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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

More On Making Music For Gunpoint

In the trailer I put up last night I said I’m open to suggestions for music for Gunpoint, then claimed there’d be a version of that trailer without my voice here on the site. There wasn’t! There is now!

Gunpoint Trailer 2 – Game Audio Only (350MB)

So if you’re interested in doing music for it, I’d love it if you could add what you think is appropriate to this version of the trailer.

I’m mostly open-minded about what the music should be like, but here are a few thoughts I have on it:

  • You’re a spy, and it’s a stealth game. It needs to be quiet most of the time – possibly silent. I don’t think constant music is necessary, certainly nothing too busy or active.
  • Music can be triggered by in-game events, but obviously you need to know what specifically it should respond to – it can’t just be “Action” without a clear idea of what defines that.
  • Gunpoint’s set in the near future, with some silly gadgets, but also tries to be noir-inspired wherever possible. So electronic stuff is cool, and lonely sax is cool, but by no means compulsory.
  • A light touch is good. I’d rather people not notice the music than notice when it doesn’t fit.
  • I’m personally not wild about chiptunes. I’m open to it, of course, but I’ve never heard anything chiptuney that feels like a good fit for this style, to me.
  • The flow of the game will probably go:

    Mission: leaping around a building, looking for a way in, avoiding detection.
    Mission: Pouncing on a guard or two – sudden bursts of violence that’ll usually be contained and go back to quiet sneaking.
    Mission: reaching your objective, getting what you want.
    Mission: escaping – not usually to a time limit, but there’s generally a quick way out.

    Dialogue: debrief with a client, they react to your missions, you choose dialogue options.

    Menus: buying new gadgets, upgrading gadgets, reading briefings and choosing your next mission.

    Dialogue: briefing with a client, you choose dialogue options, ask questions.

    Then back to a mission.

If Gunpoint ends up being free, I can’t pay you anything. Sweet deal, I know! If we do end up charging for it, and you end up doing the music, you will get a share of it. I should warn, though, that it’ll be a very small share – I have to prioritise the stuff the game wouldn’t work without. Basically, for God’s sake don’t do this for the money.


Michael Pierattini: Below is a loop I wrote a while back. If you are looking for something more melodic, I would be happy put a piece together.

http://stash.aloneto... ...Sneaky.mp3

Andrew Kroepel: Awesome. I'll get right on it.

NeuroMan42: Been a Podcast cohost, writer, and voice-over guy off and on for a while. Been a gamer even longer, and would LOVE to do some voice work for ya. Be in a kickass game... in a second.

AngryAngus: Quick question but you said you needed game testers, I'm willing to help but how I contact you with my application?

Zack Thomas: I was looking for this earlier, but couldn't find it. It's up now though. Yay!

UberSprode: I'll definitely be throwing my hat intro the ring for this one. How would you like to present the submission? Should we upload the trailer w/ music to youtube and link it here, or just link to an mp3 or soundcloud page?

NinjaPenguin: So anyways, here is something that I threw together a couple of months back. Brother said it sounds like it belongs to a video game anyways, so why not.

John Robert Matz: This, sir, I am rather keen on doing... I'll see what I can come up with, until then you can hear some of my work at http://www.johnrober...

I'm particularly proud of the work I did for another Indie game, "Artemis: The Spaceship Bridge Simulator". Not the same feel as this calls for, but I'm flexible.

AtomicAcorn: I shall be sending you an email with my submission shortly.

Michael Pierattini: John, I love your work. You did the music for Artemis?

Maximum: Check this demos ...mavera.mp3 ...pspace.mp3 ...econds.mp3 ...treets.mp3

contact with me (via in case of interest

Reaver: Michael, that sounds pretty great man. What did you use for that? Program wise i mean.

Matthias: Hey there!

I just saw the trailer. For real, you made this with Game Maker? Genius!
Nice gameplay, nice look and reminds me a bit of Syndicate. Very well done.

