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By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Trailer: Let Me Talk You Through Some Ridiculous Solutions

It’s been eight months since the first Gunpoint video, and it looks rather different now, so I’ve made a new trailer. I’ll talk you through the basics and then some of the most complicated solutions I’ve come up with, just to give you an idea of the stupid stuff you can do when you mess around with Crosslinking.

YouTube HD

Something I forgot to mention in the blurb at the end: if you write about games and want to write about Gunpoint, please do get in touch and I can send you a playable build next time I have one ready for previewing. It should be pretty soon now. Also always up for answering any questions and stuff. People who write about games are probably the best people on Earth.

In the video I ask if you think Gunpoint seems like it’s worth money. If you have an opinion, let me know in the comments here! I am trying to figure out the right balance between being a) nice b) fair and c) not an idiot.


DrugCrazed: Surely PWYW answers your problems? Because it means people can throw money if they wish.

smurfy: It's definitely worth money, I think £5 would be perfect, any more and it would seem overpriced to me

Great video btw, much better than the first one

ScottC: Maybe get it into a future Humble Bundle?

Menthol_Penguin: Maybe do a donation type thing? So people can pay what they want?

I'd pay at least 5 quid for it, maybe even £10.

Either way Gunpoint Game is looking great and I can't wait for it. :)

ChaosSmurf: You're nuts for sure. Releasing a demo - say 3-5 missions - for free and the rest for some reasonably low sum (eg a fiver) seems fine to me, particularly if you can promise free updates (missions, a level editor?).

Lance T Hildebrand: Definitely charge. $0.99 or $1.99 sounds right.

Free is nice, but not for something you put a lot of time and effort into. Let us value your work.

Lance T Hildebrand: You could even add a level editor with exportable levels (you could build community that way - al la Little Big Planet). If you did that, you could easily charge more then I mentioned before, say $5.

BTW, this would be great on the iPad. I would pay for it twice, once PC, once iPad.

Another suggestion is to also provide DLC. Ie $0.99 for a pack of 10 levels. Maybe a pack of extra gear, etc.

You could also make the game free, but cut the levels to say 5, then DLC the rest for the prices I listed before.

Johnkillzyou: Well... I would pay money if it had a soundtrack, but without a soundtrack, I believe it should stay free as that is the most attractive thing about any game to me.

Michael Brown: I will absolutely buy this game, and think that you should charge for it.

Frogsbane: I would pay at the very least what seems to be the fairly standard 2D indie price i.e. about £7/$10. I would be happy to pay more but that's what I think is a reasonable price, I don't think it should be free because I'd rather reward you for the amount of content you've put into it already and even encourage you to make more.

Chris: Donation or small amount. For 20 missions like that I'd be willing to pay up to £5 if I'm honest. But for free is just silly, if you were some sort of indie studio that was planning on releasing multiple games it would certainly make people take note if it were free.

I always imagined Gunpoint to just have constant rain, with the sound of it pelting down on rooftops, and a bit of music on the upgrade/level select screen.

slightly76: I'd DEFINITELY pay for it

Hovercraft: £5 does seem perfect, but it's so hard to judge whether you could make more by having it PWYW. Or you could do the usual Humble Bundle thing of fixed-price to start with, then switch to PWYW once sales have tailed off.

Projectile Trousers and Gravity-Proof Trenchcoats – 8+ Minutes Of Gunpoint Gameplay | DIYGamer: [...] plate windows in the name of hamfisted espionage enough to part you and your money? Let us – and Tom, ideally – [...]

pireninjacolass: Another vote for pay what you want here.

Courtney Stanton: It's absolutely worth charging money -- I was thinking $10 US, which lines up well with what others have said in comments.

knutaf: This game looks pretty sweet. I'd easily pay $10 at least for this. You'd be crazy not to!

Chris: You should really think about the price as the more I think about it the more important that is to get right. For instance "To the Moon" going for £9 with VAT is putting me off getting it even though I've read positive things about it and I like that kind of game. That's even considering half of it is going to charity (I know I'm mean).

Be confident though that it is definitely worth money. I'm going to change my previous post to £4 - that's the kind of money that would make me take a punt on a game without feeling short-changed if it turns out to be over very quickly/shit. I don't know about anyone else but anything with .99 annoys me. Anything under a fiver and you're golden (in my opinion).

Stain: Demo and full version or pay what you want. This is looking good!

LeSwordfish: I don't like the police cars you can see about 5 mins in. they look overdetailed compared to the rest of it.

nchotstff: Hey,

Just wanted to say that it looks great. I am pretty impressed with what you have managed to create in game maker.

For me personally, I would definitely think that a 5$ price would be perfect. Put it on steam and I bet there would be a demand for it.

Things I wouldn't mind seeing at this price; A few achievements/easter eggs, slick menu for replaying old levels, and an easy system for getting new map sets.

Looks good, can't wait to play it.

Julien: Hi, Very nice work. Considering the way the game has evolved since your first video and screenshots, I would pay between 5€ and 10€ according the future potential features.

Keep the good work going :) Can't wait for it to play.

Cheers from Paris !

Carl: I would defintely pay upwards of 4 pounds for this game, and I've been testing it since it started. I'm loving it!

Drew: In the $5 range I'd definitely pay. But you should definitely make money off this!

andromatta: Yeah I'll chime in and say $5 like most people. I don't know how Steam takes to GameMaker games but I'd say at least try, and also look at Indievania as well as Desura too? There are a lot of great ways to get this out there and you definitely have something special here!

Glen: Would I pay for it?
In a word: yes.
In a youtube clip: ...-q29hbEP04
Although I think the fellow in the clip is underestimating this game's true worth ;)

I too think PWYW would be an excellent marketing option.

noam: does it worth money: yes!!!
how much?: 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
are you nuts?: yes and i love it keep up the good work and put a donation link so i can pay you without having to

love gunpoint ,and you are awesome

Phokal: $5 for a Steam version with achievements and cloud save would be great.

Can still (maybe?) have a drm-free free version on your website or as a torrent.

Crane: I would most certainly pay five quid for this. Maybe a little more, though if I'm honest, ten would probably be too much.

It does look like magnificent slapstick fun. And I like the item names.

KrazIIvan: I would pay $5 bucks. But of course you should have a collectors edition for $149 that comes with a plastic statue and art book.

Alex: I'd happily pay £5. And hopefully I can run it via a VM on my mac!

-Cookie: it's definitely worth money!

friccish: it's worth money, put it on Steam

Pnutus: Would pay.

Anders Jensen: I've been looking forwards to this game - and I wouldn't mind paying $5-10. It stands out and has a distinct style of its own.

Yngve: Would pay money, max £10.

verendus: $4 American seems about right. Any less and you devalue the product, any more and you'll put people off buying it (for me, anyway, I'll drop anything under $5 without even thinking about it, but a $5 purchase seems like a huge investment).

Vitor de Magalhaes: Charge $5 as that's a perfect impulse purchase for most people. If I saw this on Steam (or here) at that price point, I don't think I'd even think twice before buying it. The length/depth and variety on offer seems more than enough to justify it and I don't think that such a low barrier to entry would put off a lot of people.

Lance T Hildebrand: For the type of game that this is (simple puzzle with interesting mechanic) $5 is too much for the average consumer. Chances are they will not try it. They focus only on the unto $2 range for this type of entertainment (ie. angry birds).

Now, if you mostly target fans and retro gamers, then $5 is probably about right (as you can read already here in the comments). In fact, you could charge more like $10 if you had plenty of content and something like a level editor. Especially if you can get it on Steam, Origin, Direct2Drive, etc.

Another option to consider is the F2P option (mostly if you target the casual audience since hardcore might tolerate it, but not be happy about it). Provide the game for free, but charge money for the more interesting optional gadgets (i.e.. $0.99 for a gadget), and extra official levels.

Potato Pete: Verendus' argument is pretty much how I feel about what I've seen. I'd probably hesitate and wait for a sale if it went for $5, but I'd gobble it up at launch for $4.

Trey Botello: I'd do something like 5$ minimum but if people want to pay more let them do that.

sinister agent: I would pay for it (in general, although for the next few months I'm on a very strict "no games" budget. Bloody savygamer), however I am rather biased as I love your writing, and already been ensared by the trailers and that. Most people won't see that - they'll see a title and maybe a quick blurb and some screenshots.

If you're not sure, I'd suggest charging a token amount like two or three quid. I don't know how practical that is logistically, but I can't imagine anyone being even slightly taken with the concept (and the brilliant slappy punching sounds) but not forking out that little.

BloaterPaste: I'd say integrate with Steamworks for cloud config/savegame and add achievements. Then sell for Mac/PC on Steam for the $9.99 price point, and steamsale the heck out of it for $4.99.

I'd say it's looks like it's well worth $10, and at $5 would be a title I wouldn't miss.

It looks AWESOME!

Garry McMahon: It looks like a great game. I'd be more than happy to pay a fiver for it, You're nuts if you give it away for free.

gabor: 4€

Scott Greenfield: I'd say charge 5 bucks for it. I'd gladly pay to have a unique experience with all the features you described.

Alternatively, release the base game for free and add some DLC.

pete: It honestly does seem worth money.

ragingOZZY: As much as I want to just say it should be free since free stuff is fun, I would definitely buy this game. $5 would probably be a good price to gather a lot of attention.

somini: I too would vote for Pay What You Want. I will happily pay from 5 to 10€ for it, even if it's free.

TheMissingNin: I would definitely pay for it.

I would be more inclined to actually play it if it had steamworks.

Chris: I'd pay for it. No more than $5 would sound right to me (but could also depend on the amount of levels and extra stuff in the game by the end).

Ragnarok: I would definitely pay at least $5 American for it, and potentially more depending on what features get added.

checkers: If it was $10 I'd buy it immediately. If you make it pay what you want I'd probably only pay $5 unless I remembered this comment.

Notkcots: Yeah, this is definitely worth money. $5-10 sounds pretty reasonable. If you're hesitant to charge, at least allow an optional donation or a pay-what-you-will type thing.

Bret: With the five dollar crowd here.

It's a good enough game I'd pay 10, but five fits better with the market. Also, I'm cheap.

Ragnar: As much as i love free stuff, you deserve money for this. so if you really don't want to "force" people into buying it, a "name your price" sale might be a solution.

IF you decide to sell it and not give it away, just like that - i'd be more than willing to pay $5 for it.

... $10+ if we get some sort of big bonus (Steam, or Desura would be nice, maybe an editor?)

no matter what, i am already hooked and will support this in any way i can :) (re-tweeting, telling friends, testing, etc.)

Stefan: shut up and take my money seems highly appropriate :)

The Cheshire Cat: I think you could probably sell it with something like the old Shareware model - give away the first few missions for free, sell the rest at $5-10 (or some other indie price). You could even set it up so you can make more mission packs and sell those as expansions.

Urthman: Tom's been saying this would be a free game for a long time now, but I think most any sane person would have more respect for him (not less) if he were to say -- hey, I've put a lot of work into this, my play testers say it's fun and worth paying for, I'm going to offer it for sale.

If you feel some strong urge to release it for free, Tom, at least put out a tip jar so people can give you something if they think the game deserves it.

Cipher: I would pay money for this game. Between $5 - 10 US would be fitting, especially if you include a level editor.

If you do decide to charge for it, please have a demo.

Stabby McStabs: I would pay up to $10 for this game, but, to be honest, I'm kind of cheap. I can't imagine the amount of work and investment you have put into this, so it's hard for me to say... and this might be blasphemy, but I would love to play it my xbox, just because I enjoy sitting on my couch and most of my playtime is there. The game looks great and beautiful. Looking forward to i's release. I would just like to give some credit to for pointing this game out.

Tom: I'd pay £20/$30. But I'm nice.

As for finding a profit-maximising price point/price structure, I'm sure there are a lot of indie-game and steam-sales experts you can talk to.

Millan: I am actually genuinely interested in this, and I was really amazed that this is done in game maker. I have played around with Game Maker, and actually had done so for around 3 years before I found UDK, but I still go back every now and then to play around in it. As for price, honestly, I would probably say like $1-5 and $10 if it has a level editor and post production support like more levels, gear, gadgets, whatever you can think up that is cool.

NeoDement: I'd pay a fiver, easily, maybe a little more. Please don't do a PWYW/HIB. They are extremely lame.

Pleion: Keep in mind that the people who post to your blog are the people most likely to pay for this. Maybe make the game pay what you want.

Matthew B Kish: I would pay $5-10 if you tossed it on Steam

Sam: I would happily pay upwards of $10 for this game. Does the game still feature the titular gunpoint mechanic? Is that a late game upgrade?

Ben: I'd totally pay for this game, and I think tons of others would too. If you can get it on Steam it would make selling pretty easy.

Lavs: I'd pay $10-15 for it but the 20 mission quote in the seems a little low to me considering how fast the early missions went by.

If there's any planned free DLC I'd totally go for it, but 20 missions sounds like about three hours of gameplay and that's not really worth the money when I can play games like Super Meat Boy for hours and hours, Binding of Isaac for upwards of 40, Dungeons of Dredmor for essentially forever, etc.. there needs to be SOME kind of content to stretch the game out past just 20 missions.

Jackohbite: This game is faaaar too good compared to other free games out there for you to let philanthropy cloud your vision. I'd say 10-20 dollars. I'd probably pay a bit more than that, but 30 would be my absolute limit.

Sean Rendall: I'd pay money for it, sure. Maybe a good idea to try a pay what you want deal like the humble bundles?

MOOMANiBE: As I said on twitter; I think that as long as the game has a decent amount of -length-, it's most definitely worth money. You have a great gameplay system going on there; make sure the amount of content delivers and you'll get lots of purchasers. Really.

Gunpoint Talks About Ridiculous Solutions | The Great Gaming Crusade: [...] if you are willing to pay or like this game, then head over to the game’s site and let them [...]

ERGlabs: well, lets put it this way: getting an awesome game for free (or a $1) and then sending a tenner so that the interested parties could have a drink on me bypasses my frugal consumerist nature. $10 product? my brain will fight all the way. $1 + $10 donation - no problems here, move along. This is why I am easy prey for the Humble Bundle sales model.

Godwin: Would pay 5 euros if indeed it is pretty lengthy.
Love the mechanic, keep up the good work :)

Mr Ak: Yes, absolutely. I'd also agree with the pwyw notion, and with the idea of a level editor (and maybe even a campaign maker?)

Gren: Yeah put it on steam for ten or so bucks and I'd buy it :3

Jimothy: "Stealth Bastard" has almost-as-complex game mechanics, relatively similar graphics with much better lighting, and is free.

ravngr: Absolutely worth money, US$10-15 is probably the sweet spot and it seems to work for a lot of indie titles. A level editor is a great idea, it was defiantly a selling point of Voxatron in the last humble bundle. As for linux you're probably looking at a full port, and by that point you may as well move away from gamemaker altogether.

Keidanren: I'd happily pay around $10 for this, maybe more. Like Cipher said, a level editor would make this even better, if it was at all possible.

Jeff: I personally would not buy this game (though I think it's extremely interesting), but I bet a lot of people would if you charged $5 or $10 for it. It's exactly the kind of game that could build a small but devoted audience.

CheeseLord: I pay $5-$15 for it, depending upon the amount of post-release updates. Looks great so far!

Galaxy613: This game, by itself, should move at least $10-$15. The art is amazing and I have no doubt you'll find a awesome musician to go along with it. The only problem is Gamemaker... It's sorta inflexible, you certainly won't be able to get on the Humble Bundle because that requires a Linux build. :\

kwyee: The gameplay mechanics look like a ton of fun. Switching mechanic looks especially interesting.

As is, 20 levels sound like a ~$10 game. If the first few levels are just tutorial missions, that means there's only ~10-15 real thinking-slash-problem-solving levels.

Some features that would justify a $15-20 price:
- 30+ levels
- A level editor + sharing system
- More gadgets
- Character customization (look, style, etc.)
- Recording / sharing solutions (perhaps integration with YouTube?)
- Achievements (beat this using only X skills, without harming anyone, with harming everyone, etc.)
- Leaderboards

Alternatively, you can go with a more "Lean Startup" method: release with what you have and see what the response is; see how people are playing and charge for more of that!

Clay: Pay-what-you-want would be a great idea. The max I'd pay for it is 60 USD, simply because that's my ceiling on game releases. Without knowing the full extent of content, anywhere from 10-30 USD seems completely acceptable.

Jake Logan: It's at least worth a couple of bucks. $5 on Steam with Acheivements is fair.

Sebastian: That game looks like it's worth money to me. 5$ is an autobuy, I'd likely bite at 10$ as well. I'd love if it had a ton of levels and a higher price point.

Manuel L.: I'd pay $5.... Don't give away your hard work. Even if its your passion and you love making these games your time has value.

Steven: This looks really interesting. It would be a steal at five dollars. Ten wouldn't be unreasonable.

Abdul: Great concept and execution. This game needs to be picked up by a publisher to fund and aid the developer to make a mobile version (iOS, Android), port it to Mac/Linux, make a robust level editor, make a "show people how I solved this level" mechanic and finally integrate the shit out of it with Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

As for the pricing model, perhaps the 20 pre-made levels are given to players for free. Then for a small price ($2.99 perhaps?), players get access to the level editor, user-made levels, post his solutions on Twitter/Facebook...etc.

I wish I had enough money to get this project the funding and support it needs.

@AndersEnder: $10. no question, and hell if you really want to be cheap and easy on top of a base price, get in touch with Jeff @humble, and throw into humble bundle 4 or something. looks awesome, whatever I end up paying you.

Reeftrigger: I would pay $10 upfront for this (if it included some sort of level editor)

Alternately, get a "donate" button on this site, and start iterating (captain forever style)

cookieheadjenkins: I was one of the people who thought you were nuts when offering it for free. I'd happily pay £5 - £10 for this.

Adam Milecki: I'd pay for Gunpoint! It looks great!

Kleonidas: Great looking game! I'd definitely pay 5-10 dollars for it!

Brian Dionne: Id definitely pay 5-10 bucks for it! It looks innovative and amazing! I was surprised hearing you made it in game maker. It looks so good compared to everything else i've seen from that engine.

Zulthar: I'd pay 5€ for this, 10 if it had a map editor.

Jon Solo: I'd definitely pay probably up to £10 for this, and probably would buy it again on iOS if it made it to that platform.

Ben Rowe: I'd definitely pay, perhaps somewhere in the region of £5 (that's about $7-$8). I would pay at least double that if it included a level editor, or would pay separately for a level editor if it wasn't ready straight away to ship with the game.

I'd also buy an iOS version for a pound or two if that became available.

I'd also be more likely to buy if it was distributed via an existing source like Steam.

Anthony Hauck: This game looks great. I'd be willing to be $5-$10 for it (standard indie game pricing). Excited for it's release. Perhaps a level editor and a support for a modding community could make this game an even bigger hit?

Farslain: I'd gladly pay for this, i'd be comfortable with £5-8 and i'd pay again for it if released on iPad.

Francis: I would pay money for this

Brandon: Five to ten dollars seems like a fair price to me. Can't wait for it's release!

niko korhonen: Interesting concept. Any chance for a level editor upon release?

Sam: I think a mobile version would be great!

Alinos: $10-15 dollar's for sure in my mind.

maybe if your undecided you could go with a pay what you want system. Which can be more helpful if people want to put a price on what they think the product is worth(After being able to see the content that it contain's) instead of them paying X and then deciding that the content they recieved was only worth Y

Bird59: Put it on Steam and you will have ma money ;-)

twistedinc: SHUT UP & TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Ahem, well, this discussion comes at an interesting time, considering some of the things being talked about re: pricing for indie games, bundles, sales etc. Used to be the case that a dev like you might ask for 15 of the local currency for a game with this much polish and innovation (The 2D burgalry genre is an old, but thin one, but seems to be enjoying a resurgence), and maybe a thousand people would buy it, and everyone would be laughing, and eating raman.

Then all of the aforementioned happened, because we all got interneted.

TL;DR - Pitch it at a tenner, get a few hundred/a thousand sales that way. Generate mad PR spin from all the lovely people not playing Farmville before getting it into a bundle or onto a digital distro channel, and watch it sell for a buck, but many hundreds of thousands of times. Do a million sales, marry a model, flip tricks off a yacht.
(Or at least do well enough to make another game)

Robert: +1 for $10US. Great unique game design like this deserves a proper release and a proper release deserves some monetary compensation. Looking great, so far!

Zacmanman: I'd pay between 5 and 10 dollars for this, American Dollars. None of that funny weighted money from Britland.

Kazumo: When I first saw this game I thought it will be a 3D game on CryEngine 3 that my PC couldn't run, but when I saw the first screenshot I felt in love. This is a materpiece. I really can't wait for it. If the Release Date is this Christmas, then surely I will review the game for our comunity! Thank you for something very interesting this Christmas!

Moritz: You can have my money Tom, 5-10€ (or $) seem reasonable! (I guess I'd pay 15€ as well if it would be necessary to play this awesome looking game :)

Max: I think you could charge $10 if you get it onto Steam, and $5 if sold independently. Steam sales would then move the price into the $5 - $7.50 range.

thsandman: I'd pay $5-10 for this. I love a good puzzle game

Fae Daunt: I would most definitely pay a tenner easy for this, it looks fantastic! Suffice to say if you release it at this price you can count me as a solid sale

delusionsofnoir: Would definitely pay for this.

If there's an issue with whether you feel ok about pricing maybe you could do a pay what you want deal?

MurderousDonkey: Let us at least give you some cash for this, I've paid for a hell of a lot worse! £5-£10 is a no brainier anyways! Maybe do it old school and have a shareware version :)

Jake: I would pay £8 for this.

chusik7: I really think that it be a priced game. Maybe 5 dollars would be nice and i agree i think it should hae a level creator and if you can make dlc or something if it is gonna be a paid game, i dont wanna burn thogh 20 levels with out more. But still a level creator would be nice.

Alex: I would gladly pay for the game, but 20 missions sounds rather short. If you do plan to sell it a level editor would be ideal and at least 40 missions to make sure the average person would be able to put a decent amount of time into the game. If you did that I would say 5-10 USD would be a good price. The only thing is when people pay for a game they have more expectations with regards to compatibility, quality and overall polish. You will have to be careful with how much you charge and the best way to go might be pay what you wish/donations unless you can make sure the game will meet the expectations of players.

Anyways, good luck on the game, it is a wonderful idea and looks really slick, can't wait to try it out!!!

Pirateguybrush: I'd pay $5 in an instant, and I'd consider $10 if it was long enough, and reviews were positive.

Tristan: I'd pay 5-10 dollars for this. It looks like a lot of fun

chiefnewo: I'll give you $5 to $10 dollars for it. I know getting it on to Steam isn't as easy as just emailing Gabe, but releasing at a $10 price point with a $5 pre-order will probably get you a fair few sales, especially once word of mouth starts going around.

Paul: I'd pay £5 for it and so i suspect would most of the people who read this blog and have enjoyed watching the creation process and seeing how its developed.

It could be a harder sell to those who aren't familiar with the game already though, so a 3 level free demo may not go amiss.

Eben M: I think $5 would be the magic number to sell this!

It's seriously awesome :D

ethe: game looks great, i would definitely buy it. 10$ seems fair, like others say.

Korolev: 10 Australian dollars is a good price from where I stand. Sure, there are cheaper games out there, but if you've made a good game, then 10 dollars is worth it.

You might want to consider charging 5 dollars for it.... if you think a 50% reduction in price will result in 50% or more sales.

But just to let you: I, personally, would absolutely buy your game for 10 dollars. And I'm not even the type who buys independent games all that much.

Quick: $5-10 is very reasonable for this. It could be added on to with map packs or a level creator tool. Music wise something in a sixties spy movie would work. This would sell me on a humble bundle easy. Steam or Desura wouldn't be a bad way about to distributing it. I hope to see it soon.

TooNu: Tom, Tom, people want to pay for this game? it's a mad question but a fair question. I think the overwhelming consensus is "yes" but then you have to set a charge or a donation. I'm certainly going to buy it.

Also I'd love this on my DS though it won't ever happen. The stylus would be great for the crosslink.

Mike: I'd definitely pay for it. You deserve to be rewarded for your work in this but 20 missions seems quite short (given how quickly you go through them here). So about €8 or so sounds fair to me (for comparison, Super Meat Boy is €14 for 300 levels and hours and hours and hours of gameplay although the levels there are undoubtedly easier to design). Add more missions and the price could also go up.

Elix: I absolutely would pay for this game. I'd absolutely put down $5-10 (or equivalent), more if the game was particularly extensive or had a level editor or something packed in. I'm looking forward to it. :D

Jibs Monteef: Put me down for $10 AUD, this has had me salivating since you started posting about it.

Arren: Awesome work man, would pay for this :)

Julian Benson: I think Fry said it best when he said Shut up and take my money!.

Kevin Gadd: Let me give you my money.

annerajb: ...QCP85FngzE

Micha?: I think 5$ is a reasonable price point. You definitely SHOULD charge money for it. As mentioned in previous comments - level editor would be a great tool to further expand your game. I think this is the kind of game that attracts mainly the geeky kind of audience (no offence to anyone), you'd have a chance to build a smart and dedicated community. WIN.

Kenny: I think $5 is a good number, I think I'd shell out up to $10 if it ran in OSX.

Ross Wilson: I think you are crazy releasing this for free. Sure, I would like it to be free, however, I don't think it does you justice to take it off your hands for no monies. I would be happy to spend $5-10 on this, (or the equivalent in wonderful British pounds). Also, if money was charged, I am sure I would love time invested in more levels, as my goodness, this game looks amazing and I would just like more and more.

Lord_Santa: I'll go with the "fair" solution
it "feels" (initially in the video) like a the perfect cross-breed between Bonanza Bros/Elevator Action/Impossible Mission/Inspector Gadget

I'd say put a "psychological" price-sum on it; 4,99€

I might be willing to pay more; but that seems to be the average price for indie games these days

of course; I do realize that it's hard to put a monetary value on art; but in this case; I think it'd be the most "fair" price-range, since it won't be 5€ (which in many cases will put people off, since "'ey it's a fiver), but instead the most simple, elegant solution known to modern society - putting the price-tag "just below" a price which [could] seem "too much" for some people

other than that, it looks amazing and I'd be willing to part with some extra cash for it, if necessary - but I do (sincerely) think that you should ask for money for it

I realize that a lot of people prefer to "donate" money, if they think the game is good, or not - but these days (in particular) the Indie-(computer-game)scene has grown such a huge following (yes, I am generalizing) and the "modern games" have all become clones of each-other that I do think that there are a lot of people willing to spend money on a concept such as this

mailed: This is the first time I've seen or heard anything about your game, thanks to an article on Kotaku Australia.

Please charge something for Gunpoint. I don't care how much. You absolutely deserve to make money from this game.

Ryan: Saw your trailer on RPS; I'd definitely pay $5-10 for a game like this!

Matt: Hi. watched your video on Kotaku. i will deffinantly pay money for this. i would deffinatly pay money for this. any where for $30 up.

Alexeilol: I was shown this via social networking by my buddy (mailed). It looks amazing and frankly I think that as far as indie games go, for 2011 anyway, this is the best I have seen. Deff charge for it.

Also, there should be some classic Noir music for this game, when I look at it, I cant help but think of titles like Get Smart, Austin Powers and even James Bond.

hpsaucy: This game looks fantastic and I would be willing to part with cash to play it. I love the sound effects that you use, especially the rain.

Phill: I think £4.99 would be a good price point, but I would pay more.

Vantr: Been following this game for a while and it definitely is worth some money. I'd put down $5-10 for this.

smn: I'd pay between $10 and $15 for your fine piece of work, Sir.

Nalum: I'd pay about €10 for it... back when € was worth something.

Cottommy: I would pay about $7.50-10US

Kyle Stainsby: $5 is definitely appropriate. I would be willing to pay a couple bucks extra for challenge maps if you are willing.

Rob: I would easily pay $5 for this game and so that's what I think you ought to charge.

Joe: Id definately pay between 5-10 pounds or dollars for this game,looks fantastic!

Zaphid: I'd pay 5$ for it definitely

caddyB: I would pay up to 10$ for it in a heartbeat, for more than that it needs to be quite long.

Ewzzy: As a huge fan of the Elevator Action series, I am all in for this. I'll pay whatever you want for it. Gunpoint is worth it.

Dominic Tarason: Give me a level editor/sharing hub, and price it at $5 and I will buy it on Day 1, no questions. That puts it squarely in the impulse-buy bracket for a lot of other people, too. A strong first wave of sales might help get you on Steam, too! And don't forget Desura and Gamersgate - land yourself as many distribution sources as possible! I agree with most voices here that $5 would be an appropriate price. Though if you add more stuff like extra levels and a level editor I'm sure you could go up to $10.

rogueface: I'd say sell it for PWYW but at least $5. Then give half of everything over $5 to Child's Play. From a human standpoint, you'll help a bunch of kids have a better Christmas. From a business standpoint, you'll rake that shit in.

Yance: This is great stuff man. I love the throw back art style and the complicated mechanics! Nice work!

Lakoni: I would gladly pay 10$ and 5$ would of been a bargain! I really like the concept and it's really well made it seems! Good sense of humor! I laughed when he jumped down the building head first like superman! Looking forward of playing it alone and with friends! :D

Dennis: I'd definitely buy it for $10, but sell it for $5 and it'll sell like hotcakes!

phuzz: About £5 I reckon
(what's all this $ malarky? You can't buy a pint with dollars. Well, not over here you can't anyway.)

Sami: 5-10€ seems about right. Don't do DLC because it always smells like a scam unless it is free. Instead do a proper expansion for few bucks or free.

Greg: This is awesome. You are nuts if you don't charge for this. :) $5-$10. I'd pay $10.

Ninjaman999: In the words of a wise man who knows when hard work deserves hard cash, I say to you, where do I pre order??? I seriously want to give you my money :)

Joey: Saw this on PCGAMER.
I'd be willing to pay. Maybe £5-10, depending on content.
On Steam with achievements would be cool :)
As for any possible DLC, fewer and larger ones would be good.

random: I'd be willing to pay $5-10 for this, no problem. It's original and you deserve to be paid for your time.

Tettix: I would also drop $5 to support a talented developer that's sure to create more gems! I like to think of it as investing in my future happiness.

Wampbit: Having a look at the trailer I think that the concept is good; It would seem that there's a promising core mechanic behind it all. Regarding the price, I think that if you do want to charge for it, which (imo) you should, a feature needs to be added: a level editor. Preferably the level editor should be tied to a central level server where people can rate and download/upload levels. If such a thing was added I'd say the game would be worth £4-6.

I noticed that someone suggested getting your game into a humble bundle - that's probably a very good idea, if you can establish a good initial level building community, and then get the game bundled, you could be on to a winner.

DLC is another interesting prospect, rather than making 'level pack' DLCs, which would be the most obvious path, I think it'd be far smarter to make gadget pack DLCs, including new and inventive gadgets, along with 2-3 levels per gadget to illustrate their uses. Such DLC could sell for £0.80 or so.

Lastly, if you do make a level editor, it would be worthwhile making an option such that a level can have certain gadgets disabled, e.g. the propulsion trousers and the trench cloak, or maybe allow level makers to edit the properties of the gadgets when playing their level, so the propulsion trousers would have far less power. If you could add this level of customisations you would intrinsically add a lot more variety to the game; as it stands even with a level editor, things are likely to get samey after a few hours.

Frank: Yep, ~$5, especially with a level editor (and easy access to "community" maps).

Ceebees: I personally would pay you money for this game, $5-10 (depending on game length), but i would also completely respect a decision to make it free, or donation-based, or Pay What You Want.
It's your game and it was a hobby project, so if you don't want to charge, you don't have to, though. Maybe offer a donation box to repay the artists, though?

The only thing you shouldn't do is charge for DLC packs. I would be contractually obligated to hate you then, and i really don't want to do that D:

Brian: Yep, I'd certainly pay a few quid for this, probably not a fortune, but a little, the kindly Americans' claims of about $5 seems about right.

Flak: I would definitely pay to play this! Seems like a very clever game. Since you were already planning on making it freely available, why not a pay what you want solution? Not only is even a penny more than you were getting by releasing it for free, but pay what you want deals usually catch a lot of notice which helps get more buyers as well.

HMV: 10$ easily from me. At the very least, you should set up a pay what you will scheme for this one.

?????: get in touch with the @wolfire guys and get involved with Humble Indie Bundle!

ArT: I want it free, but only because it looks like a great game and my wife won't allow me to buy another one. :) It definitely looks like a good $5 or $10 game! But a free game like this will definitely win you some good points with the people!

Anonymous: Make it donate ware so people won't feel guilty if they don't pinch in. It will happen but it gives people an incentive to support you by not making them feel bad if they don't pay. Then offer incremental upgrades later to entice them to support further development.

Like drug dealers giving you the first hit. Hook em first. Followup with "Free" content to convert fans into paying/donating customers over time.

Sam: I'd pay 5 dollars for it. You've made what looks to be a really deep puzzler with room for additional content (episodic?), 5 dollars seems completely reasonable.

Lawngnome: I'd easily pay $5-$10 USD for it, depending on length and final content upon release. I'd even go as far to say, that I'd be willing to by mission/expansion packs at $2.50-$5 for the opportunity to keep the game interesting and expanding.

You've done some great work here and I don't think anyone in the community would have a problem with you making a profit from something you've worked so hard on and that brings us hours of enjoyment.

Austin: I'd definitely be willing to pay $5 or $10 for this. Heck, I feel like I owe you a couple bucks just for that initial trailer; rarely have I seen anything that so delighted me.

