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Galactic Zoom In Heat Signature

Heat Signature’s universe has been infinite since day 2 or 3, but until now you’ve only been able to see a meager 35,000 x 35,000 pixels of it at once. I knew at some point I wanted to let you see an overview of the part of space you’re in, a collection of vast gas clouds that I think is going to be called The Grove. But I wasn’t sure if this would have be a map mode or if we could zoom smoothly from one to the other. I’m still not sure if the latter is viable performance-wise, or even if it’s the right way to go, and the galaxy is ugly at the moment, but for what it’s worth I made it and here it is: (CPU warning, mega-GFY!)

I tweeted about how I approached this as I went, here are those tweets:

I also added actual heat signatures for the first time!

Heat Signatures


Shaddap: Awesome!

Mark: "Title Finally Relevant"?

Alec Downing: Hope this feature stays, really shows the vastness of the game. Also, very much like the name "The Grove".

George: Looks fantastic! And I agree that "The Grove" is a great name that will give me pleasant GTA: San Andreas flashbacks.

Zekiel: Looks lovely!

TeaDrinker: I would say that having heat signatures should be an unlockable thing, not present from the start. This way there could be an actual "Title Finally Relevant" achievement.

Bric3d: It's looking quite amazing !