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Heat Signature Needs An Artist And A Composer

I've now made enough of Heat Signature to be fairly sure of what it is, which means a) here's a new trailer!

And b) I'm ready to start looking for an artist and a composer to work with!

Update: the deadline has passed and applications are now closed! We got a lot! More as I sort through them.

I'd like to do it the same way I did for Gunpoint, with Open Submissions. That means anyone can send in a sample of what they can do, and I'll pick the best artist and the best composer based on that. In this post I'll explain loads about what we're looking for, but the highlights are:

✓ Paid!
✓ No experience required!
✓ Work from anywhere!
✓ Flexible hours!
✓ Game already works!
✓ Application deadline: [EXPIRED!]

About the game

Why open submissions?

Who can apply

Sending samples

The work: music

The work: art

Time frame


How we'll work

Practical considerations

How to submit:
Alas, it is too late! As mentioned at the top, the deadline has now passed.


Tom Resnick: Greetings, Mr Francis!

My name is Tom Resnick, and I’m a gamer, sci-fi nerd, and composer with an interest in video games (indies, in particular). I stumbled upon "Heat Signature" via Google not long ago, and I LOVE the concept and how it's coming along. I love space games, and your take on stealth is fresh and unique. Keep up the fine work!

It piqued my curiosity, and I thought I'd contact you to see if "Heat Signature" might make use of an original musical soundtrack, with a simple layered structure that might amplify the player's experience of both tension and successful infiltration (quiet "ambience" for deep space, with added layers based on proximity to ship, when a ship is boarded, when guards are aware of the player, etc). I'd love to dialogue with you about an original score.

You can take a listen to some of my composition work on my Soundcloud page at - and I've included a few direct links to "relevant examples" of sci-fi sounding pieces below. From fully-orchestral to synthesized electronica (and often a fusion of both), I love the musical language of science fiction.

In any case, keep up the fine work, sir! Can't wait to play the finished product.

Tom Resnick

Tyler Funk: That's a long list! I'll try figuring out a graphic style for the player first, and I think I know how segmenting can work in GameMaker with different sprites being layered (I think I've done it before) so I'll look into that as well for different armor, haircuts, etc. I haven't read through everything yet, but is there a deadline for all of this?

Ismael Bahia: Hi ! Just wanted to tell you I can do the editing for your trailer for free ^^'.

ghosttie: Hey, how about having the ability to sabotage ships? Sneak into the engine room and mess with the engine then run to your ship before it blows up...

It could be an alternate way to assassinate someone.

Anonymous: I love the way fuel barrels work. Have you considered transportable explosives for situations where a fuel barrel isn't handy?

Daniel (Doogie) Gray: To senior Francis,
I got referred to this by Tyler Funk here to showcase my spriting work to you. I use a program/game called the BSF ship editor, which has limited use as a general spriting but extreme potential in regards to top-down sci-fi spaceshippery. Naturally, you can see why I would jump at the chance to showcase it.
Referred here is the forums for the program, which is in a state of life-support with only about 5 active members. However, it is also a great showcase for my work.
Here are some of my threads.
http://www.wyrdysm.c... ...038;t=7200
http://www.wyrdysm.c... ...038;t=6956
(you should probably look at the later posts in this one)
http://www.wyrdysm.c... ...038;t=7283
This was simply a player concept I made for Tyler. However, it is possible to duplicate stuff like this, in case you're interested.

Daniel (Doogie) Gray: Oh, and I'll do it for free. Mainly because I won't quite be able to devote excessively large amounts of time to this.

Harry: Just wanted to say that this look rely awesome and having played gun point i am rely excited for this to come out as well as being more than happy to beta test anything.

Also i rely like your commentary on the video, a lot of people are very dull and boring when they show of their games and generally don't tell you much out of what they want to show you but i rely like the way you have done this and i am looking forward to more videos in the future.

Jason L: Always support the Danger Layer

Coady Fitzgerald: Would love to be a part of this experience! I am currently working on and 80's soundtrack for a short film and have several different genres on my soundcloud from house, to themes, to electronic pop! Thank you for your consideration!

Coady Fitzgerald: Link didn't work! sent an email!

Luke: Ship interiors are currently 32x32. Are we stuck to this, or can we go bigger?


K1T: Hi, Sorry for being short(sending from my phone).
Im a composer, I dont really care about money, but i always wanted to take a part of game developing.
Im a proffesional composer and artist.
Im signed with Plasmapool Ent. Have expirence composing for movies.
My sc pages:


rockie steventon: i am a 2nd year university student that would be glad to help out in the art and design side of Heat Signature, my digital technology and design coarse leaves me with plenty of time to work on my own subjects. i have more then just one style of art. i would be happy to have spear money as i am a student :)
above link my art page

Arthur Varkvasov: Film, TV, Game Composer: Collaboration Offer

Visit my site - there are my credits and many music of different genres:


kinggamer1235: I am AWESOME

kinggamer1235: oops

James Pritchard: Hey tom!, In gamemaker you can disable the anti-aliasing by going into "Global game settings" and disabling "interpolate colours between pixels" in the graphics tab of each OS.