Rafael Carballo: The game looks awesome, I would buy it without hesitation, it has a really appealing art and design, the puzzles and gameplay are fun and deep enough to put a good amount of hours in to the game. Maybe I would work with some animations in the background just to set the mood, but its not like its necessary, it would only be for eye candy. The game looks awesome

nk: 10-15 dollars with mod tools would be an awesome price

Steve: This looks far more interesting than most "big name" games I've seen lately. I'd pay for this game. If you want to go free that's fine, but I'd strike a compromise and go the route of the Humble release method and let people pay what they think it's worth if they so choose. At least that would recoup some expenses, and let those of us that want to get some $ in your hands.
Win Win.

Gunpoint Trailer Shows Off Eight Minutes Of Super Spying | Video Game Deals & UK News | [...] Francis doesn't yet know whether he'll be charging for Gunpoint, so let him know what you think over at his official site. [...]

joshmread: You need to charge for it, even if just nominally e.g. £4.00. You could start a game development company using the profit as capital.

Will Fallows: Definitely charge for it! I would gladly pay for something as stylized and as well designed as this, from one game developer to another. It looks gorgeous and you deserve to make some sort of profit off of all this work!

Kevin: Charge for it, I'd buy it! I would put your price somewhere around $5 if you expect random people to buy it, definitely no higher than $10.

Vadim: I think $8 is in some good point between nice and fair.
I'd buy it for 10-15 bucks if I have nothing to play and I'd buy it for $5 or less even if it's my last 5 bucks.

So maybe you can start from somewhere around 10 bucks and then try to include it to some indie games bundle in two or three months after sales start?


James: $5-$10 probably. Have been following for a while, game looks awesome!

Bobby Brown III: I would pay for it easily. The game kind of has a similar indie feel as Atom Zombie Smasher, so I would easily drop 5 Dollars. I would most likely still buy it at 10, but I might hesitate.

Matt: I would absolutley pay for this, the emergent gameplay alone would justify a $10 price tag. Im seething with interest over this title. cant wait to get my mitts on it.

Jamster: I would pay a pound or 2 for this. Or maybe you could do a 'pay what you want' scheme...

Andrew_Drake: I would put this game in at the $5-7 area based on what I have seen. However it could turn into a $10 with the soundtrack and a storyline.

VonDrakenstorm: I'd pay 5-10€ for that game.

Jannes: You should make this 10 euros or som I would really pay for this.

Bloo: About £5-10 I guess? Just take my money damnit.

Nebulaz: I concur with my brethren here, 5-10 with $7.50 as a medium. But yes I'm willing to pay to tackle guards out of the 4th floor window!

Nick Duguid: Just watched the trailer via Kotaku (well, via Facebook friends), and yes, please take my money. I would gladly shell out $5-20 USD depending on how long/in depth this game is. If it can be on Steam with the rest of my games, all the better.

Take my money please.

Tom: Charge a couple of quid, roll in money.

Justin: I'd gladly pay $5 to $15 depending on the number of levels included.

L: I would pay for it. Indie developers deserve the support. My immediate thought was steam and the like too which everyone else has already mentioned.

Warren: Just watched the trailer via a retweet and yes you should charge for this and yes I would pay for it. Looks like a lot of work went into it and you should definitely get something out of that.

nick: I'd throw another vote in for PWYW or $5-10. It'd be great to see it on the Mac App store or iPad as well. Hell, I'd probably by it three times at that point.

Plumberduck: At $5 American I'd buy it with absolutely no hesitation.

At $10 American I'd think about it for five minutes and then buy it.

I do think Pay What You Want is a cool system, though.

Drewciferpike: I think you'll definitely do well with a Pay What You Want launch, and add a Paypal link for people who get it, love it, and then decide to pay you MORE.

Chris: You now have more feedback than alot of those cosmetic adverts on tele that say stuff like "85% of women tested prefer blah' (based on 87 tests)".

Dave: I would definitely consider very seriously purchasing this depending on the price.
You might want to consider including this in the Humble Bundle.

garrett: I would pay between $5-$10US for your game. The indie games community is a great place to be right now. Indie players are willing to support those who work very hard to make a game of this quality and uniqueness. Use the money to then go on and make bigger, better, and more refreshing games for the indie community or expand upon gunpoint by hiring more staff...

CoconutCheez: Just saw this on JoyStiq and must say it looks FANTASTIC. I'm really impressed with the possibilities in this game and I love the pixelated graphics style. What ever platform you decide to release this I will definitely buy! $1.99 for iOS/Android, and $5-10 for console/PC platforms =)

Great job!

Rene: I would definitely pay for it, aywhere from 5 to 10$ USD. Looks very cool. PWYW is ok I guess, but you know some people go Homer style on this and don't give anything.

Bearplane: absolutely charge for this. youve worked hard it looks great and you deserve it. (maybe you could even try to get it on steam with a tf2 promo item. thatd make it sell like hotcakes.)

Matt Smith: Yeah your friends are right, you're mad for giving it away.
There are tons of people here saying they'd pay $5-10 for it but most people today are spoiled by cheap iPhone games and have this bizarre sense of self entitlement about getting things for free or next to nothing.

Don't listen to them. Instead do some proper research, maybe talk to a few publishers and get a feel for the market. Then pick a price that allows you to make a bit of profit and invest back into your next game.

gorinbl4: Nice game bro! I think you may sell this game for 10$ per copy.

PS Sorry my english.

PJS: You should charge for it I think. Put it up on Steam, no reason not to. I think it would do pretty well. Lots of my friends posting the video around.

Ravenholme: An RPS commentor dropping in to say that this is definitely worth money and that you are, in fact, nuts.

I'd say the £5 - £10 price bracket is about right, if you do some heavy advertising beforehand (giving review copies to people like totalbiscuit should generate publicity, and of course, you have PCG to utilise) - You can always see about getting in on one of the IndieRoyale or Humble Bundle's later (Just don't do that first because the vast majority of money earned through them is tiny)

Christian: I would appreciate a bit more stylistic consistency otherwise these solutions are indeed ridiculous. When it's ok to throw guards through windows why can't I just shoot them? When I can disable security systems with crosslink why not killing everybody in the building via poisonous gas and then blast my way through to the computers.
This strange mix of rambo and cat burglar does not make sense to me. I know many movies etc. suffer from such inconsistency, but in this case it's too obvious for me.

Holyground: I would pay about 15 for 30 or so levels. More levels the better.

also, I'm terrible at puzzle games, so I hope there's a gadget that you can buy that makes things easier.

Seth: It definitely seems worth paying for. I think the $4.99-$9.99 range seems appropriate for the length. Very fun looking idea.

Morok: totally awesome and ridiculous game)
i think it worth $3 and make donation box
for those who will spend more.

Morok: About music... try contact and speak with
Machinarium's compositor Tomáš Dvo?ák
and or
from Capsized is Solar Fields

An American: Yes, you're a bit crazy.
I'd recommend at least a "pay what you want" model. There are a lot of great indie titles out there right now, and fortunately for gamers they have pretty much all been heavily discounted multiple times in the past year or two. You may want to pick an initial price (probably based on these comments) that gives your fans an opportunity to support you and get immediate access to the game, then throw it in a bundle or do a PWYW offering after a few months. Make sure to have a donate option, especially after you go PWYW.

Personally, I'd buy this immediately at $5(US) based just on the youtube footage and assuming a few hours of play. I probably would wait if it cost any more just because I have a huge backlog of games. Which is why it's important to have a way to donate, as I'm sure after playing it I'll realize it's worth much more. Good luck! (found you through an article on btw)

Ken D: I would pay 5$. Offer a 2 level demo for free to get them hooked.

Lasent: I think you should either get into either the indie royal or humble bundle, offer it for maybe 5-10 dollars, or put a donate button on the website. The game looks amazing!

Mike: Current state, I'd say $5, direct download from your website.

Add in an awesome soundtrack? I'd pay $10.

Launch it on Steam with some sort of multiplayer aspect (race to who can complete a level first?), and I'd probably pay $15.

And with whatever option you choose it would definitely sway me into purchasing a Humble Indie Bundle if you could submit it!

Good luck!

Jesse Crafts-Finch: The better question is - what do you have to gain by giving it away for free? At this point, I'd say that you already have gotten the press attention that you might want to release for free to get. The game looks like it has some quality gameplay, and would do well for a $4.99->$9.99 release. I would certainly pay 4.99 for it.

Joe: I think the majority here is saying free demo, charge for the full title. It's looking really good and it's obvious you've put a lot of time and work into it, you deserve something back! I signed up to beta it, back when you posted about that but I didn't get anything back, so a demo to just see how it plays would be cool, and keep in mind obviously people are always going to pirate games if you charge for them, which is easy to do with indie developers' games but, a lot more people want to support them when they have really good ideas. A slightly extreme example, look at Minecraft, everyone threw their money at Notch in alpha! Because they could see he had inspiration, a really good idea. That's what you've got. Charge £5-7 for it, at it's current state.

Wendel: I'd drop at least $5 for this. Free would be nice but I would definitely pay for it. Somebody said pay what you want, which seems to work for the Indie Bundles.

By the by, the game is looking great. Just the right amount of wackiness. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.

ONTO: It seems ok for some kind of low price tag game, around 5 bucks/euros. Although, i would like it more if it was a normal stealth/stealing game, without the linking stuff. ;( Makes it more like of a puzzle then a stealth game ;(

Tera_GX: I'm pretty poor, but I'd be willing to pay for this. I'd most want to see a pay-what-you-want model, as I think it's a good effort to move away from our flawed economic model. Plus I tend to be generous in such models so as to show my support for the model itself. In that model, I'd probably push up to paying $10. Otherwise $5 is reasonable and comfortable. Again, I reiterate my poorness is a factor in my judgement.

Nikola: I would have no issue paying $10 for this. It looks fantastic. :)

Wombat: I would pay for your game, I probably would be unable to finish any level, since I suck at games where I have to think stuff through but still, I would pay for it. Can't say how much though, maybe 7-10€, maybe a little bit less.

Sharkey: This game looks amazing, just saw it on and can not wait for you to release it. EASILY worth $10!

Love the great puzzles and multiple ways to go about each one! Keep up the great work.

Sam: I would absolutely pay $10-15 for it. The gameplay looks like a lot of fun, and the wiring mechanic is very original (or at least I haven't seen something similar).

Johan: Hi Tom,

just saw what your doing, and it seems pretty good, and fun too! (Ok, I think the jumping up on the buildings seems abit to much superhero like, same as falling from a 6 story building without problem).

I would pay for it, definitely think you should consider humble bundle's way of charing. Let us pay what as much as we like, minimum 1 dollar, then up. Also add sliders just like humble, its a great way of doing charity and also making a buck from your hard work!

Keep it up!

Ehud: Do not give it away for free! This game looks great, and is definitely worth at least $5. The question IMO is how many levels you have. If it's relatively a lot, then I'd try and get in touch with steam or other online publishers, or even self publish it. Also, a level editor can be a huge plus.
There's no reason to release it for free - you've put a lot of work in it and it seems very solid.

Jett: Please sell this game, don't let your hard work go to waste. Put this on steam. And port it to Mac for me, will ya? I'd pay at least 5 bucks for this, 10 if there were more levels. This game is perfectly suited for a level editor, do that and you will have tons of levels!

Filip: Hey, this game looks really cool and i think you should try to get it on Steam. I would surely buy it and more people would learn about this game, so its also a good way to advertise it.

Michael Pierattini: I'm not sure if you have music yet, but I'd like to provide some if you are interested. Below is a piece I wrote a while back. I don't know if it is what you are looking for, and if it isn't, I could provide you with another piece for your consideration.

http://stash.aloneto... ...Sneaky.mp3

Whoops: Eh, I'd say $5 should work for the 20-ish missions. If you were to add more then naturally start ramping the price up, along with paying your music person a bit :3

Capt Crobar: This game looks really interesting, I would happily pay 10 bucks for it. Id even pay 15 if it was on steam!

Max Power: TAKE MY MONEY. You deserve them. Would gladly pay 10-15$.

Spence: I'd pay $5 easy, maybe $7-8. Make sure it's on steam.

gosh: why not make the core levels free and have the p2p edition come with a level editor and the option to download and play custom levels. or have a pay what you want model.

a demo is mandatory either way ^^

Wes: Put it on Steam and I shall buy.

Also, looks like a brilliant laptop game. Unfortunatly my laptop is a Mac :(

RastaBadger: Obviously free would be nice but I would definitely pay for this. Pricing would depend on the number of levels and as others have said definitely get it on steam.

DK: You should definitely charge $ for this game, I think games like this...that are unbelievably intuitive and creative need to be recognized more so that a typical FPS a la MW3 BF3.

Great job thus far, I can't wait to get my hands on the final version!

Gwathdring: This is looking better and better. I think somewhere between $5-$15 is the sweet spot (4-12 pounds, I think?). $5 would be an easy purchase, but much over $10 and I would probably expect a level editor or something to keep the game going past the provided levels.

I always enjoy Pay What You Want, but I have no idea how well those work for developers. Personally, I tend to pay more in PWYW than in normal setups--the psychology of guilt at work ;).

I might have to wait a while if it's $10 or higher, though, as I'm saving up for some board games. Also, while I would certainly be willing to pay a modest sum for this extremely enticing game, I wouldn't complain if it ended up being free either ;).

P.S. I feel bad, because I signed up for beta testing and then never got around to sending in the results of my playthrough. :\ The log file got rather enormous quite quickly and I wasn't sure how to send 2 Gbs of information. Then I kept putting it off, and stopped playing because I felt guilty playing without sending off any of the data and kept forgetting to write down bugs I experienced because I was so focused on mucking about with Crosslink. Sorry! The good news is that Crosslink is incredibly addictive as is using it to find the most complex way of solving a given puzzle.

Kevin: I'd be happy to support you with $5 - this looks great, can't wait to give it a try. I too would really prefer to see it on Steam, but the press has been so good about your work that I might just buy/play it off Steam anyway!

I really appreciate creative guys like you being willing to share your passion. Keep up the awesome!

Grant Gehr: Yes. This looks to be worth at least 10 bucks, 15 easily if you get some awesome, 80's Bond-movie like music rockin in the background. I am very excited for this!

Dascylus: Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw has done a game called "The Art of Theft" which this game looks similar to.
That is no criticism, these games look different enough and vary in such ways that you won't hear a peep from me in that direction.
A good platform adventure is what all us old boys need and I applaud your creation.
We know who we are. We're the ones that left our sinclair spectrums with a note saying "Do not touch" while we went to school because we lived in the days before save games and loooooong load times.

Dan: I would gladly pay for this! So cool.

Angus: This kind of work should definitely be paid for. It's the easiest way to get recognition for your stuff. Cash is a great barometer for true interest. Also if I give you a buck for something and its shit I'll let you know about it, give it free and I'll just delete it.
$15 on steam. It's like the IT price for good indie games.

Max: I would easily pay £15 pounds for this - really excited for the release

Charles: This game has some very fresh and exciting mechanics and the execution looks very promising. Unless you're absolutely dead-set on giving it away, you deserve to be able to charge something for it. I'd think the sweet spot is probably $5-10.

FWIW, I'm also enjoying reading about the development process on your blog.

Liam: This looks pretty cool. I'd happily pay $15. I'd really like to be able to buy it directly from the website too, rather than through a vendor like Steam.

Ian Oliver: Gunpoint seems like exactly the kind of game that a pay-what-you-want system would work for. And it's been shown that Linux gamers give more, too ;)

The game has had a ton of publicity (now on The Verge too), and as long as you keep putting out content (videos etc.) so people know what to expect, I'm sure you won't have any problem in the game getting well known, along with a nice chunk of funding.

Getting it on Steam would also give it a *huge* boost, but I'm sure it would still do well on it's own.

zelnox: 10 bucks on Steam with possibility to get extra level packs. This needs to be on iOS too.

Jon: I would be happy to pay for this game. At first look it seemed like a little flash game that would be better off free, but looking at all the depth currently shown in your youtube demo run, $5-10 (or euro) seems perfect. I think the best way to sell it would be on Steam, but any other method would be good to. However, If you are going to sell it, I think in-game music is a must.

nobody: Yes, it is worth money and if there's plenty of content and gadgets I will surely buy this game for ten or maybe fifteen dollars (depending on the amount of content).

AngryAngus: I would pay $10 for this, chuck it on steam and even add steam stats/achievements.

Shut up and take my money!

Ian: $10 seems like a fair price, you could also do a bundle where it's like $35 for 4 copies of the game too

Jhon: Make it free to play, as another comment suggests. Give the game for free to help it spread (and its definitely going to spread like wildfire in my school), but leave some parts (gadgets, highest levels, bonus lvlup,...) to pay for. Adding a donate button might help, too, seeing how people go crazy for that sometimes. And if there's an online version on the site, consider putting one ad (with high visits/clicks, one should be enough and not make the site boring).

But over all, I wish you keep having fun making the game and adding stuff to it ! It already looks amazing and enormously fun, can't wait to play it !

Noko: I'd say charge around maybe $5. It's a fantastic game with a fantastic premise - well done.

Devon: Make it 10 USD.

Port the game.
Add in a 5+ more levels before release or after release
...Whatever you think 5 extra USDs are worth

PS. I don't know currency conversions.

Make it 5 USD.

As is I would pay roughly five dollars just because I have been tainted by indie games that have given me 80+ hours of gameplay before and only costed me 10 USD...My 2 cents.

Mike D: I'd definitely pay for a game like this. the 5-10 dollar range sounds reasonable to me. It looks like a blast to me from the video

Erwin: I would agree with everyone else about the 10 USD, maybe 15. I've only seen your walkthrough trailer and while I like freeware, the amount of work you put in makes it seem only fair that you get some money out of it. I'm currently attending Champlain College and I know all of the guys currently enrolled in the Game Audio Major. I've only heard one of the guys works and it sounds awesome. I'm not sure how much free time they have since finals are coming up. If you're interested, just email me at and I can get you in touch with them. I'm sure they would want to get this added to their portfolio.

Elchin: Why not just launch it as a humble bundle or something? A name your own price thing. If not, then I'd say $5-$10 depending on amount of content.

Game looks awesome btw.

Petar: I'd definitely pay for this game. I'm not sure how long the game will be so I can't really give an accurate priced I'd pay. But rest assured if this popped up on steam for $10 or so I buy it and tell all my freinds about it too.

Jono, UK: Looks like a nice little puzzler.

I'm another that would recommend having the "Pay what you want" model. Reckon if it was pretty decent I'd pay about a fiver.

Best of luck and I look forward to playing it!

L: All the people showing their support here is just further proof that if someone makes something really cool and worth buying, people will pay for it, and I think people will pay for this.
Charge a little for it on steam, desura, or in a humble bundle and the like and make your time back. Maybe you might decide to make something even better in the future. Everyone wins.

Parrotsheit: Pay for the game? Yes. How much? $5-$10 USD, depending on how long the game is.

Jean Fresco: 10€ desktop, 4,99 for iOS! Probably 3-5€ for DLC. Dependant on how much is in there!

This game looks huge and YES you are nuts for only thinking about giving this away for free!

Ansel Santosa: I would love to pay for the game. $10-$20 depending on how long it is. I'd say in general $5/hr of gameplay is fair.

Thomas A: Definatly look to getting this on steam/desura. The price i think should be $5, $10 if you include a level creator at a later date.

Gwathdring: Hmm. I'm a bit disconcerted at all the steam suggestions. Steam is nice and all, but I really like having games without DRM whenever possible. Especially for smaller scale games like this--then it's easier to carry it with me on a flash drive or play when I don't have an Internet connection as Steam's Offline Mode can be really wonky--especially with save games. I try to save steam for bigger games that would otherwise require game disks or upwards of 5 GB of space. Or crazy sales. :P

SD: Yup I'd pay at least $5 for it, possibly more (depending how much time I had to play it rather than any issue with the quality of the game).

Have you considered possibly creating some 2P levels? You could have a fog of war kind of setup for the person playing the cops and they have to balance the risk of pressing a light switch resulting in an unknown effect against the spy sneaking past them in the dark, etc.

Andrew: I reckon $5 is fair

Alex: I'd pay 5$ for this!

Mentallyunsownd: I would certainly pay for this wonderful looking game! Between $5-$10 USD sounds right. Maybe get into a Humble Indie Bundle or Indie Royale Bundle for launch, or after feeling out initial sales?

GEorge: I would pay $5-10 for it. Tablet support would be great also.

Francis: I'd pay $5 and feel like I was getting a good deal, so $10 seems a fair price.

Thistleweed: I'd try to get it into a Humble Bundle for your debut, then DRM free for $5-$10. Don't do freemium, people'd rather have it one way or the other, not some horrible rubbish mish-mash. Being able to use a tablet seems like a good idea; look into that, perhaps?

Christian: $5-$10 would be a great price

Lucho: I would pay for it ! Looks original and interesting, with a story etc it would sell well on steam I reckon.

Kevin: I'd pay $10 for this. I was disappointed when I saw that it wasn't available yet.

Jordan: I think it looks like a great game and would happliy pay $5 for it.

Huck: Giving this away is crazy! Looks awesome! I'd definitely pay $10, probably 15, for it. Then later have it on a $5 sale for all the spoiled people who can't appreciate quality..

Pat: Regarding the question about a Linux port, I would suggest switching over and using something like Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL). It has bindings for many programming languages.

ComplexedOne: I will totally pay $10 for this game. It looks awesome and would be a blast to play. Really looks like fun.

Nathan: Id love to buy it for about $15, but not if its on steam.

Stein: This looks incredibly interesting, but impulse buys are your best bet for getting this to sell. As such, €5-10 would be perfect.

CamBam: I'd pay $5 for it initially. If I liked it I'd buy expansion packs. But only if it's on Steam--I don't care for others like D2D or Origin.

IoriDyson: pay what you want is my opinion. or do the minecraft system, worked for notch. should work for you guys as well. game looks really fun and cool. looking forward to getting my hands on a copy regardless of what you charge. gg

Halex: If the finished product had enough levels as it were, to keep my mind engaged for a week or so, then I'd definitely see myself paying for it to help with development... Dead cert, if there was a prior-commitment to keep developing levels if people were buying...

Hell, I paid for Minecraft beta to help with that, even though playing it genuinely gives me thumping headaches... (a lot of '3D' games do.)

kvzta: Honestly, I'd love it for free, but it's worth paying for [nice looking game]. Also, about the linux thing, you might want to talk to some guys from Desura. They might know something or two about it.

owen: 5 bucks ... put it on steam u should do well.

Brady Williams: My advise, do a pay what you would like setup, so people who want to pay can, and people who don't or can't can still play the game...this seems like the best of both worlds.

GreyWolf: I'd pay for this for sure, as has already been suggested perhaps a choose your price system, similar to humble bundle and others. That way you'll get people paying everything from $1 to $50 to who knows how much some generous soul may choose to pay.

Evan: I would definitely pay $5 for this. Or I think a great idea would be to get in touch with the Humble Indie Bundle or Indie Royale Bundle guys and see if you can get it in one of those.

Andrew: I would definatly pay about $5 - $10 dollars for it, such an awesome game. id feel bad not paying for something as awesome as this, especially the amount of work that has gone into it :)

Timothy: $10 dollar AU. looks great. like to play test

TMO: $10 standard and $5 for sales (Steam willing) sounds perfect

Rory Hart: I'd pay $10 without a second thought!

Max romano: Hi im the video game content director at
I have had a lot of expirience in this industry and i can tell you without a doubt that if you released this game at around the 10-15$ usd price point it would be a hit. Versions for xbox or playstation would be a good idea. When the game goes gold let me know and we can feature some trailers or a review on our site.
Cheers -m

Seattleandrew: I think $5.00 is the right price for a game like this. I really love the concept of the game and I really want to help support you and the artists' work. As another commenter suggested Steam functionality would be great. Having some sort of steam support would be nice especially with achievements as well as a convenient marketplace to share and purchase the game.

Patrick: I'd definitely pay $5-10 for this!

Jeremy Watssman: I can see why you'd charge money for this. Personally I'd pay up to £5 for it I think. But have you considered the other famous Game Maker game, Stealth Bastard, which is currently making big waves as a solid, well-featured free game? The developers of that have said that they intend to make a name for themselves and create a fanbase before they start charging money and I think they're onto something there. Better to be an established developer without money, than a guy with a little bit of money and no fans. Besides, the game will just get pirated if you try to sell it anyway.

Crazy Ivan: Place your game on Steam, and i will buy it for origniality alone. Just make sure it will be sold in russian steam. I think your game worth 500-800 roubles (10-12 bucks).

Jackson: I would pay $10 for this, if it's over two hours of gameplay. You could also release level packs later for cheap, and I'd feel a lot better about my purchase.

Please let me pay for it. I want to play it, and I think it's worth rewarding you for your work.

SaintSinn3r: You should definitely charge people for this amazing game!

20 levels? $10-$15, easy...

30 levels? $15-$20...

35+ levels? $25... probably pushing it at this price point.

or stick with the initial 20 levels, and put out a 10 level pack for $1.99 every few months.

Either way, charge for this -- pre-order, even. I'd pre-order for $25 right now.

Crazy Ivan: 20 or so levels should be enough, i think. If more chances are, they start to repeat itself. Better release level editor for additional price.

Jason: Try going by donations =). People like you are taking the world one step closer to Utopia.

Henrik Eide: i would gladly pay 10$ for if there was a little more content then "just" 20 levels. a level editor would be nice, but not a must. the game is looking great!

Dave: I'd easily pay $10 for this. Looks very awesome.

Jeremiah: Looks like a really neat game.
Have you considered getting involved with the Humble Bundle?

Anarkiwi: You owe it to yourself to charge for this to be honest.
The game looks excellent, highly polished, and replayable due to the unique mechanics. I think $10 is a solid price point for the amount of content offered. Also, I believe it would be reasonable to look towards either the Humble Indie Bundle or Indie Royale sites for extra publicity and even helping charity out a little.

Best of luck.

daniel: I agree with others - $5-10 would be perfectly reasonable. Looks very fun.

Mike: I agree with most of the other posters. You are definitely nuts. I think a lot of people would pay money for Gunpoint. Think $5 USD or so might be a good price. I'd pay anything reasonable. Came here from the Rock Paper Shotgun write up by the way.

Nathan Cookingham: It kind of reminds me of frozen synapse in a way, but yes, it is totally worth paying for. I would buy it.

Justin R: $5 is your price point, Tom!

Jacob D: $5-$10 sounds great. I'd even pay $15 honestly. seems to have lots of content. If you're not sure yourself if you want it free or not, you could always make it "pay what you want".

Sean: $5 or pay what you want.

Hell, I'd even try to get hooked up with those Humble Indie Bundle guys and I would love to see this on Steam.

But up to you.

Johnson B.: 5-10 dollars would be the sweet spot, though, you'd to make the game long so it'd be worth it. Also if you could consider something like a pre-order bonus (perhaps a discount) that'd be a good way to reel people in. I know Minecraft did that and it worked very well.

Justin Yost: I'm gonna go high and say I would pay $15 - $25 based on what I observed and depending upon length of the game.

Recknar: I'd pay $10 for what it is now, $15 if it has music at release and $20 if it get's a level editor

Mark: Definitely worth money. £5 is a good sweet spot. Hell, it's less than two pints.

Gunpoint looks excellent btw!

Austin: definitely worth $2-5 dollars for the PC full game.

this could definitely expand to a possible iPhone game at $1-2 depending on the size.

it has great potential. well done.

Dave O’Dowd: Yup...I'd Pay for it...2 to 5$ for sure... you'd be nuts to not charge. Port it to Mobile and you've got a million dollar winner.

Antonio: I'd definitely pay for it. Free's always nice, but I could see myself dropping $10 on it without a second thought.

Mr.Deviance: Dude, there is a perfect invention for those indie devs that don't know how much to charge for a game.
It's called Humble bundle, where everybody can pay as much as they want for it.
That's your best bet of getting rich fast.
Humble bundle is WORKING and is loves by millions!

Justin: Interesting looking game, I would definitely pay $5 for it.

Philip Modin: If the game cost me money it'd feel more authentic and professional rather than as if someone just did it in their spare time only for the kicks. It would make me value and enjoy it more knowing there was real effort put into it.

Put it on Steam for $5
Keyword: Steam :D

Another thought: it'd be cool if I could play it on my iPod/iPhone :D

Armaan: Is it worth money? Maybe.

Would I pay for it? Nope.

If I were you, I'd release it for free, as was promised, and charge money for the next game, if another game is made.

Also: you obviously have a good job and an income. Everyone likes more money, yeah, but unless you want to make indie games full-time, you should release the game for free, just to give something back to the world. It would be a really nice gesture, I think.

EHH: The game looks like a ton o' fun and takes some classic elements from the past and creates some new classic elements too. The game is worth some money, and it just screams for use on tablets and smartphones. You go man!

Girr from Utah: I'd definitely try to get this onto the Steam Network dude, it looks awesome and they could definitely help you sell it. I'd pay at least $5 for this. If it's big (lots and lots of levels) and maybe even a level editor that allows us to load other player-made levels, even $10 would be easy.

Ryan: I absolutely think the game is worth (and will sell well at) $5 or so. You and your artists deserve to be paid for the work they're putting in. I would advise against any sort of "get all BUT the last level for free" or in game purchases. I find both of these things incredibly annoying.

AshsToAshs: Please put it on Steam! And id be willing to throw $5 at it. Looks awesome by the way!

Aj: This game seems like a great idea. I think it is totally worth money, although I would like to have it for nothing. :-) It reminds me of a 2-d version of Portal I played. I would recommend trying to partner with the guys how made portal, this seems like a worthy partner game. Then they could do it in 3d and for the 360!!

Jay: you should definitely charge. if you make it around $5, i would not bat an eye to buy it. if you made it more, i might think or wait for a sale, but if it's reviewed well there's still a good chance i would buy it outright. good luck!

ik: $5 AUD. Any more and you'd be dreaming.

Having it through Steam would be great too.

Nik: Definitely worth at least $5 for twenty missions. I think it'll mean different things for different people because some will just want to beat each one a couple times, while others will play around for ages figuring out different solutions. If the price were more in the $10-15 range I'd expect a promise of updates or maybe a level creator.

Looks incredibly fun! The jumping and tackling stuff looks like it'll be super satisfying. I'm excited!

LordKilgar: I feel like I'd probably pay $10 (USD) for this, though I would imagine you could charge more. I think you should charge what you need to for it to cover the costs. You've put a lot of effort in and it seems well executed. I'd suggest this.

1.) a Pay What You Want model. I really appreciate the humble bundle, and always make sure to pay more than the average for any operating system, though I usually pay a lot more than that. This is a fairly good balance between Nice, Fair, and not being stupid.

2.) charge a low price, $5-10 (again, USD). That's enough that people will buy it on a whim if nothing else, but you still make some return on all the work you've put in.

3.) charge more (whatever YOU feel it is worth to charge), but release a short demo as well. This is actually more work, as you want to make sure the demo highlights why people would want to play the game, but if you are going to charge enough money that people can't just throw pocket money at it, you should have a way for them to evaluate it first.

You could also go the shareware route, and have it give some manner of trial that later locks the game, but that doesn't seem the best option.

Over all, a Pay What You Will model seems like the best balance. I can tell you, if you go Pay What You Will, I will probably drop $15-20 on it, just because I really respect those models.

Whatever you decide, I A.) wish you good luck, B.) would love to see it on steam (though understand if that is more difficult than it sees) and C.) look forward to it!

Yellowrobe: 5 bucks, maybe 10. Would definitely buy on release or even pre-release *wink & nudge*.

Josh: I would pay for it, put it on steam for $10 (AUD)and make dlc packs of more gadgets and stuff for $2 and you will have a great income.

Lucas: €5,- is great, maybe even 10. Seems like a great game! :)

Kew: Great game! I would pay $5 to $10 depending on how final version polish.

Buu11235: I would certainly pay $5 for this game. Looks awesome, and keep up the good work.

Malturt: I reckon $9.99 US would be a good deal. This looks like a fine game indeed.

Matthew: Definatly pay £5.00 I love the look of it!

JiminyJickers: Will happily pay for it.

Michael: I think you should do like the guys from Desktop Dungeons, put like 3 diffrent prices so People can pay like 2.5€, 5€ or 10€.
Even more if they want to.
They don't have to get anything special for paying more, just that those who want to make a contribution to an indie developer get the chance to do so unless you want to put a "donate" button aswell, wich I belive less people will use opposed to a larger "fee" when they buy the game.

Anyways the game looks great, would love to see a demo with like 2 "advanced" levels, just so that everyone can try it.

imevul: I think the Pay What You Want model would be perfect. People pay exactly how much they think the game is worth, and can even play it for a while before they decide.

I've heard of lots of people first getting PWYW games for free, then coming back and pay after they've tried it out.
I've also heard that you as a developer usually earn more than with a fixed price. Probably because some people can afford to pay more and will do so, and some people can't afford a game at $fixedprice and thus will not buy it at all.

Phoenyx: I'd probably pay $2-$5 for this. I wouldn't pay $10 myself, but no matter what, this is going on my gift list.

Timo Sand: Definately don't go the way of handicapped game and paid DLC's. A pay what you want model might work, or a few different price's.

I'd be glad to pay 5-10€ for this for sure. I love my indie games!

jayceja: I'd definitely pay $5 for it easily, whether I'd go as high as $10 would depend on how long it is. With some sort of level maker and community sharing I'd pay even more.

Cookie: I would definatle pay at least $5 aud for this, maybe $10, but I'm not sure about that.
This game looks pretty cool. :)

Shawn: Id pay 15 - 20 for this game easy, ive payed more for ugly and boring, this is beautiful and interesting

Tyler: $10 US, depening on the number of levels, would be easily reasonable.

Will it be releasing on steam?

Jack: I think it is most definitively worth money! But I also think indie designers. (at least when it comes to price) should have it either a ridiculously low amount to help the larger corporations be thrown out of business, or to lower their prices. As well as being understanding enough to know that games cost too much but as the developer your also looking to make a few bucks for your time and effort. I would personally pay 5$USD depending on length of the game of course. (which is a large issue with indie games in my honest opinion) I dislike paying s large price for a game that has great story and play but not enough length.

