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Throw a wrench, change the galaxy.


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Tom Francis


John Roberts


John Winder


John Halpart


Tom Francis
John Roberts

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New Heat Signature Trailer Shows Art, Music, Wrenches And Guns


Jason L: This seemed as good a place as any. Did you at some point try letting connected room tiles blob together into larger rooms sometimes rather than always being joined by hatch corridors? It feels like having more than two shapes of space to navigate would add factors you like to the boarding portion.

Does the grid-based wall art make variable-width corridors possible?

ovidian: The first thing I though of when I saw the green box was: "I wonder if anyone else is getting missions from that?"

Are you unique in the fiction, the only one taking orders from this mysterious entity? Or is there a chance you might see another specialized-boarding-craft-thing docked for a moment when you arrive at box?

(Because the second would do much for my sense of place.)

dimitri: Rad. I can't wait for testing.

Alec Downing: Looks amazing. Cannot wait to test this game! Also please keep the wrench physics, they are the best haha.

Ewan: Cant Wait for testing, great physics ;)
will there be other ways to get missions, from a story perspective?

Jimoc: I watched that video and laughed every time you hit someone with the wrench!!!
If you released the game right now with only wrench slapping I dont think it would ever get old :)

Good job.

Alda: The game looks wonderful; I especially liked the flying, it looks very polished.

Oh, and please, PLEASE leave the slapping physics just as it is!

Timmo: Hallelujah I guess

Jack Price: So, do you have any idea when testing will be available? I can't wait!

Ben: Now. I want this now.

DkCn: The game look amazing and the wrench/punch physic are hilarious! Can't wait to buy the game

Ben: It looks so good! Keep the wrench physics. Can't wait for testing.

qwert5550: this game looks great, i can't wait for testing to come out! i just hope the recomonded requirments for heat sig are only 512mb of ram other wise ive waited so long for nothing, but if i can play the game it will be realy fun, especially with freinds if that is possable with this.

Warren Christiansen: Looks like fun, graphics & new gameplay elements are really coming along.

jay2s: The second time you said "green cube" I misheard it as "Queen Cube." I think there's something whimsical and pleasant about taking oders from something called Queen Cube.