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Tom Francis


John Roberts


John Winder


John Halpart


Tom Francis
John Roberts

Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox

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Heat Signature Screenshots

Here’s what Heat Signature looks like these days! The new art is by the multi-talented John Roberts, who also did art for our last game, Gunpoint. Next week I’ll put up a trailer to show all this in action. For those who haven’t seen it moving yet, there’s no break between inside and out: you zoom smoothly from the scale of these interior shots to the big-scale space battles.

When I have new shots in future, I’ll add them on this page and take down any outdated ones. I’ll keep the first three as reasonably representative ones, then below them it’ll be newest-first. Everyone has permission to use these shots in any articles or videos, print or online, as long as you make it clear what game they’re from.

Heat Signature Approach

Runner 2014-10-21 21-46-58-92

Heat Signature Open Area

GoD Peach

Galaxy Fade Green

Runner 2014-11-01 19-20-09-00

Orange aqua galaxy

Salmon constellation

Blue Ship

Red Offworld

Blue pink thrust

Screenshot Saturday - Hijacking

Galaxy Fade Purple

GoD Green

Runner 2014-10-12 16-56-18-25

Runner 2014-10-15 16-09-08-20


Runner 2014-10-15 16-23-22-27

Runner 2014-10-18 18-33-55-18

Runner 2014-10-21 16-14-03-64

Runner 2014-11-08 14-22-57-48

Runner 2014-11-08 18-44-59-12

Runner 2014-11-08 18-45-03-16

Runner 2014-11-08 18-45-11-70

Runner 2014-11-08 18-46-29-92

Runner 2014-11-08 18-48-00-03

Runner 2014-11-08 18-51-07-09

Runner 2014-11-08 19-41-16-28

Runner 2015-02-09 15-03-30-09

Runner 2015-02-10 14-32-05-63

Runner 2015-02-10 15-00-33-10

Runner 2015-02-10 15-11-03-72

Runner 2015-04-30 17-49-51-47

Runner 2015-04-30 17-36-00-74

Runner 2015-04-30 16-37-05-89

Runner 2015-04-30 12-06-39-49

Runner 2015-04-30 12-59-53-61

Runner 2015-04-30 10-06-52-61

Runner 2015-04-29 14-48-49-30

Runner 2015-05-03 13-39-47-20 pink

Runner 2015-05-03 18-37-37-69 orange

Runner 2015-05-08 20-24-53-15 green

Wrenched Full


CR: Just noticed that the player character seen here is clearly male. Will there be a choice of gender or will the player character always be male?

Tom Francis: Choice!

I hope to let you choose from a selection of randomly generated characters scattered all over the galaxy each time you start a new life, so there'll be some variety beyond these too.

CS: Are you going to try retain the blocky outer appearance of the larger vessels, or are you going to try and add some buffering around the edges to smooth them out? It's looking really good, by the way.

Alec Downing: Tom, you have no idea how excited I am for this game. This definitely is my most anticipated game of the year, I really hope I get the chance to do some beta testing when it starts!

Josh Gunderson: Wow, this is looking great!

Jason L: There are only so many helmets in the world, but the combination of that long helmet with rounded back and some things about the outfit's shoulders consistently make me think of Saga's Prince Robot IV.

John Roberts: @CS Yeah we have a bunch of fringe tiles that can be used to buffer the edges, but they aren't in yet. They might mess with collision and/or readability though, so we will have to experiment!

Mara: I love how this looks, wow! :D
Amazing how much of a difference actual art makes to a first impression. I also really like the plans for choice of character and look forward to seeing what kind of story we will end up having (either/both emergent and scripted).

Zekiel: Wow this really good! Anticipation circuits upgraded.

MasterTom[NL]: Mate... it looks beautiful!

Loved Gunpoint... this looks VERY promising as well... keep it up!

Cheers, Tom.

sebmojo: you need to keep that hugely overpowered physics in because it's hilarious

it's like your placeholder punching for gunpoint, it just makes everything ludicrously fun/funny.

Sergey Snegirev: Looks great! I think the in-ship view should be zoomed in without the option to zoom so far out so that you see the whole ship from above. This way you'll have two definitely different game modes: flight mode and in-ship mode. And you'll really have to explore the ship without knowing what it looks like behind next corner. Like in most movies where you board an unknown ship.

Sami: Looking great! Gunpoint is a great game, so I am really excited for this one as well. The art looks amazing!

Nisse: Aah! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Guest: Will there be multiplayer, and if so, how far will it be down the line?

Yury Santos: Played the alpha yesterday, regret that I didn't knew about it before. The game got me hooked, and only on the alpha so far. Looking forward to the full game, the game is beautiful and amazing, keep it up!

pedromvnreis: I love your work! I wish a lot of success!

Zachary Wilson: I can't wait for this game!!!! I just hope my laptop can run it.

X3N0: This game looks amazing! Have a good day

FtpApoc: Love the look the game, the dynamic and every small little detail i see. such a charming personality at the helm too, wish i could claim i want to buy this to support tom, but its mostly greed because this game looks so damn good