Death is Canceled for Space Halloween

For the duration of Space Halloween (27th of Space October to the 1st of Space November), life and death in the Drift will be a little different:

Removed: Death

Due to science, you cannot die during Space Halloween. Bleeding out, suffocating, or being incinerated in an exploding pod will permanently turn you into a living skeleton. Once Halloween is over, you’ll remain a skeleton but any lethal damage will finish you off. On the plus side, skeletons are undetectable by guard’s heat sensors, and can spacewalk indefinitely since they no longer need to breathe.

Actual Ghost Missions

When taking a mission with the Ghost Clause, you are now an actual ghost. As with real-life ghosts, you can still be seen but all attacks pass through you. You’ll return to normal once the mission is over.

Actual Skeleton Crew

Ships running a Skeleton Crew are now literally running a crew of skeletons. The skeletons are functionally the same as normal guards except that they can no longer feel hope.

Does That Mean I Could Potentially Become A Skeleton Ghost?

That’s a ridiculous question. Of course you can become a skeleton ghost.

A few other patch notes here. If you don’t have Heat Signature, well, getting it would be step one.

7 Replies to “Death is Canceled for Space Halloween”

  1. Became amazing space-assassin. Died. Became amazing skeleton space-assassin. Got flung into space and my own ship was destroyed trying to save me. Drifted far out into space, never dying…never killing again. Drifted further into deep space before realizing I could change my trajectory by firing my shotgun. Managed to get all the way back into main space and got close enough to home to wave at the bartender. Flew right passed it. Out of ammo. Drifted back into deep space in the other direction. Oh well, at least I don’t have to pay my bar tab.

    Love this game.


  2. Skeletons can’t suffocate, so I’m betting the reason Fiasco also doesn’t suffocate in the tutorial is because she is dead inside.

    Beyond the Halloween stuff, I like the Brick changes. That thing was in no way balanced.

    I hope we see the stealth shield, slipstream and angel nerfed in some manner next. And it almost goes without saying that the coldfire could use some work.

    In fact, I’d like to redact that last sentence. It goes without saying, and to suggest otherwise would be an insult to you, dear reader. By the way, dear reader, your feet smell.

    It is strange how the unbalanced Halloween event juxtaposes with the brick changes, but given that the event is temporary, I see no flaws with the update.

  3. I have nothing of substance to add, I just need to say that Tom is the greatest thing that ever happened to videogames. (Joint first place with Toys for Bob.)

  4. Nooo! Don’t nerf the slipstream! That’s my favorite item! One time, I was trying to complete a ghost clause (as a ghost, since it was Space Halloween) which required me to capture somebody, but in my attempts to draw him out with a loud noise, I attracted most of the guards on the ship to one location, and he was smack dab in the middle of them. So what did I do? I used a swapper on my target to teleport him to where I was hiding. Of course, this placed me in the middle of said group of guards, but I then used the slipstream to run away from them so fast that I was gone before they could tell what they’d seen. I ran back to my hiding spot, knocked out the guy, grabbed him, ran back through some more guards, then dived out a breach in the hull caused by an enemy ship so that my pod could pick us both up. It was amazing.

    Similarly, I think the stealth shield’s fine as well. You have to keep it pointed at the people you’re hiding from. I think that’s a good limitation.

    Can’t comment on the other pods, since I haven’t used any of them yet (though I would be curious to hear why NomadElves thinks the Coldfire is overpowered, since all it seems to do is make your pod undetectable to ships, which I thought was one of the lesser concerns on a mission anyway. The Angel, though, I understand completely, as it’s not too terribly difficult to avoid death already. Maybe it should reduce the effect of bleeding, instead of eliminating it entirely?).

    Guess I just wanted to chime in like Phil, and let you know, Tom, that one man’s OP item is another man’s pretty neat item.

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