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Tom Francis

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John Roberts

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Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

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John Robert Matz

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Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Patch 2 Now Live On Steam And Humble Store

Update: now live on Humble too – grab it again from the link you got when you bought.

As promised, I just made a second patch live that should address most resolution/screen related issues. Here are the notes! If you bought from this site, I’ll update this post when the new version is available to download.

New features:

  • Added a more visible and obvious way to abort a mission and change your screen settings if they turn out to look weird.
  • The first time you play after this patch, you’ll be asked to choose your resolution. This is a one-time thing for the benefit of anyone who’s stuck in one that doesn’t work.
  • Added a ‘Safe mode’ resolution that should work for everyone, and which you can get to using only the keyboard if necessary (in case the current setting is so bad you can’t even click on the right buttons).
  • Added a ‘Native mode’ resolution option that’ll detect and match your screen’s native res. Be aware, though, that anything over 1920×1200 is always going to look odd, because Gunpoint’s levels don’t actually *have* that many pixels. Something around 1280×720 usually looks better and runs smoother.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a thing the resolution menu was doing when switching between two non-native resolutions that I thought was clever but then turned out not to be clever and, in fact, confusing and annoying for all.
  • Tweaked the way manual savegames work to prevent a) loading savegames from older versions and causing a crash (my fault), and b) accidentally loading a savegame from several missions ago and regretting it (your fault, but I wasn’t helping).
  • An achievement misconfiguration caused the game to believe all players had found all laptops and defeated the final enemy in all possible ways. Understandably impressed, the game unlocked these achievements for almost everyone. Since it no longer knows your real laptop/takedown counts, I think we’ll just call this part of Conway’s backstory and remove those achievements. Each way of dealing with the final enemy still has its own achievement.

Progress on future fixes:

The .dll crash and music cutting out: I’m increasingly convinced these are to do with the middleware I used for music, or how I implemented it, so my next job is to put together a music-free beta that affected players can switch to. If that works, it might be time to look for a new way of handling music.

Slowdown: I now learn that this is a common problem for Game Maker 8.0 and Game Maker 8.1 games – Hotline Miami and Stealth Bastard both encountered it. So it’s probably not a scripting thing I can fix quickly. I have a few possible avenues to pursue in the short-term, but the good news is, when we ultimately switch to Game Maker Studio, that will almost certainly fix it.

An update on refunds: as I said previously, if you bought from this site and want a refund, I can do that for you absolutely no problem. If you bought on Steam, I don’t have the authority to make them give you a refund. But for the few the game still isn’t working for, if you raise a ticket with Steam support and tell them you’ve exhausted all tech support options with the developer (that’s me, I’ll back you up on this if necessary), they may refund you with Steam wallet credit. I won’t say “will” or “should” because as I say, it’s not totally in my power so it’d be wrong to make any promises. I’ll always do what I can to make it happen, though, and I’m always on your side.

Thanks to everyone who’s having issues for their patience! Gonna keep crunching to fix everything I can!


thiorymos: What are you gonna do with laptops? Will they remain just for meticulous players?

Alan: It seems weird that Gunpoint offers resolutions my system simply cannot handle (1920×1200 in my case). Is it possible to omit or disable entries my system won't support?

Christopher Harrison: How do we scroll through missions on the previous mission list?

jedirock: I guess we shouldn't expect Eyefinity support anytime soon then? That would be something like 6000x1200 for a 3x1 array of 1920x1200 screens.

Niraj: Is it bad that I'm hoping for more bugs because your fix descriptions are so entertaining?? ;)

sheaiden: Love the game. I prefer the standalone to the steam, because I play on my laptop disconnected from internet usually. Will you be releasing patches for the standalone version?

sheaiden: Sorry, nevermind, I missed the sentence about updating when patch is available for it. I have already referred several friends to the game, Great Job!

Motorsheep: I would be all over a tool to write custom campaigns and extract/replace/add characters if that is ever even a remote possibility.
I think with even rudimentary mod support, this game could stay in people's heads for ages.

SlyderEST: Is this a place I'm allowed to write bug reports to? Cause I'm doing it anyway. (Spoilers ahead)

[spoiler]In the last mission, when that guy jumps on you you can either immediately jump up, avoiding him and causing him to disappear without even breaking the glass or you can go downstairs again which causes you to teleport outside a couple seconds later.

Also in the next room when you try to push G down the window it bugs out most of the time (Tried after disarming him and before).[/spoiler]

Not actually a bug (probably), but it's also really annoying to have completed the game and not be able to get back any bullets or energy.

Madrauk: Could you let us know if you have any plans to implement Steam Workshop support for level sharing?

SPITFIRE118xxx: I'm not sure whether I'm just dumb or not, but I'm at the mission that requires you to spend 9000$, and I don't got the bucks to pay the bills that give me thrills. How could I go about this?

lalala: For french people, could you add the support for the AZERTY keyboard ?
Thanks for your game !

Jason L: Motorsheep: It's GameMaker, so already pretty encapsulated. 'Rudimentary' mod support probably already exists by default.

Spitfire: Sell some stuff back to the gadget shop?

micronaut: any chance of the patches for the non stream users? Thanks :)

Curdled Cow: Mac please. Would love to play the game :)

Reber: May this game upload a gameplay in youtube?

Antan: In addition to lalala's comment, it would be nice to have the facility to remap keys generally. Not only would this help with non-English layouts but also alternative English ones; I personally use the Dvorak layout, for instance.

SPITFIRE118xxx: Jason: I did but i spent money on the batteries, so I can only get about 7500 max.

