Powered Down For Redesign

Because testing this stuff offline is an enormous hassle, and WordPress has masses of functions that are only valid when used in this: the main index file; James will be down, malfunctioning, hideous or utterly screwed up for many many hours tonight. If it’s not fixed by the time I get bored of fixing it, I’ll revert to this design and give up. Either way, it’ll be a working website again on Sunday.

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  1. Can I just say ™ that CSS is every bit as moronic as HTML, except that it’s a form of moronicism with which I’m not already familiar, and I therefore wish its creators death and car trouble?

  2. CSS is fine, until you load up the page that looks perfect in Fire fox and other browsers in IE and JESUS CHRIST WHY HAS IT DONE THAT?

  3. Also, Google, would it kill you to use variable names longer than one letter? Or a line-break at some point? I’m not asking for anything crazy like actual comments in your code, just something that can be read by the human eye without surrendering your mind to the frothing depths of lunacy.

  4. It’s done like that so that to save bandwidth. One extra letter in a variable name or one line feed is one extra byte. And if you’re Google, and you’re serving that file a 100 million times a day, that quickly multiplies to be a crap ton more bandwidth used.

    Anyway, you should find a tool online to de-obfuscate it.

  5. Huh. Is that knowledge or speculation on your part? I had thought it might be due to their need to support absolutely every browser on every operating system under all rendering circumstances. Maybe linebreaks break browser P, and comments break Q when Javascript is at version J, and word X is a reserved word under browser Y etc. etc. until you’ve got the absolute sparsest page possible.

  6. Sorry folks. Some time over the weekend, promise. I actually nearly finished it while I was away in Seattle this week, but I left some code scraps here that I didn’t have time to re-write.

    Almost nothing else can go wrong.

  7. So… I fired up the new design in IE, and JESUS CHRIST WHY HAS IT DONE THAT? I only have IE 6 at the moment – I’m hoping 7 is more compliant. But, just for comparison purposes, I tried loading the current design in IE 6 – I’m not sure I ever tested it.

    The application has encountered an error and needs to close. Microsoft apologises for any inconvenience caused.

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