Isaiah Everin: Put this shit on Steam -- regardless of price, people will buy it. Not over $20, not under $5. It looks like a great game.

Carlos: You're nuts.

I'd drop $10 USD in a heartbeat. $15 if you add a few more levels, gadgets, etc.

Or like someone said, have tiered pricing.

So...take my money! D:<

Andrew: Of course this game is worth money. Anyone who thinks it isn't is ignorant of the amount of time and effort that goes into making and awesome game like this.

Dan: With about 20 levels, $5-$10 seems fair. Throw in a level editor and charge $15. Or sell map packs.

Fusional: I would pay for this, depending on the number of different levels (I am sure there will be replayability with the upgradability) USD/AUD$5 would be reasonable for what I've seen and 20-ish levels but if you add in the ability for others to make levels an with a little continued support I would go to $10.

My general rule of thumb with a game is $1=1 hour fun, though with indie games I normal get many hours to the $1.

Sneak: * make the game free with some 5-10 starting missions
* sell xpac missions for 5-10 bucks each
* use a major distribution platform, possibly offer bundles / discounts for good customers later

That way, everybody interested gets to see and test your cool game, and you still earn your fair share of money from those people who like it.

Way to go. :)

FKML: Put it in the Humble Bundle! Letting people pay what they want is like making it free, except you get money. Or, make it one of the supporting games, so you raise the bottom line for some other developer. You'll get the goodwill of a free game with the money of an indie game.

Lars: I would/will definately pay money for this! I love these games where you can play around with different sollutions. And the price range? For around 20 levels of the type I saw in the trailer, I would say $10-$13 seems fair. For me personally, I would also prefer some work on the story as well, I get bored quickly otherwise :)

Lars: Oh and by the way, GOOD WORK! :) Game looks really fun!

Matt: It looks really fun. I'd quite happily pay around $10 for it.

POTATO: I'd pay a good ten usd for this game, but I do have to say I like the idea some people have thrown out there for it to be "pay what you want." Maybe you could put something special in it for those who paid such and such amount.

Z.C: Looks great! I recommend either a Humble Bundle or a pay what you want model, because those seem to do remarkably well.

Looks like a great game by the way!

Rune: I would easily pay 5-10$ for this game, if the game is long enough!

Alex: I think $5.00 would be perfect. You could make the first 1-3 levels free then have the $5.00 give you the rest of the game, future updates, and a customizable character.

J_Elliot: I'd buy it (if there was a Linux version), I think $10 would be a fair price.

Pierre: Hey!

I just discovered your trailer on the Internet. This game looks really cool and smart!

I would totally buy it if there is a Linux version (I've been running Ubuntu Linux for 7 years, so...).

For the price and stuff, you should totally contact the Humble Indie Bundle team, maybe they could make up a new bundle with your game and others.

Brendan: I would definitely buy it. The game looks awesome. I think somewhere about USD10 sounds appropriate.

Szioul: I'd probably buy it for $10-15USD. Maybe up to $25, if it'd come with a level editor.

Fred: Definitely charge the money. Would pay $5 for 20 odd levels, and $10 for a decked out game with 30+ levels and level editor etc. gogogo, looks fun!

Magrat: Would happily pay $10-20 US for this game. Support indie developers with real money! (Oh my, what a battle cry) But you could always try the iPhone way of thinking - free/cheap with in-game dlc for revenue.

Devan: $10 and perhaps a future Humble Bundle game?

Lars: I'd say 5 bucks seems fair

Shefyg: Hi,

I just said WTF for like 30 time - this is really impressive, I can't believe you built it with GameMaker - this is amazing.

I think should consider version in flash with box2d. I will be happy to help if that interests you.
I'm shefyg at gmail

Scotty: From what I have seen from the video, this is precisely the type of puzzle game I enjoy. Out of the box, I would immediately pay $5 AUD for this title. I would be likely to pay more if there were more levels, perhaps some character customisation and level editor.

Telc: I would say between $5 and $15 through steam. And then try to get it on the next humble bundle.

Ninjermoose: This game looks really good, so first congratulations for that! I would pay for this game definitely, most likely I'd be willing to pay between £5 and £10 for it, depending on the amount of levels that would be introduced.

Sager: I would pay for this game.

Daniel: The game looks amazing.
This game is worth money - obviously.

I don't know how many hours of gameplay are in this game,
but I think it should cost around €5,- or €10,-.

One thing that would be nice is the opportunity to pay in several ways.
In the Netherlands we have iDeal, and some payment method like that would make it very easy.

DLC is of course always an option.

Trystan: $5-$10 for a 20 level game without any hesitation, >$20 for 40 levels or a level editor

Bird: Awesome game, would be happy to pay for it. The humble bundle suggestions seem pretty good, so +1 for that idea.

Daniel: And if you add a level editor,
it would make it even more fun.

Xing: Hi, just a random stranger that saw this game trailer (CAD). But I honestly think it's worth at least $5-10.

With music it's worth more than 5 definitely.

I just need some way to remember this by release date D:

Verdauga: It looks like it is worth money to me. I would love a 1 or 2 level demo though, as for me the things that make a game worth it or not is the feel of the controls... and how well it Alt-Tabs on my machine. But yeah, I think you should price it at a point that will get you a decent amount, I'd probably pay $10-$15 for a short game or more for a longer one. Everybody is conditioned to buy cheap from Steam, sadly, so everybody wants $5 games, but that's rarely reasonable.

Mark McCormick: I definitely would throw out a few bucks for this. Depending on how long the levels are, obviously you are going through them faster that most people will figure them out I assume, I could easily see spending 3-5 bucks on it. I think you would have a lot of buyers if you don't take it too high. That's about what I paid for angry birds on my mac, which has a lot more levels, but is far far less complicated, so I think it evens out. And if you so choose, you could add dlc such as extra levels and gadgets for 1.99 or something.

This definitely seems like a game with unique and interesting mechanics with room for a many different play styles. Great job

Verdauga: Or like others have said, you can do a Pay What You Want... but I'd establish some minimum.

Op: You got my 5 euro.

LJM: From the look of this trailer, I'd happily pay 5 pounds or euro, perhaps even 10 USD. Are you thinking of releasing it via something like Steam? I'd probably be willing to pay a little more to get it through a client like that, so that I have the backup/support possibilities.

Looks great! Looking forward to playing.

Horst: Just saw the Gunpoint "trailer" on (http://www.cad-comic... ...130/#n2238). Amazing.

I'd pay 8-10€ for sure (or more depending on the number of levels), but would really like it to be ported to Linux or PSN/XBLA. Either way, it looks awesome and fun (and I'd even get it, if it were Windows only)!

Giving it away for free would be a nice thing to do, but nuts.

Kris: Oh wow, I'm impressed. I would pay 5-10€!

Agorath: The game looks very promising!
If you keep up the good work and add a few more interesting tools, tricky and exciting missions and a level editor I'd be willing to pay like $10-20 if the game comes with 20-30 levels for example.


Ask, and yes that is my name.: this game si awfully amazing. As I live in a country that has decided neither to use dollars nor euros I have a kinda sketchy idea of how to price things in your silly inferior american currency :P but my thought was 10$..seems cheap and still enough to actually finance improvements or sequels. it has to be worth your time. even maybe 10 euros
Well played sir!

Nextra: Make it 'pay what you want' with a lower limit like $1-5. That will be a fair model to ensure you get some of your time paid while allowing indie supporters to tip you some extra.

Ben L: Yes, it is totally worth some money. $5-10 for sure.

Thunderer: Would pay about 5-10€ if it was on Steam. You could also consider putting it on a future Humble Bundle.

Bram: Totally worth 5$. For 10$ I 'd realy want to see abaout 40 levels

Flavio: For this game i'd easily pay up to 8€ for PC (expecting a good longevity) but on the mobile platforms with small screens i can't see myself paying more than 3€.
On the tablets it's tough to say, something in-between.

Lars: Yes, I would pay 5-15 dollars for this, depending on the amount of levels and the replay value. It sounds and looks like a nice game. Add something like a detection score or timer to increase the replay value of the game. People will come back to levels to better their scores (much like the star system on angry birds). Just a suggestion though :)


Tom: It's hard. If you look at what's around in free games on-line on websites like Kongregate or and whatnot you have o ask yourself "Am I offering a lot more than these people are. I suggest looking at the business model for the doodle god series.

They released their first part free online, and you could buy it for phone platforms and they would "give priority to upgrading the iPhone app", which came down to them releasing more content (it was about twice or three times the content if I recall) on the iPhone, but the application still only cost a dollar or two.

I guess my advice in a nutshell: free for pc, few dollars on some locked in mobile platform, paid extra levelsets on either or both. If you get someone to flesh out a GOOD engaging storyline though, with some good cutscenes, you can sell this on pc for 10 - 15 dollars easy.

james: you should definitely charge money for this game. I'm currently doing a game and app design course and one of the first things we were told is to look at games that are similar to your game and charge roughly the same price. but typically for an indie game its between £5 to £20

hope that helps

Guido Hulscher: I'd pay € 10,- easily. I do love puzzles and fun, and this is so very good a combination!

Axion: Id definitely pay between £5 - £10 for it, especially if more levels are released afterwards. Looks great so far!

Oskar: $10/£8

Manuel: Ctrl-Alt-Del sent me - and your game looks awesome! I'd definitely pay like 5 Euro. :)

Bartimaeus09: I would pay for it on Xbox if that would be possible :) as I play alot on that, however for PC I would too depending on the price. On the marketplace for xbox, they sell indie games for 80-240 MS which is roughly a couple quid (£) im english here. I wouldn't know much about prices for pc indie.

Kloreep: I definitely think you should charge. But Pay What You Want could work well too.

After watching the narrated video and knowing nothing else about the game beyond that video, I'd already be willing to pay $5. Depending on how much play the final game ends up with - and if production values go up further with a soundtrack or something - $10 might be not a bad price range?

Wootdog!: This game looks amazingly awesome. I very much want to play it, but I won't pay anything for it. That sounds a little dickish, but that's my reality, and I'm not alone. I never pay money for games. It's partially because I'm a student and don't have much disposable income and partially because there are a lot of cool games out there available for free.

I do think your time and creativity have monetary value -- just not from me. Sorry.

Although, I do think this game could be wildly popular on the iPod/iPad (assuming you can port it to iOS). Release a free demo and charge $1.99 for the full version. People love those $1.99 games.

X13G79: I have to agree with the sentiment of $5-$10 on steam, depending on game length and how much you would want to keep up with it with updates, dlc etc. Please choose steam though as it would make it much much easier to get and keep current. Great looking game btw! :)

Lauren: Hey! Just letting you know that you are indeed nuts and I certainly would consider this worth my money. :)

Kieron: 5 euros sounds fine, I'd even pay up to 10 euros if the game had a level editor and the ability to share them (could even be a standalone tool)

most small games like this, esp 20 levels would go fast, soo the more levels that becomes harder and harder would be very intressting, both for the makers of the levels and for the players.

Overall the game looks really nice, and the gadgets look nice aswell, if you'd make offical addons, the only way new gadgets gets introduced, that would be soo nice, adding a few maps and maybe new enemies!!

Xist: I think 5€ would be right. But you should add a level editor.

Yee: $5 sounds about right and do you have any intentions to bring the game to steam

Davos: £5 would be a bargain, even £10 would be a decent price.

Any chance of a MULTIPLAYER one day?

Alex: I think this is something you could easily charge for, you just need to consider how much content there is. If there's only around 15-20 levels, £2-£3 seems fair. If there's 25+ and/or a level editor, then £5-£6 east.

Keep up the good work!

Ravushimo: 5 euro/pounds sound nice, depends on replayability tbh, u plan to put it on steam btw? :D

arcipi: 5-10 usd on steam, go, make me this game.

Loonyyy: I'd be happy to pay for this. This games certainly better than some I've paid for, and innovative and clever to boot. If you were willing to continue making awesome levels like the ones shown, or even better, allow users to create their own levels, then this game could have potentially unlimited enjoyment, and you certainly deserve money for that. For what it's worth, I'd be happy to pay for it.

aerorth: hey there, i thounk you should do pay what you will (paypal based) with a minimum amount of 1-3$ and then just see hat happens i for one would be more than willing to give 10$ since the game looks great bu i don't know if everyone will, other than that, it'd be nice if you ported the game to both mac and the iOs appstore

J: I'd be willing to pay more for a Linux version than a Windows one.

Jonny: I hope you consider . It is very similar to the humble bundle except that the price is set at first, then it will fluctuate relative to how many people have bought it and how much they paid. It's a very recent website but judging by the success of their last and current bundles (over 20,000 sold at at least US$3 each with 4 days left on this bundle alone), they are doing well. This site also seems to be focused more on getting the developers (and site owners) money rather than charity.

This business model, in particular, seems to be taking off extremely rapidly recently. I hope you consider it.

No matter how you decide to distribute this game though, I will end up buying it. Looks like a great game!

g1real: Get a nice soundtrack on it, add a few more missions and it would certainly be worth 5 euro, I won't say I wouldn't buy it without it because it looks very neat. But you're indeed nuts for giving this out for free.

Also for people who say 5 euro/USD/pound... do realise about 5 usd is about 3.75 euro and about 3.2 pound, so be sure to keep those prices fair and not make the European customers pay more :'(

Jonny: The URL must have been incomplete in my previous comment. http://www.indieroya... would be a great idea!

iajrz: I'd say PWYW (as long as it's money) with a suggested price.
Not free, though.

Uprayedd: I would gladly pay $10 US dollars. This game looks like Elevator Action finally matured.

Evan: Yeah, I'd pay $10 for this.

Zaldimore: I would definitely pay for Gunpoint. How much I'm not sure.

Nicolás Viegas Palermo: I'd say 5-10 dollars would be an ok price, depending on how many levels are going to be included in the final version. pay what you want may be a cool option too, maybe aim to get into one of the humble indie bundles or the indie royale bundles.

I suggest a 4 or 5 levels long demo too.

keep up the good work!

alidan: i ghave to say, game looks great, would i pay for it... thats another question entirely. ill play anything, good or bad for free. ill give you a run down on how pricing should go based on what i have seen.

5-10 cents per level. this is assuming no community at all, so 1-2$ a game
if you have a level editer, screw the 5-10 cents a level, those are now free, you charge 7$ for the game.

if you have an easy to deal with online for the game where levels are freely shared, and easy to install or even if its all in game, 15$ easily.

in all fairness and disclosure, if you charge money for it i will pirate it first, play it a bit, and see if i like it, if its sub 10$ id buy it immedatly, if its over 10$ ill wait for a sale where its under 10$

Nicholas Weaver: I think platform for distribution matters. EG, a Mac port through the App store would probably sell for $5 pretty easily and possibly $10 with more levels.

Do mac before linux, there is a better model for getting paid AND more users.

Joz: It's so hard to find a good stealth game these days :) Hard work should be repayed. I would gladly support you up to 10€.
talking about piracy, games tend to be pirated when they lack a multiplayer component or a demo, so be sure to release one or both of them :)
Good luck with everything mate.

Adam: I couldn't advise you on what to charge for it but I'd happily pay for it.

If it had level creation tools and a solid community, I think I'd even go double digits for it :p

Good luck, looks fantastic.

Ashpolt: I'd more than happily pay £5 for this, possibly more. Perhaps start off charging a fixed amount then try and get it into a Humble Bundle somewhere down the line? Whatever the case is, I totally agree with the people saying you'd be mad not to charge for this.

Revara: Definetely worth paying for!

I wouldn't be surprised if I saw something like this for 5-10€, and I know that many (including myself) would gladly pay the price :D

Not charging for it would be rather mad, honestly. Mad in a good way. But mad never the less.

Type: Would pay, probably up to £4.99 or something for the PC version just to show support. Same advice as others though, convert to iOS/Android, market it well, sell half a million copies at £0.69 >> you're sorted.
Good luck with finishing the game mate, looks great so far.

Lewis: Just watched your trailer on CAD and I definitely think it is worth money! £5 maybe? Great looking game, cant wait to play it!

Kardis: I'd pay 5-10$ for it as long as there were a bunch of levels. It kind of reminds me of N, but it has a more calculated, thoughtful element to it.

Tenaka: Based on the fact I want to play this game now based entirely on your walkthrough video I would say yes charge.

£5 would be good value with additional map packs also charged for from time to time.

Reminds me a lot of Elevator Action which took a lot of time and 10 pence pieces of my youth.

Joshua: i would definitely pay money for the game along with other people i know but we agreed we probably wouldn't pay more than £5 for it. Great job it looks amazing looking forward to the release!

Chris: I would pay 5$ for this game without even thinking. Fantastic work.

I agree with some of the other comments, this looks like a prime candidate for the next Humble Bundle.

Bene: I'd pay up to 5 €. If it's more expensive i'll wait for it to be in abundle to get if for cheap. :)

Haggles: The game looks great, it's the kind of thing I'd pay £3 - £5 os steam for without hesitation.

Noah: I'd pay $5 - $10 for this game. It looks polished and well done. Great job.

Ders: I would pay 10$. Even at 15 I'd be inspired to buy it because its new and original. Maybe a pre-purchase for a % off and you get to try the test/help with feedback.

Scott: Definitely the kinda game that'd worth money, maybe like £5/£10, although £10 might put others off. The other obvious idea is to port it to smartphones/tablet PCs. It lends itself to touch sctreen, and I know I'd love to have this on my Galaxy Tab

Chatlander: I don't know how long this thing is but I'd happily pay around 10£ (around 15$ US).

Anyway this game looks great man and i'm really looking forward to playing it :)

Ninjan: Somewhere around the 5$ mark sounds very fair and be sure to get this gem on to steam so that it'll get the recognition it seems to deserve!

Chris: I'd pay you for it! Maybe a pre-order incentive?

Guy: I'd pay 10-15$ for this sort of game. Looks fun, complicated and I like the art style. Could use some suspense music and/or the ability to play your own music with it.

Adam: I think that once this bad boy is finished you should talk to the humble bundle people (Jeffery Rosen is the person who signs their corporate e-mails @ Also, I'm with Scott. I'd love to see an iPad version of this. Finally, I'd be quite happy paying 5-10$ for this.

Shmuel: I gladly pay for this game. It looks fantastic

Marcel Flipse: think about steampowered games distribution
and multiple platforms (tablet pc mac)

would pay €5 for it
maybe more if you built in a leveldesigner or more levels ;)

want to play it now! :)

Robert: I would pay 5$ for a game with 20 levels. Put in a custom level editor and I would pay 10$. Also a way to download and vote on people's custom levels.

Roel: Looks like a really cool game, so I would like to pay around $0.25,- per map. So that is 5 dollars for 20 maps.
If there is coming a map editor with it and an easy way to share you can add around $8.00,-

Miechu: I think that 5usd/5eur/5gpb is fine but I'd bet you could get away with 10. Cheers!

josh: yeah I would pay for this, five I think would be a good value 10 might be stretching it but I would still probably pay it....

Kyle: I would definitely pay to support an indie game like this. I would suggest steam. I've bought plenty of indie games through them and games tend to get a lot of exposure. $5 USD seems pretty reasonable for what I've seen so far. Add in some achievements and some co-op play and I'd easily pay $10.

Chris: I'd pay $5 for a Linux version, and I'd be willing to help test.

Gregory: I think $5-$10 for this game would be the right price. A demo version of the game would also help convince people that the price is just right.

Chris Hamlin: I'd pay 10usd for this easily. I mean come on, some places you pay that much to see a first-run movie, and this is way more entertainment value than that.

Scarlet Fig: This looks awesome. I am looking forward to it's release.

Epikuros: After seeing the video, no doubt, I'll pay for it up to 12€ - 15€ (steam maybe? a "Humble Bundle" part?

Hexist: I'd pay $10, though it'd be nice to get some more levels

I too would be interested in a Linux version, but it wont stop me from buying it if it doesn't happen.

questionablerolemodel: Very much worth coin. You made something unique and special, and as we are rewarded by playing it, so should you be rewarded by our appreciation and money.

bryan: It looks pretty damn fun, fine work can't wait to try it! $5 USD based on what I've seen $10 USD maybe depending on how many levels etc.

TheyCallMeZip: Hey- I saw this game on ctrl-alt-del, and I thought it was pretty spiffy. You said there are only 20 levels? Given that, this game is worth $5 USD. However, this game is phenomenal in terms of mechanics- make more levels, you could easily bump this game up to being worth $10 USD or more

SkyfireX: Hi there,

I think the game looks really interesting, and challenging. However I have a question. The "main" mechanic, seems to be the cross link mechanic. Why not make the player get it for free, or directly through a unavoidable mission(in the 1st few missions)?

It doesn't make sense in my opinion for a main mechanic to be something that the player must unlock.

Josh: $5-$10 seems like a great price range

Andy: $10USD (maybe more?) depending on amount of content. The game does pose some replayability, seeing how many ways you can get through. Toss in a level editor and/or online place to share created maps, or even turn it into a bit of a web service where you can 'make contracts' for people to take. I could even see a multiplayer version being a hoot. Line of sight on another guy trying to sneak to get the same thing, and then you can pounce each other to get to the 'intel', or even booby-trap the other person to be caught by guards or enforcers.

odinatas: somewhere from 5 to 10 $ seems right
max 15 but that might scare some people of

Leon: Worth £5-10 depending on how many levels Easily.

Chris: Saw this at Ctrl+Alt+Del, gotta say it looks pretty neat. For price, at $5, just tell me where to buy it. The Futurama meme of "Shut up and take my money!" comes to mind. At $10, I'd have to think about it, but there's a decent chance I would still buy it. At $15+, the way it looks, I probably wouldn't. It would depend on how long the game was, but I can't imagine paying that much for a sidescroller, unfortunately.

Gyjf: Game looks realy good, i would pay 5-10 eur for it if not free. The "pay whatever you want" model has worked for other games and i think it will for this too, that to me is a preferable over the set price. however id like the sourcecode to go with it and maybe a map editor. keep up the good work :).

Qored: I'd easily pay €5 for it. Maybe even as much as €10, if there was a bit more included (Level editor, or a few more levels). And this seems to be what most people say.
Looks like a fun game!

VoShay: I'd say five dollars is a good price point, but pay what you want is a great idea as well.

BCJ: Definitely should charge something, like 5 USD at least. Looks to be a very interesting game. You should even see if you can get it on steam for increased exposure.

James: I saw this game demo on the CAD website. I can see myself paying $5-$10 bucks for this game. Would be cool if you could play it on the iPad and iPhone.

Pete: A level editor will make this game go crazy! £5 would be sweeeet

PET: 5$ will be a good price but the game MUST BE available on Steam.

I don't really care about other games. If the game will be free, I will only donwload it and play if a few. If I don't play for a game and have it on steam, it's like ... I don't care for the game.

Yea I know it's strange.

pash1k: As a lot of people have said, $5 is a pretty neat price point, especially if you can get it onto Steam. Look at Zeboyd Games - they released a 2-pack of JRPGs for $3 and they've done really well. So yes, please charge money for it :)

TheHoboKing: I do think you should make it cost a bit BUT at the same time I think it would be a good idea to ask about an indie bundle pack such as the Humble Indie Bundle and see if you can get in on one of those first and set a price after that.

Daveyo: A pay what you want model is usually pretty cool. I also like the model that http://www.indieroya... uses, where the minimum price goes up as more people buy the game, and if you donate more than the minimum price, it lowers the minimum price a bit.

Anyways, what's going to happen is you're going to put it on Iphone's/Ipads for 2-5 bucks and make a bajillion dollars.

s71v3r5: Its worth money to me. You distribute it DRM free or through steam and I would pay $5-$10 in a heart beat.

Richard R: I would pay up to $10 for it and if it was offered free would gladly make a donation. Keep up the great work.

piter: I think 3€ is great price!

Jim Daley: This is an amazing game, I really can not wait for this to come out. Just the concept alone is amazingly creative, unique, and enjoyable. It has some replay ability, along with presenting a challenging puzzle concept that can cater the casual gamer along to the not so casual.

For the ingenuity and development time invested $5-$10 is a very lucrative price range depending on what your vision is for the game. I wish you the best of luck and am excited to see such a game come to light.

al: I would pay because it looks fun and oldschool, but there must be more missions than 20.

TheTik: I think $5 sounds about right for the length of play, and I would gladly play it for the innovative gameplay involved. Thanks to for linking me!

MindlessMe: I think the $10.00-$20.00 price range is a fair deal for something like this. I see devs charging more for less impressive work. Guys have done a great job on this so far. Really looking forward to seeing more in the future.

Louis V: I notice that many people here have different ideas about how much to pay, and I agree with others here that a donation system would work. Admittedly, when I play indie games, I prefer to play them first and then donate an amount of money relative to the time spent playing the game and the amount of satisfaction derived from it. I wish I could do the same with all games, but such is life.

If you decide for people to pay a set amount, it will likely be too high for some and too low for others, and, given that you were debating making it free, it seems almost silly to mandate purchase. If people like the game, and think it's worth the price, they'll pay for it what it's worth to them, and that differs greatly from person to person.

Josh G: A lot of people had the same ideas I had: throw it on Steam for $9.99 (sale for $4.99). Maybe $4.99 for basic game, DLC with more levels, powerups, editor, etc. and Full pack for $9.99.

Another idea is the Humble Indie Game Bundles. I've bought every one thus far.

Of course if you just offer it for free (DRM-free with source?), I won't complain. :P

Austin: I would certainly pay money for this (obviously I wouldn't complain if it was free)

I'd suggest somewhere in the region of £5-15

keep up the fantastic work

Philip Wilson-Smith: Really nice game, looks awesome and I would love to play it. I think anything under £5 is a good price but that is purely based on the video

Chaz: Either make it optional to pay for the game or require payment but allow users to share the game freely.

Thibaut: Screw you guys, i would pay 60$ for this game, but 10-15$ seems like the perfect price to me.

Daniel: I would totally be willing to pay $10 dollars for a game like that, especially if there were plenty of missions to mess around on!

Brett: Here is my thought on the free-pay question: If you throw the game out as is (when completed) and never touch it again, you could put it down for a decent price (like 4.99 USD) and leave it at that, maybe even more if you expand it much more. However, if you could PROMISE to release future updates, maybe even DLC, you could make it cost even more, and charge like .99 USD for the DLC. And I'm sure you are thinking that making players pay for DLC is absurd, because it can be (dirt3 DLC unlocks what you can normally unlock...), but you could make it extras in the form of a level editor, or a skin pack to change your character, etc.

If you were having any idea of making this free, I would say no. Obv. some people will end up with it free anyways via piracy, but you may as well take something from your hard work, even if it was a dollar per customer.

Waughoo: Very cool game! I'd pay $5-$10 for it, maybe more if a level editor is included.

CyberUppie: Definitely worth some money. I'd say at least £5-10 (~$10-20)

dkdk: I'd say around 5 is about right, I saw a comment on the video about $5 on steam and I jumped on steam to try to find it, only to be disappointed that the video just came out and the game wasn't out yet :)

If you aren't worried about getting money and can get it on steam, set it up for $5 do a week sale for 40% off or something. It would build indie cred fast if it ends up as good as it looks now.

Merritt Langley: Alright, I'll admit I didn't read every single comment down here, but it appears most people don't want to pay much for this game; they're trying to battle selfishness for paying the designer. But from an unbiased perspective, I can tell you that I've (happily) paid for games with less content than this for $15 - $20 USD.

Now, just watching the trailer immediately put my expectations for this game at $10, but reading through the websites at some of the suggestions (Making the game intuitive to create levels that counteract your current playstyle, explained by "Redklaw") are aspects that would bump this game into the $15-$20 range.

Last comes to the actual amount of content. If the game comes with 20 levels, even if the last of these levels is frustratingly difficult to conquer, then a lower price would be more appropriate. However if your game comes with 500 levels, even if the differences are only slight, easy, and repetitive, then the higher price range is more appropriate (Because then one gets to at least experiment with the gadget list).

To summarize: Price should be determined more on amount of content/how long this game is going to keep us busy; we've already seen the trailer(s) and have decided whether or not the game looks fun and if we're willing to buy it. Now will we waste weeks to months ($20), days to weeks ($15), hours to maybe days ($10), or sit down and complete the game in one 6-12 hour run ($5)? Im not suggesting you follow this EXACT plan, but it does illustrate my point. :)

Merritt Langley: And also, like Brett a few comments above me mentions, the promise of DownLoaded Content (DLC) would easily lock the game within a higher price range than if say you threw the game out into the world and never looked back. We, your customers, will give you child support for you to constantly take care of your baby, which you have named Gunpoint.

bengyb: Hi there love how the game is turning out!!!
I agree with Merritt Langley on how to determine the price for the game :) Good luck

Seth: As-is with twenty levels, $5 is a good deal for the game, and $10 would be average to overpriced. If it were more like, say, thirty levels, it'd be worth a bit more; or, if there was a level editor and levels could be posted and downloaded publicly from within the client, it'd be worth more, too. With both of those features it'd easily be worth $15-20.

If you wanted to make a version free, that wouldn't be too terrible. Release a free version with fewer levels and features about a month before you release the game proper.

Arron Watson: definitely worth at least a tenner in my opinion, throw out some DLC level packs, etc for a few quid each and bob's your mothers brother, instant indie classic. looking fantastic btw keep it up man, far too few people these days are making clever games as opposed to ARGH EXPLODE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Fenris447: I'd pay up to $5 for it definitely.

Thomas: 5$ for a base game, then charge a ratio based on content for DLC.

Cortland: I'd pay up to £7 (~$11), and I wouldn't mind small packs of low-cost DLC either.

Geoff: 5-10$ easily, especially if it were on Steam.

Liam Saul: I absolutely think you should charge for it. I'd say it's worth about £5, so long as it's sufficiently long. A little less might get you a broader market though.

Also, I'm a music producer and will get working on some music for this right away.

Jack: I was watching the gameplay video thinking that I would easily pay money for it. Then I heard the contact e-mail and thought "Pentadact? Wait, Tom Francis, the amazing PC Gamer writer, is making this? Where do I send the money!? How much? Don't care!"

I'd happily pay £10 but I don't really buy small games like this so I don't know if that's an average price or not. Looking through the comments it seems I'm being a bit generous. Either that or everybody else is really tight-fisted.

Anon: Well, the first and only Indie game I ever payed for was LIMBO. The price was around 10€, i think, but it was the easy way to pay with Steam that was interesting. Setting up a paypal account is boring, doesn't always work, and giving away my credit card number on a non secure website isn't really engaging either.
So yeah, i'd pay up to 5€ if the reviews are good, and that there is more than 5 hours of non-repetitive, entertaining gameplay.
Otherwise, if i can try and do like a demo, i'll pay up to 2€. Because I'm a stingy cheapass.

Britefire: Id suggest around 10 dollars for the game, seems in line with other games indie games, maybe 15$ if you think 10 is not enough

Valvar The Drunk: Hell yeh I would pay money for this.
Like the majority here around 5 to 10 euro's / dollars would be good depending on the length of the game.

Also, This would be a killer with a level editor included.
Do it please, and throw it on Steam. And perhaps see if you can be included in the Humble bundle.

Also DLC mappacks ;) (free or not)

Brandon: Looks awesome. You might consider something like the Humble Bundle. :)

AukonDK: I'd buy a Linux version in a second.
Game Maker is great for this proof of concept but if you want to port it to any other platform then a from-scratch reprogram in something like C would be needed. You might get enough money to hire someone to do that if you do a kickstarter campaign or something else which offers the game maker version in return for funding.

I'm no expert, but I know i've bought more games with native Linux ports this year than Windows only games in the last 5 years.

Benbot: I'd pay $10, but I imagine you could make more money by charging less and getting many more people to buy it.

Valkes: You should really consider charging something. Maybe do a donation system (with a minimum donation of say 1.99$) let people pay what they like. IMO, I'd pay 5-10$ for decent amount of content. Maybe consider making a phone app out of it too.

Al: Looks like a really interesting game, but 20 levels seems kind of short.

Why don't you release the game so that the "core" download comes with 10 levels (free to download), and then sell more levels at $0.50 each or a pack of 10 for $4.00, or something like that? That way you could maximize exposure, and if people get addicted they can show support by buying new levels.

Of course this would necessitate you building an easy-update mechanism, etc etc, but I'm sure you have it in you.

SarZ: Charge up to 5 euro's for it, and release it preferably with a level generator tool with it. Personally I hate DLC's, while I LOVE free content created by fans. This will increase the fanbase for this game, resulting in more sales.

Mark: I would certainly pay £5. But why don't you consider PWYW. Would be great to have it on something like the Steam platform too.

Keep up the good work! Really nice to see a game being developed with gameplay at its heart rather than just relying on the latest greatest graphics/3d etc.

kind of reminds me of a mixture of two zx spectrum games - impossible mission and spy vs spy.

zxro: Great game and you should charge for should a cool game. I'm sure most people would be down to pay 5 to 10 bucks for it. I say it be a least $5.

Purplefood: It's definately worth money...
£5 sounds like a perfect price but frankly i would pay more than that...

Warren Moore: A lot of people are cheap, so you may find that a pay-what-you-want model makes sense. If it were available for Mac, I'd happily pay $15-20 for the first 20 levels. The face-splatting-on-sidewalk sound effect makes me really happy.

lordnine: Get on Steam and price it $15 or less and I will definitely pick it up.

Dani: I would pay for it, but I wouldn't pay an insane amount. I would think $20 would definitely be worth it.

George P: I'd agree with those saying Pay What you Want and doubly agree with those suggesting getting it in to a bundle of some kind. Partially because "The Gunpoint Bundle" sounds very good.

Xaos Wolf: I'd happily pay £5-10 for this, but a lot of people nowadays are the sort that think 99p is a reasonable price for a game, so I'd say the most reasonable thing to do is a "Pay What You Want" model.

