What Works And Why: Multiple Routes In Deus Ex

Deus Ex’s appeal is often boiled down to ‘lots of options’, but obviously that doesn’t quite cover it. Right now I’m looking to redesign the ‘sneaking inside spaceships’ part of Heat Signature, so I need more than a vague line about what’s cool about Deus Ex – I need a practical understanding of specifically why it works, and why similar games don’t. So I’m replaying Deus Ex 1 and 3, to figure out what it is I want to steal. And I think it is options, but it’s not just number. They have to fill a certain set of requirements, and this is my attempt to nail down what those are.

I’ve been mostly playing Human Revolution so far, but I’ll also use some examples for DX1 since there’s so much overlap. Continue reading “What Works And Why: Multiple Routes In Deus Ex”

Deus Ex 3 Is Amazing

At 4pm today the embargo for talking about hands-on experience with the first ten hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution passed, so you’ve probably seen a bunch of stuff about how good it is.

It’s very good.

Here is my coverage of how good it is:

1. Exactly how good it is and why
This is what I’ve wanted from every game in the eleven years since Deus Ex.

2. Diary of a psychopath playthrough
“Pritchard,” Jensen radios in, as he stabs both fist-chisels through a woman’s ribcage. “I’ve found the hostages.”

3. Podcast: The Deus Ex special
Release the pheromones!