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Hello! I'm Tom. I designed a game called Gunpoint, about rewiring things and punching people, and now I'm working on a new one called Heat Signature, about sneaking aboard randomly generated spaceships. Here's some more info on all the games I've worked on, here's the podcast I do, here are the videos I make on YouTube, here are some of the articles I wrote for PC Gamer, and here are two short stories I wrote for the Machine of Death collections.


By me. Uses Adaptive Images by Matt Wilcox.

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  • RoboLeg: this game would be PERFECT for mobile, and I’d happily pay 10 bucks or so for it.
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    I have a special weak spot for songs that make me laugh with their opening couplet, and I have a special weak spot for spies, and I have a special weak spot for The Decemberists. So this song (via The World Forgot) was always going to win my heart – it didn’t need to be as catchy and fun as it is.

    If, like me, you barely understood the basics of the Plame affair at the time, I suggest having it explained to you by Matthew Baldwin while you listen to this. It’s one of those rare occasions when you realise that thing you kept hearing about in the news was actually hugely exciting if you get the right person to tell you about it.

    The Poisoned Sponge: Ooooh political intruige! It's juicy! And pleasing on the ears. How wonderful.

    Smurfy: Oh, Valerie!

    Roadrunner: Aaah. Finally, I love politics. I want some kind of politics based video game where you get to play as the President or something. It ranges from difficulty- easiest as George Bush, hardest difficulty as Richard Nixon.

    Some might say, "Thats a stupid idea" but think of Phoenix Wright, you play a lawyer, but it's a fantastic game because of the script and storyline! :D

    Dante: The poltical machine is the closest you're going to get I think.


    Jazmeister: Deus Ex 2 was pretty political.

    Jon Baker: What about Bad Dudes, for the NES?

    "The president has been kidnapped by ninjas! Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?"

    Totally political.

    Roadrunner: I gotta admit, that sounds amazing in every way. I'm going to go download the ROM for it then :P

    Jon Baker: Roadrunner, prepare to be disappointed. The opening screen is about the best part of Bad Dudes. If you're going to play an NES brawler, play Double Dragon or Battletoads and just pretend that is the premise.

    Jazmeister: I thought this was battletoads.

    Bret: Well, there's always METAL WOLF CHAOS.

    You're the president. The VP has launched a military coup. There's only one solution. Giant Robot combat.

    Sadly, it was only released in Japan, despite full English voice acting.


    Jazmeister: The moment they invaded Iraq and weren't fired upon by WMD's, I just had to sigh. Blair did a lot for the economy, for education, and for big faces, but I just don't know about the killing. This is what happens when MPs can't play GTA IV.

    J-Man: @Jazmeister,

    Man, I miss old labour.

    Jazmeister: @J-Man

    Is not a man entitled to the sweat of his brow?

    J-Man: @Jazmeister

    No, says the man in Washington. It belongs to the poor.

    Jazmeister: @J-Man

    No, says the man in Somalia, it belongs to me.

    (Apologies to James-consuming Somalians; I know the pirates are bloody foreigners)

    Roadrunner: Bioshock reference. I like how we can link back to videogames from anything.

    But Jaz, are you supporting Blair above? Because he fucked up the economy and left Brown to pick up the pieces.
    I like watching BBC Parliament on the BBC Iplayer, because it's like a football match with yobs, going "Wheeeeeeyyy!" and heckling.
    Gordon Brown couldn't answer a question, made a mistake, and there was sarcastic laughing and clapping at him, which lasted a while. I found it pretty funny.
    @ J-man. We have a situation on our hands, I would explain more in detail but because you don't use steam or xfire or ANYTHING, unfortunately the only way to communicate with you is through Pentadact's blog. Also you know the word "Blog" still has a scribbly red line underneath? I wonder when the dictionary will update to add in "Blog."
    *Does not mention hair or post-deleting*

    Jazmeister: I'm not uniformly defending Blair; I never heard anyone justify the war to my satisfaction, and I certainly was never asked to vote on it, but he did bring in minimum wage, he ramped up spending without too much in the way of tax, gave us a devolutionary vote up here in Scotland, and did a lot towards peace in Ireland. He's not without merit, Mr Blair, in my opinion. It just went a bit warlike in the end, really. Too much mixing with the US Gubment for my liking.

    I don't know what to think of Golden Brown. Except, you know, never a frown...

    Oh, and yes, everything has something to do with games. It's great.

    Roadrunner: I just made possibly my longest post ever on my blog.
    Why is this relevent to Pentadacts post you ask? Well, it's political.
    And the best thing about it? It feature the most hilarious right wing stereotype Republican expressing his views! :D
    So uhh...yeah.

    peterd102: I have to admit a sneaking regard for american politics, they can't do things that annoy people too much or they will be shot.

    And btw Saddam was a C***

    J-Man: I just watched W. and it was crap. A completely biased look at Bush, caricaturing him by having him eating and drinking in every scene and with no hard-hitting facts. Yes I'm a leftie, but this is just sloppy film-making.

    Jazmeister: Brad Pitt does that eating-to-show-character thing, I hate it. I don't like Brad Pitt anywhere near as much as a decent person should.

    Drake: This is why I prefer Canadian politics. Our government is so twisted and confuseing, nothing gets done without months of red tape. Often a party gets into power, and is kicked out before the first thing they did goes through. It makes me feel safe.

    J-Man: @Jaz

    Yeah, I thought Josh Brolin would be above it.

    Jazmeister: Maybe he was just hungry? Acting is hard work.

    Am I doing a good job commenting on all the political shite? Credit to team?

    DoctorDisaster: That song is brilliant. I, however, was a journalism student during the Plame Affair (thank God the press didn't go for 'Plamegate'), and unfortunately was taking law and ethics classes at the time. So I know every godforsaken detail of the whole situation, and sometimes wake up screaming things like 'DAMN YOU, SCOOTER!'

    Jason L: I finally got this into rotation. '...Let you into my confidence / without thought of consequence / to my heart or my mind' hits on three levels and makes me laugh, but then they do a gibberish bridge a few seconds later and make me angry :( The Decembrists! You're the best at lyrics! Architecture in Helsinki and System of a Down are the best at gibberish! Stick to lyrics! So lots of emotional points are docked. Admittedly, though, I can't even figure out the intended meaning of 'vesper' and whether it's a double entendre.