JayLeigh: I'd pay money for this game. No more than £10 though. Looks really good, can't wait to play it!

Anders: Donation type thingy I think would be the way to go.
But do it for Mac and have new levels coming in every now and then,
and you would have good grounds for taking 10€ or something.

Take a look at Minecraft and how they marketed theirs.

Looks really great and fun, but really needs some music.
Not some crummy miditype thing but an original score... (I'm tempted to do it)


monkeyislandfanatic: A "choose your price option" seems to be going down quite well at the moment, of course this pricing method is dependant on the game having decent exposure so you can have enough decent people paying for it to balance out the minimum payers.
Whatever way you end up pricing it, you've got me sold anyway :D

MagikGuard: Looks ....amazing,doing something in complicated bit impressive way is surely my style=)
It worth much,but not everyone is ready to pay.I think PWYW is quitw an idea,and some bonuses like more levels or level editor for,let it be 10$=)

Soloman: Id say 2-3€ if you are pushing for single sale
4-6€ if your planning to give it updates
7-10€ if you gonna have multiplayer elements

If you want to push the gold release make sure to give it a low penetration pricing with the remark that the game will be charged higher after a week or a month.

This game looks awesome by the way, you are well advised to make some kind of profit out of it.

kidd25: HEY yeah i'll buy your games, i'm not British but i believe around 5 dollars would be good, hell add more levels and forge mode, there you go a 10 dollar game.

Nalyk: Looks fun and unconventional. I'd pay $5-$15 on it. Talk to steam maybe; they seem to be helping out a lot of developers get their stuff published.

Anonymous: I think the game is worth money - but on the other side I think that many people would end up not trying the game when it costs money.
In my opinion the best solution would be a free game with a donation feature.

Rob: If it was on steam for $5, I'd wait until it was on sale for $2.50, then buy a 4-pack. Looks like an awesome game!

KAMI-SAMA: I'd pay 5$ for it if it has a level editor. Either way, it's worth money and you should make money of this, but I personally would want a level editor before buying it.

Calthaer: I'd charge $5 (or less, with only 20 levels) by itself, and then try to get it incorporated into one of the Indie bundles to give it exposure and get massive sales numbers.

KomradeKomer: I'd pay US$10 for it, but even if it was £10...I'd still buy it. =D

Headache: The game looks great mate, I think it definitely should be worth charging. £5 seems like a reasonable price. Puzzles, abilities and upgrades? All things I love.

Now if it only had a first person view, guns and quick-time events...

Wolfszeit: I think "Pay what you want" is a great option to go. Set a fairly low but still reasonable minimum price and let each person choose what they'd like to pay, starting with that.

d3pr1: around 5 bucks euro whatever and it better be on steam^^

James: 20 levels? $10 no problem.

30 - 50+ levels and a level editor? $25 - $30 easy.

Frawg: I'd give US$10 for it. Looks great from the video!

Ethan: I would definitely buy it for $10. If the game came with some sort of co-op, or level editor/way to share and download levels, I would definitely fork out $15 for it ;) (not sure how many pounds that would amount to though, as I'm talking CAD)
Good luck with the decision! You definitely deserve a bit of revenue from this!

ViviFFIX: Humble Bundle imo!

Darkensi: This game is too awesome to be free. I think you should start off with a donation scheme and then if you find a good price point there then sell DLC based on that. Personally Id pay up to $15 for this.

whatsisface: I've read through most of the above and seen a lot of suggestions, most for $5-$10, and a LOT of suggestions for a level editor. Here's my input: Your game is definitely worth at least ten dollars, but you are at an advantage. Your original intention was to charge nothing. Therefore, go for the lower price and charge five. While the number of people buying your game won't make up charging $10 (it would have to be more than twice as many, which I doubt), as an indie developer it's important to get your name out there! This looks like an awesome game and I'm sure people who discover you will want to see more. (By the way, I discovered this because there was a link to it on one of my favorite and a very popular webcomic: Ctrl+Alt+Del, so you're getting some fame!) Anyway, once more people have bought this game you can charge more for later.
I've said a lot already, but I'd just like to point out that this is an entirely new concept, I've never seen anything quite like this. It's definitely worth money!

Cellifal: To be honest, it's DEFINATELY worth money, I'd pay for it. However, I will admit that I don't WANT to pay for it, because I'm cheap. =P But I would pay at least $10 for it. I think $10 is a good price to charge. It looks great! And I could try writing some music for it, I'll look into it man!

P.S. As "Whatsisface" said, I found this while browsing Ctrl+Alt+Del, so you're already getting some publicity!

Wizardy: I would pay for this for sure. You have me hooked up!

Regan: I think you should follow the minecraft model of indie development.

Decide on a 'beta' price where people can pay that, now, and get a game which works but may have bugs, quirks and be missing major features. The people who pay the 'beta' price will automatically get a copy of the 1.0 version of the game. People who wait will pay a higher price for version 1.0 after release. Don't be too zealous at preventing 'piracy' of beta versions, I think piracy will do you more good than harm, especially for an indy development.

Before you do this, it would be a good idea to decide on some major features which will be in the finished game, but aren't there yet and to keep the community updated on timeframes during the beta release process.

To make the game outlive even your own development interest I would definitely suggest a level editor, or some other way for the community to create content for itself. Your game will go a long way when you have several thousand 'developers' even if they're hobbyists.

I would say $10 is definitely a fair price for this game, as it stands now. It's a great idea/concept and it looks like fun. Don't sell yourself short. Minecraft was 15 euro for the beta when I bought it, and it was well worth the investment.

C Hutchings: I would pay to play this game. I would say about $5.00 USD

Krashenbern: This looks like a lot of fun. I'm sure it's been suggested, but contact the Humble Bundle people. http://www.humblebun... Then you can get some money, as well as charities.
Otherwise, sell it on steam for 10, and let them put it on sale for 50-75% off every now and then.

Niadh: Id say based on the trailer, and id impulse buy it at 5 euro. As lots of people suggested a level editor would be key addition.

I could also see myself buying a lite version for my ipod touch at the 1-2 euro range.

seb: This looks amazing, I think charging $5 for it would be perfect, I'd pay up to $10 for it. It seems like a ton of fun, a very cool concept. Nice work <3

Victor ‘Xrieaz’ Sanderfors: 1€ per hour of entertainment!

Kiranis: about 3 bucks sounds about right then after it's old make it F2p and charge for a newer game do plan to make more games right? I would suggest Steam. Looks interesting hope you give us a demo to play with.

MrKeith: I'd pay for it. It looks like the kind of game i'll be hopeless at but will keep drawing me back in as I try to find smarter solutions to the puzzles. And also to launch guards out of windows. And to rapidly punch them in the face. Seriously it looks awesome. Price? £5-£10 sounds good to me.

Rhed Monkey: Hey man, Your game is definitely worth money no doubt about it. However price wise, I think the best choice would be something similar to other indie game developers.

Recently Indie games have been sold for prices defined by their purchasers e.g. I personally would see this game as great fun and would pay at least £10-15 for it. However having the option to move a slider left and right for the price or a list of set prices for the game means, not only will you be vaguely happy with the fact that it "could" be "sold" for free but people like me will see this game and the price choice as a well to reward you, in the hope of other Great games in the future.


PS: Great game looks like ages of fun, simple and complex and A Huge amount of expansion options. Good luck guys and Great Game....

RoC1909: I think that you should definitely get compensated for this game. This looks bad ass. I would pay 10 to 15 bucks for it. Seems like a lot of people would pay a "fiver" for it....but I would split the difference about 7.50?

As mentioned by others, a PWYW would also do well too....but unfortunately, there are so many cheap dicks out there.

Drizien: Seems interesting!
I'd pay 5€ - 10€ for it

Staffan L: have to say just saw the trailer and it looks superb! I would definitly buy it for 5-10€ could easily pay 10€! Get it on Steam! that could really boost some sales! =) Cheers from Finland

Kaleb S.: I'd definitely say you could make some money out there with this game. As for a price, I'd say about $10.

Jesse: I'd pay $5-10USD, neat game.

lobstilops: I think 5-10 dollars would be perfect. I think lean more towards 5 if there is no soundtrack, but definitely around 10 as a maximum.

As for the platform I would recommend Steam. Really the easiest way to get your game out there and pretty easily.

The humble bundle idea would work good too!

Good luck man :P Great game you got here!

Jon G: I'd happily pay £10 for this as it stands and more if you would provide more levels, tricky acheivements etc.

Alex: $5 and I would snap it up straight away, $10 I'd think about it but probably still buy it, but not more.

I'd also recommend getting it on steam, since that's how I buy most of my games.

<3: <3

Simon: £5-£10 and I would buy it. Also, I second the steam suggestion.

Can I donate £10 and get it now...?

n00bs0fl337: Maybe 2 dollars for the game IF you add a level editor and dlcs for more levels each for 1 dollar a dlc.

Isaac: $5-$10 seems good to me.

Tyanic: I think a dual system would be great. perhaps have the basic game for free, ie the 20 levels. but for $5-10 you get access to a level editor, perhaps extra levels, or access to the game early (like notch is eventually planning on making minecraft free after some time), something of that like. personally I would like to have perhaps 5 levels or so for free, just as a demo.

Flammenhand: Looks seriously awesome. I'd gladly pay $5 for this - a Leveleditor would be interesting. Could easily gather a gigantic community, like Minecraft for instance. I WANT IT!

steamfan: Yes, you must charge for this game because we want more brilliant games like these out there. Please publish this on STEAM for $5. Use the profit to make more games. You've got our full support. and just as Tyanic said above, a 5 level demo would be perfect! Keep up the good work,man.

Derrick: I think this is definitely worth money. At least $10. I'm sure paying for it would encourage expansions and other excellent games from you. Can't wait to play.

mountainman222: I'm thinking that if you want to keep it free, maybe you could allow adds in the free version and then have a paid version (5 dollars/Euros/whatever) and give some extra bonuses to the people who buy the full version (like 10% more money on upgrades or something like that)

decoyrob: after watching the vid, I'd definitely give you $5-10 without thinking twice. It definitely looks that good.

Midnight: I would absolutely LOVE! if this game was free. however, I would understand if you had to charge something for it, if only to keep the website up and running. My suggestion would be to charge 5-10 dollars for the game if anything. It looks incredible. A level/mission creator would be great for after the main missions are completed but I understand if that's not plausible.

Tex1090: I'd easily pay 5 or so dollars for a game like this, perhaps even more if it was on steam due to ease of access. :D

Joseph: Yes, this game looks like it's worth money. I'd be happy to pay $3-$5 or so. It looks really cool.

SiriusFace: HUMBLE BUNDLE IT. Allows a steam release and donations to charity and so forth. All around a fantastic thing.

Another Faceless Voice: Absolutely worth money. Seeing the gameplay here, I'd say that $20 would be fair, easily, probably even more. Someone who makes something fantastic like this deserves payment.

nachowarrior: I'd say the game has great potential. The few missions you have shown are excellent. However, noting that expensive "puzzle" game types have not sold well in the past would be a consideration. The best thing I could suggest is to release a decent amount of content 'Radio head style' and add additional content for a paid price point. Also you could release other similar games with new art, level designs and length. Maybe add a story line to later developments. It's a great concept and you have the makings of an addictive game. Get people addicted to it and make them figure out how your gadgets work and how to use them in various ways. Mission length could be a large addition to the game. Brushed up graphics, story line. all of these ADD value to your game. How much value is up to you. Here is the breakdown. It's little known that if you put an app on the apple istore for a dollar it gets little to no attention if we take out advertising dollars. Now take that same item and jack the price up, and people will start to pay attention, and someone will buy it. It has been done in the past as a social experiment.
My advice to you, You have your video posted on CAD's website today. You have the publicity. Why don't you go ahead and make a happy little mathematical equation that makes you feel like your work is worth something. eg: you put 200 hours into this game, each other person developing put in 100. You stated some 3 people I think. so that's 400 hours worth of time. now pay yourself say 20 dollars an hour and your underlings 15 dollars an hour. that would be 1500 dollars each for your "employees" and 4000 dollars for yourself. that's a total of 7000 dollars. I'm sure you know how many people have visited your website, use that number and multiply it by .10 or 10% and assume that roughly 10% of people that have visited your site would pay for this game. That gives you a rough idea of what you would make doing paid work for a company vs. What you would get at what cost you would have to sell the game for. At this point in the day 60k people have viewed your youtube video. So lets substitute that number and assume 10% will purchase the game for a dollar, that's 6k dollars. At two dollars it's 12k dollars. at five dollars it's 35k dollars. You see how this extrapolates.
Do some market research. go purchase some of the better games on the market that are at these price points and see what you get, and read the reviews, then bank it against your content and see how it stacks up quality wise.
there that's the closest I can get to a real answer. but YES. charge something for your hard earned work. When, where, why, and how to charge, is entirely up to you sir.

Daryl: From the look of the demo, I would pay about $5 - $10 for a "full-version" with around 20 levels. If it had any kind of multiplayer (think Terraria) I would definitely pay the $10, or more.

ScruffytheJanitor: I've got to agree with DrugCrazed. PWYW seems like the answer for everything. Most would probably not pay, like you initially expected anyways. Those who think it is worth money or appreciate it as an art would pay something. Just my thought.

Orionsgate: I'd put it at at least $5 anyway from what I've seen so far and with more missions gadgets and solutions + story... it seems easily worth it. The problem with putting it up for free makes it seem that it may not be something that you put a value on.
Yes, I know, hours and hours and hours of work was put into this however people in general are more likely to also believe that something has worth if they're paying for it. Ironically in this way I could see the game getting into more hands due to perceived value over no perceived value.

So in conclusion: Put a price tag on it of $5 or so, ask that people tell you how the game was in comparison to it's cost if they have a moment. This will tell you more about what you could charge on the next brilliant game (if you make one).

So yeah, super crazy.

Q-SeNs: I would say $5. But please make sure to have it on Steam.
Daryl said multiplayer.. probably not for that kind of game but COOP surely! Having a few coop missions would be great :)

Mike: I'd pay between $5 and $10 USD. It looks good, has an interesting and unique mechanic, and seems well fleshed out.

I wouldn't pay $15 or more because it appears to be short-ish (though I've only seen one video, and you already knew the solutions, so my time estimate could be horribly inaccurate).

For how polished it is and how good It looks, you definitely deserve money for this.

You might also consider programing a way for people to make and share their own levels. The endless amount of content a community of gamers could make would drive up the value, and price-point, without tethering you to the game forever.

Balh: 0 dollars

Graham: I'd totally pay up to $10 for this. I vote "no" on paid DLC, but a gigantic "yes" on a level editor, even if it were a paid extra or raised the cost.

Rose: Definitely charge for it.

I would pay at least $20 USD for it.

Jesse M.: I think this looks like a really fun game. I would pay for it if you gave it a price, but if your on the fence about it then I suggest making it free and just giving people a donate button with a suggested donation or something.

Joe: $5 - The game looks to be worth more than that but if you make it accessible then you lessen the chance of people pirating the game. And release a DEMO!... please.

Daniel S: $10USD on Steam please! Can't wait.

QuimbyRBG: This looks like a ton of fun.
It's nice to see some love for old GameMaker, but unfortunately it does limit your options for distribution.
I'd pay for this if I got to play a short demo first so I knew there wasn't any game breaking control issues etc.
Maybe somewhere in the $1-$5 USD range.
Donation based sales maybe garner more word of mouth interest and get more eyes on it, but I'm very skeptical of that method so IDK...
Best of luck anyway; Is there a mailing list I can join so I can get ahold of this once it's finished? I'd hate to miss out because I forgot about it in the meantime.

Gabe: $10 on steam and I'll definately buy it!

Dave: I think anywhere from $5 (low enough for an impulse buy) to $10 (still cheap) would be a good range that wouldn't take much convincing thanks to your youtube videos. Best of luck!

EvilH: I would pay $5 for the base game and would pay $20 for one with more features later (level editor, additional levels, access to betas)

metakill: I would absolutely spend $10 for this! If you want make a demo with 3 or 5 levels like the ones you showed that way its free then go for it. You've put your time and effort in for this game, you should at least get something out of it.

B.: Definitely worth $5-7 on Steam, a free demo with a few levels would be awesome.

Zip Daub: I would happily pay $10 or more for this game. Particularly if you were open to a "pay what you like" solution. Or perhaps a standard price with a "pay what you want" available from time to time as a bonus. Or perhaps bundle it with the next humble indie bundle...

Keilaron: I was thinking I might get reamed for saying "Probably the most you can charge for this is 20$", but I'm getting the impression from the comments that this may very well be the case -- at least for the game in the current/advertised state of release.
With some good atmospheric music you could up the price if you wanted to. Maybe have a look on Jamendo or Magnatune and hire someone or pay for an album there. More levels can also boost the price.
Oh, and as for porting -- I'd look into doing the Linux one first, then the Mac one, as it'll mostly fall into place after that. Regardless of which you do, though, you could probably get yourself included in the next Humble Bundle or Indie Royale, particularly if you're catering to all three platforms.
Phew. One last thing - you could also consider following the payment models of one of the two mentioned bundles even if you don't get (or don't want to get) included in them. You could do something like give additional levels /if/ the price paid by the buyer is more than X amount.

Keilaron: Okay, I lied - two more things. One, someone mentioned a demo - this is a critical selling point. Being able to experience the game before I buy it is something I like to do, and I hate not being able to -- to the point that I've refused to buy even many well-known games because of it.
And two... remember, you were initially thinking of giving it away. Don't get greedy now ;)

cardena2717: This game looks amazing. As far as pricing goes I would recommend between $5-$10 for it. Of course more levels and features = higher price. If you add a level editor I'd easily be happy paying $10. If I were you I'd submit your current beta build to Steam. If they approve it's a great distribution service with a very strong fanbase so you really can't go wrong, and they are always very welcoming on indie titles. Hopefully there will be a mac version eventually! keep it up, I'm excited!

Zero7: Look pretty fun! $5 to $10 sound like a really good price. If you put it in steam it would be uber-awesome. And DLC? YES PLEASE!

dovakin: I would pay $10 for this game... but then I took an arrow to the knee.

Justin: I'd definitely pay $10 for this.

Mike: I'm sure it'd sell great if it were 5-10 dollars.

Andrew: All my dollars! Is there any way I can just make you joint on my bank account? This looks rad.

Another guy: $5 for beta access $10 for full sounds good to me, and right now I just want to know how to give you my money. This looks awesome. Since I'm one of the few gamers who can and will pay more to support indies I'd even like to see a $15-$25 dollar version with some neat but unnecessary little extras, or maybe a 2-5 dollar base game and several $1 map packs for the people who like it. that might pull in the "well it looks cool, but I don't know if i want to spend the money" crowd... $2-$3 is a Latte. I'll spend that without a second thought.

Sam: I think humble indie bundle is a good idea as well, and steam is convenient, I like it.

Sean: See a lot of posts in the 5-10 range. I paid something like 20 for terrible mine craft during the recent gaming famine, this game looks fun enough and if content was added with some regularity could give it a solid 10+ in cash.

Big shout out to Cad-comic for giving you front page love and getting me to see this!

Paul: I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but this deserves money. You don't want to disrespect your game; treat her like a lady.

$5 for Beta access, I would think, and go from there, although you could up that number a bit and still sleep well at night. In the short tern, I do want to say this: Please, figure out a way to take my money. Just take it.

Jack: PWYW :) Easy I will definitely through a few bucks your way.

Furyfire: Yes... 5 to 10 dollars.. for sure!

Dagda: I'd pay up to $20, simply on the basis that I'm a fan of your work/goals, and believe in supporting This Kind Of Thing on principle. Going higher would probably require, say, a really passionate talking-up on RPS and the better part of 10 hours' worth of gameplay (not counting replays).

If I didn't know you or this project and had just seen that vid, I'd be suggesting PWYW or $5-10.

Casey: I'd pay a good 5 buck, maybe 10 depending on length and extras.

Chekonjak: I'd say start off with a pay what you want ending with a $5-10 sales price. I would love to see this game in a future Humble Indie Bundle.

bouchy: $5-$10 easy well worth it and looks hella fun

Meudhros: 5-10 happily

beefsack: I'd pay $10 USD :) The game looks great.

Luca: Your game looks like it MUST be sold on Steam. Propose it to them. You just can't pass a potential audience of 30 million gamers.

They would probably sell a game like yours around 5$ to 15$..considering the quality/quantity of the game.

Thure: I think 5€ is ok. Maybe 10€ (if there are enough levels/+Editor) so there is enough room for Proce Promotion like Christmas Sale or so. And like some people written...maybe as part of a Humble Bundle. Like if you pay more then the average price you get the game.

Tony: You are crazy, but this looks ingenious as well. If you decide you are going to release this free, I hope at the very least you will take donations because you'll be getting mine.

Insanity: Yeah this seems like it's worth the money.
About €5-€10.
But use steam as a platform to sell it on, if it goes viral people will know :)

erutan: I'd say sell it for $10 on steam/desura/etc - then it gives you some wiggle room to drop it by 25% or 50% and still make some decent change if it seems to be too high priced for the length it ends up being.

If you still feel bad about taking money, offer free updates in the future. Could be your additional levels, and/or more gadgets, or curated fan levels if there would be a level editor.

erutan: update: you can have it for $10 on steam, and then PWYW on your site. So people can support you for the convenience of using steam, or get it free, or just buy it in both places. :p

illusionzend: I think this is absolutely ingenious. Quite a fresh take on the stealthy, spy-y game genre. Yes you'd be nuts not to charge something for it. You mentioned about 20 missions and while I know you can fly through because its your game, it still seems that might be somewhat short-ish given the speed in which you can blow through a quarter of the game. That said, itd be a crime to give it away seeing how much time and energy has gone into it. I'd say 5 to 10 US dollars would be about right. 10 being the absolute highest based on length. Cant wait to see more! Good luck!

SamH: I would easily pay $10 for this little piece of genius on Steam.

Shard: I would so pay $5 or $10 for this game just to jump around and tackle guards out the windows. Everything else in the game would be a pure bonus.

houdini1618: This is basically a concept game, and as brilliant as the concept is, people are generally wary of paying too much for something new and daring. $5 is low enough to put such fears to rest, so that, in my opinion, would be the "safe" price at which you would definitely see plenty of sales. However, if you can find a way to add a kickass soundtrack (with the ambience of the game, chiptunes are your best option) and make a really good, short, eye-catching trailer that appeals to your target audience, then you could charge what I believe is a FAIR price for this particular game, $10. Of course, whether you can get away with that depends on how much exposure you get.
Also, at $10, and given the RPG style stat upgrades, the game needs to be fairly long. I would say, hmm ... 20 levels at least, 30 if possible. With a lot of those being tutorial levels, of course. Think Portal.
As your button points out while glarind at me, I've said too much. TLDR: You don't give away genius like this. $5 at least, $10 to do it justice.

Phoenix Reborn: The quality of the gameplay looks superb! You mentioned that there will be about 20 levels in the final version. I personally would gladly pay up to $10 for this on Steam for example, as previous posters have mentioned. This would be enforced even further if the game had a good amount of replay value to it. Perhaps different difficulties that makes the puzzles for each building significantly harder, increases guards, removes circuits, or limits your gadgets? It would also be terrific to see a possible expansion for this game that could possibly introduce mechanics or even add a level editor so that the fanbase can create and submit their own custom levels as well.

Kirq: It's definately worth money. If You set the price tag at 5 euro, I'll buy it first day. If more, I'll think about it, and probably wait for some salle. It'll be released on steam, right?

Barry713: Honestly everyone wants it to be free. Now with that said, is it worth anything? I say yes. Granted I would like it to be free but I also would pay for a game like this. It's definitely worth at the very least $5. And if it cost $5 or more it could pave the way for greater games in the future :)

Alessandro Ituarte: Depends on the amount of content. With a decent number of missions, I'd say 10 bucks. Minecraft style.

brandon: anything that does not exceed ten dollars, and do please release it on steam!

Joe: Charge for it, depending on how long the game is I reckon you could justify up to $10. That said, why not a pay-what-you-like scheme with the minimum of $3 or something like that? PWYL tends to generate much more than donationware for example.

Silver42: This shapes up to be a nice game. $10 would be all right! Great work!

Rod Gillespie: I would like to give you money for this game. A lot of people seem to be saying 5 or 10 dollars, I'd pay that easily.

Andy: Looks great! I'd love to play it and would definitely pay money for it ($10 seems ok to me)

Chris Geehan: PFF Of course I would lay down the pounds for this. Glad you're considering it, you and your team really deserve it.

Fleafa: I would definitely pay for this. I think it is ideal for a Humble Bundle, but would probably drop £5 on it alone.

Allen: I'd make it 1 euro. A pc game for the price of of an app on a cell. That is really your competition after all.

Aaron McNeil: this is a great concept, and it looks like it was well executed, you deserve money for this game.

Laventhros: I know the perfect solution to the 'money' thing.
There's the thing called the Humble Indie Bundle that comes around every so often. They offer a few indie games and ask that you donate any amount for receiving them. Some of the proceeds go to charity(or you can choose how much goes where of the amount you chose) and if you donate above the average you get bonus/additional content.

Try and get in contact with them and see if you can have Gunpoint featured for them.

Elliot Collis: This game looks like a lot of fun. You should definitively charge money for it. If you could get into a Humble Bundle it would be awesome as well.

Tets: Say 10 USD?

Murphy: Pay what you want model strikes me as the best idea.

James L: You should do a humble debut like voxatron!

Kessler: Personally i believe it should be free to a select few to get the word out and then be about $5 to $10.

Chris: Brilliant little game, really impressed! Would pay at least £5 for it.

Nicholas: $20 max seems to be the going rate these days for Indie games, however until you get a decent amount of game time into it, you're probably looking around $10 mark

Nicholas: P.s. I agree with the demo, even if it is ONE single level, it sells the game for you.. plus look how much of a response you've gotten from ctrl-alt-del, rock paper scissors and reddit

Marco S: This is game is absolutely worth something. It is novel concept and a great idea. You can also do extra content add ons and the like. Do a demo relase version for free if you like and then you can charge 5.00 to 10.00. You could also look at doing a membership or benefit for donator. Great idea!

Jon Humphrey: Def worth something, represents a significnat inestment of your time - do not give it away for free.

Happily pay between £5 adn £10 for it.

In terms of distribution I'd like to see it on Steam.


n0way: 5.00 sounds totally okay. Throw in an level editor + exportable/importable levels and it will sell for sure.

n0way: Oh, and try to contact Humble Bundle guys :)

Tarryn: I would totally pay for this. Even watching the trailer was super hilarious and entertaining. I can't wait to play it.

I'm from Australia and I would gladly pay $15-$25 for it.

Perhaps you could look into getting it packaged in the humble bundles somehow?

Excellent work! Like I said, can't wait to play!

Nagamasa: I think 5 USD would be great. 10 USD seems a little high since you mentioned that there would be ~20 levels. I agree that a level editor & export/import function would be pretty great as well.

Adward: I'd pay for it.

Wac: I'd say 5-10 quid/ euro / us dollars is pretty much a fair price - the concept is great and with more than just a linear way of completing a level, this game will be a blast and will definitely be worth some money as you put it!

Moosebite: Definitely pitch it to the Humble Indie Bundle crew.

For music, look around on at some other indie game artists work and see if you like any, and get in touch with them :D

Indie games need a distribution site like, I reckon.

My name: I would gladly pay up to 10 dollars for it provided it was DRM free.

Allan Holtzmann: Free is the easiest way to gain momentum and most that can will donate for a product as great as this looks to be.

That said, I'm sure this game is worth upwards of $20 easily but giving people the option to pay what they want might yield better results. Marketing T-Shirts and other goodies would likely bring in some extra funds as well.

Timothy Butler: Have to say that I would totally pay five bucks for the game, although I would also love to be able to play it for free. It's a strange point, the game looks like so much fun that I would want everyone to play. Even those without money, but it also seems like enough work for you that I want your time and energy repaid in some way.

So final thought, I think you could easily charge money for it and what ever you charge I will probably pay.

Dylan: If you're still willing to do it free, I think that would be a great way to make people happy and get your name out there, I know I'd love to get this game free. I am really cheap (not to mention broke most of the time) but would be willing to pay up to $5USD. If there was a level editor and maybe downloader on the website to dl new levels filtered by popularity that would make it even better and make for a longer game.

Sgt Jonah Hex: $5-$10 Seems like the right price for the game as it stands now. With things like level editor and sound track pushing it more towards the $10 mark. As others have said this would make a great iPad app with many who would gladly throw in an additional buck here or there for dlc. For the PC it's a little harder for me to justify paying $10 for it given the quantity and quality of flash games available on any number of sites. Over all looks like a great game. Good luck!

Cheimon: I'd happily pay £2-3 for it, but no more: once you get further than that, you're looking at things like Magicka-which, frankly, looks a cut above what's on at the moment. (Not to disrespect your game-it's just that Magicka is awesome).

Don't be greedy: a smaller price will get far more sales in my opinion.

Chryssta: Based on the sheer amount of comments I see here, you've got a bit of a following for this game, and it's guaranteed to sell quite well. As such, you could do the price one of two ways:

Freeware - Download and work on a donation system. If you donate, you get cooler upgrades and access to a level editor (create and share with a special forum for the game). Allow people to make their own impossible levels for their friends to solve, but don't put the editor out mainstream. Give people an incentive to donate $5 or something. The more they donate, the more they get. With a currency system in the game, if someone donates $5, they'd get 500 game currency (or something?). They could put that money toward building bigger levels, or buying cooler upgrades for their abilities or crosslink.

Set price - Everything for the same set price. Can't be too high, or people will just buy it and make copies for their friends or just torrent it online, which will cut into your overall revenue for the game. Somewhere between (American currency) $5 and $10 would be adequate for a downloaded game.

Just an idea, of course.

Tammer: I would definitely pay $5 for the game, with or without a soundtrack. If you plan to release additional levels for free I might be willing to spend up to $10 depending on how much play time I will get out of the game. It would also definitely be worth more if there is some sort of level editor with an easy way to share generated levels. Either way it looks great, and I think you definitely deserve some sort of compensation for your work on the game. Based on some of the comments I've read it looks like there are a lot of good suggestions you'll have to choose from.

Captain Hagbard: I suppose 10 to 15 USD/EUR would be appropiate for such a game, if the total playtime is adequate. If you'd go with the pay-what-you-want-approach, I'd propably give $20 or more, but that's just me wanting to support indie-developers.

Jason: I would totally pay for this game. Pay what you want is a nice model, $5-$10 is where I would land I think, based on the youtube video :)

Taylor G.: I agree with some of the others that $5 USD and an equivalent cost in other currency seems like the best price point. You'd get a ton of sales off of it! There was a second video of it posted on Kotaku today, and it's got 12k+ views. Which is not to say that all of those people are interested or will buy it, but you've got a potentially fairly large market, and at $5 a piece, you'd be doing pretty well.

I see it this way: most people won't be afraid to throw down that much. I get people to donate to charity all day at work for $5 on a whim. $5 is less expensive than an average fast food meal. $5 is 3-4 trips on the bus where I live (trips you won't be needing to take if you're playing Gunpoint). $10 may be way to steep, because even though others (myself included) would pay that much, most wouldn't. I'm still holding off on throwing down the $10-$15 for the XBLA title Shadow Complex, and that's well-done AND a few years old at this point. Another way to put it into perspective (even though the price for that is ludicrous) is that a movie at normal price where I live in the U.S. is now $10.50 USD.

I'd definitely probably put out a short demo of about 3 levels to give people a taste, but other than that, you'd be golden. I don't even play PC games and this has me hoping March comes sooner rather than later! And while free would be nice, I'm more than willing to pay, and I think you'd be crazy not to charge. The level editor idea and things like that that people have mentioned seem good, and they'd keep your game lasting until the point where you could lower the price to $1 or free (like Team Fortress 2), and then get a secondary wave of press attention.

Also, as others said, multiple difficulty levels or add-ons at a later date, either for free or a small price would make this game a gem. I do understand people's concerns that it may want to be priced $1 because that's what app titles are worth, but the mega-popular sword & sorcery ep was priced $5, and we see how well that did. Lastly, I'm not sure if the PWYW thing would be so great. It's nice to be flexible, but it seems to me like you're either doing it for charity or are unsure of the quality, and I don't think people would pay what they should.

Bottom line, set it $5, reap massive success.

Ryan Furlong: I saw this video through Ctrl Alt Delete, this game looks VERY impressive and definitely has some potential. I'd pay $10 for it on something like Steam, really get it out there on a widely distributed platform.

Also suggest that you get this coded onto xbox live, same price. Could release map packs after the fact with more challenging levels, additional gadgets, etc.

Awesome work. Looking forward to it.

camj: I like the idea of getting a couple of missions for free, and then paying for the rest - but if people are paying online with paypal or some system like that, then maybe they could buy each level separately, and the first couple could be a bit cheaper, and the last few a bit more expensive. If you don't have one set price for the whole game, you can still get money from all of those people who wouldn't pay that full price, but would still pay something. And, maybe give missions away for free as an award for performing really well on a particular mission, as in doing it really fast, or using few gadgets - if you'd like to stick to giving it away for free to some extent, but you can't just let it go for free now that you know it'd be worth money.

Nate S: Plenty of people have said it, so I throw my support behind a free 1-3 level demo and then a PWYW to get the rest. Maybe start the PWYW out at a required amount ~$1-2 and add a donations option somewhere in the app for people who, after finishing, feel like they might have ripped you off. :D

It looks great, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide to do with it.

Lazarus Vondussi: Well, the thing is that everyone has a different opinion, and you seem to think it should be free. So why not just go with 'pay what you want'? That way everyone can play it, no matter their economic situation, but you'll still be able to get people like me who think you deserve $20 for this kind of work. I think this would be a very reasonable way to do it.

