Heat Signature Is Out!

Or you can buy it from the Humble Store.

Supporter’s Edition

There’s also a Supporter’s Edition, which comes with a bunch of fun extras:

  • Play through Heat Signature’s development with 8 early prototypes from its 3.5 year development.
  • Watch 9 developer commentary videos showing and explaining its evolution: from drilling through hulls to liberating empires. (Total: 70 minutes)
  • Own the full soundtrack in 320kbps MP3 format. (19 tracks, 83 minutes)

And on the Humble Store.

Technical Issues

If you’re having any technical issues, we’re posting any known solutions here, and you can report bugs to us here.


3 Replies to “Heat Signature Is Out!”

  1. Hey Tom, been following the development of the game a while! Do you get a better cut of the sale with Humble or with Steam?

  2. My friend, LemonSoup lost his first character, Jazz Asante, while on a mission to earn the funds needed to buy the kit necessary to kill the Foundry officer who murdered her daughter.

    I was given a character, Caeli Alphecca, with the personal mission to “Rescue my friend, Jazz Asante, from the Glitchers.”

    Caeli immediately went to work:

    Caeli has no knockouts on record. Only four enemies have seen her and lived to tell the tale. A few hundred corpses later, this was the result:

    Once rescued, Jazz went from this:

    To this:

    So now she’s this:

    I friggin’ love this game.

  3. Congrats on the release. I’m really enjoying the game. Played it for 10 hours and I have encountered zero bugs so far. For a game bought seconds after release, no bugs is a very new thing to me.

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