Suspicious Developments headquarters broken into

BATH, UNITED KINGDOM – January 21, 2012 – The headquarters of UK game developer Suspicious Developments were broken into last night by the company’s own director, Tom Francis.

The break-in is said to have occured when Francis attempted to enter the building, which is also his house, and found one of its two locks unresponsive to key-based opening techniques. No local locksmiths were available, so an emergency meeting of the board of director was held.

By a unanimous vote of one to no-one else was there, the board elected to not be outside anymore. The board then climbed a nearby railing to achieve the necessary height to strike at the non-functioning lock, and extended its foot with force. The lock, which was not available for comment, detached from the internal door frame after six strikes.

“Fuck,” the board announced.

The developer’s headquarters are now secured with the remaining functional lock. The board then poured itself a glass of wine and fell asleep watching Justified.

12 Replies to “Suspicious Developments headquarters broken into”

  1. Hahahahaha. You are on a fast track to becoming my new favorite developer. I just got Gunpoint today, awesomely done Suspicious Developments. Pure Brilliance.

  2. That “unresponsive” lock was MY WIFE! She refused to open up to me because we had a fight the day before. You didn’t have to KILL HER! YOU SON OF A TURKEY BASTER I’LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS!

  3. Bought two copys of your game! I really hope for a gunpoint 2 or any other game from you for that matter.

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