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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


By me. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

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    This Is My Winter Morning Ritual

    Beev: Can't count the number of times I've gotten fully clothed and then went back to sleep.

    Jaz: Mine is to take a run at the shower and stay in it until it too is cold. Then I run for the blankets. I'm wearing a huge towel under a dressing gown under two blankets. One of the blankets is over my head, and I've pinned it to my head with headphones. It's all very attractive.

    Zacmanman: It's nice to be in subtropical weather sometimes.

    The_B: I have invested in a Slanket to ease transition from cold to hot. The blanket action means I can have it on my bed either underneath me or ontop of me along with my duvet, and the sleeves then aid in reaching for the cold clothes.

    http://www.firebox.c... ...he-Slanket

    Best purchase I ever made.

    MartinJ: So I take it the UK hasn't heard of central heating yet? :D

    Grill: When did this become XKCD?

    Madness: I have exactly the same problem. I acted ike I was diving into a cold pool, and simply leapt from the bedclothes towards my clothes.

    Buying a new, warmer blanket may have helped for in-bed warmth, but it makes the rest so much worse... x_x

    Tweets that mention This Is My Winter Morning Ritual, by Tom Francis -- [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tom Francis, Citizen Helene and Clapton E5, Andrew Clarke. Andrew Clarke said: RT @Pentadact: This is now my morning ritual: [...]

    westyfield: I put my clothes on a radiator, then go for a warm shower. After drying off using a towel that was on a radiator, I run to the other radiator (different room) and put warm clothes on. Then blow-dry my hair to heat my head up.

    Skusey: I once tried folding up the next days clothes, laying them flat on my mattress and then putting a sheet over them so I could get warm clothes in the morning. All that happened was that I forgot about them, and couldn't find my favourite shirt for a few months.

    Jaz: @MartinJ: I'd rather spend money on some woolly socks than spend much more money every month on burning lots of power to heat an entire house so that the small section my toes are in can be a little warmer, thanks.

    Getting out of bed is easier if you pretend you're Andrew WK.

    MartinJ: I don't know, here in Czech republic, the central heating can be directed into rooms separately - you just turn a knob in the room you want to heat up or turn it the other way to turn it off in rooms you don't need ... you understand my confusion when I read about this not working the same way in the UK!

    Lack_26: You can have central heating directed to individual rooms, surely you live in the land of the Gods. (I didn't even know that sort of CH existed).

    My ritual is an exercise in self-flagellation and cold floor-boards, actually floor-planks is more accurate, there's some pretty big gaps in them and it certainly doesn't help that it's a ground floor with so many windows.

    Joe: Fucked if I didn't do this EXACTLY this very morning.

    Jaz: I have this horrible space heater nailed to my wall in here, but i have a huge open plan living room/kitchen and one of the windows is single-glazed and poorly sealed. I'd nag my landlord, but I'm moving out in a few weeks. But yeah, that heater is terrifying. *puts on second sweater over the blankets*

    Nano: Radiator pants cure all.

    Lack_26: Does anyone know how many tea-spoonfuls of instant coffee I can get in a cup before it isn't soluble any-more, I would do it myself, but I've probably had enough caffeine this morning.

    Wesman: This problem is compounded by the fact I sleep in the nude.

    Pod: Ultimate solution: Go to sleep in your clothes.

    EthZee: I usually use the bathroom/shower first thing in the morning. Putting on cold clothes isn't such a problem, then. Plus I don't know why but I find the idea of going straight from bed to clothes to be inherently dirty, somehow.

    My main problem is getting up to go to the shower; I have three alarms (two alarms on my clock/radio thing, and the alarm function on my phone) and I have learnt how to disable all of them whilst semi-conscious. It takes a lot of willpower to stop myself going straight back to bed.

    Crowbar: I actually manage to stagger out of the bed first. Then I delude myself into thinking I can just lie down for a while and get up in a few minutes.

    Thankfully, it's only cold enough to require that for a couple of weeks in Brisbane.

    Walternat0r: The only way to wake up quickly in the morning is to summon the willpower to throw off the duvet and lie demi-naked in the freezing cold. That soon gets you up and dressed!

    Only managed that 1 day out of 5 this week though, rest of the time took me between 20-30 mins to get up.

    Chris Evans: My trick, two alarms (both on my phone) playing some heavy metal music. Always snooze the first one (for 10 mins) and generally get up on the second (5 mins after the first) by throwing off the quilt and running straight to the bathroom for a nice quick hot shower.

    If I snooze my second alarm then my first one will go off again five mins later and five mins after that my second alarm comes off snooze. Works a treat :p

    Dan: Why don't you just go to sleep in your trousers then ya freak

    Meanwhile in Australia...: I'm guessing you guys have cold winters up there.

    Us? We celebrate christmas in summer. My morning ritual is something along the lines of that, except I wake up to hear my alarm go off and we use ice imported from the South Pole to keep us cool while we leapfrog over native wildlife (naturally inside our homes as well) to shady and cold spots.

    We whip out the sweaters when it gets below 40 degrees (Fahrenheit maybe). In all seriousness, we never get days when it's too cold to warrant heaters, and those days that do usually involve golfball hail.