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Tom Francis

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John Roberts

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Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

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John Robert Matz

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By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Steam Achievements

Gunpoint has 44 achievements on Steam – that’s only 5 less than Deus Ex 3. Only one is inevitable in a given playthrough, and that’s for completing it.

The rest are a mix of acknowledging very distinct playstyles, encouraging you to try new gadgets, recognising insane, obsessive or impressive decisions, letting you know certain feats are possible, and in one case helping you understand what just happened (some testers don’t realise what’s happening when they make an infinite loop in Crosslink).

A few are secret to surprise you, and a few are secret to avoid plot spoilers. These are the rest, with their magnificent icons by our artist John Roberts:


Use no violence at all on a mission that has guards.

Leave no living witnesses to your presence on a mission that has guards.

Perfect Gentleman
Perfect Gentleman
Complete a mission that has guards with no violence, witnesses or loud noises.

I Am Better At This Than Tom Francis
I Am Better At This Than Tom Francis
Complete a mission faster than I can.

Ill Aim When I'm Dead
I’ll Aim When I’m Dead
Upgrade your Bullfrog Hypertrousers to pounce instantly.

I Taste Battery Acid
I Taste Battery Acid
Upgrade your battery capacity to the non-figurative max.

I May Be Some Time
I May Be Some Time
Upgrade your Bullfrog Hypertrousers to maximum jump strength.

Open Door Policy
Open Door Policy
Knock a guard out by opening a door into him.

I Now See Why People Dont Like Me
So This Is Why People Don’t Like Me
Get knocked down by an opening door.

Necessary Force
Necessary Force
Jump into an Enforcer to knock him through a window.

Wire an elevator button to trigger something when the elevator arrives.

Cat Burglar
Cat Burglar
Use the Dropshot to land silently from a great height.

Not Really A Prank Man
Not Really A Prank, Man
Use the Prankspasm to knock out someone who isn’t standing near a power socket (outside of the test lab).

Oh Man I Shot Marvin In The Face
Use the Longshot to make a guard unintentionally shoot another (outside of the test lab).

On The QT
On The QT
Use the Hushcracker to jump through a window silently (outside of the test lab).

Breaking And Entering
Breaking And Entering
Use the Gatecrashers to kick a door off its hinges.

Low Flying Doors
Low Flying Doors
Use the Gatecrashers to kick a door into a guard.

Might As Well Have An Achievement For That Too
Might As Well Have An Achievement For That Too
Use the Gatecrashers to kick a door through a window.

Privacy Is Dead
Privacy Is Dead
Hack every laptop in the game, for no compelling reason.

Short Circuit
Short Circuit
Use the Crosslink to create an infinite loop that burns itself out.

Mission Architect
Mission Architect
Create a custom mission with at least one objective.

Clean Record
Clean Record
Complete the police chief’s missions without incriminating yourself.

Hammerhead Snark
Hammerhead Snark
Mock the chief of police at a critical moment.

Title Finally Relevant
Title Finally Relevant
Help justify my early, not entirely wise choice of game name by holding someone at gunpoint with the Resolver.

Acknowledged Ludonarrative Dissonance
Acknowledged Ludonarrative Dissonance
Notice the story doesn’t necessarily gel with the mechanics. Become qualified games journalist.

Open Ended Grudge
Open Ended Grudge
Take your final enemy out in each of 8 known ways.

Case Closed
Case Closed
Complete the game.

Case Filed
Case Filed
Publish your personalised epilogue.

It’s funny how much more like a ‘real game’ it feels with these in, and all the other Steam UI icons and polish.

I don’t usually care about achievements in games, but I like it when my crazy behaviour is acknowledged, so I saw them more as another channel for you and I to have a conversation, as player and designer. When it doesn’t make sense to have an in-game character know or acknowledge your actions, I still have a way to say “I can’t believe you did that,” or “Jesus, well done.”

Magnus: Looks awesome. I always find well-designed achievements to be more of an optional guide for how to be different than anything else. Which is great, especially for a game like yours, with several different primary strategies.

nille: To be honest, I'd trade my grandmother for an achievement.. But from playing the test versions of Gunpoint, I've found that it is one of the few games where different play-styles are rewarding on its own.
So. Will there be achievements in the non-steam-version of Gunpoint, if such thing exists (please, please, please)?

nille: P. S. To clarify, I want that DRM-free game, but not the achievements.

