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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

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Fabian van Dommelen

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Ryan Ike

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John Robert Matz

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Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Is In The New Humble Indie Bundle!

I’m drunk to announce that Gunpoint is in the Humble Indie Bundle 12! Best of all, you get it no matter what you pay. No! Best of all is what else you get if your generosity stretches to the princely sum of ten dollars:

  • Gunpoint, I just said that
  • Gone fucking Home
  • Papers fucking Please
  • Prison fucking Architect!
  • Luftrausers!
  • Hammerwatch!
  • SteamWorld Dig!
  • What!

What is not a game, this is just an alarming selection of stuff. And for the first time ever, there’s also a $65 special edition that comes with a load of physical goods like:

  • A T-shirt featuring all these games!
  • A vinyl record with a song from each of these games – in Gunpoint’s case, The Five-Floor Goodbye.
  • A floppy disk! I don’t know what’s on that!
  • A manual! I don’t know what it says!
  • Some badges, or pins if you’re American!
  • It comes in an actual box!

This has been in the works for a loooooooong time, and it’s only thanks to the hard work of the guys at Abstraction that we have Mac and Linux versions of Gunpoint to make us eligible to be in one. I’m particularly delighted to be in this one, with such extraordinary company (two BAFTA winners!), because the biggest upside for me is the sheer number of people who’ll hopefully get to try our game. And when Gunpoint is nowhere near the headliner, lots of those will be people who might never have tried it otherwise.


Cruise: haha

Barrett: I just bought the Humble Indie Bundle 12 (mostly for Gunpoint, btw, keep reading about how great it is) and was disappointed that Gunpoint keeps crashing at launch. Have you experienced this in any of your testing? I'm running Mac OS X 10.9.4. Thanks!

Charlie: Gunpoint is my favourite in the bundle. I have a soft spot for noir, drinking and punching but I also think it's the most original and has the best writing.

Cheers mate, really looking forward to heat sig.

Reiner: Same here, OS X Version (2009 Mac Mini with Nvidia 9400, OS X 10.9.4) crashes on launch.

Human: Alas! Mac crash on startup!

What's that, logs? Do I hear you correctly?

9/10/14 9:58:09.906 PM taskgated[1363]: killed com.abstractiongames.Gunpoint[pid 1532] because its use of the entitlement is not allowed

How silly! That sounds utterly fixable. Like a simply-overlooked mistake.

…uh, right?

Matt: OSX 10.9.2, shiny iMac, unfortunately crashing at launch. I bet it's GREAT though!

Tom Francis: Hi! Yeah, Abstraction are aware of some kind of certification thing some people are encountering on Mac, and they have a new build to fix it that should be going up soon. Will announce it on @GunpointGame when it's live.

Sam: Just so you know... Gunpoint is the reason I bought the bundle.

Billy: Have to second that Gunpoint is the reason I bought the bundle. Just finished it!

Great wit and sarcasm, fantastic gameplay, awesome aesthetic! Just wanted to send my support. :D

Joseph Karagichev: I admit, I pirated gunpoint.

But after playing it, I knew I had to get the game! I had to support the dev!
And then, The humble bundle kicked me in the face by showing this game!
Bought it.
I'm going to upgrade my game to the extra DLC edition, To get on the beta list.
Sorry for being a pirate jerk, But atleast I bought your game!

Joseph Karagichev: Also, Gunpoint 2?

Jon: Bought the Bundle when I saw Gunpoint was on it, with a Mac version. Loved it. Looking forward to Heat Signature. Would also put money down for Gunpoint 2.

Ian: Never heard of Gunpoint until the bundle but damn glad I discovered it. Easily the best game in the bundle, no contest!

isooc: I ordered the special edition a long time ago - I noticed that it doesn't have a mac version available but there is a mac version for the bundle. Maybe this could get fixed? I bought the special edition in anticipation of a mac version, being a mac user myself.

Belvar: The GNU/Linux archive provided in the bundle is the worst archive in the world. It does not have a root directory, and the extension is wrong.
Looking forward to play the game though, once my frustration of extracting the game in my root game folder is passed.

Nick: Having just finished Gunpoint, I must say I'm ashamed I only spent $8 on your game - the whole experience is worth so much than that!

Cosarara: I've just finished my first walkthrough of the game ( http://www.pentadact... ...&C5=1 ). Didn't take too long, but it was awesome. Thanks a lot for making it! I hope it makes lots of money ;)
I've been playing the Steam Linux version on Arch Linux, 1080p. The only bug I found during the whole experience was a glitch on the last level - I was able to jump through one of those doors which rise and close again after a few seconds. I couldn't reproduce it again after, though, so I guess it's not worth writing a proper bug report.

Lou: Yea, it keeps crashing on startup after selecting a certain screen resolution. No matter what I pick, keeps crashing, then for some reason it works for awhile then crash again. Just wanted to let you guys know. Was looking forward to trying it out.

Porglezomp: You should update the "Platform" bit in the left bar, since it's available on Mac and Linux now, and that still says "soon."

Mark: Hey! bought gunpoint through the humble bundle, happy I did! great game, love the whole noir/idiot detective. If you happen to make a gunpoint 2, I will throw money at your stupid face.

Noodle: Game constantly crashing just by touching two fingers on trackpad of Macbook Pro. Game is basically unplayable. Mac forums for this game are filled with error reports caused by the same thing, but nothing has been fixed yet.

Jabberwok: If you sold a TX Fabrications t-shirt, with a company logo, I would buy one. Please do.

isooc: Still no mac version available for the special edition!?! I bought this ages ago, and I have been looking forward to playing it for a while - I don't think I should have to buy it twice to play it.

Tom Francis: There is! Don't buy it twice, that wouldn't help! All editions are on all three OSs. Drop a mail to and let me know if you're looking on Steam or a Humble Download page.

Mark: So when exactly is "What!" going to be released? Will there be early access? A Kickstarter campaign? The suspense is killing me!