A stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

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Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint’s Release Date’s Release Date

An Announcement

I will be announcing Gunpoint’s release date here tomorrow, Monday the 27th of May.

To be clear, this is not an announcement of Gunpoint’s release date. As promised in our hit post Gunpoint’s Release Date’s Release Date’s Release Date, this is an announcement of Gunpoint’s release date’s release date.

Gunpoint’s release date remains unannounced, until tomorrow.

mr spy: gee man! Come on already!

Relkofizz: Best release date announcement method, ever.

DickBalls: I'm sensing a pattern here

nille: You forgot to set a countdown for the release date's release date.. How disappointing.

Asimech: I can't wait to start waiting for Gunpoint's release date. Well I guess I'm technically already waiting for Gunpoint's release date, but it's the date of releasing the release date and not the date of Gunpoint's release.

The spy in gunpoint: Let me out already

kingluke2222: I KNEW IT!

Krios: I like your style man, i like your style

hammy: This is awesome. You are by far one of my favorite developers right now.

Johan van Joshingburg: Brilliant.

Valax: Something tells me this is going to keep repeating....

Wikzo: Feeling like Call of Duty, having a teaser that teases a trailer that reveals a release date? :P

HansPK: Calling it right now: the release date is "when it's done."

Andrew: Rising urge to register http://isgunpointrel...

Kicktar: As much as I hope the release date will follow this pattern and be Tuesday, I have a feeling you aren't that nice.

DeD2aI80: I'm still waiting.

bargain bob: You're a cunt.

PortalPerson: Surely you have a workable alpha if you are implementing a level builder.

RetiredSphinx: If you're close enough to release to release your release date, I'm very excite. Hopefully your month of working on it has paid off!

Also inb4 tomorrow you say the release date is the day after...

rocketdrive: inb4 he says he released it two days ago tomorow

The spy in gunpoint: When do i get to break into buildings? :(

Me: Hurry up

Jon Wood: I can't have mah heart broken again, Francis.

Fran Tomcis: its 5 p.m, monday. When will i get to find out when the game will be released?

Me: Refresh, refresh, refresh

the hushcracker: Where are you from tom, (time zone)

Hi: Is there anyone else waiting right now?

Magnus: Steam preempted your silly ass, Tom.

Hodge: I hate to be negative, but this was far below the standard I expect from my PC gaming release date announcements. I get the impression that it was rushed out to meet a deadline - or worse, quickly ported from the release date announcement of a console game. With announcements like this it's no wonder so many people are saying that PC gaming release date announcements are dying.

Still, it was more informative than that XBone launch.

James: The demo doesn't seem to be up on Steam?

Scott: The 27th has nearly come and gone...

Luke: All I know is that I can't pass up the special edition due to my unfortunate addiction to creator commentary in anything.

The Baron: God damnit, bought the ordinary edition without even looking at the other options. Sell me upgrades, Tom Francis!

Macker: Please jot me down as one eager gamer waiting for the Mac version!

Liam: Congratulations on completing your first game. The demo was really fun, looking forward to Monday.

Matthew: Apparently the release date is being announced in May 27, Valve Francis Time.

Matthew: Crap, formatting derped up.

Hammertime90210: Been quietly following the development of this game on the blog for the last... how many years. So pleased to see its finally come out!

I have expressed my pleasure by buying the full exclusive edition. I wish you the greatest of success!

Qqhey: Who is going to review your game on PCG? I think it would be quite unfair if it were you! Unless you can be critical and unbiased.