Hope this helps in not restricting the type of art you would consider for Heat Sig's graphics, can't wait for it!

Vincentius: Hello, Tom. I saw your video about Heat Signature (as deduction might suggest) and heard you needed a composer.

It just so happens I married one. She's not particularly shy or anything. Just a bit knackered at the moment (early morning right now) and it felt like time was of the essence.

She was a famous DJ in New York, under the name Sedona. Her music was also appreciated and became popular in Denmark for some reason. She composed, and still do, a lot of original works. One of her specialities is electronic/techno, but also symphonic music. Both of which might suit a game of the future/sci-fi genre.

She has been doing professional work before, not just several gigs and performances at clubs, but also sold one song loop to a car commercial.

She's practically rubbing shoulders with Quincy Jones.

So, if you're interested, feel free to send a mail to:

Also, she comes from the Taiwanese royal family, so if you believe in feudal Chinese customs. She is the obvious choice.

Camilo Rojas: Hey I just saw your trailer and im in love with the concept of the game, Id love to work with you.

let me tell you a bit more about myself

My name is Camilo Rojas, 24 years old, chilean and im majoring in graphic design and digital arts, my main skills focus on creating concept art, digital illustration, texturing and 3d modeling.

I can create some cool stuff for your ships and let me attach some work I just created as a "sample" id like to expand things a lot with different styles that could work with the layout of the ships.

I've done some work for videogame projects and its my ever lasting dream to put my grain of sand in a game.

about the payment I can work hourly or with a contract with a fixed period of time and some goals for each month of work, I work fast and I love to experiment different styles for things. ...77UsT4.jpg
a small sample I just did

Heat Signature trailer shows more sneaky spaceship hijacking; Suspicious Developments looking for partners in crime | Teen Patti: […] of how the game is looking now. In a remarkable twist of fate, Francis has uploaded a video of equivalent length here, together with the news that he’s looking for an artist and composer to work on the game. […]

DickGristle: Hey Tom. I'm sure you have this all in hand, but just a note from a freelance art standpoint: When you get to picking people, it's absolutely worth clarifying the exact details when you do your contracts. Things like how frequently you'll ask for updates, what exactly are your criteria for bonuses, etc.

Your notes sound super fair and generous, and I'm sure you're not looking to screw anyone, but often artists and musicians can end up feeling screwed later on, and it can sour relationships, if they have a different idea of what was expected of them.

This is a good thing to watch from an artists perspective: ...and this is an entertaining look at art contracts which also gives some insight... .

Simon David: Hi Tom,

I wanted to put myself forward for the project, as I've had a look at the trailer and the game looks extremely exciting!

In terms of experience: I've been composing music for the last 15 years and recently completed an album of videogames-inspired music in support of Child's Play Charity, now up on iTunes and others. This has received critical acclaim from a number of sources, including IndieGameMagazine, and FirstLook magazine (more info on those available from the website). I use professional-level kit and software to produce music which I think would be worthy in terms of originality and quality of your fabulous game!

In terms of the type and quality of the music I make, the best thing for now might be to have a listen to the recent album - the tracks on there represent the minimum quality I would hope to provide for you, and they are also very varied, which might give you a chance to see some of the different styles I've already worked with, spanning synth-centric and full orchestral tracks. You can listen to many of these for free via the website, and if you'd like a code for full access, then I'd be happy to send this over - just drop me a line at the address below. If we were to work together on the game, I'd love to chat with you about any ideas you may already have about styles/riffs/concepts you already have in mind for the game, and we can take it from there.

I am off on my honeymoon tomorrow, so I won't be around for a couple of weeks, but do drop me an e-mail if you're interested, and I'll try to put some initial ideas together for you to listen to (which I may do anyway just for fun!) when I get back.

Thanks for the opportunity, and best of luck finding the right guys - it's all VERY exciting! :)

Simon David (

Fin C: "How to submit... Send an e-mail" Uh, guys?

Niko: "... Possibly surrendering..."
Tom, you listened to me, you cool dude!

Kirk Mitchell: Not an official submission, but I was playing about with Heat Signature in mind and wound up making this:

John Mechalate: Wish I saw this earlier...

wanted to make art

M-A: Hello Mr.Francis. I'm the guy with the extremely late submission and I'd like to say that I am excited at the aspect of working on a game. I won't keep my hopes up too high as I know there are probably lots of submissions but it is appreciated that I could have the chance to apply. Thanks again for the thousandth time! -MA
(yes I too, regret this already *as I click that button*)

Eric: Sent an email, just thought I would share with others. My work on a dynamic soundtrack:

Kirk Mitchell: Eric, this is some superb stuff! Gorgeous transitions, and I really like the little atmospheric touches like the Ship Tone.

Kirk Mitchell: Did a composite of the animations and graphics I sent Tom earlier. Posting here because I'd prefer to avoid spamming his already flooded inbox! I imagine the last thing you'd want if you had to sift through that many submissions is a whole bunch of late additions. Plus, that might be cheating? I think it might be cheating.

Anyways! ...0vtczgE

And of course, I'm dreadfully curious what everyone else has done!

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