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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


By me. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

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The Saddest Goddamn Thing

I ordered my elf mage to move somewhere, accidentally told her to attack my dog. This kills the dog.


Mike: That is the saddest dog I have ever seen. Eeyore-levels of 'Not this bullshit again' in those eyes.

Chris: That owner doesnt look too happy about that, especially holding that axe

Tom Francis: Edited to clarify: it was my dog. My mage went on to kill all of the orcs, too. I was just trying to pickpocket them, but whatever.

When I left, the only orc outside said "Most of my clan are in the longhouse." May have some bad news, dude.

Joe R: Are the companions useful in Skyrim? I've not used one yet apart from the housecarl Lydia, she was a melee fighter like me, but sometimes she used a bow and once she shot me in the back. Then at some point she got replaced for a specific quest and now I don't know where she's gone :( Would be nice to have some badass mage around with me though. Out of all the enemies I've met so far, mages seem to be the nastiest for a melee fighter like me to deal with.

Espcially those ice ones, by the time I've reached them my HP is in tatters, and the lightning ones are pretty evil as well.

Tom Francis: They are, but you have to be a bit careful if you're a stealth character. I generally tell mine to wait outside when I clear a dungeon, so they don't bungle my stealth kills.

My mage is pretty amazing - in every fight she summons a Flame Atronarch, then shoots Ice Spikes with one hand and Lightning Bolts with the other. I got her at the shrine of Azura.

randomnine: Yeah, the companions are useful, especially to tank damage if you've got a fragile build. And then, you can give them enchanted weapons and they can use them without using up charges.

I found Lydia sitting upstairs in my house in Winterrun. If you haven't bought a house, maybe she'll be in the keep.

Midget52: That wasn't a very nICE thing for your mage to do.

Korolev: I agree with Midget52. Your companion killed your dog in front of you? That's..... cold.

Joe R: Still not found Lydia anywhere. When I do I'm gonna kill her so hard. I mean who the hell does she think she is? She's MY MINION DAMMIT

sQUEAKYfOAMpEANUT: My weirdest moment so far went something like this:

After completing the Tamriel equivalent of The Hangover, getting extremely drunk and then running all over the province to figure out what happened to me the previous night, I entered a dungeon, and after killing some mages, I enter a portal to a magical grove and talk to Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery. He gives me a magic rose, and then teleports me back to Whiterun. Somewhat confused, I head back to the dungeon to clear it out and collect any loot I may have missed the first time.

When I return, Sanguine is just sort of...standing there. Not doing anything that you'd typically expect a demonic prince of depravity to do, just loitering around in a smelly dungeon full of dead mages in his spiky, organic-looking armour. Baffled, I walk away and pick up a better set of gauntlets than the pair I currently have, tossing the old set on the ground. Then, even more strangely, Sanguine runs up to me and inquires if I'm going to use the armour I dropped. Then I walk into the portal again, and am trapped in the magical grove until I reload a save.

Chris: He sounds like a deprived prince of debauchery to me.

I'd like to read more stories like Squeaky's, anyone else got any?

Mobba: I have a mage companion, the chick from winterhold, she too can summon a fire Atronarch, which is extra awesome because I am a summoner/archer. I gave her a fire bow, and now any fight is 2 archers + 2 fire atronarchs vs some poor s.o.a.b. I was having a nice chat with an orc once, soon as I left my companion shot him. I giggled and continued on my adventure. Another time, my own zombie (you can usually beat them to death and they won't mind) suddenly turned on me.

Mobba: Chris, I've had some funny moments.
During a fight I (or one of my minions) shot a guy and he flew back about 5 meters and landed sitting up in a chair at a table.

I was out wanderlusting, and came accross some wolves, so I started at them with my bow, trying to take them out before they got to me. After the fight I walked passed where I first saw the wolves and there was a fox with one of my arrows (summoned ones) through his head.

Similar experience to Squaky's. I dropped a bunch of armor near the skyforge to sell later, then as I'm going down the stairs an npc runs up and goes "I saw you drop some armor, mind if I take it?" so I was like "sure no problem" he walks up, picks up 2 items, then walks over to me and goes "here, you dropped this" and gives me a mace.....

Plenty more fun moments, I just can't remember them all, and now I really want to go play some skyrim. gtg

Moogle: Saddest moment:
I needed to level enchanting, so I was out hunting with my soul trap bow. I'm about to fire the killing blow on a mob and Vigilance (dog bought from Markath), who was a little hurt from the mob, jumps up just in time to take the arrow to the back of the head. _Schluuup_ *cries over filled soul gem*