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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


By me. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

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  • RoboLeg: this game would be PERFECT for mobile, and I’d happily pay 10 bucks or so for it.
  • Jepp: 1) Please keep critiquing games by building new ones :) 2) The non-hand holding, simple systems integrating...
  • Jack: Are you going to release Morphblade for iOS or the Nintendo Switch? I would really like to play this on my...
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    PC Gamer, November 09

    The issue of PC Gamer that’s just come out is one I’m uncommonly pleased with. In it, I get to:

    Fallout3 2009-08-05 13-10-50-71

    Recount my horrible, agonising quest for a bent spade covered in shit in Fallout 3: Point Lookout (Now Playing)

    Champion about thirty of my favourite mods in a feature by me, Graham and John, and take what must be among the most inherently comic zombie dismemberment shots of my career (50 Essential Mods)


    Finally vent my mounting exasperation with multiplayer games for being rubbish 50% of the time, and propose a few ways people could keep killing each other without anyone having to lose (Devil’s Advocate)

    Geek out about game engines, celebrating their increasing failure to look significantly better (Special Report).


    Use the word ‘bat’ ten times in a single sentence about Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I liked for three reasons and resented for one (Review)

    Turn ninjas into forest animals by stabbing and beating them in Mini Ninjas, which has absolutely wonderful character profile videos and lets you use your hat as a boat (Review)


    Write a script for the pilot episode of CSI: Azeroth, which was supposed to be about figuring out how wild animals came to possess money and forks, but went off the rails and turned into something else entirely (It’s All Over)

    It’s buyable (in Europe and the US now, it seems?) here.

    Rankaratar: Strange, in Australia that magazine's called PC Powerplay. Wonder why they changed the name?

    Aftershock: I'm fairly sure that PC Powerplay is a completely separate magazine... If it is an offshoot, it's news to me.

    FraktuRe: PC Powerplay is a 100% Australian magazine, completely separate.

    Nicomallo: Current issue PCGamerUKs are always ridiculously expensive in Australia. Sounds like I'll be getting this one anyway.

    Lack_26: It was a rather good episode, I haven't had much chance to read it since I've been out most week (freshers week).

    I did especially like the CSI: Azeroth script.

    Iain "DDude" Dawson: Epic Bat-review, and loved the extra life story. Then the mod feature made me dissapointed I own concole Fallout... *sigh*

    ZomBuster: Great magazine but..

    He puts the glasses/goggles on not off!

    Pod: Do you still ever play TF2? :(

    "Nicomallo: Current issue PCGamerUKs are always ridiculously expensive in Australia. Sounds like I'll be getting this one anyway."

    They're ridiculously expensive in the UK as well ;)

    Jazmeister: I just bought two of the last one.

    Ludo: Aha, I always try and guess who does the It's All Over and a certain hilarious Swat 4 script on this very site provided a clue. Great Issue, for all the above reasons and the voice acting feature.

    Smurfy: I bought PC Gamer now I have no bawls I'm suing you

    Jonas: Thanks for the TNM mention, Tom! Because of this, I'll forgive the persistent absense of a full 4-page review... for now.

    Roadrunner: Oh man, I love PCZone!

    J-Man: Hurrah for PC Format!

    Lack_26: Boys, we got traitors; get the pitchforks.

    Ging: Hurray for Hidden getting mentioned in the top 50 mods! Yet another reason I should get on and do more work on it!

    Nano: You are now old.

    SIbilantjoe: @Ging: Please do, I've had a great time playing your mod, and it could definitely benefit from a touch-up.

    Jazmeister: And the Hidden should quip like the Spy and scream like the Hunter. And unlockable hats, natch.

    Roadrunner: so uhh....What's everyone's Myers-Briggs type? :D
    I ask because I did that "what kind of gamer are you quiz." I don't have the link, but I'm a 'Socialiser-Survivor', and find Myers-Briggs more interesting than gaming :p

    EGTF: Socialiser-Mastermind, which sounds like something a heartless PR person would put on their CV. Tempted to take it again and really think about my responses, but then I might end up with something a Harry Potter enthusiast would put on their CV.

    Lots of good stuff Tom. They just needed to put in your Gal Civ Diary, Eve report and your Deus Ex first level playthrough and called the mag PCFrancis for that issue.

    Roadrunner: Does working for a magazine work the same was as being a journalist for a newspaper; you get paid depending on the amount and/or quality of your articles? I've also wondered.

    By always I mean since I was thinking of it in a Physics lesson earlier.

    Actsub: @Pod
    Don't you want to contribute to Pentadact's wages!? :d

    Jazmeister: @Roadrunner: He's an editor, so I'd assume that it works just like an editor for a newspaper, except he doesn't have to think up ways to contort the truth so it makes people angry enough to buy a newspaper.

    Tom Francis: I get paid a monthly salary, as do all our staff. Only freelancers are paid per article. I know some blog empires pay their full-time writers by the hit. Accordingly, their sites tend to be rapidly updated and predominantly lies.