Will L: I'd pay $5 to $10 for that. Game looks great!

Nicholas: If you would add some achievments, like to show off the hard ways to finish a mission, and maybe a map editor i would gladly pay 5- 10 pounds for it. Looks awesome!

Lendar: I was dreaming for this game when I was a kid. I'd love to play it.
I'd pay 5$ for it right now on Steam. I might consider paying 10$.

Filipus: 5$
If you hadded it to an humble it would be awesome!

Fred-Erik: I'd say €5 and a demo of the first three levels, and you'll do great.

You'll probably also make a lot of money if you make a version for iPhone, Android and so on, but of course, that will also take a lot of work. It seems that it's possible to simplify the controls so much it will play well, and mostly it's not about reaction time.

Anyway, great looking game, please finish it. Must. Play!

p: I'd definitely pay for it - something around $10-15 would be cool. What would be *really* awesome is a level editor and a way to easily share levels with friends - I'd happily pay a premium for that.

Rivicen: "$10 is what I would think be a generous price, and you could even convince me to pay more." is what I was gonna post - but I'm liking this PWYW option more. It lets me pay what I want!

For sure though, this game is worth money. Take pride in your work!

Orindell: Easily worth 10 euro, keep up the great work. The more versions you make the better, and I'd love to be able to play this on my phone, so any ideas on an Andriod version?

Johannason: If you've ever looked into Immortal Defense, it used an interesting pricing model when I got it. They allowed you to pay whatever you thought it was worth, to a minimum of $2, and sent you the download link. Conceptually, this freeform method was an interesting compromise. It sells the game at a lower price to a larger number of people that wouldn't have bought it otherwise, and still nets a higher price from the generous souls that can afford to drop whatever extra they feel is neccesary.

Alex The Shampoo Fan: I'd say anywhere in the range of €/$/£ 0-5. 0 obviously being nice, 2-ish being the least idiotic (for both sides), and 5 being not completely unfair. Offering DLC for, say, 0.50/1.00 from time to time might prove a fair source of income. ^_~

Anthony: I definitely think this game deserves money. As far as how much, I'm not entirely sure, $10 - $15 dollars sounds reasonable.

Best of luck to you!

Markus Roland Matzau Klindt: I think it is worth 5 US Dollars, and 10 Dollars if it includes a level editor.

Phillip: not sure about others but i would definetly see this as being worth at least something. maybe $8 maximum and $10 if you include a level editor.

Stefan Hickox: I think this game looks awesome and definate worth maybe round $5-10. Looks awesome :)

Berra_la: Assuming steam or other easy access platform, I'd pay €5 in a heart beat. €10 if a demo version was available and I felt it was good.

Maxim: I would be ready to pay around 20$ for a game like that and maybe more if you can make DLC extra-missions.

In any way, if you could have it on Steam it would be insane!

I love the graphic style and the gameplay look solid!

Blaine: I'd absolutely pay for this. I'd pay $20, but that's probably too steep for most. I'd be careful about PWYW and humble indie bundles. Read this for one viewpoint against them: http://www.dinofarmg...

Maybe a good hybrid is a $5 or $10 footprint, and a big ol' Donate button for those who want to chip in some extra. Maybe have some goodies for various extra donation levels, similar to what people are doing with Kickstarter projects.

Brandon: I really think this is a game that should be paid for. The way it looks and how it flows, it seems like a game that really challenges the brain. It really smells like a 5 or 10 dollar game. I don't know the transfer rate off the top of my head, but I know it isn't too steep. It's one of those games that could become a trend setter for the side scrolling espionage, because this concept is unique.

PaintLegz: I would pay at least $10, but I would probably even pay $20

David Max: As this seems to be a casual game, there are two options:

1. No charge, but have small advertisements in non-obtrusive spots - this is a good way for you to release this product to the PC world at large, as well as make a few bucks for yourself (think Angry Birds).

2. Free demo but charge for the full game. No more than 5 Pounds.

Option 1 has the potential to make you far more money than Option 2.

Jeff: $10 - $15 US and I would be all over this. A port to Android tablet and I would buy it twice.

Frank: I would definitely pay at least 10$ for the game, it looks amazing.

Raptor007: Dude, absolutely charge for this game. I'd easily pay $10. Looks great and I'm really looking forward to getting to play it.

Scott: I would definitely pay 5 AUD for this, and another $5 if there were any challenge levels as an option.

Kamino: You should have a demo for this game. Maybe the first 3 levels to give people a tast of it. Sell the full version for about $5-$10 AUD so you get some cash for your work.

Appreciater: This game is absolutely worth money, although the value depends on the breadth of the content. I dont know how many levels there are (including their complexity), nor how many gadgets or skills to progress through, but based on what i have seen of these mechanics, 5-10$ seems perfect.

The Unforgiven: It's deginatly worth money. I'd probably be willing to pay $5.00-$10.00 for it. I think it would also be an awesome mobile (iDevice, Android, etc.) game, although you might have to price it lower to make it sell on that market since people are so used to paying $0.99 and $1.99 for mobile games.

The Unforgiven: It's /DEFINITELY/ worth it, rather... >_>

ech0z: TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are not insane, I understand your passion for making games and that value or profit don't instantly come into the equasion.

But seriously RRP £1.00 at least, If you get enough money together from this game think about what you could do! You could start your own studio and make more awesome games like this!

Try and get into one of the humble bundles, good start and a good way to market the game.

Steve: I'd pay 5, or even 10 if it's long enough.

Lifeless9619: Haha, if you have enough missions you could probably get people to pay, but this seems a bit too nostalgic of the old free internet-browser indies and alot of people will notice this and complain if they pay more than 5 for this :(

That1WeirdKid: Dude, I'd totally pay for this. Looks awesome!

Woflie: Free demo with $5-10 steam price would be awesome

Anonymous: Yes its worth money, my cheap side wants me to say its worth $5 but honestly its worth at least $10

santiago fisher: 5 USD + steam= secure buy

Rupert484: I definitely think it's worth money. I'd say $10, or $5 at the least.

Wes: I believe that anybody who puts any kind of real feeling into a game that they make (which it seems you have) deserves to be compensated for there effort. I would have absolutely no problem paying for this game.

Morkai: I would be more than happy to get something like Gunpoint for around $10, but I would think it would sell a lot more copies (whatever the price) if it were included in one of the Humble Indie Bundles... I know I've personally picked up the last 3 bundles and discovered some brilliant games that I almost certainly wouldn't have found if not for the bundles.

Teco: $5-$10 absolutely.

Brendan: I'd pay about USD 10 for this, maybe more for more levels / download packs.

LordsBreed: A lot of comments saying the $5 to $10 dollar mark, and I agree. $5 is fine if it'll be short and cheesy, something I can blow through in a day and doesn't have too many features or replay. Over $5 as the replay, features increase.

Sajasio: I would agree its worth is based on length and development. I would say 5 USD if its going to be short 10 USD if its going to release with a good length (5 hours) and you plan on continuing to develop it afterwards for several years (I would hope you do). I love the idea of these game mechanics.

Battleclad: Either Donate if you enjoy, £5 ($ or whichever currency you like more), maybe £10/etc OR standard version for free and enhanced for £5/10/etc. Personally I'll probably pay whatever you decide upon.

Morgan: I would pay US$10 for this, $15 if you were to promise to provide more levels downloadable for free after release, or make some sort of level editor.

BenSutton: I'd pay for this, but if you're going to release it for free anyway, you may as well do a name your own price kind of thing. Maybe get it into a humble bundle..

Does game maker run through wine?

Tid: I'd pay money for this, dude. Don't make it free, you've got a great idea and you deserve to profit off of it.

gaarathedancingpanda: Yeah dude, I would pay for this. $5 is probably best, because past that, people start thinking an indie game is over priced.

Taylor C: Man I would totally buy this game. Every once in a while, a game will come along that has a look I love, an idea I love, and gameplay I love. This has me sold already. Philip J. Fry said it best, "Shut up and take my money!"

HotelManager: $5 - $10

MrPepperTaco: I'd definitely pay for this. What I've seen so far looks great, really. It would be awesome if you could release it for Mac too, and eventually get it on the PS Store/Xbox LIVE Marketplace (the concept is way better than many of the games there, I think it'd be a hit).

Sebastian: Judging by the steadily increasing difficulty of the missons shown in the trailer, I'd say: 5 to 10$. More levels = more money... maybe on the "Minecraft model"? Release the game for a fair price and keep working on it, giving the buyers additional content. I think I'd pay 25$ for something like this.
Besides: The game looks absolutely awesome and extremely enjoyable. Keep going. ;)

Teanji: Get this on Steam and I'll buy a copy ($5-10 depending on how the long the game is). You could easily make yourself a VERY tidy sum of money.

Atomsk648: Indeed worth something, perhaps $5-$10

Truenn: I'd go with pay what you want.

Jason: I would absolutely pay for this. This game looks very fun. Around 7 bucks sounds reasonable to me

Colt D.: $5 - $15 for sure. This looks heck-a fun and you deserve some compensation/motivation to make more stuff like this.

Nathan H: I'm thinking a pay what you want Humble Bundle thing, then you can really ask people how much they want. And as far as getting it to run on Linux (and Mac), use a WINE wrapper like Wineskin http://wineskin.doh1... If I remember right GameMaker works with WINE pretty well. So good luck with that.

mod3: I'd pay.

MrStupidPants: I would pay for this, but I also think that there should be a free demo with a few upgrade and the first couple of levels. If you do have people pay for it, it would be cool if you could have you pay once and you can keep releasing content, that way you could make the price a little more, making a little more and keeping people happy at the same time. This does look like total fun, I hope that you will keep working on it and make it awesome :)

Cody Bauman: Def would spend 5-10 bucks on that

Rickkity-T: I'd pay for it. $5, maybe $10, depending on how long it is.

Alcaste: I'd pay 5 bucks, easy. 10 if it had a good bit of extra stuff. Level editor and somehow throwing in co-op? 20

Quote: I'd definitely pay for this. It's probably the most ingenious game I've seen since portal 2.

Chalen Bailey: Hey! The Game looks incredibly fun and delightfully difficult. I would say that for your hard work you should totally consider selling it. Depending on how long the game is I would suggest $2 for 20-30 levels, $5 for 50-75 levels, and $10 for 100+ levels. I hope your work can be enjoyed by many people.
I'd also be interested in testing, because it looks insanely fun.

Itssnowing: I would be willing to pay for it. $5-10 would be a good price.

If it had a level editor, and a way to download the levels through the game, I would definitely pay for it. With co-op, the price could be raised to at least $15.

Mooviies: Seriously? Seem really nice. Worth 5$. But I'd pay 10$. :-)

Adam: Seen as the American games market is bigger i'll use dollars. $5 would be a reasonable amount but if you were to create extra levels and bonus packs etc in the future then definitely a bit more maybe $10.

Im in the UK but would happily pay £10 ($16) if there were to be more levels in the future.

Xbox live arcade would benefit this game alot!

mctribble: This looks great! I would totally be willing to pay money for this. It looks like it has a lot of the little minor details that make a big difference to me. It's also a good sign when the developer is seeing solutions he hasn't expected. I look forward to youtube videos of insanely overcomplicated solutions for simple problems. As for price, the consensus looks to be around 5-10 bucks, but definitely think about how much content will be there first. Longer games are worth more, and if you have a level editor, that will help also. Finally, it's good to hear this was from gamemaker. I don't think people really appreciate how much that engine is capable of if used correctly.

!Chris: I'd pay £5 ($7.8) happily. If you could figure out how to make a level-editor/level-portal that would easily jump up to around £12-15 ($18.8-23.5)

I really look forwards to this, it looks fun and unique.

profexorgeek: Whether I would buy this game is irrelevant because I'm a fellow game dev and buy indie games on principal.

My experience/research suggests that Steam users buy quality indie games at $5-10 price points readily whereas mobile users won't buy without a free trial first (jerks).

Also check out IndieCity as they are looking for stuff exactly like this.

Frag-ile: Get some good music in there and it would certainly be worth ~10€ in my opinion, depending a little on the ammount of content of course.

AeroVT: I wonder if the team from Mojang (Minecraft creators for those that aren't familiar) would support you guys cause this looks really really worth it and even Notch himself thought this game was interesting on Twitter. I would pay $5 to $10 for it.

Dan: this is my ideal 15 to 25 dolor's based of a 20 or more levels so basically 1 or 1.25 dolor's per level until 20th level. Then 50 cents after that dlc should be 5 or 6 new levels for 5 dolor's.

Brail: Make a free version with say, 5 levels, and a paid version that includes a level editor for long term value.

Jasoman: I would pay 5-10, i am a mac user, but i am guessing wine could take care of that problem. You should definitely think about the Humble Bundle, Not only do people get to pay what they want. It also help charities. Who doesn't like that.

Abnerbgross: I would be more than willing to pay $10 CDN for this game, the short trailer I watched made me wish I could play right now.

Residentevilspore: Just wondering, will there be guards with flashlights?

Decagon: Linux version is a must for me.

I'd spend 6 or 7 $CAD on it if it were tux native. Maybe even 10 if there's a decently long story. You were planning on releasing it for free, so why not make it "Pay what you want".

Interesting concept, reminds me of Trilby: The Art of Theft.

Noughtceratops: I'd pay $10 USD for this. I'd be most inclined to buy it if it were distributed on Steam (with achievements for exotic solutions to levels and such).

umby24: I would pay $10-$20 for this. Very good looking game I must add, amazing work.

VirtualSteve: I'd pay $5-10 USD for it for sure

Michael: I think $7 would be best just don't make it over $10

Jsilverstreak: You should definitely charge money for this. If you just release it as is right now and abandon it I would probably pay about 3-5$ for. It but if you add a level editor and browser so there are many more levels I would maybe pay 10$ for it but definitely buy it if it were 5$.

Steve: I'd pay up to about $10 (which is more than I'd usually spend on a 2D computer game). Looks like it'll be awesome! If you haven't already, perhaps also look into an iPhone/Android port? (the guys at Yoyogames may be able to help)

IntertubeInhabitant: The levels look pretty short, so if there are about 20 I'd pay this 1-3$. This said, if you put out a level editor and easy mod loading support, I'd pay more (5$-10$) since I'd know user content is coming.
Also, you can sell level packs and expansions with new game mechanics...

Crix: Dude, 5-10$ and put it in a humble bundle!

Arghblragle: It depends. If you think you could manage making a larger version with level editor later, release this for free(DONATE BUTTON)/Pay-what-you-will/$5-now-gets-you-extended-version-later. If you feel you want to just move on I'd say $3-$5. It's brilliant, but if it were expanded a bit you could probably swing $20.

Chris: $5-$10 range would be perfect for this sort of a gem! very cool looking game. and as everyone else has said, you are nuts for wanting to make it free, but in a good way.

ADefectiveMind: I'd say add it to the Humble Bundle roster when it's done and see how your luck runs. It looks interesting, but I'm not? sure setting a price point without judging wider interest is a good idea. Just my two cents though. :)

Chris Kankiewicz: This game looks great! Depending on the amount of content I'd easily pay $10-$20 for it. I'd also be willing to spend more if you get a good soundtrack for it and offer that as a digital download with it. Another plus would be a Linux version.

Keep up the great work!

Super Green Miner: I think that its worth money. Around $10 - $15 for it. i personally would not buy it unless it was free. but then again I am not buying BF3 and MW3 unless its given to me free.

David E: Dude, I am a socialist and totally appreciative of game makers desires to distribute their art for free. But that also means I think that a person who does work should be paid for it, and you've done a lot of work.

I would absolutely pay for this game. And I don't think you would need to even make it particularly expensive in order to get a lot back for it, at least to cover costs. I think the figures of $5-10 that people have been mentioning are quite reasonable.

Matt: I would be happy to pay for it! I love spending money on Humble Bundles, but if you want it to be on its own, I would still throw $5-10 for it, especially if it has a soundtrack!

Shawn M.: You are nuts.

I would pay $0.20 per level for this game.
This could easily be a $5-10 game.

Gantzfeld: Of course you would be crazy not to charge. This game looks really addictive and multiple ways of solving a level? Priceless. I'd definitely be willing to pay $15-$20. Are you planning on a level editor as well? It would be really fun if you could upload your own levels and let people try them out. Good job on the game, it looks amazing.

Todd B: I've seen it mentioned in the comments and I have to agree a pay what you want would be the best option. That way you are allowing people to pay what they think it is worth and therefor saving you the trouble of trying to think of what it is worth.

Jeremy: I'd pay 5 bucks for it no problem.

Austin Love (U.S): I think your game is definitely worth at least around $10 usd. (i don't know the uk conversion rate) especially with a sound possibly ambient soundtrack, something along the lines of what halo3:odst had.

MC Hammer: Yes, charge, it's very very good. oOn't be a fool!

Cassandra Nishizawa Marie Tuyet Alvarez: I'm going to say that I would pay a full $30 for this if it had 100 stages in sections of ten stages each, and an awesome level editor. I'm thinking "earn money to buy new bits of levels, like two-story, three-story, underground bits" and "buy new blah blah..." sorta thing. there's a forum post here somewhere, but I'm much too excited to see this game come to fruition. Reminds me of N, in how polished it looks already, and how actiony it feels.

Pay what you want is a good option too, as you said that you would like to give it away for free. So that way, people would offer up a token of moolah, and you'd get that "nyaaaah" feeling of giving things away.

You could make some serious cash from this, but I don't think you're interested in that. And that's refreshing, so I'd have to give you something in return.

CapnSef: Were this not part of a bundle, I'd still pay for it. Fun games like this are things I can do during long, low-level undergraduate lectures - games like this and Greed Corp are why I love indie and love supporting you crazy people too!

Kouta: Any more than 10 USD and I'll probably pirate it.

rocky bannana phine willsson deathmachine of doom: id pay!

but make it longer then 20 levels. if you can get allot more, like 100 or more its worth like 20£++

Internetrush: If you flesh out the game and add a story with perhaps Multiplayer support I could see this going for 20 on steam perhaps? If no Multiplayer its probably worth 10 to me. Good job and good luck

Red Jack: Based on the trailer this game is worth at least a good $5-$10 though $10 dollars may be a bit on the steep side. I'd definitely pay for it though.

MZ: 20 levels seems like it's a bit short for money, though the game definitely looks like it would be really entertaining. maybe if there were a hard mode or some such thing?

If it were worth money, I agree that around 5$ or so would be a good price.

SgtNaggash: I'd pay about $5-10 (or more if it's 10 British pounds). I love the idea and when you said 20 levels I kind of got disappointed. Maybe a level editor? That would TOTALLY make it worth more, especially if there was a good way to share the levels. a Game like this only grows for the better when a community can create with it!

Sean: Definitely worth money it seems. Looks like you've put a lot of work into it. Pay what you want might be a cool idea as I've seen in a few suggestions. I'd say no less than $5 if you're doing a flat rate, though.

Raedur: Put it on Steam for approx $5 US and I know at least 50 people that would buy it

spudsrus: Maybe talk to steam or something?
2, 3, or $5 are all amounts i would gladly pay for this. especially if the money allowed you to keep adding to it. a level editor would be a fantastic idea... upload your levels have them rated and played, so on

mosillan: I would really love to play this game. Depending on how long the game is i would pay 10£ and up. Little pit more, if there is a level editor and easy way to share levels. :)

Sion Studios: Whoa, I really like the ideas going on here.

I definitely think it should be a $5 - $10 game. This seems a fair price, as that is the price for most Indie games.

Although I do think you should make a level editor, as that would be the gift that keeps on giving.


Anon: Dude great idea for a game. i think it should be free on the pc but you should get a guy who could make a version for the iphone and charge like 4.99 for it. the reason i say the windows version should be free is there are so many flash games out there that are just as good as this game and those are all free. Your game is very new and very awesome but i wont but this game because it is not long enough for me to pay for. Please make this game and get it out to the public asap

Leviathan: This game looks really good. The quality, thought, mechanics, and creativity make it seem like around $5-$10 depending how long the game is. If you add some kind of level creator then it'd definitely be a $10 game, hell maybe even $15 if you want to go big and make it long and have interchangeable character skins and more advanced gadgets to screw around with. I'd buy it, it seems completely worth it.
If I were reviewing this I'd give it a 8.5/10. Most likely would be 9/10 or 9.5/10 seeing as it is still not finished yet. Keep up the good work!

mbomb007: It depends on how many levels there are, and how big and fun they get.
Get some sweet music, and maybe let people vote on their favorite.
Level editor and the ability to play levels made by users.

If these conditions are met, $10. Otherwise around $5.

Chris Perry: As an underfed college student, I would pay $10 for this game and have no regrets looking back just from the youtube video I saw on it. Job well done sir.

xandy: i'd pay 10-20$ for this indie game, no matter how many levels are in it ;)
but i think it could be mhuch more fin if you add user generaated levels into the game, beswt with an in-game level editor. like voxatron.

Ed: $9.99!

Good job on the game. You could implement user generated levels for more explosive fun.

Tyler W.: My suggestion Do a PWYW with a minimum and a recommended. Minimum could be $1-2 or more, depends on the longevity of the game. and recommended $5 scaled with the minimum price based on the longevity.

You could even pull a Notch and do an alpha fund of it for a modest sum (~$5-10) and when the final product is out set a full price.

Olof: I'd pay for it if you have a mac version

Brickmaster: I have played several games styled like this and the prices range from around AU$2 to AU$8. I would think that Gunpoint should market at the higher end of that scale.

Hattoff: Looks like a great game, but don't sell yourself short when it comes to that hacking game play. I see a full-blown puzzle game out of having to connect electrical switches and equipment together, all the while relying on the game AI to interact with it in certain ways; so maybe offering an easy way out might not be such a good idea. I would pay $5-$10 just from what I have seen so far, but I am sure if the game is varied enough, challenging enough, and long enough it could go as high as $20 or $30. Great job! Bookmarking this page; hoping it will be available soon!

maniac200: Looks great, as long as you add in a level editor, I'd say about ~10$.

Liquid Ape: This looks like a great game, I would gladly pay $5 for it. If it was $10 there's a chance I might buy it but there would need to be a great deal of levels, a level editor and just a wide variety of gameplay. Great Work!

Fireproofjeans: Two methods for pricing.
Either charge five bucks and include all future content free, or, charge 1.99 and charge .50 or 1.00/.99 for content packs. You could also do both, depending on how many content packs you're releasing. Sweet looking game!

Richard Haythornthwaite: £5 seems very reasonable :)

CrazyBadass: I wouldn't mind previewing the game. It looks pretty awesome and yes, giving it a price seems fair. Just not over 15 pounds. If you could add some level editing mechanism and some sort of server to share all the user-made levels, maybe add another 3 pounds. Looks great!

download: See if you can get it into a Humble Bundle or something. This is definitely worth money.

Jack: I think people should pay what they think its worth.

Mideaa: Looks awesome! I'd pay up to $5.
Adding a level editor and a great public level browser would make this game way more valuable, then I'd pay $10.

And the Humble Bundle might be a nice idea?

Forser: I say, €15.. It is way more better then a game like Minecraft.

mr_ish: While free is awesome, I'd pay for this.

andrei kuz: I would pay $5-10 for it and it would be nice if its ported to Mac too

Scotti M: This would be an amazing iphone / ipad app if you could figure out how to do it. I've paid for stuff with a far lower quality and (what looks to be) fun factor. I'd recommend a fiver (I'm in aus and would be happy to pay 5 if not 10 pending on number of content). Although doing it as an app would force you to redo the controls etc. but you could also charge for level packs/upgrades/skills for a small price.

Eliot L: This looks like a lot of fun. I'd pay $10 for this game! Or $15 if it came with some goodies like a digital soundtrack, etc.

Magna: I would pay for this even if you released it right now.

$7-$10 would be a more than fair price for the finished product.

It's looking awesome so far, keep up the good work! =D

John K: I'd pay $10ish dollars Australian.

andrei kuz: I think u should put it up on desura, charge how much u want for preorder, while giving the alpha version out for testing for those who preordered, and then updating it

Freddi: Totally worth money. ~10$+ But a Leveleditor should be included. And Maybe a bit more than ~20 levels (depends on how long a level is)

Zwaryczuk: I'd pay $10 Canadian.

acra: I'd say charge £5-8; the content looks great, addictive and different - and it looks like there's a lot of replayability.

I'd also steer away from donations, as from experience watching the humblebundle and similar things, it seems that though some people donate through the roof, there are also a lot of people who take a liberty and pay pittance.

S.Lang: I would pay $9.99 for this game. $19.99 if it included a 'level editor'.Or if you add in new missions every few months, i'd pay $19.99.

ph34r: the 5euro 10$usd sounds about right for a max price. the guy with the level editor idea sounds cool.

Me: Steam which would be awesome, because I can download it anywhere anytime.




DemonOfLore: How much would I pay for this? I'd pay as much as I had to. This game seems like it'd be very interesting. Fun gameplay, and (hopefully) decent music tracks.

A good price would be $4.99/$5 american, and try to get it on Steam. I mean if Valve saw this I'm pretty sure they'd put it on very quickly.

Nadanova: I would definitely pay for this game, due to all the obvious hard work and effort that has gone into its creation.

Michael (ItchyFlea): I'd pay $14.99 for it as is, and I'd pay $19.99 if it came with a level editor.
You've obviously done quite a lot of hard work for making this, and its only fair that you get paid for that work. =)

Stu: From looking at the demo, I would say that it would be worth paying for it. Ideally on the STEAM platform and around the 4.99 mark. Though it really depends on playability and length of game. Possibly even multi-player to extend its longevity.

finn12: One word.. HumbleBundle

Grimreaper0: Oddly enough, I think for a game like this, it would make much more money (and SHOULD make money) the cheaper it gets. Especialy if you can get it on Steam.

I've purchased many games before with little to no research just judging by an insanely low price. Putting it <$5 via Steam (at least for me) would give it this "wow, I really got a crap load more for my money!" appeal that I haven't gotten since Evil Genius was out for $2.50 on sale.

Grimreaper0: EDIT: Although it should be mentioned that I would buy it for more expensive. Just cheaper will probably increase sales.

Extremetoaster: For some reason Gunpoint reminds me of Sleep Is Death (Geisterfahrer). That game lets players choose their price, which I think would work great for Gunpoint.

Chris Bromley: I think somewhere between £10-£15 would be a good price point. Looking forward to playing this.

Kat: My heart tells me it should cost, but everything else wants it to be free. I think the best solution would be a free game with a few levels, with ads and DLC. Considering the money Angry Birds made on Android, it should be well worth your time.

James: It's definitely worth something. You could always go the Minecraft route and presell now and then let the price rise as the popularity rises and the game releases at a high value. For instance, I bought Minecraft for $10, I think. Now it's $20 or $25. Definitely worth paying for though. Anything with as much playability as that is worth paying for.

Ashley: i think the idea of making the basic game a few pound like £5.99 seems the kidna price i am happy to pay and working on mission packs which could be like 10/20pence a level so 10 levels is £1.50 unless it comes with a lot of content..

But make sure you can estimate how much your costs are and be sure to cover them... at worse break even at best make a fortune.

Natural20: I'd pay for it. Between £5 and £10 definitely. You could also look at getting it on Desura in the alpha funding bit.
Also, it'd be much appreciated if it was playable on Linux.

dannymate: I'd pay £5 either way the game looks amazing :)

Tisban: I would really pay for that. i would say easily a 15 to 20$ game there. At least i would be be happy to pay that for it.

Virtual-Aidz: I would definatly think it's worth between 5£ and 10£ (Would prefer 5 due to my limited money.. lol :D) But yay. A 5 or 10 depending on how it evolves.

Oh and steam release it!

DisturbedTK: I'd totally pay for this game, and I'd pay around 10€ for it. 20€ Sounds a little too much and saying you'd only pay it under 5€/$ is just being cheap, get lost beggars.

Toby: 5 to 10 Euros would have your name on it in my wallet...

GuanYuber: Depending on how much of a story there is on top of this, this could be worth anywhere from $5-$15, in my opinion. Games like Braid and Bastion are ~$15, so if you think your game has as much content as that, I would say to make it about $15. If it's less than that, maybe $10. I would definitely buy it for $10, myself. Also, obviously from an American.

NachoGrande96: I'd say make it PWYW, because some people (cough*me*cough) might want to get it for free, but I still think it'd definitely be worth paying for.

Yaar: This looks cool and fun. If there are going to be 20 or so missions in game I would gladly pay 10EUR for it. 15EUR if it comes with a level editor so that new missions can be created.

Wolfden: I'd prefer paying £5-£10 for it, than having it for free. This way making a Mac/Linux version, adding a soundtrack, etc. even as an update is more viable. Also, Steam.

Ch1cken Sniper: For all of those whom have said that this game is worth about $5, I completely agree with you. This game is totally worth $5 and I'd even be willing to pay $1 for level packs of about 10 levels.

Spencerrox: I think $5-10 would be great. I'd buy it. If available in America?

ManoKegi: I'd definitely pay for that game. I think a price between $5 and $10 would be pretty relevant given the length of the game. However, if significant content were to be added, I guess you could go up to $15.

But please, don't give it out free and then bring ads and a bunch of DLCs. I hate that concept.

Anyway, good luck with the development ! I already can't wait for the game's release !

Harmonica: You have my money Francis, name your price...

Sidbob: £5 would be just fine. I'd easily pay for this.

Lollipopman: Pay what you want sounds like a nice idea. I would easily pay 5-10 quid for it.

TorinoX5: Hey Tom Francis.

Price for the game should be like 5-10$ (£) or something,
BE carefull not makeing it too pricy
and then you can allways make DLCs for (maybe this sounds stupid)
1.99$ (£)..
Or you could try make a version for the "Humble Bundle",
make some kind of deal with them...
(That would make your game attractive for a lot of people,
and get a lot to talk about your game..)
Or maybe you should try get it on steam,
In there it would allso be easyer to get out some DLCs,
and everyone who use steam cant miss when the game is out..
(Just saying)..

Anyway, cant wait till it is releaset,

Good luck with development...

Regards TorinoX5

Masterflapdrol-Productions: AWESOME make a mac version ill defenillity try it out!

Ryan: I'd definitely pay, but please make sure it is on Steam. Steam Cloud support would be wonderful.

Blooshamoo: I usually say 50p per hour of standard gameplay with a maximum cap at £10 on first time indie titles.

Patrick Waddingham: I think $10 would be a good price point, but that's phoning it in. Personally, I'd wait and see what everyone else thinks about the game at $10, and I'd impulsively buy it at $5.

A name-your-own-price scheme would be interesting, w/ incentives for ppl to pay more (a mission pack for X amount, donating 10% proceeds to charity if total sales is Y amount, etc).

Steam is a good idea, as is the Humble Bundle, but that'll cut into what you make on the game. Then again, distribution and purchases would be easier for you to implement, so that might be worth it's weight right there.

Gautr: I think a pay-what-you-want model is very suiting for any aspiring indie developer ... especially one that wanted to release the game for free at first. As always, getting someone to include your game in a bundle (Indie Royale, Humble Indie Bundle) would also be a great financial model. I'd pay for it either way up to somewhere around €10.

Jon Saulnier: The idea behind this is great, and I think this game is definitely a gem not to be overlooked. A fair price of this game could be anywhere from $10 to $15 (American) Dollars. Now, if you add some sort of giant map maker, or even co-op having online features, you could raise the price to even $20-$25 and double your profit. Its not what price you need, its how much work you need to put behind it, to make that price worth it.

HeeBs: 10 Dollars easy.

Get this onto Apple app store!!

nuvasuper: Maybe a free mission or two, but the whole game for 5ish euro-monies or dollars. A level editor would be great.

Kyle: I'd pay $9.99 hands down. I love games like this and I saw the video linked to I'm looking forward to it personally.

Mordecai Walfish: I don't want to sound like the lochness monster or anything... but..


This title could also be the crown jewel in one of the Humble Indie Bundles, if you have given that any thought.

Welshy: Humble Bundle it!

Rafael Masoni: $5 for a Mac version, $10 for a Mac version with a level editor, $15 for a Mac version with a level editor and level browser

Andrew: If it has at least 20 levels, I would pay $7.50 for it.

DLC (if you make some) should be at like $1.50, and should include a few levels and like 1 or 2 gadgets.

Another suggestions would be to get it onto Steam, so that way download DLC would be easier

Elliott: Honestly, this looks high quality, and I love the concept. Wonderful game. I'd be willing to pay anywhere between $10 to $15.

ombs34: Well, I think you should fix the price to 10$, like Minecraft has made in the alpha version, your game would not be too expensive or too cheap, that's why Minecraft is a World Known Game !(I hope my last three words will stay famous, most famous as WTF or OMG ! ^^)

Brandon Skrtich: I would pay upto $10 for this game, and Please put it on steam!

Dr_Bird: This is one of the best indie developed games I've seen in a while, definitely worth $5-$15. Looking forward to a released version.

Mario Verteska: It looks awesome
Price Suggestion: 10 EURO is fair for this

Reminds me a bit of "Trilby: The Art Of Theft" from Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation)

Link to his game: http://www.escapistm... ...artoftheft

Andreas R: This game looks awsome and i will gladly pay for it

panzerschrekk: between 5€ and 10€, i wouldn't go higher.

supermonkey: i'd happily pay £5 for it if there was about 20 levels, if there was more levels then i would pay more, up to about £10

Daniel: Humble Indie Bundle this.

James: This game looks like it's going to be hella-fun to play. I would gladly pay $10.00 US for this. I would also love to see a Mac version and expansion packs or DLC to expand the story/puzzles.

Please, hurry up and take my money!

Joe: I'd pay for this. This looks awesome!

Devon: Good looking game, I'd say maybe 10-15 USD. I feel it will depend on how long you intend to make the game, and how in depth it will be. Looks incredibly fun and challenging, and it would be a shame if you didn't get any compensation for it.

