James 1.0

I was meaning to shoe-horn the old version of James into this new template one day, but it has long been clear that I never will. Instead, I’m just uploading it and linking it. I think most of the post titles are bookmarks, so individual bits of its are theoretically linkable, but we’ll see.

For those who know only this new, shiny James, the original version was all one page, rather gloomy-looking, and at 70,000 words the longest document I’ve ever written. It starts shortly after I moved into my last flat, a few months before I started working for PC Gamer, and ends at the time Mark Sutherns left the mag. I may reappropriate some of its content to flesh out the Games section here, which has never really made a lot of sense.

3 Replies to “James 1.0”

  1. Groovy. Sorry I never got around to doing anything about that as I’d suggested I would. Might still play with bookmarking/ToC, but in that long meantime, thanks for putting it back up.

  2. Deep cuts: The new Tone Control reveals Tim Schafer had plans and a bit of work into a spy-in-space game, ‘2001 meets Shaft’, but I think also a bit noir from context. Cue inexplicable flash years back to one random bit about a guy’s vague (and much more systemic immersive-sim) game idea, what I hadn’t remembered as Agent Alpha. I guess Gunpoint and some similarities in your general styles must be the other half of the bridge. Holographic memory is weird.

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