Suspicious Developments

Founded for tax reasons in January 2012, Suspicious Developments is a thinly veiled corporate front for the game development efforts of Tom Francis, including Gunpoint, Floating Point, and Heat Signature.

In order to glorify himself at the expense of the company brand, our negligent founder mostly posts about these on his personal blog, where there's also an up-to-date list of all our game projects.

This corporate blog is reserved for posts that, while written by Francis, reveal enough of his calculated malice that he prefers to attribute them to the company.



Suspicious Developments announces existence

BATH, UNITED KINGDOM – January 24, 2012 – UK game developer Suspicious Developments today announced that it exists. The news marks a major upturn in the firm’s previously disappointing existence results, and a year-on-year existence increase of divide by zero error.

“No-one could have foreseen this,” said company director Tom Francis, shortly before the result. Francis controls 100% of the company’s shares, beating its second largest stakeholder Sylvester McCoy, who controls 0% and is not aware the company exists.

“I don’t know who you are,” McCoy said.

Pentadact: If this just popped up in your RSS feed, it's because I republished it as a proper post now. Previously it was just a static page - I'm putting SusDev stuff in the system now so it can be a proper blog and have comments and stuff.

Nithin47: You, sir, are my inspiration now. Thanks for the laugh!

Suspicious Developments