Eric D: I agree with the $5 (or $4.99) price point. If you want to get involved in Steam, you could always run $0.99 or $2.49 sales. Humble Bundle was suggested, and that's a good idea. Free is cool, but you put a lot of work into it. Plus maybe it can fund expansions, pay for hosting, etc.

Erik A: With 20 or so of those levels and a full upgrade shop to further your already interesting and unique gameplay mechanics, I'd play up to $10 for Gunpoint, easily.

Froelich131: I would love to play this game! And would pay for it! As long as it's not too expensive :)

aalku: I would put it on the http://www.humblebun...
Otherwise $5 to $15 may be a right price but please don't ask for the same amount in € to european people, 15€ is quite more than $15.

Eric D: Perfect for a Humble Bundle!!

EJS: Yes its worth money. Why dont you do what Notch did and offer the game for half the cost of the game when its done. people who support your project get it for a discount and will fund it and help promote it. Notch made 3 million dollars doing Mine Craft that way. I am not saying you are going to make that much, but it is possible to be fan funded and do very well. I would say $5 for early adopters, and $10 when the game is done.

Fuyo: €5 feels about right.

Single digit prices are good for impulse buys and indies where I don't know how much content I'll really get.

Thalamask: I'd certainly pay money for it too. Always nice to see a game with an interesting concept. The indy market is certainly putting the commercials to shame these days! £5 - £10 seems reasonable. Throw it in a humble bundle occasionally to pick up those that would pay less than that.

Dr Jam: I would happily pay something in the vicinity of £7.50
This looks incredible!

Josh Ouvry: I'd certainly pay money for it, especially if it made its way onto Steam.

Probably 5bucks, maybe $7.50-10 if it ended up on Steam.

I know Steam has limitations and its not always desirable to get on, so no worries if it isn't.

Shaun G: Your concept is novel and the game play looks fun and engaging. I'd love to get an early look at it.

I would easily pay $5 - $10 for this depending on how many levels there are.

It would be more work, but consider making a level editor so fans can make their own levels. Not only would this add immense replay value, but it would also help foster a community around your game. Ideally you would be able to make a fan spotlight each week or month.

mikuneko: for a game like that, with only 20 levels. i'd pay $5 for. if it had 40 or 50 levels i'd easily pay $10 or $15. don't listen to people about DLC. that's a cheap way to piss people off who just wanted to buy a good game. a demo would be nice though, so people can see if it's worth the money to them

AzureJahk: This is too good to be free but you've already said it would be free in several places (some asshole would try and sue for false advertising).

Maybe make 10 simpler levels for free and sell an extended version with 30-40 for say £3.99 on Steam. Even with a lot of content my natural instinct is to catergorise this as a puzzle game (maybe a platformer/puzzle hybrid) and with puzzle games people tend to play until they get stuck and then quit, if that's 15 levels in then it feels like thats what they paid for.

You should definitley look at adding to an indie bundle, I think the humble indie bundle requires PC/Mac/Linux versions though (may be possible venture to get help making Linux version). The Royale Indie Bundle can be PC only or PC/Linux/Mac. This is certainly good enough to be the main focus of an indie bundle in my eyes.

Deadl0ck: From a purely objective standpoint, I'd say you could charge 7.50 - 10 quid for it easy.

From a gamer standpoint with monetary issues, I'd but it without thinking for a fiver, and I would pay up to 2,50 for new level packs (of say, 10 levels)

@thomaslangston: I definitely suggest you look into a Humble Bundle or Pay What You Want pay model.

Gamerpersonwholikestoplaygames: Try to get this in a humble bundle... then you get money for yourself, charity, and the humble bundle tip while spreading the product. win-win-win situation :D Looks great, btw.

Michael L: I think $10 with a level editor is about right... maybe $7 or $8 without?

Dashkal: Indeed I would happily pay for this. And to echo what I've seen above, adding the ability to create our own puzzles would add a ton of longevity.

Eric: I think 3 levels free then a buy option would be cool. Or a donate option instead.

Tyler: This other indie game that I've played Was free for the base game but you could donate an amount over $2 or something dollars and you'd get a bunch of bonus content. I'd say do something like that but dunno.

Cellsul: You bastard! why you put a trailer before you made a game! Now i doomed to hell of waiting it! haet you =__=

Steven: I'd pay $10!

Joe: I think it should be pay what you want, but you only get certain things such as extra levels if you pay over a certain amount, say £6 or somthing like that :)

XanTron: I'd pay 10$, 15$.

Matt L: I think you could charge anywhere from 5 - 10 dollars for this game. I might start on the high end and then do price drops as the demand dips for the game.

PirateMug: I'd pay $5 for it easily. If you had plans to add a level editor then it I would happily pay $15 to $20 dollar for it.

Mike Keogh: Because making money is nice, but you also seem to care more about getting your game out there than making money:


These people (and I) will give you $5-10 dollars, but everyone who wants to play it will still get to. That's the route we're taking with our indie project, anyways.

Gulvballe: I would pay $20 for this...
Damn i can't wait for this to be done but i hope for a Mac Version

Charlotte: I'd pay for this. It's brilliant. $10-$15 USD.

BuggsK100RS: Have you thought about getting this on Xbox live Arcade??

Joe: Definateley pay £5-£15 for this game, I love a good puzzle an have bene wating for one for ages, would only pay if it could be pais via paypal tho :D

BuggsK100RS: Oh you could do the same as ID did with DOOM first half as Free then do a part two of the game for £5 - £10.

ShedoaShai: I'd pay a couple of quid for this game if it was easy to dl, but i think iPad app would be my preferred method, something where touch control can replace mouse clicks..

Sebastian R: I wouldn't mind paying between $5-$15 depending on how much content and hours of gameplay this has. Though I normally buy indie games just to support the devs even if I don't have time or end up not playing them.

QuadX: Because I don't know how long this game is, it's hard to say. If it's a rather short game, I'd suggest a 9.99 USD price point. Another thing you could do is compare your game to other indie developers and see what price they ended up using for their games and see if you want to do something similar.

Eli: No make it free otherwise I could never afford it!

Mack5679: I think it should be $5-10

Yareking: 10$ would be my price

Drayik: I would easily pay $10-$15 for this game. Looks amazing.

Chris, Gilbert – AZ: Yes, charge for it. Get compensated for your time, so you can then make more awesome games like this.

Any more than $20 would be too much.

Galnee: I'd probably pay 5-10 euros for this. Looks like it has massive potential :)

Benjamin: I really think this game looks awesome. You have worked very hard on this, and I think you should get money for it. I would say PWYW. Maybe try for the Humble Bundle. That would get you some money for people who like your game, and the concept. I mean, look at the last Humble Bundle. Notch payed $2000! For a set of 6 small indie games! I wish you good luck! ( a playable build please? :D)

Melody Burst: If the game has quite a few levels, I'd say around $5 sounds about perfect, if you could ever get it on Steam! That way, you'd make some cash off of what seems to be an amazing game, and plenty of exposure. Either way, contacting the people at the Humble Bundle won't be a bad idea! That way, you wouldn't need to worry about price, and everyone would know about it!


They would be lucky to have you, you'd get great press and support, and most importantly, get paid for what looks like an utterly fascinating game concept.

Kyle: $5-$10 would be cool, though I could probably talk myself up to $20 if needed.

Harley: £5, easily. The game looks superfun.

Shane: For 20 levels, I'd say maybe $2.99. Just my input, I'd gladly pay more. Looks great!

Dave: 5 dollars canadian!

Colin: Looks like a great game. I think a 5 dollar/euro price tag is definitely reasonable, considering Magicka sold for 10.

Derek: I think the Humble Bundle Idea sounds great.
Or something in the range of $5, maybe more if you want to release the source code or something in the future.

ssmmdd: I'd pay for it, happily, it looks awesome. Do not do it for free, it's cost you time and money - you should charge for it! I think the per x levels is a good idea.

Also, you might wanna install a Forum Board on this site...

Wesley Gitta: It should cost $5-$25. Starting low and gradualy getting higher as it gets more popularity. Supply and demand baby!

Brandon Hill: Don't make this game free. Why? Because developers deserve money for interesting ideas and this game looks like one of the best. Every close FPS game can be pirated millions of times for all I care but the rising indy developers are truly the future of gaming.

I would recommend charging between $10 and $25.

George Mento: Make this game free! Please make this game free.

ltima: I would pay as much for this as I have for minecraft

Nigel SMK: I saw your video and the game looks awesome. The spirit of the internet seems to be free but that's no reason to let it all fly out the window. Rather than limit the game's distribution to those who are willing to pay maybe try a "pay what you want" feature. I have seen a number of independent bands employ this. It gives those who would like the chance to pay their respect an opportunity to do so while opening up the experience to everyone. No need to invest in licensing the software and it is a display of confidence in the public's ability to appropriately reward you for your work.

Soren Berg: I'm with the Steam crowd. Release for $10 and have sales for $3-$5.

Ultimately it's in the fans best interest that you get money to continue supporting/expanding the game (Mobile version someday?)

People suggesting beta/final pricing (like minecraft) or humble bundle inclusion (if you get someone to help with linux) also have good points.

But please charge at least $5 for a game this unique with respectable indie production values. You can always give it away in a promotion for the people who can't afford it.

Kody: I think you should charge $5-$10

Alex: i would say more like 15 (aud) - maybe 10 if people were thinking of going a bit cheaper. Maybe the reason i feel this way inclined is because games are usually horrendously expensive in australia, but i feel that the game definately has enough artistic and gameplay merit (especially if someone awesome did some great music for it) that its worth the cost of the developer slaving away to make such and awesome game.

Steffe: Honestly, it looks quite interesting. So it definitely shouldn't be given out for free, $5 at the very least. (Remember $5 != €5 though, if you end up on Steam.)

Kaneist: You're right, you'd be nuts to release this for free. I'd be more than willing to pay $5-$10 for this game.

Mitch: I would happily pay $10 - $20 for this! Looks awesome! I would buy it now if i could!

ragx: Hey i just watched a trailer of your game and i just wanted to let you know
1#;You have a sexy voice ^^
2#:Your game looks amazing,original and I would easily pay 5 or 10 bucks for it,it's something different which works

p.s:Pls add some agent spy music(if you know what i mean)
if want to tell me something(I don't think so :D) HERE

Fab: Very nice game, I just saw your movie on gametrailers. Like the concept a lot and definitely would buy it for around 5 Euros or $5-10.

Maybe you can try the same thing as Minecraft: sell it for cheaper while in development, and early adopters get subsequent updates for free?

What you also might try, is to implement a control scheme for gamepads. Even if you're not planning to expand to the consoles, it might be a reason for console players to take a closer look at it.

Other than that: keep up the good work, I wish you the best of luck with the project!

Toby: I'd happily pay £5

clegg: I like the sound of the free demo with extra levels and maybe an editor for a fiver or even just a donation model, i'd pay

mrkhrules: i would pay a minimum of $1 and a maximum $3-$5

Magnum: Looks good, maybe debut it in a humble bundle?

Id pay the same I payed for binding of isaac and super meatboy.So $14.

Dark Flex: The Idea is really cool. I would pay 10€ - 15€. Or 8£ - 13£.

Karel: From what I've seen so far I'd certainly say that it was worth paying for.
Even though I like free games, I'd certainly pay between $5 and $10 for this one.

Accusire: First of all... cool game bro :-D
concerning the price i wouldsay about 8-10€... also the solution of paying when you want to (in case you realy like the game) is possible... and it works an android so why shouldnt it work with other plattforms

AirRaid: I'd pay £5 for this! Looks awesome. Any chance you'll talk to Valve about getting it on Steam? You'd get loads of sales there.

Izzinatah: £5/$5. Add hats/coats + level editor. I'd buy.

NotSteve: I just wanted to say that this game looks FANTASTIC! I would easily pay $10 for it in its current form, and as much as $20 if it had more than 10 levels and music. Thanks for creating such an interesting game and I can't wait til March!

I agree with AirRaid, try to get it on Steam!

Niall: I would buy this for sure. You need to make sure the price isn't too low, or people will be too lazy to pay. Then again, not too high either. Maybe $10 - $15 canadian

urbanhusky: 5-15€ would seem a fair price to me. However, for 15€ the game would have to include a lot of levels.

Have you ever thought about including a level editor and a way to share levels from inside the game? (Trackmania-Style)

Diatain: I think you should charge. 5-10 bucks is reasonable, though if you got it on Steam you could do like 2-5 if you wanted. Or I would definitely try to get it into one of the upcoming humble bundles. The game looks great and I will definitely be getting it once it comes out, free or not.

Ian10583: I would pay $50 for something this innovative but since I don't know how long the game is I would pay $5-20

system1016: I'd say 5 euro or so would be a good price for the game. It's small enough that people can more or less write the price off, but large enough that it would add up to some money for all the effort put into it.

If you got it on steam I'm sure you'd be fairly safe charging $10, but I think it would require at least some music to get on steam.

Daniel Pritzker: If terraria sold at 20$

This can definitely make out for at least 5 if not 10 aas long a s its a one time purchase a

Steven: Chuck it on Steam for £5-10 / $5-10 / €5-10 and add a way for some DLC in the future, like extra missions, new abilities, etc. Map editor would be good as well.

Also a demo of a couple of levels would be very good idea.

FiLTHY: I'd gladly pay $4.99 to play Gunpoint. Fantastic concept and execution my friend.

Note: website I posted is a gaming community I frequent

Benjamin: Definitely would pay $5 probably even $10

Dylan Williams: Either something like £2.50, or get some in-game ads implemented?

Jaymun: Honestly I would pay for it, but make it into a donation system so people can pay what they want :)

Thom: I'd definitely pay £5-£10 for it, maybe more if there'll be a bit more content and music, etc. Maybe £15 for a fully developed and mastered game.

A few suggestions:
- Release it on Steam, XBLA, Mac App Store, Android, etc. The more platforms, the better!
- Get people interested, but not people like us gamers. The masses are used to being spoon fed and told what to like. So, try to reach people that can influnce your product for the better, people like other developers, publishers, promoters, etc.
- Consider getting the game out there by partnering with others in your position. Make a compilation, DLC codes, or attach one or two levels as bonus material for another game.

Good luck, and thanks for such a great game!

David: I'd say 5 bucks with the ability to add new levels for a smaller fee. Like a dollar. Using steam for distribution would be a great idea.

chrissphinx: this is definitely worth money, I'd buy it. Such an interesting game!

Matt: I would gladly give you my money for this. it looks fun, a suggestion, release the level editor, there looks to be so much potential for those weird solutions. keep up the good work

Scott: It looks pretty diverting (that's good, I've had to explain that word to others xD), and I love the theme of it. I'd say charge $4.99 USD.

Seriously the least people can do is pay the price of a couple candy bars and some pop for your game. xD And I'd love to write some music for it but I'm still trying to find a program that will let me do that with a bit more instrument complexity than the mabinogi music makers. xD

Jake: I think you should charge around what everyone else is saying. $5-$10 more or less. Definitely try adding it to Steam though (not totally sure what you'd have to do to get that though). Amazing system for getting games like this out there. Maybe even port it onto the Xbox Live arcade or something? I have very little idea of what goes into this, admittedly, but that seems to work for everyone else. GL. :)

Jake: I'd like to edit what I have said. You may have more success making the game itself free but advertising on your site or whatever. Check out both options for sure!

MikeN: This is a very neat little puzzle game. I've been keeping an eye on little indie games on STEAM for some time, I'd certainly pay $5-$10 based on the number of features and levels. I like how you made an idea that's generally considered cheating in mainstream in-game hacking (surreal electrical work) and turned into just as ranged a puzzle as the mainstream competition. Well done sir.

jamii: I would absolutely pay for this if there was a level editor in its future. Humble Bundle is a good idea too.

Ben: It should be around 5$

Squishy: If this game gets a decent amount of levels/level editor/some way to share created levels, I could easily see it being worth 10-15$. I'll be honest and say I'd like it free but don't let your community talk your game's worth down. It's a fairly epic idea.

Shigger: You should definitely be making money off of this game, looks very interesting and most importantly fun, £5 would be perfect!

jzbikows: Looks awesome, I'd definitely pay some amount of money for it. Depending on length and re-playability up to $20. Look forward to seeing the finished product!

Brian: I would pay about $5.00 or $10.00 for this, maybe even $15 if it had some sort of achievement system to it.

Ace: $5 on Steam would be wonderful.

Cronos Dage: I would put it as a name-your-price game, with the option of free. I also support the idea of it being in a Humble Bundle, probably the fourth Indie one.

aazcod1999: free... too many people crack things so you will get ripped off if you put a price...

Jonas: Why not just work using steam ?
Many 'a india game made that step.
And it'll fetch you some free publicity.

Justin: PWYW it has been shown in many cases to increase revenue

joelpt: Launch at $10, drop to $5 after the early-adopters buy.

An obviously ideal choice for going into a Humble Bundle.

Joe Neutrino: I like the aesthetics of the game and I was really impressed by the novel rewiring mechanic. I would pay anything up to £10 without hesitation and would consider paying more.

Derlus: I would pay for it. You should do that thing where it can be free or by donation!

Palodin: I'd happily pay £10 to pounce someone through a window. Not enough games do that.

Brandon: Gunpoint looks amazing. I would pay $5 for it certainly, though the suggestion for a donation type price would be a great solution. Cause I may pay more the more I see :)

Great idea, great game, definitely will get it when it comes to completion.

Pothos: While i'd love to play this game for free, There's no way i could tell you that you should release it for free. This is definitely worth money.

Nick F: Looks awesome. Id say do $5 for people who want it early and then 10 when the full game comes out.

Chizu: I'd definately pay a few quid for this if I saw it on steam.

Alex: I'm not entirely sure about the length of the game but unless the graphics are improved beyond their current level you wouldn't get many sales if you asked more than $2.50.

Xerohax: I think the game is worth $5-10AU so that's like 5 pound... I think. Do me a favour and don't do DLC packs for money, I hate that so much. A level editor would be wonderful. Thanks, Amazing game.

Anonymous: think it will be cool, but i dont think you should give it a price

Hakuei: I'd gladly pay 10€ (and even more)for your game, it looks amazing.

Try to put it on steam for $10 and drop the price to $5 on sales.
Then after ~1 year throw it into a Humble Bundle.

I think that would really be a perfect plan to get a decent amount of money.

Jack: I think anywhere between $5 - $10 AUD would be a great pricing for this game, and i would definetly pay for it if was sold for this amount.

Markus: When I'd discover such a game, let's say, on the Android market or alike, I'd be thinking 5 EUR is OK.

However, seeing you making the video, the blog, i.e. being transparent how much works goes into it, makes me appreciate it more and thinking "that guy put so much work into that lovely game" and I'd be willing to pay 10 EUR. Because you're a nice guy.

I've been buying games since the mid '90 and to me there's one thing clearly coming to: the undamped greed of the big corporations. This makes me support independent developers even more.

So when's the release? :D
Make a model like Persson and be a millionaire before official 1.0 release :>

Jin: $10-15, depending on content and future updates. I haven't played a good 2D heist game since Trilby: The Art of Theft! Too many people expect free or very cheap. Indie does not have to equate cheap! Also, you should include an option to pay what they like. Adding in a solid story mode, editor, sound and music, voice-overs, cinematics, etc. would definitely bump this into full-fledged game category.

At the very least, $5 in order to kickstart additional development.

Cham: I'd say if you could get it into a Humble Bundle/Indie Royale, you could be making tons off this. If you could get it on Steam, thousands and thousands would snatch up this gem for about 5 dollars, especially if you include achievements and cloud sync. $10 would be pushing it, but with enough official levels and content, as well as a decent storyline, it could work out.

Dan: I would happily pay £5 quid for this based on number of levels. It looks great!! :)

Adam: I think it be a prity good idea if you went the mine-craft approach. They have made €23 million euro. threw a simple idea of people playing a basic game and rather then making them pay every time there a new version they pay once for life. You could do the same with DLC for life for say 10£ and if it gets really popular 15£. Alowing the game your working on now being free for a short time is a grate way of creating buzz.

peterjanb: why are people like, charge 5euro/dollar for it, it looks awesome, just ask around 15-20 euro/dollar for it, it is worth it :D

Dave: €4.99 on Steam would be a good pricepoint. My guess is you'll make waaay more at that point than if you put it at €9.99.

Alex: Would also be a good idea to talk to steam so you can sell it on there for about 5-10 euros. Just an idea

Anonymous: 10$-20$ and then put it on humbleindiebundle

Devil Penugin: I would say between 5$ to 10$

Will762: £10.

Anthony: This is absolutely excellent. I suggest you release a demo of it with enough levels for a taste of all the basics and one or two of the more advanced aspects / complicated solutions.

Get in touch with Steam, Desura and the Humble Indie Bundle guys. Hell, ask Introversion Software too about what they thought of working with them as independent developers too; they've recent experience with porting all of the above, +porting, +they recently decided to shelve a project called Subversion which initially was a little like Gunpoint but went in a different direction. They seem like a really excellent bunch to get to know too.

I'd say before you release the game (or even start talking terms with Steam/Desura/HIB) to decide on whether you want to make a level editor for the game to bundle in or release add-on packs/DLC for the game, because one kinda excludes the viability of the other. I'd recommend the DLC, because it ensures quality control and prevents Sturgeon's Law/"most of everything is crude" undermining your game's reputation.

Price? Looking at whats on Steam it looks like a €10 game's quality. Maybe more, some stuff like the "submit solution to YouTube" feature on Spacechem and would probably make the game far more widely known, and do more to increase your income than a higher price.

Do try and get ports to work on all platforms. The average Linux price paid on HIB is always higher.

Senior_Cyclops: $5 sounds right. The effort definitely shows in the few videos I've seen. Looking forward to picking this up.

William Zboray: Well, I think this game is worth money, probably around 15 bucks, however I would personally try my best to do this game for free. When games are free the world is a wonderful place. Course, I would still pay for this game.

Mosi: If this were priced up to $5 I'd buy it. What would be nice for you is if you got in contact with the Humble Bundle guys and maybe got it listed on there.

Nice trailer, can't wait for it's release.

Paul: I'd happily pay £3-£5 for this. Though consider adding a free demo Version with say 5 free missions and possibly a level editor.

Dantron Lesotho: At least $5; I'd buy it; I can definitely see it in a humble indie bundle one day!

ClockworkPie: Yeah... It would be perfect as an app for a phone. Like, 99cents.

Matt Swasey: I'd probably get it for five dollars, if it had a price. However, if you released 1-2 levels (really short) for free, then had an unlock option worth $$, i might be willing to pay up to $10 or 15 if it was that fun

spiderbait: I'd love to see this in a humble bundle - or even with your own humble bundle style 'choose your own price' - but for a standard price I'd say 5, maybe 8 USD.

Timm: I think you'll get the best results with the Pay What You Want model.

Ppl can play for nothing but you'll see alot of generosity and ppl going back after playing it to donate for the game they just played.

Plagueis: i would pay for this game, i just don't want to

Vinzgore: I think you can sell it for 7.50/10 € because it's worth it !

Kevin: I would definitely recommend a Pay What You Want model for the game. Allow people without a games budget to get the game for virtually free and those that want to support you to pay more for it. As you can see many people want to support you but others just don't so no point trying to force them.

SHirocco: Clever game. I'd spend a dollar on it, maybe 2.

Ethan: It should cost some amount of money, but not a ridiculous amount, I would pay a fiver for it personally

Sarah: Definitely would pay £5 for it without thinking, any more and I'd have to think about it

ImpossivelPT: From 5 to 10€

Bainshie: Depending on the length, whether more gadgets are implemented, and the overall complexity and how indepth the story/replay ability is, I'd go anywhere from £5 - £15

For just 20 levels of this? Would be on the lower end of that scale, but still awesome.

Keep this up.

Curris: Just saw your demo video. This game seems very appealing. I wouldn't mind paying around 20-30 USD for this game. Anyway, best of luck to you and your team.

japanduh: I would pay at least $15 for this game it looks sick and so much fun very creative idea but just seems like a small game

DBMage: Definatly worth paying for.... around £5 - £10, not that it matters because I reckon within 2 weeks of you releasing it some f**ker will pirate it :)

P.S My site is worth checking out if only for the MEDIA page :P

KidDeath 10k: In all fairness - I would say $4.99 + tax (if applicable) is a reasonable price for such a fine game. I am willing to donate $100 to the development of the game as this looks freaking amazing!

Rob: I would think that the best route to go is a free base game that contains any tutorial levels and the first 5 missions of the actual game and then the full game for $5. It would be cool to be able to try out the game to test if we like it before paying for it.

You should also definitely do some DLC packs for $1 a piece. For example:

Ninja Pack - 5 levels that rely heavily on stealth and correct timing to take down guards
Technician Pack - 5 levels that rely heavily on the use of gadgets to open paths
Challenge Pack - 5 levels that are extremely hard
Expansion Pack - extra gadgets unlocked, as well as a few levels that specifically make use of those gadgets
Map Editor - allows users to create maps and use user-created maps

Ernie: W2B for $10

Nexxd: £5 for the game would be ok. £3.99 would be a definite buy. I would also support dlc.

El Zoido: 5-10 $

Sean: So far it looks great, $10-$15 would be fine.

tz: I'd say either
a) $10
b) free, but taking donations + maybe something extra for those who donate.

Tom: 1000% this is worth some form of payment. In fact if you port this somehow to iphone/android apps its a HIT without a doubt. Steam this version at about £3.99 and you will have enough to develop Gunpoint 2 and bring out android/iphone app versions hopefully!

Gaz: I would pay 5-10€ only for it, mainly because there are only 20 maps. With a map editor I could go up to 20€.

Great job btw, and , I don't have a smartphone/touchpad myself, but this type of game would be great on them.

Looking forward for the release ! Good Luck

orbital_dx: I'd happily pay £5 to £10; it would be more if not for the relatively small number of maps.

If there was a demo, I'd be willing to pay more, say £15, assuming that I enjoyed the demo.

dragondyl21: BTW, this is on Game Maker right? That means someone out there must make a wrapper for Macs. I know that people will say its not worth the time, but there are people who want this game and use Macs, like me. Put this on a Mac and i'll buy the game.

dragondyl21: BTW, this is on Game Maker right? That means someone out there must make a wrapper for Macs. Put this on a Mac and i'll buy the game.

Budenzauber: This game totally reminds me of the classic game "Syndicate".
I would pay 10$, depends on the amount of levels and gadgets you can get.

Steve Good: I could easily see myself paying $10 for this. You might also consider going "app store" style and sell in game purchases.

Nic: I'd easily pay 10 bucks for this, especially if it includes some kind of "DLC" system through which new levels can be downloaded later.

Could consider a system where you buy the game, forever free, for 10 bucks which includes all future updates to it (a la minecraft) but also offer a free version with a bunch of levels and the option to buy more levelpacks at a later stage.

This is a model that works wonders on iTunes/mobile devices.

Just thinking out loud really.

Rob: You said in vid it had about 20 more levels, which I think is probably far far too short.

So I say add ALOT more levels, and as others have suggested a level editor. Then its def worth 5-10Euro/dollars, cool game, cool mechanics just.....too short to charge.

Michael: i would say its worth paying for. A pay what you want system could work, but you should add some kind of minium ammount, since alot of people would pay 0,01 and then it doesnt work out (minium should be whatever is needed for you not to lose money on people buying it ofc).

Arild: Well it LOOKS like it would be worth a bit of money..

.. I just gotta say tho that I'm quite sick of games that LOOKS great.. where the DEMO is polished and looks great, but once you actually pay you get let down..

so I'd like to at least have the "Free but you can pay if you want to" so like.. you can download it, if its worth money to you then revisit and pay ... and then you could have like either no limit, or a minimum amount..

Liam: Definitely charge for this game. It's great, and I'd love to play it, but it wouldn't be a fair exchange if we got this wicked-looking game for free. Your hard work should be rewarded!

BTW puh-leeeeeze put this on Mac. I will die if I can't ever play this.

Richard H: I would pay $5-10 most definitely. Don't let these guys discourage you with their 0.99 talk. It seems like it has some serious potential as a fiver, if you include a level editor you could perhaps go to ten.

Craig D: At around the $5 pricepoint it would fly out the door on steam, if you can get on steam. I'm sure it's worth $10, but thats a psychological barrier that I wouldn't mess with.

Mitchell R: It is worth 5 to 10 dollars if you have more features included in it. Like a backstory, level editor, better graphics(like 2.5 or something)/effects. Otherwise you might as well just charge people $1 for this game, or release it for free on as some flash game. This DOES look like it is a flash game.
I am not entirely impressed by it being a "ground-breaking game" to be honest for it to be worth "so-called $10 dollars" unless you put more features to it.

Jeremy: Easily 5 to 10 dollars don't listen to any of these greedy cheap bastards.

Justin: I'd Pay for the game as is $20 or less.

AciD: First things first : Nice game !

As others said, Linux is mandatory.
I'd clearly buy an Humble Indie Bundle with that game in it !

medge: This looks fantastic. Makes me think of a cyberpunky Hitman. I'd happily pay $10 for it. Maybe you should try getting in touch with the Indie Royale guys?

Will: Id pay $10 for it if you look on steam at all the indie games on there they are all about $10. You should look at putting it on steam I know some people hate it but it does sell a lot and makes it easier for everyone

ldicker: I don't know if it was suggested or not but you could offer a free version with say, 5 missions, and then for $10 (~£5) you can get the rest of the missions. It's basically the shareware model and as I recall, it was very successful back in its day.

Just a thought.

el.torpido: I think the 5-8$ mark is right on.

Joe: I'd buy it if its on steam, desura or in a bundle.

Not buying an ipad/iphone game.

Martin: I'd say sell it for $9.99, I'll buy it in a heartbeat - especially if you allowed for user levels and had a moderately nice system of sharing them.

In my mind, a $9.99 game had better give me a good two hours of entertainment - anything more is bonus.

Christopher Y.: I think £5 for the game, with maybe Extra "Level Packs in the future at maybe £1.99 each. as a suggestion, I'd like to see Achievements in the game, Leveling, and Multiplayer, and Possibly the game released to Steam...

Ari Schumer: I would pay $5-10 for this, especially if I could get it on something like steam.

Widdershin: Yes, I'd pay $5-$10 for this. Also maybe Humble Indie Bundle. I love people who make games in Game Maker that are this amazing.

Jarrett Perkins: I would gladly pay $10 for this, $20 for a Linux version.

Callum Moore: I would say you should definitely charge for it. Probably around the £5 mark like others have said, anything less than that is insulting as that is cheap iOS game pricing. A good way to keep the game alive would be to release semi regular updates for free ala minecraft as each lot of new content should bring more people to purchase the game. Eventually you could start charging more for the game as it gets more content.

Matthew C: I'd gladly fork over 10 dollars for a alpha/beta/whateveryoucallit pass that includes all playable builds from now until "release" and anything thereafter. I'd pay twenty for a complete release that is all-inclusive of future updates and maybe five more for access to an "archive" of the builds- something like a "making of gunpoint" account.

Furthermore, I find that DLC is a huge turn-off, especially if it's set up such that you can't just buy the whole game and instead have to continuously pay to unlock "new" content.

Also relevant: the "level editor" that was suggested earlier? I would definitely want that to be part of the package.

so that's $10/$20/$20+$5 in order of what I'd pay for the game.
The comments about the humble indie bundle are relevant, too.
I'm not particularly interested in anything iOS, and I appreciate open-source freeware as much as the next guy - but I also think that it would be unwise to not include some sort of "value added service" for not pirating the game if you do make it for sale rather than for free.

Anonymous: $5-10 for sure. Having it on Steam with achievements and such would be killer.

Martin: 5 $ Sounds like a good price but if you make it like '' we are going to add levels freequently for free aka free DLC levels monthly or something 10 $ sounds good too . Either way i hope you include this game in the Humble Indie Bundle your going to get a lot more people playing your game that way . ( this is all just an opinion you call the shots not me )

vnk: Worth money? Sure. I'd say $5-10 easy. Depends a bit on how much content, but so far the game looks pretty, fun, clever... So sure, I'd buy it right away.

Eli Piilonen: This looks like a fantastic free game as it stands, or it could be a fantastic $5-$10 game if it came with a clean level editor and an easy way to share/find new levels.

ROUSE: I'm with the £5 brigade, that's a very fair price. I think people are too easy to write off free games, this game needs to be seen and played. You could always give a free demo out, first couple of missions to gain the interest of those not willing to pay for a game they haven't played yet.

This could potentially be one of the best puzzlers out there.

Jeff: Yes, $5-$10 would be a sweet spot for this game. I wouldn't bat an eye at dropping a Hamilton on your digital baby.

drahcir0323x: I would gladly pay between $5-10. Looks like a lot of fun.

Jon Terp: I'd say 3 USD for the base game and then 0.99 for level packs.

Also I would seriously be considering an iPad version if I were you, this kind of shit would sell fucking BANANAS on the app store, same pricing too with in-app-purchases.

Really, look into it.

dicer: I love the concept. I think the $5-10 range, depending on # of levels, would be about right. Steam and/or a Humble Bundle would be great.

I love seeing indie developers stretch and invent new gameplay styles. I have bought way more indie games this year than the traditional big developers.

Good luck at IGF and with your release!

WetterThanWater: You should try to get it into the next IndieRoyale. (It's defaulted to 1.99 or 2.99 or something) and preorders are 3.99. The price goes up as more people buy it, but as people pay above the average, it drops for everyone else. (Make sure it's on Steam and Desura!)

Mikeyboy: £1.99 on the iphone would love you to make it one there. but £5 'er ish on steam with a demo!

naked dave: I would pay £5 for this without really thinking. If there was a demo and I liked what I saw in that, maybe more like 10 quid. It looks like something you need to play yourself to really 'get' so a demo is probably a good plan!

Sean: I would also go for the Pay What You Want. If you was planning on giving it free then any money is a bonus. If you embrace the pay what you want marketing then you become a lot more appealing to gamers. Also means you get the added publicity for free too.

