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What It’s Like Showing Heat Signature To The Press

I used to be press! Now I’m a developer. So I’m showing them my game, and trying to figure out if what I’m showing is exciting. Here’s what that’s like. I would like it known that I really am saying ‘Alec’ when I refer to Alec but it sounds a bit like Alex because of a mouth thing. A similar mouth thing to when I appear to say ‘intereted’ right after.

Jason L: Technically true! Both are mouth things!

Also, because of my NoScript and ImgLikeOpera settings, the content of this page begins: 'What It's Like Showing Heat Signature to the Press

An error occurred.'
Seems appropriate.

Karl Quigley: Hi Tom,

My name is Karl Quigley and I run a blog centred mainly around games.

I have been following Heat Signature for some time and was wondering if there was a preview build available.

I would love to cover it during the development and upon release. I had a lot of fun with Gunpoint and can't wait to see how this project turns out.

All the best,