Suspicious Developments unveils legitimate rebranding exercise

BATH, UNITED KINGDOM – June 8, 2012 – Suspicious Developments, acclaimed developer of nothing so far, today announced a comprehensive overhaul of its brand and image. The centrepiece of the radical new look is a bold logo update that dramatically refreshes its January 2012 predecessor, designed by experimental UK startup m.bezl for a reported £1.3 million.

January 2012

June 2012

Suspicious Developments director Tom Francis, who is also the sole shareholder of m.bezl, praised the new design. “With this overhaul, we are both literally and figuratively tearing down the walls that were constraining our brand, our corporate thinking, and several unfed hostages.”

Francis dismissed fears that the change may be too drastic. “Revolutionary ideas are always disruptive, but I’m confident that the new branding represents our company’s core values of innovation, connectedness and fraud.”

13 Replies to “Suspicious Developments unveils legitimate rebranding exercise”

  1. As a failed graphic designer turned software engineer who is always told his color scheme choices are ‘beyond awful’ I like the previous version better.

  2. OMG good to know otherwise I wouldn’t recognize them or him as the same company anymore.
    *phu* now I should buy some stocks of SD. They or he seem to skyrocket in the next few days

  3. This is my favorite corporate logo re-branding for a company with poor fiscal responsibility on this particular website.

  4. How many hostages can you fit inside this small white space? Did you squeeze them between the letters?

  5. Despite a new corporate logo redesign two years ago, Suspicious Developments had not changed the site’s favicon, retaining the January 2012 version.

    Analysts suggest this indicates the high degree of disagreement within the single-man board of Suspicious Developments, with praise at the time by CEO and Managing Director Tom Francis of the redesign undermined by organisational ambivalence.

    Insiders have told Suspicious Developments Insider (SDI) magazine that it is Chief Financial Officer Tom Francis that had blocked moves to have the CIO, also Tom Francis (no relation), make the change.

    The situation will undeniably undermine investor confidence in the burgeoning start-up, with #2 investor Sylvester McCoy telling this journalist, “Who are you? No, I have nothing to do with that company! Will you people please just stop calling!”

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