Matthew: I think it has a simple elegance to it. I would certainly pay at least five dollars for a download of it. I would also be interested in seeing other themes such as Fantasy or Superheros. I will be checking back to see how things turn out for you and look forward to playing Gunpoint.

asdf: $5-10

Arenvalde: A high school friend of mine created Fantastic Contraptions, and I think its pricing scheme might work for this game as they both work on similar principles (unique tool-set to solve problems). He made the default game and levels (~20) free, but charged $10 for the level editor that allows people to make their own levels and is required to play levels made by other people. He didn't expect much to come of it, but he's rich now because of it.

If you're going to make serious money off this game, it's going to be from the community that grows around it, and that will come from a level editor that allows members of the community to test and challenge each other. "Pay some money to try this game" is a much harder sell than "Now that you've played and love this game, you can pay for the chance to show off your e-peen". ;-)

Shane Sodsaikich: There are many enjoyable games like this on steam and they run from 3-10 dollars. At this point my suggestion, as a person of business, would be to get it out there as much as possible. Volume is what I believe your after. For two reasons: First its assessable at a low cost so people would buy, especially with a good trailer. And secondly, the volume would give you the exposure you would want to get your name out there. Another good way is to offer price specials. The guy kinda reminds me of Rorschach from watchmen :) Cheers! good work, just my two cents.

Tony: Like some others I've seen here I like the pay what you can or what you want solution.

drawesome55: you should definitely charge money for this game. It is worth it

bhomer2: 5-10 monies sounds good.

Grell: I would gladly pay for this game, and would be willing to pay as much as $20.

Jan Jirkovsky: Up to 5$ seems like a good deal. A lot of people here suggest more, but consider not all the players would be as enthuasiast as people here excited about the game ;). Maybe several missions for free and all the content/mission for 3 to 5 USD.

Michael Herzog: 10$ sounds alright. And make sure it is possible to gift it. ^^

Zelest: Hey, I'd pay. My first thought when I saw the video was "Where do I buy it?".

Stefan: I think you should release it for free with a option of paying or donating. When people like things they often don't mind paying a small sum for it.

Zezadas: cool game, but i dont buy games 0$

Thales Magalhães: I'd gladly pay around $10 USD for this game if it? had more than just 20 levels. Maybe a level editor, but? that might just be way too much trouble to program

boink: Do a free demo, and then $5-$10 to unlock the full. Also, port it over to iphone and android, this is perfect for those platforms.

Cor Blimey: It looks great, I'd definitely pay money for this and you're short selling yourself to give it away for free, although, if you made it free for download, I'm sure you'd have many more people playing it and downloading it than if you sold it.

Gabriel: To be honest I would pay 3-5$ for this game. It's actually really interesting.

Ollie: Id say £5-£10 would be great value for such an original (and replayable) game!

2muchCaffeine: I would totally pay for this game. $10 sounds like a good plan. it would have to feature a lot of missions, preferably 50+ for $10, but I would LOVE to play this. Mac support? or maybe browser?

Drake: I'd pay $10 for it for sure, I'd really prefer if it was available through something like Steam.

NAte: $10 US/CA looks pretty reasonable. +1 to availability through steam. That would be most excellent.

Muller: Try a beta without some things free, and a full version about 10bucks

AdamClmns: I would pay for this, have you considered distributing this on Desura? They're a big indie game distribution network.

Daniel F: At this point I almost exclusively buy games on Steam. That said, I buy a lot of games on Steam. I would pay anywhere from $5-15 depending on potential future DLC, map editors, etc. I think a good normal price could be $10 and then I would probably wait for some sort of sale and get it for $5.

Decoyrobot: If you are really struggling to put a price on it then why not put it as an exclusive for some of indie bundles - humblebundle/indieroyale/indiegala/etc etc, but also try and make it available for key redemption on steam to cater for all tastes. Quite a few games are only available if you redeem a code as they lack a store page. I say the stuff about steam because although many indie games are awesome I often forget about them down the line and I end up consulting my steam library for stuff to play, I dont like forgetting :( but i'm only human :(

klingon13524: I'd pay between 5-15 dollars for it, and maybe $5 for some DLC.

Halindel: Great trailer I hope you will be release a beta or something like that soon in order to test it and I will pay it 10$ I thinks.

deadearth: If it meant that the game came to steam with achievements I would be more than happy to pay $5.

Shiado: This look great.. i will buy this game, it will be good to have it in a cellphone. and a level editor. great. 5$-10$ is great.

Adam Thompson: I would pay 15 dollars depending on whether there was a level editor and how many levels there were

sugaku: $15-$20 is what I'd be willing to pay, especially with Steam & Achievements. Then again, "pay what you want" or "bundle"-prices will get a lot more people trying it out. Contact some other indie devs directly and ask them what they'd price it at. Also, if you start it at $20 and have a "sale" or "permanent price drop" you can have your cake and eat it too.

Dan: I say talk to Steam... on the one hand, they'll take a chunk of your sales, and you'll have to conform to certain restrictions associated with the platform (how you patch/update the game, etc.). On the other hand, they have massive experience they can lend you, they can network you with other developers and game-making people, they can advise on good price points, market, drive revenue with sales. Plus you get Steam integration, achievements, steam cloud, all that for free (well, cost of integration free). Not bad for a game you thought you'd give away for free eh?

I'd pay a full £15 for this. I imagine many others would too, and if not, there's 50% / 66% sales that might convince them. Plus, I'd love to see some portal themed levels to tie in with Portal 3.... or maybe a TF2 item for preorder... one can dream, right?

Ocelot: I think $10+ is fair, seem's to be the popular price for most indie games, and it would encourage you to make more sweet games :)

Steve: I think a Pay What You Want system as some have already said before would be the best way to charge for this game. In the latest video where you show how the game works you mentioned you had originally wanted it to be free, but it looks like a lot of time and effort has been put into this game that I would happily pay for myself. Not everyone shares my opinion which is why this system would work so well because some people would download it for free and if they like it a lot would probably pay some after.

Anyway that's just my two cents, love the style of the game and the sense of humour is great. Keep up the good work!

pumped!: Your game is brilliant. I would love to play, and i would definitely pay to play this game. Probably around $10 or so. Also, i would hope for downloadable content at a later date, i would even pay a bit of money for that too. Looks amazing!

Slarty Bartfast: I fell in love with this game and the faceplanting trenchcoat man.

I will gladly pay 15-20 dollars for this game if it came with a level editor for a steroid-strong community fanbase. The community will build the game from then on. and if C418 hops on.

Gwynedd: I think that releasing it for free is not nuts- it's actually a really good marketing idea for your own skills. If this game isn't going to be your major success in life, make it free so that you can gain recognition from everyone, not just those who are able to purchase things online. Something this nice is worth money, definitely, but my advice is strongly biased because I can't afford to buy games. A donation box would be a good idea, and a must if you do decide to release for free. Those things actually generate a bit of revenue too, assuming your game is as cool as it looks.

Gwynedd: Also I'd like to point out that releasing something for a set amount and then charging for "level packs" or upgrades of a sort, though extremely popular these days, is obnoxious and will drive away quite a few people. Look at Fable III. It was designed to be a "chapter game" in which after beating the base game users were expected to buy the next quests, purchase new locations, even pay money to change the colour of their dog. It's a totally immoral business practice and were I you, I wouldn't tarnish Gunpoint, a game with great potential, with such a terrible idea.

Morten: Love the idea - I'd pay 20-25$ for a game like this.

Or if your really clever you will pull an 'angry birds' and give it away for free but have each level have little billboards with google adds on them.

Android and linux versions would certainly be sweet

david: I really love the idea. Would pay at least 10€ for it. Keep up the good work!

Phil: I'd make the game free, with a few levels included, around 10 would be fair, in my opinion. However, a 5$ package consisting of a level editor, more levels, and a feature to share and play custom levels with others would be perfect. Importing and exporting others' levels would be great.

James: At $5, everyone will pick this up. At $10, there might be some drop off from people that dont have the money or have spent there money on something else. $15 intelligent gamers that know quality will pick this up in a moments notice.

Talen Lee: I can't speak for anyone else, but if this game is in my (meager) price range, being a budget and retro gamer - something like 5-10 bucks - I would pay for this game purely to thank you for making it.

I did this with Cave Story and with Yahtzee's adventure games, so it's not an idle threat. You deserve something for making this.

Ran: What you have already is very well done. You've created a fun and unique idea and frankly I look forward to it's release.

Though as is, maybe not, but when it's completed I would recommend charging for it. Don't charge too much (look at other indie titles), but you definitely deserve to gain something from creating this game.

Tim: I'd pay around $3 for a game with 20 levels. A level editor and a solid story would push it up to $7.

My hope is that when you say 20 levels they vary a little more than the ones shown in the demo. You have guards, doors, elevators (timers), cameras, and switches, and while they can combine in an infinite number of ways, a limited number of them reveal interesting consequences. Don't get me wrong - this game is already more exciting than most due to its emergent qualities, but adding some other elements (bombs, circuit breakers, fire alarms, robot (hackable) guards) could increase the depth and breadth of the game, and add more late game surprises.

Halceon: From what I've seen until now, I'd be willing to pay upwards of 10 LVL (~14 EUR)for this game.

Shane Emmons: I'd gladly play $10

Sinon: 5-10 bucks. taking credit for your work will make it more serious and help you later on! :)

Zed: So many comments for money... Just for contrast - free!

Someone: What about pay what you want with a minimum of $5?

Ted Yates: if Steam can get people to buy Terraria for $10, then this game could easily sell for the same. I know that I'd easily shell out $10 to buy a copy of this for myself.

Garry Newman: I would suggest a Humble Bundle type of pay as mucha s you wish but with a lower limit of maybe 5$ or 10

System Break: I have been looking through the comments and i must say, do NOT go the route of $5 dlc and expansions. as a gamer there is nothing i hate more than needing to pay for things like that. that said i think that between $10 and $15 would be very reasonable and perhaps $5 for a level editor. this is a price that is high enough to generate a decent amount of money (thats how much minecraft was when it started and that generated upwards of $2 million in a month) but it is also lower than commercial games. on a side note, if you go the route of a level editor, please make it easy to browse user levels, be it through a website or otherwise. Anyway, this is a truly amazing game and you deserve large sums of money for creating it.

Evan: i'd definitely like to see it in a humble bundle, though something like $10 seems about fair, looks really fun so far, cant wait til you release it :D

Amondren: This game really does look great. I'm willing to shell out some money to help support it.

Jesse: Personally, I would go out of the ordinary. I would make it a pay what you want, DRM free.

We all know pirates will pirate.

This looks like an amazing game, and I personally would pay $5 for it. Some people would disagree and pay more or less. It's all in support of indie games.

But in the end, ask yourself this. Does it REALLY matter, if you made money? Sure money is nice, but didn't you do this just to know you could do it? For entertainment, you made it fun for yourself. Anything else you get from it is just a bonus.

I've said too much.

V1ct0r: I was told you needed someone to help with the soundtrack. Does this still stand?

xX_rud3snip3r_Xx: It's a good game lots of content i think like $7.50

Peter: Looks too good to be free. 10 $ for launch, dropping to 5 $ after a few months sounds fair for me.

Dafydd Edward: I'd gladly part with $5+ for this game as long as there was a safe easy downloadable method of getting the game. ex. Paypal, Steam, Impulse.
Hopefully you can use the money to continue on making more original games like these. We need more indie!
As for music, I've hopped around YouTube at people's submissions and came to this conclusion:
1. Music Outside and Inside buildings should be different and transition smoothly
2. Each level, or at least a few levels; should each have it's own music track. This is something I miss from classic games where every level had it's own mood set by music and the music would change based on things done (enter/exit buildings, accomplish goal, begin level, etc.)
Hope my advice helps. I look forward to this game!

swiftshadow: I think letting people pay what they want. I know it means there will be some people who cheap out and give very little but there are others who respect developers and will pay better because they think its worth it. This also allows you to make money as well as get your game out there where people know about it and about you and what you can do. Chances are your client base will be larger because of this and could be beneficial in the future while making new games.

Mac: I'd pay for it 5/10$, and definitely suggest the Humble Bundle route.

Sturmeh: I think follow the Minecraft model, charge a small fee for earlier investors, it really depends how much effort you plan to put into it in the long run.

$3-5 for the early release? increase the price as it gets popular.

Try to avoid charging for DLC if possible, allow community generated content!

Red: I don't know how long the game will last in a playthrough, but I'd go for 5-10€.

Consider Steam for instant media presence, and maybe team up with the humble indie bundle guys?

Also, DEFINETELY provide a demo version, I don't know why demos fell out of favor but I ain't paying for something I can't try hands on first.

Would you buy a car without test-driving it first? NO.

brennan: i would probably pay around $5 to $10 on a pc...

but around $10 to $15 to play this on a Mac.

Sven: Honestly, I would love to be able to get this for free, but I've been following this game for a few months and I've read about the work you put into it.
I would buy it for 5$ without any qualms at all, but ten would give me pause. Whatever it is, the work you put into it should get payed out, whether through ads or sales.

Aaron: I'd pay $10 to get this on my Mac, no hesitation. Don't skip our market! We may only make up around 15% of all Humble Bundle purchases, but we generate as much as 25% of its total revenue.

Balloonsfor600: I would definitely put it out as a standalone title. You should submit to Steam. I am more than confident you would find a wealth of an audience willing to pay 5-10 dollars for it. The game looks awesome and well worth the money.

Nice work.

Anonymous: If you want your game to really hit the masses, it needs to have a free trial. Let people try it for free, and let the people who love it pay for it. Then, consider the fact I paid $60 for a game that brought be 110 hours of original quests (Skyrim). I don't pay for Indie games, because if I did, I'd be forking out $5 a day on games. Why do that when I can play games for free on Newgrounds, or pay for a full game that lasts 10 times as long? A game like this, I could see trying out and buying though. So make a free trial, 5 levels + a few upgrades, then charge 5 or 10 bucks. You can't go wrong.

Chickenlordable: I really think making this a 'Pay What You Want' game will result in very little money made on your part, which is an unfair result for all of the hard work you are putting in. I would happily pay $10 for this game, but I think a lot of people are saying that their maximums are $5. But you should definitely sell this game, and try as hard as you can to get it on Steam. And then enjoy your early retirement.

Bloody Hell: I'd definitely buy it for 10 € if it was to be released on Steam, includes a level editor and has either a dynamic (replayable) or long enough singleplayer campaign. (randomized maps would be a huge plus)
Integrating things like Steam achievements, Steam workshop and things like that are "nice" but absolutely not necessary.

If it's not released on Steam my interest is sadly not so big, it's just a personal choice though - Let me say you have an interesting game idea there and I'd love to see this being released on the platform of my choice. (Steam already helped a lot of indies to become big)

Brian: I'd absolutely pay for it. C$10 would be the top of my buy-right-now range, but I'd probably still buy it for C$15 or C$20.

Keeshhound: I'd buy it, anything more than 15$ would probably be pushing it though.

Taru: I would definitely pay money for this game. Probably no more than $5, but it's easily clever and innovative enough for me to drop a few bucks.

GUNPOINT IS AWESOME: I think its worth like $20, but i think 10 is reasonable

kawayake: FREE

Bryan Berg: Without a thought, I'd drop $5.00 to play this on my MacBook Air. With a demo, I'd probably pay $10. I wouldn't mind a PS3/XBLA version, but I think this type of game would be well-suited to something with a touch screen. This could be a killer iPad/Android tablet app, if it could find its way there.

L4R63N7: I think $10-$15 sounds like a good price. This game looks awesome.

Flic182: You should probably charge something for it, even if you only charge 0.99p. In my experience, people don't respect free stuff. Personally I'd happily pay up £5.

M4T5: It would be great if it was free. But becuse it seems to be a very good game why not make payment optional that way people that think it is worth the money can pay for it and those who just want something free to play can get it for free remember a free game can also be a good game

Bandi: Want to chime in as well saying I would pay for this game. The polish and time and heart is evident and somewhere around $10 I think would be reasonable.

Macdoo: If there were enough levels I'd definitely pay for this. Some inbuilt modding tools such as a map editor would also lengthen the game at least tenfold. I think then I'd probably pay £7, but at the moment the maximum would probably be £3. A release on Steam would be fantastic.

Daniellynet: Just saw your video, seems interesting.
As of right now (with what you told us) I'd pay $5.
You could also make the game pay what you want of course.

Jackald: £4 on steam would be a perfect price point in my opinion. Throw in steamworks, some achievments and maybe a leaderboard system, or really any kind of multiplayer connectivity (something really original like a peer to peer hint system would be really cool) or something and that'll incentivize people not to pirate it without any intrusive DRM bullshit.

Thermoptic: I'd absolutely pay for it! About $3 to $5 is a good price i think. But remember that paypal is important! Desura and Steam would be even better! Thanks! :)

Ash47: I think you should make it like the humble indie bundle and allow the users to name their own price, and allow people to donate more if they like it later, however this game looks amazing, you could easily charge upwards of $5...

Jcb121: I'd say £5 but if you aren't in it for the money then go Pay what you want.

Richard: Hey Tom,
I'd definitely be willing to pay 5 clams for this game. It looks great. You could also pull a "Ghosts I-IV" and have some tiered products with special additions and limited sets of items like full OST digital download, signed hard copies of the game and OST, etc. Pay what you want would also work. Or a blend - pwyw for the digital download of the game, or fork over a little more for some cooler and more elaborate stuff.


Rob Gomes: $10 USD.

Randy: The game looks good. You guys deserve to make some money off of it. I'd pay $10 for it. Most people paid a bit more for Minecraft and it wasn't even in beta then.

If you're seriously considering just making it free, at least do a pay what you want deal. Let the people who want to give you money, give you money. The ones who won't will find a way to avoid paying regardless.

Pilpen: This definitely seems like a $5 game and I would gladly pay that or more even just to get some money into you're hands so you can keep making great games

ad hoc grip: $10 for sure.

Sam: Looks like Trilby is getting some serious competion!
Just stumbled across your page, and will definitely keep track of the development on this gem.

I CANT WAIT!: $5 to $10

Sky: I'll definitely buy this.

fredrikvestin: Great work! It sure looks like humblebundle material! I'd give 2$-5$ for it single!
(About linux version, doesn't it work in wine?)

chrixko: I would pay something like 10-15€ for it. It looks really nice!

kinggornox: I want to pay for this when it comes out. Downloading it for free would make me feel i'm robbing you. 5$-10$ would be idea!

Sauzzey!: I would definitely pay for this game. My best guess would be €7-€10, depending on the levels tough, a handfull of levels, a level editor and maybe even dlc would be something i would pay for. This game looks amazing already and im sure that it will be what it's worth. Definitely earn some money off it, you (should) earn it!

FUNKY: I'd pay $10-$15 on steam.

Desmodus: I love this kind of game, and I'd totally pay for it(if I was able to buy it) I'd be glad to pay around $5-7
Personally I don't like expansion packs if not free, but it seems like a great idea for games like these. Probably mission packs, and Abilities.
Keep up with this awesome work hope you enjoy it.

Shtweeben: IF you were to charge for it i think that less than $5 would be an acceptable price and i also think that you should turn it into a app for Iphone/Ipad. i would also want a free version so that i could test it out and see what game-play is like (i know that you have all of those videos but i want to see if game-play is solid. well that is what i think.

Marty: I'm not sure how The Humble Indie Bundle get their games, but you could try to get it in one of those? Or even make it a Pay What You Want anyway.

nomad: Looks amazing, don't you dare charge less than $5. If you offered this on steam I'd be willing to pay $10 for the convenience, looks amazing.

Gunpoint Now Has Music, by Tom Francis: [...] take out their own security systems, their colleagues, and even themselves. It's pretty funny. Watch a video of how it [...]

MagicMali: Hmmm, I don't mind the Tom Francis music, but when I was watching the trailer the game felt comedic in a black humor kind of way... Maybe it was just the sound effects or the death defying trenchcoat, but the upright bass feels too sombre, too moody. Something a bit more light-hearted could do wonders. Just sayin'.

And I'm all about freeware, but I'd shell out for this, be it in dollars or pounds. I'd probably donate for it if you offered it free ;)

Tuesday Trifle #27 | Jammy Custard Studios: [...] Gunpoint is an indie stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people. You play as a spy/secret agent of sorts, but the intrigue of the game is the way you can choose to complete a mission. You can make it simple, or you can make it massively complicated. The best way really is to watch the video below and see for yourself. It’s still in development and the creator is looking for feedback and support to help complete the game – at the moment he’s looking for help in developing music. [...]

SirPrimalform: I'm sure the game would benefit from being on Steam, but my preferred way of getting it would be DRM-free directly from you. Failing that, I'd prefer Indievania or GamersGate, or perhaps a Humble Gunpoint Debut (like Voxatron had).

As for price? I'd happily pay $10 or more.

ChazS: I think £10 would be the best and have a 1-2 mission demo, the game looks amazing, the mechanics are awesome, the upgrade system is simply terrific and £5 is just not enough for the amount of work being put in.

STEEV: The $5 price point is easy to get attention at, but I'd easily pay $10 for this, at least. I think you could get away with $10 with a 1-3 level demo.

David: It's hard to make a value judgement before playing it, but from what I've seen I'd say a $10 (US) price tag would be fine. I won't be able to afford it (probably whatever the cost) due to my current financial situation (long-term unpaid unemployment), but I think it'd be worth it.

Michael: Easily would pay US$10 (fly off the virtual shelves at $5). Probably would also buy a copy for my wife. So yes, you're crazy if you give it away for free. (Demo is always a good idea, though).

btw, love the phrase "Did something emergent just happen?"

Ultra-Humanite: This definitely seems like a $10 game to me and hopefully on Steam. That way at least the people who would balk at $10 will get it when it goes on sale.

bm1362: I would pay $10.00, maybe do a $5 minimum pay what you want type deal.

Andytizer: I would pay £5 for a Steam version with cloud saving.

Leon: Please... Make it for Mac/Linux! It LOOKS OOOH SOO GOOD...

Erik Jansson: I think $5 sounds fine for the game, its the same price The Binding of Isaac was sold.

dave: $5-10 would be a great price, especially if you could get it on Steam. PWYW would work if you get it on the Humble Bundle (and then also on Steam). Basically, I want to see this on Steam and I will buy it.

Thomas: I would definitely pay 5 euros for this game. I think the concept is absolutely brilliant, and if the levels are designed properly (and there's quite a few of them) then finding multiple funny solutions would be great, and keep me entertained for a while.

Also, maybe you can only get a certain number of upgrades per "run"? So you can have different playstyles every time aswell. Like Deus Ex was supposed to be. I dunno, I love the video of you showing some amazingly complex stuff already! Keep it up

namuol: A pay-what-you-want model, with the right amount of marketing, will yield the best return, I promise you. See if you can't try to get some other indie devs to work with you to bundle their game and you guys split the profit. That will draw crowds from both fanbases, and promise more media-coverage, since you could throw the word "bundle" in there, somewhere. :)

Seriously though, I'd happily pay $5-10, especially if I get a native Linux version :D. It's the sort of game I think people in the Linux would really dig.

Tabby: I'd buy this at £5 price tag, perhaps £8 if the game included a level editor (if that's even possible).

Johnny Kwest: I'd buy it for $7 dollars.

thebigJ_A: Can I pay you for whatever build's done now? I pinky promise I won't tell anyone!

Seriously, though, I'd pay $15 for this, easy. It'll probably sell better at ten, though.

Jamie: I would definitely throw down five dollars for it. I would love to try out a free version for it first though.

Scott: I'd definitely be down for $10ish.

vit onderka: I think that 5$ to 10$ would be good price. Lower is laughable and higher wount sell in greater numbers - better to sell 100k for 5$ than 250 for 20$...

Tim Watson: Game concept looks fun. I'd happily shell out anything up to £5 for it.

sergio: I´d see very good game.. i think 5$ , but if make mac osx lion version 10$.

John: I agree with most of the people here (and can't wait for this game to be finished) :-) I believe Gunpoint would definitely be worth between $4.99 US and $9.99 US. That's quite a difference in price actually but judging by all of the indie bundles that are being released and the fact that quite a few people complain about game prices these days (when they aren't really obligated to buy anything), I'd say that $9.99 would be fair, however $4.99 would be even more appealing to a broad range of gamers and obviously more affordable to gamers. I think more people would end up buying the game at that price and that, in turn, would increase the popularity of the game and perhaps overall sales.

Either way, whatever you decide to do, keep up the good work! The game looks great and I can't wait to play it!


ChazS: $5 is only £3 though, and that's not alot.

Akuma_No_Uta: I would definitely pay for this. Around £5 seems reasonable but I would go up to £10 depending on number of levels and whether it was possible to get additional maps and mods. I know you are currently saying PC only but if released on XBL 800 MS points seems a good price point. Try to release on arcade rather than the indie section if possible because despite there being quite a few excellent titles there they don't get much recognition.

??? ???? | Foxter's Vault: [...] ????? ??? ????, ???? ???, ??????? ? ?????? ? ???? ????, ???? ??????????. ?????? ??? ??? ? ?? ?????????? ????????? ?????????. ????? ??????????? ??? ????-?????? ????? (?) ?????? ???? ???. ??? ???, ?????, ??? ? ??????????. Gunpoint [...]

crowd source pricing: game looks well to to pay money for it. nice ideas. but what can i say about price?i personally have not much money. better solution would be to make a fixed price, a fixed amount of plus cash for the dev for his future work and then a make a list where people (earnest at least!) can put their names on (like some preorder thing) and now comes the clue: the more people "preorder" the less will be the price!

but at least: if it would be on steam, i would maybe pay around ten bucks.

Brandon: This game is AWESOME! Id pay at LEAST 10$ for it.

niffk: if there's a bit of continued support and maybe some more raw content added later, i would easily pay $10USD!

Brian Handy: Based on appearance, I would pay $10-$15 for this. Looks really good! But also looks as big as DLC, or an XBLA game, or a Steam not-3d game. Good luck and congrats on the IGF recognition!

Fred: Pay what you want with as minimum of 3 dollars.

Dent: I`d shell out 5 bucks on steam in a heartbeat.

matt: 3-6 dollars, I'm in USA so. I can still get it here right? this looks so cool.

Alberto: If on steam I would say around 10 and each now and then put it discount.

HenryVonKleist: Depending on the length of the game I´d pay between 5-10€ for this!

Grean: I'd seriously buy it for $5, but if you want it free, then you should consider making it pay what you like title.

Wertilq: I would pay $10 and probably feel it was well worth that!

Jonas Frost: 10 USD seems about right (I think my limit would be around 25 USD)

Toast: Wow dude. I totally love your game. This is something I would totally pay money for, $15 is fine with me. I also think you need to find a publisher to help you get it working on another engine, partially because I would love to see user generated levels for this game.

As for a suggestion I'd love to see it on the Desura store.

You may not get onto a Humble Bundle (because of the Linux requirement), I however, think you should talk to the Desura guys about
and they could host your game for two weeks.

Excited for this in so many ways. Keep developing, and Don't Stop Believing!

MaRk: Putting it on steam is an absolute must. The screenshots of Gunpoint are the kind of thing i see and want to buy immediately.

It wouldn't be hard for a game as good looking as this to reach the front page of steam.

As for price, £10 sounds about right. With additional level being released for free over time. As Rovio has done with Angry Birds to maintain a constant level of adoption.

David: $10 for sure, especially since this is pretty much guaranteed to be rated highly on video game sites. I actually think it could be worth more, but there's got to be a balance, I suppose.

Keep doing what you're doing!

RyanEddy: £7.50-10 if updates and more content was going to be developed ( really hope it does)

GBolt: Would certainly pay. Around 8-10£ or a bit more seems fair enough to me (it's about the market price for this kind of game) and I'm more than willing to pay that much.

SamotSarav: I'd gladly pay 'bout 10 bucks for a game like this.
Specially if it could be bought via Steam.

Looks really great!

N4t3: I would pay dorra for this. And I agree with the others, £8-£10, Steam for sure.

Josh: I'd pay ~$10.00 for it. It looks awesome. At least 1 person has suggested it go on Steam, and I would recommend this also--Steam is where I buy most of my games, and is responsible for a lot of impulse purchasing from me, especially inexpensive stuff like indie games.

Kaiser: Id pay 10$ for it, but i think if you made a level editor, you could get 15

The Indie Files | SOMOFOS: [...] Deets: Looks like the studio is called Pentadact, though that seems more like the dude than a formal company. Team itself looks like it’s [...]

Louis: I would think that it can be free but you can put bonus levels for players who play.

Lance: I would pay around $2.50-$5 for this game. Would also be great on a next Humble Indie Bundle.

Me: I would pay money for it if some sort of custom game / random game / level generator is included.

charms: well between 5-10$ is perfectly fine. you gotta consider how much work you put into it, how long it is, because gamers will care. but i am happy to give to indie guys like you! even if i don't have that much money to spent!

Cheese Burger: Sell it. It looks amazing. With the lack of any real good stealth games coming out, this is something I would easily pay $10 for. Add a level designer and you can name your own price.

As for the linux port I would look up Ryan C. Gordon as he did many (if not all) the linux ports for the Humble Indie Bundles. He has a wikipedia page if you want to look him up.

Slimu: I think 5-10$ is a fair price for the game. The game looks great and I just hope to have time to play it when it's done.

Craftwork: Very cool idea for a game. I would be more than happy to pay $10 for the game, and here's a tip:
Always price it at the higher end of the price range first because it's always easier to lower the price than it is to raise it.

jd: Between £5 - £9

Crom The Beast: I'd got with around $7 dollars. Most DLC today alone goes for that price with not even 2 hours of extra content. If it was more than 20 missions I'd go with a higher price point. Always can release extra mission packs as DLC at future dates. Good luck mate.

Tynan Sylvester: I'd pay 10 bucks. Bring it on!

Till: Would be happy to pay 10 British Pounds for it, or a little more :)
Can't wait for the release!!!

Reavenk: I'd pay for it. I'd gladly match the $5 to $10 amount a lot of people are suggesting. Although, I think a pay-what-you-want model with a preferred price point would be an interesting experiment. I'd also say Steam, or a Humble Bundle situation wouldn't be too shabby either. So really, you can't loose with such a fine looking product no matter how you spin it.

Dave M.: I agree with the majority, you should charge for it. Between $5 and $10...

Neomonkey: Make few more maps, let's say 40 total. Then 10$ prize and I would buy this.

Mike H.: Could do a pre-order for xx% cheaper than the retail price.
That would be very helpful in gauging the demand too :)
Totally love this already, can't wait to get my hands on it <3

Jasper: I would pay $1 per hour of content. If it has enough levels for 15 hours, charge $15. If its 10 hours of gameplay, charge $10. Don't include 'replay' in this calculation.

Arucard: The video says about 20 levels, I'd say make as many levels as you can, then add an editor for custom levels. I play a lot of free and pay indie games, and I wouldn't think twice about paying $10- 15 for a finished, polished version.

Looks great by the way, seems like a mix of Bonanza Bros. and Trilby with a twist.

Aynslei: I really like how this game looks and would not mind it having a price tag simple as that.

Lu: 10 Dollars, easily.

Neko Baron: 10$ minimum £10 max personally depending on playtime, difficulty levels (IE harder = more objectives not just adding more enemies for replayability), and of course if your planning to add free/paid extra content at a later date.

You could go completely crazy with mission stats as well such as tying to use the least leaps/crosslinks/takedowns ect.

Siosilvar: Based only off of what I'd seen so far, $10 is a good price point.

Matt: This game looks great and looks like you have multiple ways to solve each puzzle, making it have more value. Depending on how many levels there are, difficulty and whatnot, I'd say $7-$10 is a good price point. MAYBE $5 if there's not a whole lot of levels but still, for what it's worth I'd say at least $7/$8. Can't wait to buy this (whenever it comes out) :)

Walker: Definitely worth money! At 20 levels I'd give you about five bucks, not more than ten. However, with more levels and (as one other suggested) perhaps the ability to custom design levels, this could easily be a $10 to $15 game. Nice idea, by the way.

Ben: This would make an awesome iPad game for 7-10$, if you have the time to make really good touch controls (like no stupid virtual control sticks).

louisdeb: Is definitely worth money! If you're not confident, or are so kind that you don't want a profit out of it, OR just don't think you'll get so many downloads with a price.... maybe some in-game level downloads for small prices?

Juanlo: In case you ever get to read this (I don't blame you, 1000-ish number comments sound like a ton of work to me), here is my input:
During the video I realized the mechanic of throwing someone off the building and then jumping back again would get old fairly quickly. Maybe it'd be better if you could jump-kick someone out the window, without you falling with him.

Cheers, the rest is great. I agree with the 10-15$ value :=)

Bushman: The game is looking nice. I'd play it. I think you should make the game shareware and put a nice donation dialogue every now and then reminding people that you've actually put effort into making it.
This solution gives you more players (cause the play is free). The more players, the more people will find the game worth their money. The more people will find it worth it, the more will donate what they think is ok for them to pay. Putting a price tag on your game will only make people walk away.
Also you could make few extra levels just for the donors, like +20% levels more (extra hard) :P
Lemme know if you want what do you think about these propositions: inner.bushman(at)


GIllies: defiantly charge money for it, esp if you get some sweet music to go along with it. I certainly wouldn't mind parting with $5 for it

Joseph: $2-$4 is definitely alright. I would definitely pay that without a second thought.

josh: at first i thought no money at all. but now....hmmm maybe about 1,99

James: Definitely worth money, whack it on steam for a few bucks, add some DLC if your feeling generous now and again and I'm in.

Ben: As much as I like free games, this looks of the priced calibre. I think you should offer it for $5, provided that there are plenty of levels. maybe add more gamemodes

Woods: I think around £5 would be a good price that most people would happily pay.

