiny little arms.

    It’s vital that someone quickly releases an RTS with Segway Mounted units. That, or we’ve just solved the question of the Heavy’s unlockable weapon.

  4. This IS the only result that shows up when you Google “Tom Francis” + “fatal weaknesses”.

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