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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


By me. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

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just cause 20


Joey: Most Excellent!

EGTF: *Looks at diary*
*Writes out a week for infinite parachuting and jet jacking*
*Sits back and feels happy*

Davie: My goodness yes. That and tethering chasing jeeps to bridge pylons, then sticking C4 to them so they fly off the bridge and explode. This game shall be epic.

Tom Francis: Reason number 12, in case anyone missed it: http://www.gametrail...

Jazmeister: Imagine playing a multiplayer game where you control that plane, and then this guy is suddenly crawling around on there.

skizelo: Jaz... That was Battlefield 1942 wasn't it?

Aftershock: Planewalking in 1942 was hilarious. Got about 20 people on a fighter once.

Also, cannot wait for this. Do we have a release date yet?

Lack_26: What I'm planning on doing is attaching a vehicle to the plane, before getting in the vehicle.

Jazmeister: Never played any of the battlefield games. Sounds fun! Anyway, I'm talking about dangerous tinymans, not silly tinymans.

Tom Francis: Hah. I wanna know what happens if, just as that passenger jet is taking off, you rope its wing to the ground.

You could stand on fighter jets in BF2, too, but it was a little touch or go. I once used my friend Steve as a mobile sniping platform:

All they're saying about the release is 2010.

Jason L: A second excuse in the last week to mention Rocket Jockey! Aside from being excellent fun, it's another of those happy few games about roping things together in 3D. Roping two opponents together counts as an instakill.

Atlantic: This is the only game I have ever seen described as having "infinite parachute." I think that is wonderful in so many ways.

Lack_26: Not enough games have 'infinite parachute', GTA IV would have been a much better game for it.

Smurfy: bonner

Ludo: I love that trailer. The bit where he tethers a dude to the jet as it takes of makes me burst out laughing every time.

Rei Onryou: I'm glad that the devs have gone "What can we do to make this game as batshit crazy fun as possible?" and then gone further.

EGTF: How long can the grappling stuff to other stuff go? Is it just one to one, or can you link several enemies together then attach the final one to a car which you drive off in?

Tom Francis: Just one link active at a time.

Ronnoc: Are you sure? I think I've seen a video of multiple guys dragging behind a car...

Jossoy: There's a.. man out there

Tom Francis: Yep, I've played it. If that video exists, it's changed since then.

The Defenestrator: I think everyone pronounces the name of this game wrong. It's really a description of the game's style. Why did you tether that guy to a gas canister and then shoot it so it pulls him off a building? Just 'Cause.

Tom Francis: Heh, made that joke at the time: http://www.pentadact... ...just-cause

spuzman: You mean people don't pronounce it that way already? I certainly do.

Haven't looked too much at the game myself, so I will ask-- can you also fly that plane if you so desire?

Jackrabbit: You make a compelling argument sir.

Roadrunner: It passes the main thing I care about, graphics.

Slamhound: Oh my goodness, this is awesome.

Pod: This image would be even better if the guy had whipped a rope under the "chin" of the plan and was using that to steer it, like some kind of massive fell beast.

SAeN: Because of this picture and many of your grappling hook themed enthusiasm, I will definately be buying this game!!

NotSoLegit: Magnificent