JI: I'd pay! £5, maybe £10.. :)

Peter: Please dont put it on steam, or at least not exclusively. I think around £5 would be cool.

Or go with the angry bird strategy and make it free and wide spread and sell then cool merchandise ;)

MajorBanter: Get it straight onto Steam, you'd be a fool not to. It's a massive market and hugely receptive of these kind of games.

In terms of charging, it's largely up to you (obviously). I'll use dollars for the sake of international standards. $10 seems a little on the pricey side, while $5 is almost too cheap. I'd lean towards $5, and no cheaper.

Solace: Like Stealth Bastard (which is free), I'd sort of assumed the quality of this game would indicate that it would have to be bought. I'd like to see it at $5 myself, although I'd understand $10... personally, the indie games that charge $15-20 or more tend to irk me for some reason.

Marten Veldthuis: Depends a bit on the amount of levels you put in, but given a decent set I figure it'd be worth around $10.

frobnic8: I'd drop $10 USD for this in a heartbeat. Especially if it were on Steam.

Scott: If this game were to be released on Steam for $5, it would be an instant day 1 purchase for me. If you include more levels, some goodies like a level editor, maybe even a character skin editor, $10 would be fantastic.


catalina: nguszghuei\w

Eli C: I would certainly pay $5 - 10 US. Look into steam, you'd rake it in.

huge nerd: imo it's worth 10 euros (and i'm pretty picky about prices) and as you can see on stem most good indie games are there for 9.99 so it seems good, and and maybe later release dlc's for 0.99 or 1.99 each, that would be the best solution

Luca: I'd pay anything up to about €10 (or dollars or whatever) for it, because it looks awesome!!!
Also getting it into a humble indie bundle would be a great idea!

Astohoriian: $10 US Would be perfect , you should distrubute on steam , and compare score with friends would be great , Looking foward to buy it

Tanner: Definitely $5 to $10 dollars. Shoot for any digital distribution platforms. You should be set for being accepted on Steam as you're an IGF finalist. Good job and keep up the good work!

Ed: I'd pay £10-15 for it based on the video and what I've read. Looking forward to when I can!


Franklin: I would definitely buy this for $5-10 US.

londoner: I'd be willing to shell out £5 for this.

Magnum: I would spend about 5-10 dollars on it.

See if you can get it in a humble bundle, because I'd certainly pay more for it then.

lee: If this was my game, I'd sell it for £7/$10. Steam would be great (but they'll take 50% of your revenue). No idea what percentage Desura take but that would let you reach a reasonable user base and as I understand it has a lower entry bar set (e.g. alphas are encouraged). As others have mentioned, getting in on a Humble Bundle or Indie Royale (run by Desura) bundle would be great. Check out as a starting point for Linux porting.

Bert: I'd pay, not just to buy the game. But also to show respect to creative idea's.

Harold: I'd gladly pay up to 10€. Not saying it isn't worth more, by the way ^^.

Simon: Ive just watched your vid


if your worried about going back on your word, do a 3 level freeware version and then sell the main product. I think an opening price of £6 pounds is reasonable. If you managed to increase the number of levels further than 20 maybe more. It will come down in price and get put in all the indie bundles and steam sales etc u suppose sooner or later for those short on cash.

Luke Ross: I think you should let them pay you based on what they think its worth. For example, someone downloads it, thinks its crap, pays you nothing. Someone else plays it, thinks its good, tips you 1-10 dollars based on how much they enjoyed it.

Klemen: set it to 5.50€ on steam and than 2-3months later do a sale to like 2.50€
after that go back to 5.50 or maybe 4€ than another sale at around 2€
after that get it in humble bundle if you can or indie bundle that should be good

Kumar: 5USD and whatever the equivalent euro value is. If you have ~30-40 levels and a level-editor, then 10USD easily. Don't bother with PWYW unless you're really okay with hundreds of 0-1USD transactions that cost you money. Save the heavy discounting for a Steam sale and the Humble Bundles:

I bought Proun for 10USD and here are that dev's experiences with PWYW: http://www.joostdevb... ...-want.html

Charles Durand: 10-15 USD, so around 10 Euros.

Customhobo: 100% worth money.

I'd easily pay $20, but I know most people are more cheap then that.

$5-$10 is probably a really solid price. People would jump all over it.

John Bujalski: I would want to pay for it AFTER I play it. Because I want to KNOW it's good before I pay.

PWYW is definitely a good option. Selling the game for mega-cheap on Steam would probably also be a good idea.

contributor: I would pay $5 to $10 for this.

eldiablo1981: Is Free to play?
Please no pay for this

brain: learn from Proun

Reuben Dunnington: It's definitely worth money, you can totally sell this game on steam at anywhere from $5-$10 depending on length of overall game and replayability (of which there seems to be a ton of!).

crw: Yes, this is worth paying for. $2-$5 is probably appropriate.

Dave: I would totally give you 10$ - 15$ Even if you made it free to download.

lawl: i'd pay £5-£8, absolutely
I can see this being in the humble bundle as well!

Balls: Apply this equation:
p = unit price
r = average recommended unit price (from comments above)
e = average review of this game, out of 10, from 20 reputable sources written between 6-12 months from release date (may require time machine)

p = (r^2)*(1/e)

Rasor1911: hello i've been looking at the comments above they are suggesting for 20 levels they would pay up to around £15 but alot of people on the net will not pay for a small 20 level game that if was a flash game they will play for free "sorry if i'm insalting the game it looks really cool" so i will not pay for it BUT i have a suggestion you could add a shop where people could buy addons Ect levels,gadgets and so on that i would get and maby buy some addons for it and also i've read that they would like a map maker me myself would love that and from there we could be able to share levels but if you do that the levels option in the shop would have to be added with new equipment like for example a bouncepad or eaven teleporters this is just me but fromhere you could have alot more people getting the game

MysteriousPants: I think for such an ambitious game, a good price would be in the $10-$15 range. Anybody asking for any less is a money-grubbing jerk.
I also really like the simple yet complex idea of the game. It's like LittleBigPlanet's wiring system in real time, along with a bunch of other cool abilities too!

Anonymous: I would think That around $1.00 or $2.00 is a ok price

Spindash712: This game looks awesome, and I think it's definitely worth paying money for, especially if you had some DLC planned for it. 5-10 bucks is what I'd put it at, just because it's kinda short as is.

Ben: I think the game looks amazing. Great mechanics, easy to understand but with the potential for a lot of depth and complexity, wonderful art style that really adds the game. As long as there's enough content to last a couple hours, I would definitely be willing to pay $5-10 for this. Also, adding a level creator and a way to upload/share/download/rate user created levels would drastically increase the amount of content available, as well as how much I would pay. I can't wait for this game.

elmindreda: I'd easily give 5€ for this. 7-10€ if there was a demo and I liked it.

Dirka: $10

corvon: this game looks incredible, and IMO you should charge for it the 10$
but i really want it for free cause it looks so fun...

this is my honest opinoin

Sly: £4.99 easily, ask TB (total biscuit) to do a WTF is... for it,
and try and get into the next HIB (humble indie bundle) by Wolfire games.
This could be a breakthrough; Don't waste it.

WalksandTalks: I think £5.00 would be perfect, and like sly said you shouldd ask TB to do a WTF is ___ on it

NH_OPERATOR: This looks great man, I love it. Id say 15 dollars would be good if you had like 30+ levels.

BUSfromRUS: I would definitely pay 10$ for this game.

SolidSlink: Personally, I think you could ask 5£ without anyone thinking it was too much. If you decide to make it free, I will probably make a fool of myself at the office. Whatever your choice I wish you good luck and I look forward to "later than May".

Farhan ‘AlfaTrion’ Jiwani: Hi! I just saw your video thanks to Shack News. You said there's only 20 levels so I'd pay $10 for the game at the absolute most.

I really do love it so far though! If you had more levels and then a level creator with some sort of community sharing portal... I think it could easily go for $15

Good luck! Keep up the great work!

James J: After watching your video after it appeared on Fileshack I would say you could definitely market this game, it looks pretty awesome :D
If you managed to get it on Steam I would happily pay up between £3-£5 for it, no question about it.

Also well done on consistently providing top notch reviews for PCGamer! Not like that bloody Rich McCormick who says anything! "ahem" Dragon Age 2 "ahem" :P

afraidofflames: another vote for pay what you want

Shawn McCool: I'd love to pay for it right this moment with promise that I'll be sent a download link as soon as it's ready. 5 euros?

Shunkura: I will more than gladly fork over $10.

Me: Certainly £5, £4.99 if you're feeling cheeky.

UXO: With only 20 levels, no more than $10, preferably $5. If there were a demo with e.g. 3 levels and I enjoyed it, I'd probably pay $10. Future expansion pack with another 20-50 levels, another $5. It'd also be great in a Humble Bundle and/or on Steam. Steam + cross-platform (OSX) would definitely make it more likely that I'd pay nearer $10. Like others, I'd also pay twice for desktop/iPad versions (but probably closer to $5 each in that case).

UXO: And FFS, under NO circumstances do "Freemium" with in-game purchases. People who do that need to be beaten to death with a keyboard. Make it paid or free, but NOT Freemium.

jo: would pay like 20€

Mike: Yes, charge for it. I'd pay double if you can port it for OSX

Alhazred: I would drop $10 on this in a second flat.

Shad Bolling: I think somewhere between US$5-$10. Looks excellent, by the way!

Rigby: A pay what you like system... Some people on here are saying 20euros... I just can't afford that. Getting it for a smaller fee I'd be more inclined to tell my friends to purchase it too.

Niemand: I would pay $10-15 for this, easy. Looks great and challenging!

Jon: £5-10 no worries, more for extra mission packs over time. Steam network would be great, but that's just because it simplifies *my* life, not yours...

Jacob Nørgaard: $10 seems sweet. An XBOX360 or iDevice port would be nice too :-)

WrathZA: $2.99 more reasonable and do extra level packs @ $0.99
Consider porting to XBLA, iPhone/iPad & Android too.

nassos: First of all, definitelly charge for it.
Second don't set a price too low or it will seem cheap.
$5-ish seems good from my point of view.
Also provide more content through DLCs

Simmons: Why not try and add this to a humble bundle package?
But I would pay at least $5 for this game.

Oz-Diver: I think a price in the single digits would be right... between $1.99 (if you are feeling generous and want LOTS of penetration... or have plans for in-game purchases for additional revenue) to $9.99 (for the whole shebang!). One suggestion... you have a lot of interested potential purchasers... why not allow a sign-up for early purchase of the release, and see what people are willing to pay to get on that list (the more you pay, the higher you are on the list, and the sooner you get - top 25 day 1, next 25 day 2, etc.). The average paid may give you a good indication of market demand and optimal pricing. And, yes... I've said too much!

Florian: Not only would I pay for it, I would also enjoy paying for a game that puts some weight and meaning back into firearms and the usage of violence, especially if it's a clever one. As it does not focus on narrative it wouldn't be quite as high on my priority list, and judging from my purchases on the app store (Id love to see Gunpoint there, any chances?) I'd go with 1.99, or better yet the option to let people pay what they want.

Aymeric: A little price for begin is great.
The price can up after.

josh: I think somewhere around the $7 mark would be perfect. Maybe 10 if there's going to be creation tools for user created levels, as that would really give it lasting power. Any more than that, and people will either be scared off, or wait for the steam/whoever sale. Btw, I'm really loving this so far.

Ross: I want to be a cheapskate and get this for free, but this is worth money. Very much so. Somewhere around the $3 - $5 mark would probably do it. Looking forward to it's release and gritting my teeth in anticipation of spending money for it.

indanathesolo: If it had more than 20 levels, maybe 50 or so, then it would be worth full price! I think that if £5-£10 pounds and perhaps £15 you could get away with, I'm just looking forward to it so much!

mike: 9.99 - 14.99$ in that range.

Rick: I'd definitely pay for this, it looks great!

Kristmas Kthulhu: You should most certainly charge for this. It looks like loads of fun, and the type of thing that almost anyone can get into.

I would say follow Notch's example with Minecraft. Charge a smaller amount (between $4 and $8) for preorders, then bring it up a bit after release. You want to go for a high volume of purchases rather than have each purchase contribute a large amount of money, and that range is just perfect for people to buy on impulse.

Christopher McLaughlin: $9.99

I'm torn because, on the one hand, I really want this game and MY ideal price is free. But this is easily worth ten bucks (and I still think I'm being slightly biased in my favor). I've seen terrible AAA games that have sold for much more.

Flo: For me 5$/7$ with a little free demo on Steam will be very nice.

You will gain a lot of popularity with Steam because it's a common place for Indy games like that and there are a lot of people.

Michael Turner: I think that you should do a pay what you want kind of thing,but set a minimum so that you can at least gain a profit from the game.

ipomrawh: The pay-what-you-want model seems to be a lucrative deal. I'd happily pay $15/$20 for this piece o' amusement!

Starmanbrand: This game would sell easily on steam. I'd say try to launch it with Indie Royale (As I've heard their compensation is really fair and it ensures what? an immediate 50k or so buys) and then put it up on steam for 5 bucks.

Cooper: I agree with ideas I've seen above, e.g. ask for a minimum price but accept donations above that. If you keep it cheap and good, people will pay the price, and will most likely donate.

pandincus: I'd pay money for it. I'd also donate for it. Don't just offer it for free; or if you do, have a visible donation button. This game looks awesome, and your hard work is worth cash.

Alexey: Yes! Yes! Take my money, please! I'll shower you with $5 notes! Well, one or of them.

Dan: Why not just have a *pay what you want* button that way you can have it for both free and paid for!

Cariboo: I'd pay to play the game too.

Steam seems a good idea, pay what you want too. The price depends greatly on the content of the game (how many levels, how much time to finish it ?)

Kiwikilljoy: I think it should be free cause i don't have the money and you have made an inguenis game! I've dreamed of makeing a game like this. Infact, i would like to beta/alpha test it!

DONT CALL IT GUNPOINT!: the game looks awesome, its definitely worth buying. i would pay 4-8€.

since im a game dev aswell, here is some advice: DONT CALL IT GUNPOINT! its a terrible mistake. people may expect it to be a shooter of some sort and will be very disappointed. those people wouldnt buy the game anyway, since its more like an espionage tactics type of game. its pretty innovative and you should give it a proper name. maybe something with crosslink, circuit, datajack or stealth in it. something that really fits the game.

i just found this game by accident. i saw a screenshot somewhere and liked it. if i knew it was called gunpoint beforehead, i probably wouldnt even bother clicking, since there are millions of shoot em up type of games out there. just saying.. anyway keep up the good work! cant wait to play it :)

ps: once the game is finished, you should put it on steam.

Jan: I'd gladly pay up to 15€ for this game! And I've been excited about it since I first saw it talked about on RPS a long, long time ago :)

leotolstoylion: I like the name personally. I'm sure someone has already said this but there's so many comments:

I think $10 sounds very reasonable for this game(depending on the scope) especially if there's free updates. I think to kick it off I'd put it out for $5 the first week and then bump it up to it's "regular" price of $10. That way you get a solid bump of impulse buys, you get good credit with those who have been following the games development and know the date of release, and afterwards you can make good money off of word of mouth getting around. It's win-win...-win.

Warning on Pay What You Want: Pay What You Want works well with well recognized products because they have an established pedigree. If this is the first game you're putting out for sale you won't make much using that model. Humble bundle gets decent money from the PWYW model because they're linked to charity, have multiple games and usually established games, and have copious amounts of press. Not to be negative but that seems to be the logic of it.

JapaneseJesusJK: I agree the name doesn't fit at all. Great game though!

Alweth: I would say you should have it for Pay What You Want. I think that's a very good pricing model.

Another idea: You could release the base game for free, and charge for a version that has a level editor and the ability to load custom levels.

dryan: I would pay about 8-10€! Awesome game! :D

kenzen: £5 to £10 is fine, I'm sold already. I agree 20 levels sounds like it might be a bit short, I want a few hours play-through time or I might feel a bit hard done by. Given that there's lots of different solutions to each level, maybe you could extend the play time by having some different modes (e.g. sneak mode where you're not allowed to alert anyone to your presence or leave any trace, hard mode where you're only allowed the basic power-ups).

The Goddamn Catman: I'd definitely pay up to 10 euros on this, looks great.
It'd be great if you could get it into an Indie Royale bundle. Best of luck to you, can't wait for this game!

Llandolin: The game looks great Tom. I would love to pay £5 to £10, probably the higher if achievements can be put it and there'd be a way to compete with friends (higest score amongst your steam friends for example). I think it would sell pretty well.

Billsterrulez: I think it should cost about £5 on steam

Mike: Put it on steam as F2P and sell downloadable content a level editor and multi-player would kick ass. Also you could go the Minecraft route because I will totally pay 5-10$ not for a playable version.

Konrad Biernacki: Free would be a complete waste. I would so pay about $5 to $10 AUD for it over steam, depending on the length. $5 for a couple of hours of gameplay, and $10 for over 3, maybe even a map editor. This looks kick-ass BTW. If not, you SHOULD consider approaching VALVE for a steam release. I'll back you.

Marcus Olsson: Yes – it is definitely worth charging for! (Especially if there will be a Mac version...). Would gladly pay at least $10, or even $15-20 if a license would cover multiple platforms (if there will be any more platforms).

Zerocle: I would gladly pay $10 for gunpoint after watching the video linked from the verge. If you are still hesitant about charging, do as the humble indie bundles do and let people name their own price, maybe throw in some extra levels or an editor if people pay over the average. Either way you deserve to get paid for your hard work, it looks fantastic.

Howard: You should definitely be allowed to charge for it. Somewhere between $2 and $5 would be fine.

Rhoades: I'd by it for like $5 or $10. I only have a Mac, though!

Alex: if you're confident about the quality of your game, allow for donations. if you're confident about how you've marketed your game (not that easy with indie games), you set the price.

if you're going to set a price, make sure you've built some hype for it; ask for help - It's not like you've got a whole marketing department at your back. Make a trailer, but make it right - I don't want this to turn into another sleeper hit.

Dylan: Free! Or 5$-10$

o_oli: I would purchase this game on steam for £6.99. I probably wouldn't pay more than £3.99 if I was just browsing steam having not heard of this game before.

Casey: I'm a huge fan of stealth and puzzle games and this one really seems to scratch the sweet spot in my brain. I'd happily pay up to $5 for the game. I could even justify $10 if there are enough levels to last more than a weekend (or if free DLC levels were promised in the future).

Peter: Definitely worth charging for, I'd say go for about $10.

John H Maloney: The game looks great and you definitely deserve to get paid for it. I'd be willing to pay around $10-$15 US for it.

Swiss Tony: I think five pounds would be generous. Ten or even fifteen would be fair. I'd pay twenty but i think we're bordering on excessive there based on the market and what options your audience has.

Safeguard, two clips two pins.

Phil Sampson: The more you charge the less you sell so it is always hard to balance. Looking at games on Steam I would say around $10 would be the right sort of price to go with and maybe a pre-order discount or something.

Jeremy Le: Totally would pay 10 bucks for this.

Carl: My advice on price, that you can take for whatever it is worth (see what I did there?), is that 5 bucks--USD so we are clear--I wouldn't even think about, 10 bucks I still wouldn't hesitate, 15 I would still probably do, and 20 ... 20 is probably out without playing it first.

On an unrelated note, what is up with Steam? It is really such a big deal?

WAT: Definitely would pay money for this 15-20 bucks depending on length. Make a free version that asks for a donation on start and close and if they donate the message is removed. I think it's awesome that you want to give out out but you should get paid for something this interesting.

David C: $5 sounds like a good minimum, and depending on how long or if you planned on supporting the game further, I would gladly pay more. The game seems amazing and I can't wait to give it a try and support your efforts with the moneys.

Noel: On the PC this is easily a $5 - $10 game. But you may find your best success trying to get this on iOS/Android. It would be hard to deal with all the small UI elements you have on a phone; but it would work on tablets (smaller market, though). Perhaps if you could work out some kind of zoom mechanic? (Not sure, it would obviously take some development) On mobile, it could do well either as a $1 to $3 purchase OR as a "free-mium" title whereby you can play the first 5-10 levels for free; but pay money periodically for new challenges and/or better gadgets to make solutions easier. Best of luck!

Haxim: $10 at least, probably more like $15, but drop it about $5 after two weeks.

Dylan S: I would pay $15, easily.

JoeHaynes: I would pay full price for this, but that's just me. Pay What you wish would be perfect, but make it so people would not be able to pay nothing.

razman360: I personally would say about £5 for pc. I'm happy to support indie devs and this game does look very good. I think this amount would be decent for yourself, whilst also remaining appealing to buyers.

Keeran J: I came here off the back of your Idle Thumbs interview and am really impressed. I'd definitely pay £5 for twenty levels on PC. Well done - I wish you every success in the future.

Jon: $4.99

Caleb: I think a 10 dollar price mark would be the best. Alot of indie games start out at a small price (Minecraft,Terraria) And some Even Stay at that price. I also think a f2p option would be good to start at in a lets say alpha or beta stage and charge a 10 dollar fee for the full game. (once its released). Then add more features and slowly flesh-out the game and make the price higher. (a 20 dollar maximum is what most people would pay.) Anyway this is a great indie idea and i am suprised no one has thought of a style of play like this before. I do Hope you take these and all other ideas into consideration. Thank you Chao

-Caleb Van Meter

Artyom Smirnov: $10-15 if it will be ported to OS X or/and Android

collintneal: no i tihnk you just need to keep it free
well not un till it gets about 1000 downloads also about the music thing ask c418 he made the music for mineacraft im posative he can make a mysterus theam for you

Oberle: Definitely charge some money for it.
5-10 bucks is more than justified.
looking forward to it :)

Elliot: I would pay between five and ten US dollars depending on the amount of content and consistent quality of the game. It really is looking absolutely fantastic though, so I'd be surprised if I didn't want to pay ten dollars for it.

Siobhan: I would pay ten American dollars, or whatever that is in real proper money like what we use. Looks fantastic.

Ben: I would pay $15-$20 if it had a level editor. $10 in its current form.

Reasonablegamer: I think anything from 3~10 is reasonable, maybe you should give more levels to the people who pay more?
Let's say
$3 - basic game
$5 - game + 10~20 challenge levels
$10 - game + challenge levels + soundtrack
$15 - everything + a level editor?
Maybe you could play with the prizing, add as well a premium $25 version which includes future levels that will be added through patching or something?

Mark T: I would pay $10-15, especially if it were on steam.

Jonathan: £6.99 however include a level editor and it would be well worth £12 - 15.

L11: This is an excellent-looking game. I would pay anywhere between 5-15 pounds, possibly more, depending on quality, number of original and interesting ideas and length.

Jeremy: $10 for the first round, maybe more money for level packs? This game looks very fun. Hard to decide without knowing what comes with it.

colorpilot: I think you should charge around about £5-£10 for this.

Tim: Please charge for this, it looks like you have a very original gameplay idea that you have put in the work polishing and building a game around. Pay what you want might be nice (I would pay $10 if the number of missions was high enough), but $5 seems very reasonable.

Kuschelwampe: $10 instabuy!

Richard Kearney: If you price it between the 5 - 10 dollar sweetspot, I'd buy this tomorrow.

Gabriel Vogel: I would absolutely pay $5 for this game. As long as I remember it when it gets released that is.

Rethlandir: I'd be more than happy to pay £6 or £7, and would gladly pay £10 if a level editor were to be included.

Minerva: I would easily pay $10 for this!

topbanana: Not for free as you have put so much time and effort into it. I would definitely pay £10 :-). Why not do the 'Radiohead' model and let people pay what ever they wish. However I would at least set a minimum of £1.

p.s. Future level packs would be great if the game takes off.

Good luck. you have definitly got a sale here :-)

topbanana: Basically if we are willing to buy a copy of Edge magazine at £5, then you should charge for this :-)

Don: I'd pay $20 for a Mac version.

Muad’dib: This looks interesting. I'd happily pay ~ $5-10. Would be awesome if you could put it on Steam!

assmonk3y: This is awesome!

Ethan: I'd gladly take it for free. :) but it's worth money for sure.

Tom: I know I'd pay for it, How much... Maybe 5 quid but I'm no expert. One thing I do know is that it has a value, if it runs well and has a descent ammount of missions it's worth it.

JewJesus: Definitely worth money. For 20 levels, maybe $10, perhaps a bit more. Sell DLC packs of 20 levels for $5 a piece afterwards (if you plan on doing this, let people know, people are more inclined buy a game for which they know there will be more content). After you're done with DLC, see if you can put together a level editor, and let fans create their own levels. After a good amount of free, fan-created levels are out there, drop the price of the game and sales will jump. Just my advice, for what it's worth.

Kizza: I'd pay 5£ for it definitely, 10£ if it had a soundtrack edition, I'm a sucker for game sound tracks.

Neldendor: I second the pay what you want idea. I would probably end up getting it free and then feeling bad and paying something for it later. In more general terms, pay what you want would get more people playing your game and more people hearing about it.

Ryan: I would pay $5 for this game if it was on steam.

Rob: This is worth atleast $10 please charge money for this!!!

Sir Demon: Is it worth money? Yes.

Is it worth _my_ money? Not really, I'm not that interested in purchasing the game myself. If it was free, I'd probably give it a try and quit after trying it out shortly.

The point is, for what it is, it very much seems like you could charge money for it. What it is just doesn't happen to be to my tastes. A game of similar quality with content I'd be more interested in, I'd pay money for (I'd be willing to pay as much as 15-25 euro, but I'm nuts anyways).

Skaffelboom: It is worth money! i would totally buy it on or Desura.

Alex: I would agree to 5-10€, the trailer is really promising!

Ciaran: I love the video and concept, I say the donation model is your best bet. Go with a free demo and then pay whatever you like for the full game, this gives you massive numbers playing the game, raising its profile and making it much more likely for people to pay for it.

Peoples generosity will surprise you as well.

Nikolaj: Worth money. Just a little more levels...

Ray: I think this is a great idea and it shows creativity. If I were to see this on a site to buy i'd pay the max of five dollars for it. (more if there were an editor and more maps, maybe even downloadable user created maps readily available) You shouldn't need to put out a demo since the trailer video is really awesome in itself and shows what you can do in the game. Keep up the good work and improve to make it better and more in-depth with new upgrades and updates or abilities. Nice job!

Ersen: This is definitely, absolutely worth money. And I'm saying this hoping you'll keep improving (like making levels for) this amazing idea. How much of course depends on a couple of things you should consider:

a) How much time and effort went into this? Also, how much money did it cost you? (e.g. getting the software necessary, or payment you may have made to artists who drew, animated and/or composed music for the game)
b) How many levels are there and approximately how many hours does it take to complete the game?
c) Will additional content be available as free updates or will it also cost additional money through DLC?

Thoughts on answers:

a) You should definitely think about how much this cost you. You should think about a fair charge for that basic cost and how many people would buy it at that price. Steam amazing in that it's easy to buy games there especially if they cost just a couple of bucks. I think in time a lot of people would buy it, especially if there are occasional special deals (from 10% to 50%, whatever it takes).

b) There's a two-part consideration process to this. First, AAA titles are generally 60 bucks and they are generally expected to provide a good experience for about 20-30 hours to be considered "worth it". By this standard, 2-3 bucks for 1 hour seems fair. However, the second part, which will contradict this, is the fact that many people assume just because some game is 2D, cute and colorful, indie, and/or downloadable, it means it's not worth the full price of AAA games. I don't agree but this is a general assumption. So consider making it seem very cheap, especially considering people will think that the monetary cost of making this game is much lower than an average AAA title (even though they might not consider the time and effort at all). So, I hate to be harsh but consider 1 dollar for 2-3 hours. A 10 hour game for 5 bucks doesn't sound so bad, especially if you add some extra content that'll keep people going, like some kinda sandbox mode, maybe an endless mode that keeps creating some random levels, level creator that allows people to share their own levels, or whatever...

c) If there's DLC on the way, just try to make the original game as cheap as possible and the DLCs also (like 1 dollar for a 10-to-20-level DLC).

Also, you have the advantage of having the intent to give it away for free anyway. So you can make it even cheaper than it's worth, or even cheaper than most people would think it's worth. You won't be losing anything really if the alternative is giving it away, and if you make it cost very little (like under 5 bucks), chances are more and more people are gonna buy it for themselves and as gifts to their buddies, and recommend it to others.

Sorry for the long post. I'm eagerly waiting to be able to play this game.

Riker Haddon: I would definitely pay money for it. Not less than 10 dollars but depending on the amount of content you add and provided it is a thoughtful as what was in this video I would definitely pay money.

remisko: i would defiantly pay up to $20 (au) for it, it looks awesome. the way you have set out the game it has true potential as an indie cult hit. also, since in essence the game is so simple you could work in a really nice map & level editor and possibly a character and story editor.

Ghost Head: Looks like a great game. I'd pay between 10 and 20 AUD for it.

Eric: I love the game concept, but I'd imagine that pricing would highly depend on how many levels you will be offering. I'd be happy to pay up to $15 if you managed to get half the content that Super Meat Boy had.

Lovely game. 10-15AUD would be perfect. Would Buy. Right now.

Jason: It's worth at LEAST $10, maybe more if there's a lot of levels.

Andrew: The game seems very interesting. I would pay $5-$10 for it. I also like the idea of pay what you want because the honest people will pay for it, and they will pay what they can.

Cire: I think it should be free.

Harold: I would like to lie and tell you it should be free, but honestly it should be in a sort of system where a base set of things are free to play, and if you pay a reasonably small amount, you can access something more. Maybe early access to features being tested, some extra large/challenging levels, and/or customization.

Jesper: I want to say it´s free.
But if it only costs like 15 dollars then its not a problem.
But i think there should be a map creator to make your own map!
Then i would buy it defenetly!
hope you keep up the good work.
If the game has about 100 maps and DLC then it would be the best!

nparker1996: i think you should choose what you want to pay or it should just be free to play.

rdsmasterful_: This is a my own idea for your game i would like you to add in a hacker on one of the floors who will try to rewire what you did back to the way it was so before you can rewire you have to take the hacker out or rewire his computer to not be able to connect with the rest of the building or if you dont like that just add in multiplayer

CodyRex: and you should be able to make your own levels, and use the levels in it add on to them, if wanted to and i would like more then 30/20 levels, i think 38 (lol) is a good number

reece: how do you run it

C1intfunwood: I think it should be free have expansion packs that you pay for.Maybe around $3

C1intfunwood: I think it should be free and have payed for Expansion packs.around $3?

Horatio: I think this game is worth money. However, 20 levels feels a little short. Ideally what I'd like to see is a free base game, with perhaps some additional campaigns for a small price. Maybe even some extra utilities? I know people hate DLC, but if the game is free and the extra stuff doesn't break the game, I think this model works great.

Gary: 5-10AUD I would definitely purchase it!

RedBarrels: I would buy it for 10$ if it would have level constructor.

Alex Saunders: Certainly would paid for it, especially if I thought DLC would be coming down the pipe (either from you or from the community). $10 USD seems about right with $2 DLC for a few other levels.

Nick: I Pay for this for sure. $5-10 for the base game and possible campaign expansions for $1-2.

Virus610: I'd definitely pay $10 for this.

JD: I think people should pay about £8 with DLC levels at £2-£5 depending on the amount of levels it adds. :D

callum: no munen

callum: no munen :)

nic: release an alpha!

Dom: I would be willing to pay around £5 for this, you deserve it

Blackeyeboo: I think itt should either be free and then you can buy extra content or you buy it and get all the extra content in uppdates :3

Sasha: Great game and a brilliant idea :) I'd definitely pay money for this. I think maybe around $10-$20 perhaps? dunno how much that is in pounds. And extra level packages around $2-$5 maybe depending on how many levels there are and what the original price of the game is.

redlava12: I would pay about $5 dollars. That would be awesome if it was free but you deserve some money for a game like this. Either $5 dollars or make it free but with donations

MrTroy: I'd absolutely pay. $5 would be a no-hesitate buy from me, in honesty I would probably buy it at $10 but that would lean me towards higher expectation of *volume* of content.

Pay what you want is certainly an intriguing idea, I'd probably gravitate towards paying $5, but it may depend on what the default slider value is ;-)

As an off-the-wall idea, if you just didn't want to bother with the tax hassle of accounting and declaring the income from selling the game, get in contact with a local charity and have any payments route to them. In the UK, you could decide to give the tax credits to the charity as well, or keep them for yourself as a less-hassle form of income. You'd want to check with an accountant to confirm how that would work though.

More than anything though, just hanging out to have a play with the game!

Skars: When you get Gunpoint done, show yourself at Greenlight, you can count on my vote.

Astraea: I played an iPod game with this kind of problem solving and adventure ganre, I paid 15 dollars(USD) for it, this is DEFINITLY worth money. PS- the game was Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective.

Apolhat: I would happily pay £5-10 on this game as the whole rewiring concept looks a LOT of fun

Omgaar: Typically I think of indie games as worth anywhere from $5 to $15. Depends a lot on the game. I'd be willing to pay more for something like Frozen Synapse than Binding of Issac.

I'd be willing to pay $5 for the game. $10, probably. $15, probably not.

I wouldn't go with a pay what you want model unless you care more about people playing the game than making money. Though you might want to look into it half a year after release. Or if you end up making another game.

I've had my eye on this game for awhile now, looking forward to it coming out.

Devin: I would definitely pay like $5 for this game probably more it looks like loads of fun, keep up the good work!

Montgoss: Another Linux user that would definitely buy your game for $5 or $10.

I'm not familiar with Game Maker... From what I'm seeing on their website, they have an "Ubuntu Export" for an extra $100 on top of the Professional version of their software (http://www.yoyogames... ...m/news/144). I think you're guaranteed to get $100 from Linux buyers. But if you're not convinced it'd be worth it, you could run a little Kickstarter to raise those funds.

Aformati: 5-10AUD I would definitely purchase it!

ODX: Awesome!!