I Know The Commander Because He’s My Pal

Over at the PCG blog again, a Mr Half Loaf 2 sent this in, and I spent the remaining ten minutes of my lunch insensible with hysterics. And it’s four minutes long.

This whole clip just incapacitates me every time. The timing is perfect, Bob Page and Harley Filben both take on magnificently surreal new roles. Walton Simons is still kind of a dick. It even ends beautifully.

There’s a Malkavian mod for Deus Ex that messes with the dialogue similarly, but it errs on the side of purely surreal which makes it slightly less funny to me. Still, it looks like it turns Deus Ex into one of the most hilariously bizarre adventure games ever. Manderly is a pigeon, and the drinks machine is Agent Orange.

The ominous silence for a while here was because I’m tinkering with a dark, lengthy and ancient post from my drafts folder that I’ll hopefully put up this week.

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  1. I laughed at that post. Don’t believe me? It’s all in the numbers.
    Number one: That’s funny.
    Number two: That’s funny.

  2. My faves:
    “I may as well start using coke.”

    “Oh yes! Oh yes!”
    “I hope you’re not-”
    “Oh yes!”

    “Within a week.”
    “No, within six months.”

    “Why contain it?….. It’s cool.”

    “Desperate. You’re turn.”

    “I hope you’re not- Get the hell out of here Denton!

    This has inspired me to replay it with Malkavian mod.

  3. Man, this makes me wish I had played Deus Ex.

    I’m glad I can still enjoy it.

    “Old men…Are the future.”

    “What are we waiting for? I got a pistol”

    “In case there’s trouble: We’re the police!”

    “I think I’ll take your weapons.”

    I love the informant.

    “Don’t shoot. You’re too late. I surrender. Don’t believe? It’s all in the numbers.”

    “Do you think you know better than FEMA what to do with the Ambrosia shipment?”
    “It’s already on its way to the people.”

  4. Well this is just PAINFUL. “Video removed by user”. I can’t tell if this is some sort of meta-griefing, or just aweful coincidence, but I’m left reading comments on an apparently HILARIOUS video that I can’t actually watch. Any, uh, mirrors or anything?

  5. I can no longer watch the opening cinematic of the game without wondering when Page will bring up the electronic old men.

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