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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


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    I Like That You Can Slow Down

    Great new music is being released rapidly and randomly. Let me review some of it and give you some tracks.

    Architecture in Helsinki – Moment Bends

    Helsinki seem to reinvent themselves a little with every album these days. That Beep, the first single from this, has been out for almost three years, and is so funky and divergent that I’ve been itching to hear the rest of their latest experiments for way too long.

    Surprisingly, Moment Bends is more conventional than their previous stuff: That Beep is nuts, but it’s more or less alone. The rest are polished pop, obvious but effective hooks and sometimes openly sentimental lyrics. Yr Go To is narrowly the best, for blending that with a slightly spacey feel, as if they got distracted while idly producing a great pop song.

    Despite the loss of quirk, it’s a great album and easily the best of these three. The only bad track is Contact High, which they’re inexplicably using to promote it. It’s not just the worst track here, it’s the worst thing they’ve ever done. It has a last-verse key change, for Christ’s sake – why is that still legal?

    £7.49 Amazon MP3

    Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


    The Sounds – Something To Die For

    I only just got this, but Yeah Yeah Yeah is an instant favourite. The Sounds are usually pretty straightforward rock, but here they’re going a little more electronic – some tracks feel more about rhythms and samples than the conventional structure they’ve stuck to before. On Yeah Yeah Yeah it’s excitingly new, but the rest of the album isn’t standing up to Rubicon yet (see I’ve Got Confessions To Make).

    £7.90 Amazon MP3


    Low – C’mon

    A few highlights here, not least the tumbling Try To Sleep (below). Especially Me (and probably you, the chorus adds) is another – disarming and gorgeous. Nothing But Heart is the one with the gut-wrenching distortion in what I guess you’d call a trailer for the album, but in the rest of the song the endless repetition of the title grates enough to distract from the wall of guitar.

    The former two would have been at home on The Great Destroyer, a freakishly perfect album, so C’mon is a step up from the bleaker Drums & Guns.

    £7.90 Amazon MP3

    Bret: Agreeing on the Sounds.

    Good, and I'm liking it better on further listens, but nothing even comes close to I've Got Confessions to Make.

    Ed Fenning: I've been liking "Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros" recently, particularly these two songs - ...n-Rp2InGdA ...jFaenf1T-Y

    Other than that there's "I need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc, a nice traditional rythmn and blues track - ...R6oYX1D-0w

    If anyone has Spotify, do you mind dropping some sunny tracks into a playlist? I'm just getting anyone and everyone to add a few songs-

    http://open.spotify.... ...vhDxxBBKqu

    Nersh: Hey, some good songs by bands I've never heard of before! Thanks for the heads up!

    westyfield: I agree with you on The Sounds - Crossing The Rubicon is their best album so far. I haven't heard much Architecture In Helsinki before, I probably should have.
    Also - where can I get a suit like the chap on the left of that picture? WANT.

    Lack 26: I actually like the first two Sounds albums better, mind you, I don't actually own CtR so haven't listened to it as much.

    I got turned towards some new bands the other day,

    Fever Fever - ( ...qFVNw0pV6o) I like the high-temp beats, something not common in most of the music I listen to.

    Big Deal - ( ...S1XrH9077Q) Kind of get a Warpaint vibe from this band.

    John & Jehn ( ...dxJhzyNPbo)

    Most of the other things I've been listening to are well known bands like The National, Arcade Fire, Los Campesinos! and, Matt & Kim.

    James: AIH are one of my favourite bands. I'm going to see them next week for the second time, they are absolutely brilliant live.

    cheers for the recommendations. I quite enjoyed The Sounds but Low not so much.

    anyway, try out some of these.

    Northcote by The Bedroom Philosopher ( ...xZiae16Ry8) so it's a comedy song, but it's catchy and bitchy and I love it.

    Black Bugs by Regurgitator ( ...CA7--Qcp78) so the song's 14 years old now, and Regurgitator haven't released anything of quality since the early 2000's. but the first two albums are wonderful, and more than make up for their current crap.

    Greg! The Stop Sign! by TISM ( ...wI2NrVYqIE) my absolute favourite band of all time, the chorus of this song just sticks in your head. they put on some absolutely insane live shows, but they broke up after their guitarist died.