Pushing Daisies Continues To Be Incredible


The Incredibles came out around the same time as Half-Life 2, and I remember feeling relieved – amongst much else – to see that there are people in other media cramming as much genius, expertise and love into every square inch of their work. If anything The Orange Box’s diversity makes its brilliance a more dazzling achievement than Half-Life 2, and Pushing Daisies is right here to give off that same reassuring glow: it’s okay, people outside of Valve can be this clever too.

The second episode really does cement it as a masterpiece of that order. I absorb high-bandwidth, info-dense, fast-talking stuff like The West Wing with relish, but the hurtling pace and sheer concentration of brilliant ideas, stylistic flourishes and exquisite jokes in Daisies leaves me reeling. It truly is just joyous, and insane, and sickly and dark all at once.

5 Replies to “Pushing Daisies Continues To Be Incredible”

  1. After having watched it now, I do have one minor issue.


    – Did they ever actually explain why all those other bodies were in the cupboard? I mean, we knew that the scientist knew the car was unsafe, but the others hadn’t even heard of the car company, so why were they all killed?

  2. They were just people who died of natural or miscellaneous causes, but happened to have signed up to donate their bodies to automobile safety testing at some point in their lives. Evil Dude started using real bodies for tests so there’d be no hard-drive evidence of how badly the cars performed.

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