Regular commenter lack_26 “got a bit bored and ended up making the UCD-Pepper-spray Cop, so of course I eventually ended up putting it into a gunpoint screenshot”. It is amazing!

Luckily, Conway’s Teflon Hyperface renders him immune to lachrymatory agents.

11 Replies to “Spraypoint”

  1. Now lack_26 will also send in fan art showing the Occupiers throwing Molotov cocktails into banks, blocking traffic during rush hour, and dumping human feces outside their encampments, right?

  2. “Blocking traffic during rush hour” <- I think he may have said that with a straight face! Well done sir!

  3. True, Jason L, it was a great plan! All those people just trying to get home to their families? No doubt as they sat there in a haze of exhaust fumes on the Brooklyn Bridge, they were thinking to themselves “wow, now I totally support those protestors.” Are the Molotov cocktails also OK with you, by the way?

  4. I could do that, but that sounds like it takes time and effort, which are very effective barriers against me doing something. That and it isn’t as funny as Pike casually walking around pepper-spraying all the things.

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