My Goatee

“With games, as with drugs and hookers, I care about two things: the intensity of the highs, and how long 30 quid is going to last me.”


My choice for Game Of The Year just went up over at the PC Gamer part of CVG. I’m ashamed to say the master of stealth in the shot above is not me – though I did take it. For a while I changed my Steam ID to “i was a spy all along lol” to accentuate the frustration my victims presumably feel when the friend next to them turns out not to be called what they thought they were called and not in fact a friend of any kind. Since your real name is never displayed to your enemies while in disguise, my choice makes more sense, but I have to admit this guy’s has the edge in screenshots.

The gist of my justification is this: The Spy. Although I myself have never played the class, I hear it’s a lot of fun.

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