A stealth puzzle game that lets you rewire its levels to trick people.

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Tom Francis

Character/Level Art

John Roberts

Background Art

Fabian van Dommelen

Mission Music

Ryan Ike

Title Music

John Robert Matz

Menu Music

Francisco Cerda


By Tom Francis. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

You Can Now Knock Guards Through Windows

If you jump at them hard enough. I forgot the guards would need a falling animation for this, so it wasn’t on John’s list. It’s cool though, I’ve got it covered.

Update: John’s proposal to fix this:

Update: What we actually ended up with.


VelvetFistIronGlove: If they fall like that, the only logical result is that when they land, they get embedded in the ground, leaving just their legs sticking out.

barley: That is exactly how I would fall were I pushed out a window. Perfect!

I can see myself trying to do a run where every kill I make must be done through a window.

Gwathdring: I kind of like that version. Does there have to be an improved animation? It adds a certain character to the game ... if it's too against your vision, then I'm sure whatever animation you come up with will also be good. But this is fantastic.

Gwathdring: Also, what VelvetFist said.

Bret: We always say something has a certain character in the rough, and then the real thing comes in, and we love it more.

It's like clockwork.

Man. So many window kills in the future.

Entropy: Have him do the walking animation. upside down. Except 10x faster. yeeeah.

verendus: Wouldn't you still be holding on to him?

Jackohbite: Well now, that'd just be silly, wouldn't it?

icouldbeahero: You should be able to punch them in midair.

dirk: Maybe something along these lines...

The_B: I'm being hella picky here, but it'd be awesome if the guard's hat was actually off his head, falling just slightly alongside him.

Gwathdring: Damn. I really like the one where their hats switch. It was a beautiful idea while it lasted. :'( I shall miss it.

miAlx: I like it, can't wait to see more! :D