A stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

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Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

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John Robert Matz

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Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

Gunpoint Business Cards Render Quality Of Actual Game Irrelevant

I get to go to GDC for the first time this year, to cover it, give a talk, demo my game, and lose an award! I thought I might need some classy-ass business cards to give to all the classy-ass people I’m sure to meet there, so I did these via Details are on the back, on the same scene in Crosslink mode.

From what I understand of business, the quality of your card stock and matte laminate are the primary traits by which companies attract a mate, and beyond that your actual work has little bearing.

JohnArr: I have a sudden urge to give you money.

Lack_26: Take my money, but then give me it back. You can still keep 5% though. Business!

Jarenth: I've been told the quality of your tie also matters significantly.

Jonas: Can you write on it with a pen? That's basically all a good business card needs. Actually it's best if the back is blank, so everybody who gets one can quickly write "employ this guy when get home" after you hand it to them.

(Of course if it's suitably brilliant, to hell with the rules. And your card seems pretty damn great.)

Lewie Procter: I don't know about your politics, but for future reference it's possibly worthwhile information that the owner of is one of the major funders of the Tory party.

Quinn: I'll be at GDC, so I call dibs on at least one of those swanky cards. Patrick Bateman is writhing with envy right now (I'd probably stay far away from him).

Sly: Shotgun on a special edition that comes with one these badboys! :D

Bateman: Oh my God it even has a watermark

Bret: Wow.

In the old days, business cards determined social rank. I think with those, you could be declared Emperor.

Possibly just Archduke these days, though.

Nonomu198: The next obvious step is to get some Gunpoint printed on your tie. Class!

Scradge: It might be the Yorkshire in me coming out, but that image is making me want Gunpoint beer mats :D

Aymeric: WOW ! I want this <3 :D beautiful :)
But I live in France ...

Neil: You should definitely give these out to your testers:P

joxp: These definately look like Grade A cards. And I never bothered to sign up for testing, until after the fact. I thought this game has thousands of roaring fans, until I checked the number of comments on most of these updates, I guess I was wrong. Resend that nice tasty build, and Cheers!

Cariboo: I'm a roaring fan ! I can't wait to play the game, but that's true I didn't comment on the updates until now.

joxp, I sincerely hope you're wrong and that there is a lot of people like me who doesn't specially write or comment but wait for the game to come out.

Jabberwok: I don't comment, but I check this site pretty much every day.

Shadowfire2010: Proves my point that we need a forum or IRC or something

Taco: Can we have downloads or possibly order Gunpoint business cards? I sort of want to give them out to my friends. You get some high schoolers in on this and you open up a titanic demographic still reeling from the wonderful neo-retro aesthetic of Minecraft. Strike while the iron is mainstream, my friend!

joxp: Oh yes, we certainly need an IRC. Oh Magickal Tom Francis, Set Up, Or Allow Someone To Set Up An Official Gunpoint IRC! Preferably On A Popular Server Like Quakenet! And I'd give my soul for one of those cards, they look to be made of great material.

MUZBOZ: Those are some mega sweet business cards. Wow. :)