Tom Francis: There will be a non-Steam version of Gunpoint, but it won't have achievements. They kinda need a framework to plug into.

winterwold: Love it! This makes me so excited for the game to come out. I started thinking about which friends I am going to throw this game at when it is done.

ghosttie: You make writing this business app feel really boring

Von Epp: Yes! Thank you! Achievements in "on rails" games, tend to only enforce the grind. I was going to elaborate on what makes a good achievement, but then I recognized your article makes that redundant.

Ben Borthwick: I want Steam Trading Cards for Gunpoint now too Tom YOU HAVE TO KEEP UP!

Nikolaj: You can kick doors out of windows?
Best. Game. EVAH!

Tom Francis: By the way, does anyone understand the icon for Clean Record? John mentioned it was obscure.

I hope it's not a swear.

Brendan West: I've been keeping tabs on this game ever since I saw it mentioned by Tim Buckley on (Right when you released the first trailer.) I must say, this is the only game I've been looking forward to since as long as I can remember. The concept, the art, the puzzles, the gadgets, and literally everything else about this game make me giddy enough to drop by this site daily for updates. I cannot wait to play through this multiple times. Brilliant work, brilliant.

Fletcher: About the Clean Record icon, it is obscure to me also.

P.S. This is game is going to rock my socks completely off my feet. The achievements look great, the game looks polished in the videos. Can we take this as a sign the release date will be announced soon?

BloodPixels: No idea what the Clean Record icon is.

Lucas: I love the idea of this game but I have to admit, this list of achievements seems like it is there just for the sake of being there. Be careful how you implement this as something that works in one game does not necessarily work in another.

Personally I hate achievements because they break immersion. I don't need validation of my play style. I need immersion and achievements break that.

That been said, I do look forward to this game and from what I have seen so far you have done a good job.

Also I do not get the clean record achievement image. Is it a reference to something?

Ricky H: Been following this game for over a year now. It's probably the only game ever that I've followed this long. I know this has nothing to do with this post but you said to post "Frankly anything".

Hope I see a release soon.

nemryn: I like the tone you've taken with the names and descriptions, here.

TooNu: Oh awesome :D I am going for 100% completion!

Caleb: I'm an achievement junkie. I like what you've done with them!

Absorbing: Hurry up and take my money.

Naveen: I pre-ordered the special edition and play the game through Steam always, by using the steam key that was given with it. Am I missing something or do I simply not get achievements this way?

Naveen: Nevermind, I found them.

Scorpy: Are there 33 or 44 achievement in steam?

I think I've got 100% with 33 achievement but steam states I've got 25% to go

Ben: Scorpy: I think some of the achievements are hidden. I've got Coming Clean, Rooke Sympathizer, and one for a particular way of taking out the final target -- I suspect there are 8 of those. That leaves probably 1 hidden achievement I don't know about.

Tom: I think there is a bug with Open Ended Grudge. I got it when I was only maybe halfway through the game -- almost 3 hours before I finally took out the boss, per Steam stats.

Anyone: Do you have to reset the game to get both of the missions for the Payback and Let it Go achievements?

Ben: Just found "Alright, Have One! Just Stop!". That was hilarious.

Andy: Are the achievements meant to have a notification pop-up in game? I only see mine when I quit and look at the steam library, and its a little annoying.

Evan: Hey there, I really enjoyed this game. My only complaint is that I've already beaten it twice and there's no more content at the moment! Are there any plans for Steam workshop integration? I guess I could use people's save files if not, but it'd be awesome to see what sort of stuff people can come up with, given the game already has a level designer. I have an ideas for something to tweak for future patches Specifically, I was wondering if you've given some thought to re-tooling the mission skips? I beat the game, went back to some earlier levels that I hadn't yet gotten an A+ rating on, and noticed that the game gave me an automatic A+ rating when I chose to skip the mission. I think these are great, but felt like they were too easy of "gimme" scores, since you gain upgrade points based on level performance. I think it'd be more appropriate to award a C rating or some lower rating, which might give people a reason to go back and try to beat their old record. Not a big deal, but something that stuck out to me. In any case, great game, great sense of humor and hopefully there's more on the way!

minec90: Why level editor doesn't have all of these awesome things in actual game?
Well, thats only bad thing in whole game!

Cile: Best game evah! Dis achievements makes me play it more :3

Skars: Thank you Tom! Briliant game, very funny, those dialogs...o/

Lewis: Is there some secret Achievements ???