Respect for your work

AtomicAcorn: I also decided to put up my video on youtube.

Michael Pierattini: Thanks Reaver. I used Fl Studio with a EWQLSO plugin.

Michael Pierattini: What do you guys think? ...l92g_BVBy0

Zack Thomas: So hey, when's the deadline? I've got stuff now, but I will have more stuff after I have more time to work on it.

Ben Hayward: I've just fired off an email, thought I should post here too just in case. This has more of a downtempo, ambient feel to it. It's a style I love to use when composing. ...J9_9PDnLMM


Chris: The calibre of you chaps is astounding already, I'm serious when I say my jaw dropped. How did you all do this so quickly? I love how each of you has such different music yet they all fit with the game. I think Atomics upgrade/mission select music is the bees knees.

Tom: Maybe you could use songs from different artists on each level? If they carry on like this it could "freshen" up the missions.

Alex Catterall: He's a quick demo of some ideas I've thrown down. ...r4APqUc

If you like any of them, you can get back in touch with me at:

Akash Thakkar: I sent out an email, but here is a link to mine just in case. I built a branching audio engine from scratch with 5 different levels of intensity. The only catch is that only a small chunk of the video could be imported into the engine, so it loops over and over.

Feel free to get in touch at

Cameron: Brilliant

Dan FitzGerald: I suppose I'll play the "I already emailed it but here's my youtube link" card, too:


Dan FitzGerald: Just to be clear, I ( am NOT the creator of Gunpoint... that's Tom Francis. I did some music to submit. I just got two wrong-number emails from people talking about the game.

Nice music everybody!

EQB: When you say Gunpoint is made in Game Maker, do you mean the self-same Game Maker by YoYo Games? If so, why not "just" (don't you love it when someone who has no idea what they are talking about uses that word?) use the HTML5 version and pop the whole thing in a Adobe Air wrapper for Linux support? It's not a perfect solution, but something to think about perhaps.

Also, iOS support? Gunpoint is the perfect style of game for the platform, and you could likely make a pretty penny via in-app purchase of levels after 5, or whatnot. It may have to wait for Q1 2011, once Game Maker Studio is released, but I don't think the slight delay would drive anyone into a frothing rage (well, except for the whole internet, but puppies wrapped in kittens could drive them into a tizzy.)

Also, love this thing to death, would totally pay for it as long as it hits one of my platforms (OS X, iOS, PS3), you should totally charge for it, would love to be a tester, run-on sentence, bla, bla, bla.

Globular: Having listened to most of these, I think Tom's got a bit of a tough job on his hands choosing the one that's most "right" for the game... A lot of fantastic composing.

But personally, I like the futuristic ambient sneakyness of Ben Hayward's (which I kind of stumbled across on youtube before finding the link here. Which was odd.)

That being said, Chris had a good point. Is it not possible to use several different songs? There's a lot of variety here, and some things work better in different situations. That seems the best option, really.

Hy Bound: Hey, so here's my initial attempt at an infiltration theme. I really wanted to get the noire atmosphere across while still giving it a spy/industrial feel. Have a listen/view! ...ideo_title

or just have a listen! ...e-gunpoint

I work very quickly and am open to any and all critiques and comments!

Tyler Carson (Hy Bound)

John Robert Matz: Michael: Thanks so much for the compliment! I'm glad someone enjoyed it ;) Yeah, Artemis was a blast to work on, and as it's still a bit of a work-in-progress, I'll probably write some more before it's done. As a primarily concert and film composer, developing that kind of branching score was a unique challenge.

UberSprode: Here is my youtube submission. I may work on more tracks/extending the video time. ...ZO-YUwtoQ0
Also here's a moody, rainy track I made for an Amnesia mod. ...rode/rainy

Listening to the submissions so far, there's some lovely entries. It may come down to using a collection of people's music, I know I'd love to have mine in the game in trade for a credit, whether the game is paid or not.

