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Heat Signature Playable At EGX And Fantastic Arcade

Heat Signature will be playable at two different events next month, in the UK and the US!

18-21 September: Fantastic Arcade at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, US
25-28 September: Eurogamer Expo (EGX) in Earls Court, London, UK

I’ll be at both events to talk you through it and answer any questions with “I don’t know,” “No,” or “We’ll see.” I’ll also be doing some form of presentation at each, probably involving playing the game myself and explaining my plans.


Earlier this year I also made a game with artist and designer Liselore Goedhart, in which two players steer the tongues of anteaters and battle each other like disgusting slithery light-cycles as they compete for ants. That’s SimAntics: Realistic Anteater Simulator, and it will also be playable at Fantastic Arcade!

And for EGX, I commissioned my friend and graphic designer Natalie Hanke (who I worked with on Distance) to create this spectacularly pink poster!

Heat Signature Poster EGX 3000


Harry Ashomre: awesome, can't wait to come and try the game out at eurogamer

Sam H: See you in Austin.

Sean Key: do you have to buy a fantastic fest badge to go? i'm in austin and i don't want to miss the chance to meet you.

Saykhar: I'm really excited about this game. Really well done wallpaper. This game will do great :)

Eric Gorski: Boss! see you in Austin.

Taha Nasir: Damn! I was there yesterday and reaaaaally wanted to play this, but my friends would've ditched me to go play something terrible. If I'd known it was your game I would have played it for sure! I must've stood right next to you, too! Damn it. Hope to see a purchasable version soon, I have a massive soft spot for stealth AND for random generation.

Yoshicolo: So I love the concept of this game and cant wait till it is on steam. Idk what your plans are for this but here are two things I think would make this game! First: shells. Put armor and shells on the ships so that they look like ships! Right now it looks like im watching a virus infect cells thru a microscope. This would also add a level of difficulty. Two: factions and war. This would gice the game a goal or objectice and a possible but hard to reach endgame. Just a few suggestions probably not worth their letters but I think it would make this game a game you play for a hundred hours as opposed to 20