Inspector Gesicht: The only achievement I'm missing is seven storey takedown. That bastard Gessler seems to be immune to gravity.

Cusith: Thanks a million for the fix to the accidental loading of the manual save I did that too many times mashing the keyboard to load. Reminded me of the time playing Thief going to hit the quick load button (conveniently located next to the quick save button) as I fell out of a tower and ending up saving. I reloaded that save a dozen time before going back to pretty much the start of the level.

gunp0int: Haha I have had the username gunp0int since the original xbox. I DEMAND Royalties! just kidding of course. It is awesome to see a game that shares my user name and my favorite genre.

csm101: Hi Tom! Any word on when the patches will go live for the non-Steam versions? I have yet to play the game due to resolution issues! Don't make me have another go of Don't Starve tonight!

wotsdid: an advice until this gets fixed: NEVER buy batteries! because you cant get money if you dont have missions anymore! this is how you get batteries: make a level in the level editor, place alot of batteries, try the level out, collect the batteries, finish the level. now youc can use these batteries in the normal missions

Tobi: Another bug report on the Steam Achievements: The game tells me there are 42 achievements, but I only count 31, so apparently either the number 42 is wrong or Steam won't show all the achievements.

thiorymos: To Tobi: the remaining 11 achievements are secret.

Tony: Hey Tom, I had no issues at all with Gunpoint until this patch was released. Fabulous game, by the way -- I've already played through it 3 times, all with different "personal goals." Now, if I choose to quit the game, it exits as normal, but upon starting the game up again, it throws me directly into the mission I left, like a quick save/load, and there's no music unless I start a new game from scratch. In a game with a soundtrack this atmospheric, that just kills it for me! Would appreciate any insight you could give into this. Thanks.

Leonick: Seems after this patch the developer commentary option turns itself of after every mission, kinda tedious having to enable it every time if you want it.

Also, please have the humble-store version updated soon.

Nickson: We need a Fórum, to post MODS and MAPS, becuse, i made a sub-machine gun, with the revollver :2

Joshua: I'm still getting the "unexpected error occurred" when launching the game; it won't run at all. I'm using the Steam version.

Jason L: This is of limited use since it's a different engine than I've been supporting and you're already getting an error, but you could try running it straight from the executable file to see if you get anything more descriptive. Steam suppresses (some) error messages from games launched through its interface. The Windows Event Viewer may also tell you at least what call went wrong.

icouldbeahero: Gunpoint featured in Penny Arcade - http://www.penny-arc... ...2013/06/10

JapiX: More maps, bigger maps, more guards and team work based AI.

humfuzz: Hot damn, thanks for the TF2 hat :D

Mook: Wow, congratulations on being in Penny Arcade. And Jerry even complimented the game! Did you expect for it to be this popular?

Jeff: This is a fantastic game. I love the humour! However when I quit the game, it exits as normal, but upon starting the game up again, I go directly into the mission I left, like a quick save/load, and there's no music unless I start a new game from scratch. I love the film noir/ Jazz music so much. I would much prefer to listen to your wonderful soundtrack rather than have to find an 8tracks playlist to go with the game. I have played through the game several times (perhaps too many in my first day) and I still keep heading back to it. Thank you for making this.

Azhf: Motorsheep: I would be all over a tool to write custom campaigns and extract/replace/add characters if that is ever even a remote possibility.
I think with even rudimentary mod support, this game could stay in people's heads for ages.

Have been thinking of that.
You can edit the scene scripts to say certain things to an extent. However, no custom characters. If we can get enough people to email Tom (Pentadact) about this, we might be able to get it implemented: A custom campaign editor. Hard enough to create levels with a matching story(which I am currently doing! :D)
Also, simply because I am lazy, can someone email him telling him to add mod support, encourage mods, maybe add another storyline, make more levels, add an ingame level downloader, a Steam Workshop thing, and maybe even multiplayer? Thanks. :P

Jason L: It has been A. Week, child.

Charlie: I just finished playing the game and one thing that bugged me the entire time was the lack of a quick restart button. I found it very annoying any time I was trying to go for a quick/perfect run, I had to go through the menus to quit/restart a level. HIt would be awesome if you could add that functionality to the game(preferably on the 'R' button)

Taren: In the level editor you can pull your gun and visit the crosswire mode with right/middle click respectively. Somewhat annoying.

Anyway, great game overall! Although an ingame way to share levels would be nice...

Asgeir: For a long time I could not find the restart level button. I have realized it's in the load game sub-menu, but please consider chancing the wording to "load or restart mission".

I finished the game with the resolution set to 2560x1440 this week (12th of Jun 2013), and it worked, but not flawlessly.

One last thing, I think you hit the right value for money. Less successful games also need to break even. And thank you.

Alexei Smirnov: Hi, Tom!
Congrats to you and your team!
Care to localize Gunpoint into Russian?

Me: part 2? please

Derek: Dashing game lads, absolutely dashing.

Even though I've beaten it several times, I'm still drawn to it for kicks and speed runs. One thing that annoys me is that inferior times and grades replace older, superior times and grades. But that's the joy of it, getting your old records, eh?

I urge you to open a forum, for us to discuss, share mods, etc..

Zero_Starlight: Steam version isn't letting me listen to the developer commentary. I've turned dev commentary on, and the sprites appear in game, but when I press W to initiate the audio file, nothing happens.

Great game, by the way, love it.

Justin: gunpoint can be played with Wine Emulator but it is very delayed and slow and the resolution of empty space flashes spastically. Just having windows is probably a better solution but there are ways for mac gameplay right now. hope this helps

Myles: I purchased the game, and have waited for over an hour, but I still have not received the email with the code in it.