Saltank: Hi, I can't upload a video because I'm on temporary wireless internet, but here's a link to a song I made a couple of months ago. I know it's amateur but having a listen through I feel a couple of those ambient moments could be adapted for parts of your game.

Exkaiser: I rather like Pierattini's submission (Er, the second one, but the first one is pretty cool too. Kinda Metal Gear-y). Very nice noir vibe. Perhaps it's not so industrial, but I like it a lot better than the more overtly industrial ones.

david: I'm working on my stuff, what is the submission deadline?

Also, how many different levels are there going to be (in terms of visual backgrounds, such as the "city stage", the "aircraft carrier stage" etc.)?

to my fellow musicians: good stuff there :)

verendus: My quick, shoddy piano melody is here: ...qcRsHxOP-I

I used the whole video out of a sense of propriety, but the really important bits come at 0:30, 1:35, 4:30, 5:20, and 6:30. The main theme (ie the bit that starts at 1:35) is taken from Tchaikovsky's "Marche Slave," which I believe is in the public domain by this point. I have no idea why the sides are cut off.

Mike Keogh: The video with some music I made: ...IH-X9Xko20

My blog with ALL the music and further discussion:

http://www.mike-ok.c... ...e-for.html

Not only did I make some music, I'm bold enough to try to tell you how to use it! What can I say, I got carried away. If you want any of the eight and a half minutes of music I wrote developed in any way, or reworked to just play (non-dynamically) alongside some of these other fine submissions, you should have my address from previous emails, or just get in touch with my through my site. But I'd really love to work with you to iterate on a system like what I've outlined. Gunpoint looks fantastic. Cheers!

Michael Knarr: Hey guys, another entry in this (quite long already, mind you!) list of subscriptions: ..._rFJhd-2qI

Also, having looked through some other contestants, if I'm allowed to promote other competitors, I can heartily recommend everyone checking this one out (made by Mike Keogh):

This one really got to me. Awesome work, Mike! And good luck.

Also, I'd like to add, regardless of who makes the music in the end, this game is something that promises to be great fun! Looking forwards to the release.

Best wishes,

Michael Knarr: Whoa, didn't see, Mr. Keogh already posted here just some time ago. Howdy, neighbor :D

Zack Thomas: ...jHjoyoljV8

Zack Thomas: Oops. Accidentally posted the comment before I was done there. Sorry.

Anyway, here's my submission for the music: ...jHjoyoljV8

I tried to follow the guidelines pretty closely, especially the one about having a light touch. It's simple and repetitive, so hopefully it shouldn't get in the way of anything. (If it's a little too loud, that reflects my poor video editing skills, not the music itself.) I heard a sort of a subway kind of noise at the end of the level before you got to the upgrade screen, and so I based the upgrade music percussion sort of on that.

Anyway though, if you like it, I can be contacted at

And good luck to everyone. All this stuff is really pretty killer.


Roan Song: Here's my submission. Sadly, I have no means of adding the actual music to the video at present, so I simply made a 3 minute track, that can be applied to different parts. It contains an introductory element, that changes to a more uptempo vibe, before calming down again and fading out.

Oh, and yes, the white noise is meant to be there, even in the beginning.

Here's the link: ...g/gunpoint

I think I'll start on another submission so long - more minimalist.

Phil: Here is my submission. Hope you enjoy it. ...HPOrWU0

Artem Bank: Here's my submission... ...VFWtD9UlCA

I went for a dynamic music type thing too, where the bass is playing the whole time, there's a pad when you're inside the compound, drums when one guard is alerted, low bass added in when more than one guard. A nice success sound for the computer use, and then an arpeggiated synth when using the circuit tool.

Loving how the game looks so far by the way!

Luis Hernandez: Here's my submission for the music in Gunpoint. ...DooiKjMiVA

The game looks really beautiful. I tried to take a different approach to the audio by focusing on ambiance, rather than a pumping soundtrack.

Bret: Sorry to be off topic, but the tables on the main site just busted for me using Chrome.

