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  1. Hi Tom,
    I’m just curious if you’ve ever tried the board game Galaxy Trucker. I’ve had the fortune of playing it a few times, and basically you hobble together a ship from facedown pieces for a limited amount of time before trying to use it to see how long you survive in random space encounters.

    Heat Sig is looking great compared to when I saw it a couple months ago, by the way :)

  2. Hi Tom, have you thought about implementing oxygen in heat signature, for example if you control the ship from the computer you could let out all the oxygen suffocating people or possibly suck them out into space. Just a suggestion, hope you consider it, keep up the good work!

  3. Glorious. Are we gonna get to see some space battles that we can manipulate to our advantage?

  4. Hey Tom, I am really looking forward to your next game. Gunpoint was just brilliant, wonderful story. Would be great if players could build their own story (for example entering text for the secondary objectives in the level editor). But apart from that: A+++!

  5. Keep up the good work Tom! It’s looking great and I really can’t wait. If it’s as good as Gunpoint I will be truly happy.

  6. Also, is there even the slightest chance of adding multiplayer in some form, to allow players to go against each other or to work for the same faction?

  7. Inspiring work. Loved Gunpoint. Ronin ran with ideas from Gunpoint, you know, but lost the interesting hacking bits. The capture mechanic interests me. Seems like playing Heat Signature could fluidly become more like FTL or Starships at some moments, but always directly maneuvering too, and with small fighter class ships too which won’t have distinct systems to program your targeting for. Obviously that’s not the spirit of the project right now, its more of a stealth Hotline Miami thing, which is a demanding execution already. That said, it might lend the stealth a significant feeling of clandestine dirty cheating if conventional warfare was an option. Seems like a potential expandalone thing? Along with a trading thing like Reccetear, journeying like 80 days scripted in simple language procedurally, Cook Serve Delicious running a resteraunt in the midst of all these space politics & history happening, Don’t get ahead of yourselves, Tom & John!!

    I presume (with no education) that you could easily tac on a system like Austin Powers and Shadow Of Mordor and Crusader Kings, where all the procedural characters have names, families, a superficially consistent place in the world and personality.

    My only real worry for this game is mission variance: Do they build to twists, turns, mult-fight struggles revolutionising galaxies with ideaological and thematic connotations? Besides just ‘blue’ team. The city-state liek neutrals are good already. If the design can facilitate a big nonlinear plot that people would usually script, hurrah. I guess you’ve got a bit of that dynamism Din’s Curse found so well. Now bring (a small, coherent) Dwarf Fortress inspired culture simulation to that and people would never look back!

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