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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Level Editor Trailer

Gunpoint will have a level editor! Here’s a quick video of what it’s like to use:

This is by far the most requested feature both from people who’ve played it and people who haven’t. I always planned to add one after release, but when I came to see if it was feasible, it turned out to be easier than I thought. It’s working nicely enough now that I can have it in for release. Which will be… in the future.

Here are some cool things about the level editor:

  • It’s actually a lot nicer to use than the built-in Game Maker one I’ve been using to make Gunpoint’s levels until now.
  • Electronics stuff all gets wired up automatically – it knows a lightswitch should be connected to the nearest light on this floor, and cameras should be connected to the nearest alarm.
  • It’s pretty much instant to switch between edit and play mode.
  • The levels it creates are typically about 1 kilobyte in file size.
  • It autosaves every time you place, move or delete anything, so you’d have to try really hard to lose your work.

Reminder: you can sign up to be e-mailed when Gunpoint is done. I won’t know when it’ll be done until it’s done.

Michael Williams: " you’d have to try really hard to lose your work." Challenge accepted!

Seriously though, this looks amazing! I can't wait to play around with it!

Emrys: This just made my day :D
I can't imagine the insane levels we can get now that the whole internet can create them :D

Gunpoint’s level editor lets you place windows, hurl self through them « BeefJack – The Gamer’s Sauce: [...] accompanying blog post adds “This is by the far the most requested feature both from people who’ve played and [...]

Chris: Wicked Sick!

Alex: Looks awesome Tom!

I'm curious if you'll be able to click and drag the building blocks e.g. the backdrop, so that you're not stuck to placing out predefined level chunks.
Another thing that popped into mind is when you click on a block from the sidebar, e.g. selecting a wall block, the block type should stay selected, allowing you to place out several blocks of that type, as opposed to having to go back and click every single time you want to place something.

Other than, looks gorgeous. It's amazing, and inspiring, that this is your first game. Kudos sir! ^_^

OLUF: Yay! Epic! And the best part is; Now you can get back to updating the page!

Jabberwok: This is really exciting.

Carson: Test release soon? I hope so this looks sweet!

Dylan: You forgot the most important point:

- It should now be quicker for you to iterate on level design!

Also, be careful with the autosave feature. In my experience autosave is great until it corrupts the file, then you've lost everything. A simple way to deal with it is to backup the previous save before writing a new one. Deleting old backups when they are past some threshold count.

FenBisher: I am SO glad that StumbleUpon keeps bringing me back here... I am SUPER keen on this game and I'm reminded why everytime I get back...

IanS: 1) That looks awesome,
2) ...but it's not something that needed to be done for your initial release.

You could go on forever adding nice-to-have features. I do, of course, forgive you because the game looks so damn good.

Kero: To those who think that this is just a nice feature you're forgetting something. Now that he has his own level editor, he can pump out levels for the game like it's nobody's business, probably way faster than before.
So with this I bow to your might good sir and can't wait to see this released so I can play it and giggle like a little school girl.

Tentaculat: I look at this game and how awesome it is, and I let my mind wander and I think 'wow, just imagine how fucking awesome the sequel is going to be.'

Then the next game could be all triple-A'd up with a realistic 3D engine and stuff. We're at the birth of something potentially phenomenal. I feel like the world is all new and fresh.

Not detracting from the original unreleased game, I was the same with the first round of iPads... that's cool but... imagine in 10 years time...

Gabriel: This thing should cost something indeed. You could put a cheap price on it and pull a Biding of Isaac like reaction (OMG this game is really cheap for the fun factor it provides! I will recommend it to all my friend). So you get even more money than the guy who goes indie and sell a game like that for $15.

You could try Steam Greenlight or Kickstarter to get a hint about the value this game already and add even more features. Plus you could pay someone to do the music :P

Richeh: I would kickstart the shit out of this. I kind of wish you'd do it even if you didn't need the money for it, 'cause I'm a hipster arsehole and I want to be able to prove that I was into this before my friends were. A shiny badge and a pre-order copy would cover that nicely.

Guy: hey would it be possible to create a coder and decode for custom levels so we can share levels in big bulks of text, on some forum and avoid chance of malware downloads

me: can you put things on different circuits?

SuperNinjaSpyFromHell: great game! unfortunately a bit short...a dialog editor would be awesome so ppl can create their own storylines. i guess without the story playing custom made levels will feel a bit thin to me. Nonetheless a very enoyable ride...but now i got nothing to feed my new spystuff addiction T_T

Andrius: When we get new lwvwls for gunpoint ?

Derek: Will we be able to share it through Steam-Workshop?

Andrew: Loved the game, playing with the level editor now. I love to make levels in game, have been drawing mario levels on the back of my homework since the 4th grade. Love Shadowrun too.

Why are there not more Back Wall peices in the editor? I want to make levels that look as cool as the "Try it Out" missions :)

Hana: The game was great, everything I was hoping for. Would be even better to have a place to share custom games!

Robert: Hey there, loved the game! Although you might want to get working on a way to share the levels created. By the looks of it, there doesn't seem to be any way of sharing created levels.


quantummidget: This is awesome and I love the level editor, but circuit boxes don't seem to work on the level editor for me. I can place them down but when I play the level they don't work. Please help

quantummidget: Also how do you even download other peoples levels? I can't find anything that indicates this.

Jasmat: I like how one of you're missions is "what happens if i type in a name that's way.." i'm guessing "too long"?