Got any idea why? Doesn't seem to be an isolated thing.

Jon: my idea ...t8LAM-E

Nick Krueger: Here's my go at it; already emailed Pentadact with it, but I figured I'd give it a bit more attention online just so I can get more feedback: ...ideo_title

Tried going with a very minimalistic style; I don't even know how to describe the genre to be honest.

Some Guy: Is there a set deadline for submissions?

Akash Thakkar: Hello again everyone!

I just created a second audio engine! This one allows the user to interactively select layers of music to fade in and out as they please. Take a look here: ...aTKAk5aqiY


kaneel: Wow, someone actually told me about the game and the need of a soundtrack as well as my wish to make some soundtrack for videogames.

Didn't see this post when I posted a first throw at it: http://www.mynameisk... ...rehearsal/

And now I feel like there are way too much submissions for mine to be noticed. Too bad really, next time who knows.

Troy: got some music ideas I have wanted to put to a game...dark and sinister.

Gunpoint rehearsal: [...] quite funny I didn’t see the coder’s post about what he exactly had in mind and that… my submission actually fit 100% with his [...]

tom connelly: hey guys I gave it a go, let us know what you think. ...42lVZnnDzQ ...q0Gl02PRlE ...CTaE1vWFqw

Pl511: I've set up a basic concept here: ...oyVR6goPGo

I'll upload more tomorrow with better instruments, fx, etc.

John Robert Matz: Not quite done enough for the video yet (one of the downsides of being a high school music teacher by day and jobbing musician by night...), but here's a taste of what I was thinking for menu music; it's also what I would consider, the "main theme" for the game.
Here goes: ...heme-menus

Let me know what you think; I'm still working on the in-mission stuff.

NerdyTB: I don't personally make music, but I know of someone of who I believe should do the music. He goes by Hauntershadow, and he mostly does mixes of existing video game music, but he's actually started making compositions, and I personally love them. Here's his latest one: ...vjkVIB8

Nick Sibicky: This is a much more orchestral/traditional instrument underscore than what most other people have submitted. It succeeds at being both emotionally engaging and being very subtle; it stays out of the way of the game sound FX. Enjoy! ...NwyFoPJ-y4

mapzta: Here is my contribution for the music "contest". ...FHaoQt0

Composed in 1 hour in Reason. It doesn't steal attention, just there to set the mood. Feel free to hit me up with suggestions.

- map

Chris G: Here's the music behind the video: ...ture=g-upl

And here's the music, without the video! Mix is a little boomy and not anywhere near perfect. Be kind. ...ic-concept

JohnArr: Love that main theme John. Looking forward to some mission stuff.

Pl511: I emailed a link to Pentadact, but here's my submission just for the sake of the other guys on the team. ...3InbjMrxd4

A few bits are slightly off, but if you have any suggestions I can implement them fairly quickly.

Dogac: My submission: ...9egvYsNo0w

What I wrote in the mail:
"I figured a standard player would
spend most of the game looking at the level and thinking what he could
do to reach the goal, rather than stealth or punching people. So I
took my cue from this planning/getting ready vibe and worked something
out that is similar to what games like Frozen Synapse and Uplink have
in terms of music (two of my favorite games, btw), but made it a
little more organic and a little less blatant electronica."

easyname: ...86w8ffcx8Y here's my attempt

2HornDogs: This is actually a suggestion about another artist, he did the soundtrack for Gemini Rue and I thought his work was really impressive.

2HornDogs: http://www.nathanall... Nathan Allen Pinard

Harry C: Throwing my hat in the ring for this. or i would if i hadn't left it on the bus the other day. Anyway here's a track. ...p-gunpoint

mapzta: This is my second attempt on making a score. I got so addicted after the first try so i had to go again. ...kghbiJg <- LINKY LINK MCLINKERSON!

I made a fictional start menu for the game aswell. Just something for the main score.
I'm not sure it fits perfectly, but i decided to upload it anyway for fun and for people to constructive criticise.

