Testing, Wishlists, And A New Video

As promised on Twitter, I recently sent everyone on our mailing list instructions on how to get in on a new alpha test of Heat Signature. Keys went out to the first 2,000 people to do so, but I’ll also be keeping the testing list active and inviting people to future alphas from there, so you can still get on it now if you haven’t already. Clarification: this says you can still get on the list, not you can still get in on this alpha test. That test is over and there’s no date for the next one.

If you’re in the alpha:

  • Yes, it’s fine to stream, screenshot, write about, and publish videos of, monetised or otherwise!
  • As requested in the invite mail, please don’t send me bug reports on Twitter or DM or e-mail, I’m getting bombarded with these from all sides and I can’t sort through them this way. Using the form means I have it all in one place.

If you’re press or anyone with an audience:
I’d like to fix the first batch of crashes and bugs before I really recommend you play it. Once I’ve done that, I’ll get in touch. If I haven’t already told you I’ll send you a key, DM @HeatSig (DMs are open) to let me know you’re interested.

If you’re just a regular joe, real salt-of-the-earth type, good people, never hurt nobody, keeps emselves to emselves:
Did you see we have a store page now? And a new short video? And that you can Wishlist the game, so you’ll be told when it’s out? See those things!

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  1. I have retried the alpha key from my spam folder – thanks, GMail! Is there a way to use it without Steam? The email said I needed to use Windows but it didn’t say I needed to use Steam.

  2. Oh crap i just looked in my spam folder and found it! didnt realize it was in there just thought i got passed up. only a day left to test! D:

  3. G’day from Australia
    Oh dang, I just checked my spam folder and saw the email with the key. Only 0 days left to test!

    I’ll just enjoy the experience of the final game instead.

  4. Hey man I remember signing up for this but I think my spam folder deleted the email is it ok if you can resend it?

  5. Fing spam filters kept me from trying this game… Hope another one happens + I don’t lose it to Gmail this time!

  6. I hope there’s some fun stuff like Easter eggs. which I love in games (especially Halo)

  7. Psst, it’s still going on! I’m having trouble fixing a crash I can’t reproduce, so if you got a key you can still help. Been posting about in on Twitter @HeatSig or in the sidebar here on spaceships.cool

  8. What is defined as “an audience”? Follow-up question: Does my mum count as an audience?

  9. Hey ^_^!

    I replied pretty sharpish to the email about registering (or re-registering) to get a beta invite. Been really looking forward to this game! It came in the small hours of the morning (GMT) and I replied within 10 minutes!

    I figured when I heard nothing you were maybe being overly organised and I was being impatient. Clearly not, just searched to see if there was any info and I found myself here. Guess I missed out :/

  10. hey just wondering I just joined the mailing list yesterday I was just wondering when I can get the instructions and the key so I can test the game.

  11. @Ethan, people are sent emails with the alpha key at random now, so only a few people will actually get one. The “sign up and get a key” thing passed a while ago, and I doubt as many people will get keys with NerdCubed’s video.

  12. If i kill everyone else, do i get the key? Because this game looks brilliant and i will fight you all for it

  13. I get that the Alpha is Windows-only (which makes sense, for sure), but is there any possiblity the full game will be available for Mac or Linux?

  14. Now I know I am a younger person but I want to review your game because it looks to be different from I usually play. I put a lot of effort into each of my videos and edit them carefully and hope to make this game one of my best videos yet and work super hard on editing. I hope that I can review this game soon even though I am a small time You tuber The summer has just begun for me and I hope I can put out more and more videos.

  15. All I can say is: after the paragon of interesting-ness that was GunPoint, I’ve got faith that you know how to make this idea work well.

    If I had money to throw at you, you’d already be picking it out of your teeth.

  16. Guys, Why can’t I donate money to you? Not cool.
    Or I am just blind and can’t find how. Not cool either.

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