4 Replies to “Not Everything You Find On Flickr Makes A Lot Of Sense Right Away”

  1. Okay, the reason I mentioned the Everyone’s Photos page is that that’s where I came across this. That was implied, I hope. The reason I think that might need clarifying is that it turns out the Flickr member who posted that photo, Disappointment, is in fact Jon Blyth, one of the maybe ten people whose So You Want To Be A Games Journalist my last post was a response to. Now I don’t have a maths degree or anything, but I think the chances of this happening are somewhere below 0.00001.


  2. So there’s stuff like, I’ve met everyone in this photo. And two of the people in this one own pretty faces that you see on the right. And then there’s the aforementioned fact that he’s one of the eleven people to whom my VERY LAST POST referred. To be honest, this whole thing is so absurdly unlikely that I wouldn’t blame you if you just flat-out didn’t believe me.

  3. Bah, that’s a silly algorithm. Nobody I know ever lets images keep their camera defaults. It would seem that real randoms want to see only pictures taken by the incompetent, lazy and/or clueless.

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