The drums on the gameplay kicks in after 3 minutes or so. They might be a bit crazy for the game, but i decided to keep it in so it could be listened to. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Questions? email:

Chris G: This is a second stand point which I hadn't recently considered. This time focusing on dynamic shifts of the different situations, the rest of the information is in the description: ...HKPctb6WIo

John Robert Matz: Ok, not done editing a video yet, but here are a few cues for in-game stuff; specifically, music for in-mission, and music designed to work in crosslink mode (crossfading between the two).

Mission: ...n-loop-wip
Crosslink: ...bert-matz/

I'll get the last bit of stuff written and the video done, as soon as possible. Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Adrian D: I'm very annoyed as it took forever to render and then my computer screwed it up and then YOUTUBE screwed it up - nonetheless the audio is fine its just the video that annoys me. Just did this as a bit of fun.

"King Kong chokes on a walnut" ...PSFKuCuNL0

Jeremy Watssman: Here is my proposal for the soundtrack. ...h1IGSGsch4. Comments and criticism welcome.

Jamie Borrowdale: Here is my idea - ...XFnk4rWbvw..I have taken a more orchestral Hanz Zimmer approach to writing the music for gunpoint. Its quite different to the electronic music ideas that other people have composed for this game on youtube so let me what you think/how it compares. Im not sure if it is exactly what Tom Francis is looking for but hopefully its not to loud or too quiet, but if it is I can easily rearrange the composition.
Feedback and comments would be appreciated thanks.

Martin: Hi Folks,

i am totally blown! Id like to buy it immediately. I think 5 to 10 $ is a good price.

I also like Jamie Borrowdales music idea. It just puts the right mood around.


Fin: Dude!

I'm learning c++ games developement and if I had the time and artistic friends for something like this I'd be in heaven. Turning it into a facebook type app with extra upgrades from purchases would bring in revenue or a stand alone pc game definitely £5-£10 would be worth it. Maybe even a phone app if the full program is small enough as t looks like it could be converted to a touch screen interface.

You are DEFINITELY MAD giving this away for free!
Get some monetary appreciation for your hard work and sell this baby.

Adam B.: I have to agree with a lot of this comments. Given the minimal amount of levels shown something like 5-10 dollars/quid/yen/simcash. If further expanded I believe you could make a pretty penny if you throw it up on Xbox's Marketplace for Indy Games. Personally... I couldn't say I'd play this extensively; however, if you think you could wire this to play to a smart phone with touch-screen, this would defo be an welcomed game app on my phone. Either way again I agree by giving this way you're even more insane then the idea of coming up with this game. Which the concept is awesome! As for music, personally I think maybe some theme music for the start screen would be best, and maybe some intro music to even mission (possibly an little number when you exit), but otherwise too much music takes out the sneak and stealth feeling you get by playing this game. Side note for SFX though, you need the generic "AAaaahhh!" sound when pushing guards out of windows. Ok now I've offically said too much.

Joshua Thompson: Really Liked Jeremy Watssman's music. Others were good but i think his really fitted the noir style with a modern twist.

Horatio Duke: Jeremy Watssman's music had a minimalist edge that seemed to fit the futuristic/dystopian type atmosphere of the surroundings. Especially enjoyed the re-wiring music! Can't wait for this game.

Scradge: Hi all. sorry for the video quality on this but my Premier didn't want to play fair.

Heres my little contribution, ...gHKGaFvV2Y

Hope you like it.

Mark: Yes! Charge money for this game!

John Robert Matz: Finally!!!!

Video is up; I'd love some feedback! ...9Yexh3Q

It's really, really retro sounding, heavy jazz influence, and I turned the Noir up to 11.

A few caveats; mix is a little too bass-heavy on some speakers, you never hear the entire "main theme" menu cue (the menus fly by; listen to it on my soundcloud, if you want!), and I only wrote one cue for mission music; if I got the job, I'd write different music for each set of missions, or each mission, depending.

