Beautiful Piano Rendition Of The Portal Song

I haven’t talked about Portal much here yet – except to gasp that she says my words – and I will. But for now, here’s a soothing, brilliant and relatively spoiler-free fan performance of what has become its theme.

The criminal thing about embedding, of course, is that it robs the linkee – or ‘victim’ – of any interest generated. So do swing by Jeremy’s blog if you like the cut of his micro.

If you haven’t played Portal, don’t click through to the video’s page on YouTube – even the title is a spoiler of sorts, and the related videos doubly so. Also avoid this post by the writer of the song, Jonathan Coulton, blaming its brilliance on Valve.

One Reply to “Beautiful Piano Rendition Of The Portal Song”

  1. I am deeply in love with this song. With most of the songs in Orange Box, actually. It’s only the DRAMA RNB in Episode 2 that spoils it.

    Also, this seems to be the only YouTube video ever created not to have horrifyingly stupid comments on it. Weird. Eerie.

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