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  1. Looks very awesome, but are the debris being sucked out of the breach, through the door on the other side, and into the module across from it?

    I can’t wait to play this game.

    Just a suggestion: Maybe the things and people being sucked towards an open airlock should accelerate to a halt once the airlock closes, instead of instantaneously, if they end up staying in the ship. It might help the game’s feel.

    But it’s just a small thing. And I’m sure you’ve already got a lot on your mind. Just keep up the awesomeness! :)

  3. Snail: Nah, everything’s just flying into space. I show it on top of the ship’s interior so you can see where it goes.

    guy: which thing are you seeing that stops suddenly? They should slow to a halt already.

  4. The enemies, I think? In the gif they appeared to be stopping suddenly, as soon as the airlock closed. But I’m probably mistaken. Sorry.

  5. Have to agree with guy here, the enemy at the top left at the end of the clip starts walking again immediately after the airlock closes, which looks kinda weird.

    Still, I look forward to assassinating all my targets via asphyxiation.

  6. Is it just me or does a live enemy appear out of a dead enemy’s corpse at the end of the gif when the airlock closes?? If it does, Tom, get on it and fix this hilarious bug! If it doesn’t, I blame the tiny image.

  7. can you make this game to beable to play on lowend pcs? because i have a vista and i only have 1gig of ram and i was wondering if you could make the recomended ram only 512mb. also you have you ever thought of adding defense turrets? they could be put on the wall and will shoot at you when they see you to make the game a little bit more of a challange. also great work so far i cant wait to play the game if my pc can handle it.

  8. Why is there a random corpse sticking 3/4 into the wall? And do corpses not have physics, or did it just not get sucked out because it was a bit stuck in the wall?

  9. Are you going to be adding any additional gadgets like maybe something you can equip to a ship to make it stealth or mines that just takes out one crew member?

  10. can you add random fleets of ships gruoped together gaurding a big one were you have to steal something from it, and take out the ships gurading it beforehand? that would make the game a little bit more fun and chalenging

  11. I am wondering, do you use the built-in physics engine in Heat Signature or have you used it in Gunpoint?

  12. Looks great, and its just reminds me a little of some of the old platform games I use to play.

    Wondering is there any alpha or beta testing involved, as glad to help out something as fresh and new.

    Also I am a rather old man but with games playing mind still glowing, since the golden days of space invaders in the arcades.

    Well as they say if you don’t ask you don’t get.

    Would be nice…



  13. Awesome, this game is shaping up to be epic, and every time I see an update I wish that I hadn’t let my friends drag me away from your booth back at EGX. Will you be at Rezzed?

    Also, I love that you accomplished this in GM:S! I’ve made naught but crap with it, and you use a lot of Draw functions, which I’m mostly clueless about; do you have a place where you were taught how to make this stuff, or…?


    PS: I’m only asking due to the fact that I am a mere babby 16 year old, so some decent place to learn more comprehensive and complex features of GM would be really useful, thanks!

  14. Hey, Wouldn’t it be awesome if these guys worked on SS13? You guys make Space games look easy! of course thats a lie, but heat signature looks amazing in what it looks like it can become, and plainly fun right now, I just think that if you guys did something as complex and as stupidly fun as SpaceStation 13, people would LOVE YOU.

    Thats just my though….and I totally dont regret it.

  15. since you might be ading factions, on missions were you have to steal some thing can you have a number of smaller ships of the same faction guarding the bigger one with the special cargo? that would be interesting to have in the game.

  16. also will this game have a lan mode? because it would be fun if you could play at a friends house or something.

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