But, seriously, let me know what you think!
JRNMatz (at)

Joshua Kaplan: Cheers Tom! ...9vcIEeNYlY

The basic idea: sparse and repetitive groove that doesn't change from inside to outside or from game screen to menu screen, but instead uses filters and layers of new rhythms triggered by game events (guards getting taken out) in order to give the dynamics.

I wrote a whole long-winded explanation beneath the vid linked above. Also put in some comments. I had a blast working this idea out. I know it's not quite as complex as some of the other pieces, but I think it fits pretty well. Thanks and best of luck with the game!

Joshua Kaplan
Joshua @

Ben Schwartz: So here's my submission: ...oint-music

There are basically three parts. Maybe the middle section of this falls more into the "music inspired by" category more than "soundtrack" but I'll let you decide.

I've never worked on making soundtrack music before, and lack video editing capabilities, so apologies for that.

Hopefully you'll hear a little Pink Panther, a little Bitches Brew, and a hint of Genghis Tron in here.

Also, I'll add the standard disclaimer that this is in no way mixed, mastered, etc. It could be developed further, extended etc. if there is interest in that.

Thanks for listening! I've heard a lot of interesting submissions. I can be reached at

Erik Rodriguez: Hey Everyone,

Here is my submission for the game music. There's the main game music, the menu music, and the "switch mode" music. I kept everything low key and jazzy I hope you enjoy. ...EYEjaC4

Of course I'd be willing to make any changes. Thanks for the listen!

Ben Schwartz: I managed to make a video of my submission: ...B7vwSvuLqU

Comments / suggestions are welcome.

Mark (Ark Arsenal): So I saw the link to this opportunity the other day, and just went ahead and made some music that made me think of a spy game.

Then I saw that you guys had a whole page about what type of music you'd like to hear...

Apologies for not really being anything that you've outlined on the site - mine's a more tense, action oriented piece. Kinda heavy in electronics.

Hope you like it anyway! Thanks for the opportunity. I realize it's a bit loud. That can be fixed. ...QBcRxeE

Will G: I was linked to this page by a friend who thought I might have the chops for this kinda thing, so here it is!

I checked out a bunch of the other submissions, and they sound really fantastic (Jamie Borrowdale's and Jeremy Wattsman's attempts stood out especially!), but I hope you'll enjoy mine too :)

Best of luck with the rest of development!

Devin Oxman: Hello, some great submissions in the comments. Here are the tracks I've come up with thus far. ...JVUNlas Would love feedback.

Kehno: Hello there! Here's my submission: ...Zoqvamc

Looking forward to any comments, feedback etc.

Also I'd buy Gunpoint for 10-15€ as it is, although more content or a level editor would be nice.

Jeff: I think this one is my favorite so far, I love the Noir feel of it:

Neeson: Great looking game, and great fun to put music to. You should think about doing an early sign-up, 5 euro maybe, build a fanbase, maybe offer alpha versions of the game, just a thought.
Well here's my submission: ...yW10zzc

Going for a dynamic, cyberpunk feel. Trying more to stress the suspense and atmosphere of the game. It's a bit rough around the edges, but more or less what I was trying to go for.Sorry about the video, it started misbehaving. There's some great entries here, and I can't wait to play the game. Any chance of an alpha version for all those who submitted tunes?;)

Look forward to any comments,etc...

Zenuel: My entry~ :3

Went with a more ambient/tech approach, sorry for how short it is sony vegas didn't want to render the whole video.

Neeson: Okay I managed to clean up the video from my last effort, and fixed a few sound and volume problems.Also added a subtle outdoor atmosphere which adds a nice sinister effect. ...oszChKc

best of luck deciding ;)

Nathan Dell-Vandenberg: Here is my submission for Gunpoint after about 4 hours of troubleshooting audio/video issues when posting to youtube. Gah! Done! ...ZWpMFX0u3U

reach me at