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Tom Francis


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John Winder


John Halpart


Tom Francis
John Roberts

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Heat Signature Will Be At Rezzed 2016 Next Week

Hello! I’ll be at Rezzed in London next week, 7-9 April 2016, and you can come and play Heat Signature while I watch, panic, and frantically patch it on a different PC. Saturday’s sold out, but Thurs and Fri tickets are still available. Our artist John Roberts made this fantastic piece for our booth:


Tikey: You're gonna need a bigger ship. .../jaws.jpeg

Valour: That art is amazing! I know it's a lot to ask, but could you make it available in wallpaper format?

Turbanator: Just wondering, if a ship notices you as you dock, does it then proceed to blow itself up?

Anonymous: Is that background art supposed to look like a shark eating your ship

I WANT THIS GAME SO FING BAD: When is it coming out :((((

Haecceity: Heat Signature is really a seafaring game, when you think about it.